Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants in mammoplasty. Before and after photos

Since the mid-20th century, breast implants have become widely used in the world of plastic surgery. Currently, of all plastic surgeries, mammoplasty is the most common.

Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants in mammoplasty. Before and after photos
Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants makes it possible to get a good result with minimal risk of complications after mammoplasty.

Benefits of Teardrop Implants for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants is recommended for patients with a long chest ; moreover, the anatomical shape looks more natural, although the cost of such an implant is higher.

Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants in mammoplasty. Before and after photos
The tear-shaped form of breast implants improves the shape of the breast, excluding hollows and the effect of sagging.

The advantage of drop-shaped implants is:

  • teardrop-shaped implants have a natural shape : the widest lower part allows you to create a beautiful roundness, while the upper part after correction only slightly rises, which allows you to adjust the sagging breast after breast feeding;
  • teardrop-shaped implants hold their shape better when the position of the body changes, it also depends on the density of the shell and the filler;
  • the absence of problems leading to the inability of breastfeeding, as the implants are inserted deeply and do not interfere with the lactation process;
  • breast enlargement with drop-shaped implants allows you to hide the fact of breast correction due to the exact correspondence to the natural form of the mammary gland.

What teardrop implants to choose

When breast augmentation, implants of two forms are used: round or teardrop-shaped, they are also called anatomical.

Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants in mammoplasty. Before and after photosInteresting fact!
The first implants were round in shape and the filler was saline.

The filler of modern implants is not only saline solution, more often preference is given to silicone gel, which is a transparent viscous substance, or to a hydrogel filler. There are implants with mixed fillers, but rarely.

Implant surfaces also differ: smooth or textured . The second is preferable for the body, as it is better perceived by internal tissues and reduces the likelihood of developing fibrosis.

Important to remember! The choice of modern implants is quite diverse. However, when determining the most suitable implant model, a qualified doctor first of all takes into account the patient’s body shape and size of the patient’s chest in order to achieve maximum naturalness in breast correction.

Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants in mammoplasty. Before and after photos
Modern technologies make it possible to produce high-quality breast implants that are resistant to damage due to natural wear and tear.

The final result of plastic surgery largely depends on the chosen implant. Due to the high demand, there are many companies engaged in the production of breast implants. Some have already managed to establish themselves in this area as the most reliable manufacturers.

The leading manufacturers of breast implants include the following:

  1. Polytech Health & Aesthetics GmbH is a  German company that provides free lifetime insurance. Polytech implants minimize the risk of colloid tissue in the endoprosthesis. Polytech implant prices range from $ 1400 to $ 1600.
  2. Nagor is a company that manufactures implants with a special multilayer sheath, which can well implant in human tissue and minimize the risk of endoprosthesis displacement.
  3. Arion is a French company that has been manufacturing implants for more than 40 years and provides a lifetime warranty. The average cost of $ 1360
  4. Mentor is a company that produces drop-shaped implants with the most precise bends, which distinguishes them from all other endoprostheses of this type and the chest looks most natural.
  5. McGhan manufactures implants that have a unique textured surface, which minimizes the risk of fibrosis.
  6. Eurosillicon  – a company that uses the latest technology in the production of implants, provides an endless shelf life for its products at affordable prices – $ 1632.

Indications and contraindications

Breast plastic surgery is primarily a surgical operation , which has a number of indications for use, as well as contraindications that must be considered before making a final decision.

Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants in mammoplasty. Before and after photos
Before breast augmentation, a balanced decision should be made, since in some cases the doctor may refuse the operation.

An indication for plastic surgery is:

  • the ability to correct physical imperfections (for example, if the symmetry is broken or after breast removal);
  • minimization of problems with the spine caused by a large volume of the chest;
  • correction of sagging due to breastfeeding;
  • to increase self-esteem in case of dissatisfaction with a woman’s appearance and eliminate complexes associated with this.

There are much more contraindications for breast plasty, and all the pros and cons should be well weighed before the final decision.

The main contraindications include the following:

  • it is not recommended to do mammoplasty for girls under the age of 18, due to the fact that the formation of the mammary glands has not yet been completed;
  • the operation is contraindicated in persons with severe chronic diseases;
  • should not resort to plastic during infectious diseases;
  • You can not do surgery during pregnancy and lactation;
  • categorically contraindicated in patients suffering from bleeding disorders;
  • in the presence of cancer;
  • with diabetes;
  • in case of hormonal disorders;
  • with psychological deviations.

List of necessary tests

Conducting any operation requires the patient to conduct a series of tests , the purpose of which is to detect contraindications and risks of complications during or after the operation.

Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants in mammoplasty. Before and after photosBe careful!
Each analysis
has its own specific period of validity, during which it is valid, so the analysis should be carried out at a time strictly prescribed by the surgeon.

 The tests necessary for breast augmentation with drop-shaped or round implants: Shelf life of tests needed for surgery
Clinical blood test  

2 weeks


General urine analysis
Blood coagulation test
Rh factor determination  

1 month

Blood type determination
Biochemical analysis
HIV test  

2 months

Sexually transmitted disease analysis
Check for hepatitis C, B

1 year


30 days

General practitioner consultation

Preoperative and operational periods

Before the operation, a number of recommendations should be followed in order to prepare the body for surgery and simplify the rehabilitation period.

These recommendations include the following:

  • a few days before the upcoming operation, you need to have a good rest, avoid physical and emotional stress;
  • it is necessary to abandon alcohol , because alcohol is not compatible with medicines for anesthesia;
  • it is recommended to abstain from smoking two weeks before the operation, since nicotine contributes to worsening healing;
  • you should not lose weight after surgery , as weight loss adversely affects the appearance of the breast and increases the risk of the need for corrective surgery. It is better to adjust the weight to mammoplasty.

After the operation, the patient spends a day under the supervision of medical staff in a hospital.

Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants in mammoplasty. Before and after photos
In consultation with the doctor, one should describe in detail the state of health and not hide anything so that the specialist can objectively evaluate the result of the operation.

During the postoperative period, the following nuances must be taken into account:

  • pain arising in the area of the operated area is a normal phenomenon, so painkillers are prescribed;
  • immediately after the operation, compression garment is put on, necessary to prevent implant displacement, as well as to reduce postoperative edema;
  • postoperative sutures should be wiped with an antiseptic to reduce the risk of suppuration of the wound;
  • in case of inflammatory processes or if discomfort caused by the implant is felt, it should be removed immediately. Repeated operation, if desired, is possible not earlier than in 2-3 months;
  • if the inflammation is superficial , then it is regarded as a side effect and is treated locally;
  • after the operation , the patient often has an increase in temperature, a feeling of nausea, weakness – all this is a normal reaction to a foreign body.

Features and stages of breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation with both drop-shaped implants and round ones allows you to get a “new” breast, while the size and shape depend on the chosen endoprosthesis.

Implant implantation methods differ in the incision line and its location:

  • axillary or axillary method – an incision is made in the armpit, which avoids visible scars in the chest area, and the implant is inserted under the pectoralis major muscle;
  • periareol method – an incision passes along the lower part of the areola and endoprostheses are inserted under the mammary gland, or into the pectoral muscle. The scars after such an operation are almost invisible, but it is not recommended for women who plan in the future to have a baby and breastfeeding, since with such an incision it is impossible to avoid even minor injuries of the mammary gland;
  • submammary method – an incision is made directly under the breast. After this operation, scars remain that can be hidden by a fold under the mammary gland. Not recommended for young patients.

Before a breast augmentation surgery using implants, the surgeon examines the condition of the breast, makes the necessary measurements, and then determines the shape of the incision. This requires coordination with the patient.

During surgery, general anesthesia is always used. The incision is made in the intended place, it turns out a pocket for inserting endoprostheses. After the bleeding has stopped, the surgeon inserts the implants.

The skin is sutured with special absorbable threads. The operation lasts a maximum of 3 hours. A bandage is applied to the venue and a special bandage is put on, necessary to reduce swelling and maintain the shape obtained.

Rehabilitation period after surgery

To reduce the rehabilitation period, it is necessary to take into account some expert advice so that the body’s recovery is faster and the effect of the achieved result can remain for a longer period of time.

Experts recommend that the following conditions be met:

  • after the operation, you should limit the movements of the hands and do not raise them above the level of the shoulders, as there is a risk of tissue injury and blood clots;
  • sleep on your back for two weeks ;
  • for 21 days after tightening or breast augmentation with the help of drop-shaped implants, one should not do any household chores, try to avoid stressful situations;
  • the amount of fluid consumed should be reduced to reduce the development of edema;
  • compression garments should be worn continuously for at least a month after surgery. Then – only in the daytime or during exertion;
  • it is necessary to completely eliminate the u
    se of alcohol and smoking
  • refrain from eating spicy food;
  • a warm shower is allowed on the fifth day after surgery;
  • after a shower, it is necessary to disinfect the joints with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol;
  • play sports is allowed after 2 months.
Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants in mammoplasty. Before and after photos
Compression underwear reliably fixes the chest, preventing the displacement of the implant until it is fully implanted in the tissue.

The patient must follow the prescribed schedule for a visit to the doctor for a routine examination.

Rare complications. Implant rupture

According to statistics, only in 1-2% of cases after mammoplasty there can be a number of negative consequences, which include the following:

  • development of fibrosis;
  • suppuration – the reaction of the body to a foreign body;
  • loss of sensation caused by damage to nerve endings during surgery;
  • the likelihood of displacement or rupture of the implants.

This is mainly due to medical errors, non-compliance with postoperative recommendations or injuries.

Before the implant is implanted into the tissue, it is subject to displacement , which is controlled by the wearing of compression underwear, as well as the limitation of body loads and proper posture during sleep.

In the event of a displacement of the endoprosthesis, there is a threat of losing the desired shape and, if the displacement is asymmetric, there is a need for a second operation.

The cause of rupture of the implant is wall wear due to respiratory movements in the chest. Therefore, earlier implant replacement was required every 5 years. Modern high-quality endoprostheses practically exclude self-rupture of the implant.

After breast augmentation surgery in case of rupture of the implant (teardrop or round) due to mechanical stress or chest injury, it should be replaced or removed.

What is important to know before breast augmentation surgery

Before making a final decision in favor of mammoplasty, a number of conditions and factors should be known and taken into account.

If desire is only a passing whim or a tribute to fashion and is not related to a real problem, there is a chance of receiving a refusal to operate.

If the problem is insignificant, then it is easily solved by physical exercises and appropriate clothing.

Can I have an operation before delivery

The operation must be done by the woman herself before or after childbirth. However, one should take into account the fact that after childbirth and breastfeeding, its shape may change and an implant replacement or corrective surgery will be required.

Can I breastfeed after surgery

If the mammary gland was not affected during the operation, the plastic will not affect the possibility of breastfeeding.

How long should I wait after pregnancy, childbirth and lactation

It is necessary to wait until the breast is fully restored after the end of feeding the baby. It takes from 8 months to a year, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Can I do if the patient has mastopathy

Mastopathy is not an obstacle to an operation for breast augmentation using implants.

Are breast functions impaired, or is there a risk of breast disease

Properly performed surgery and the use of good quality implants do not affect breast disease.

Be careful! Breast enlargement with drop-shaped implants that are too large can lead to necrosis due to pressure on the mammary glands.

Clinic stay time

If there are no complications and the condition after the operation normalized without the risk of complications, the patient spends a day or two in the clinic.

Breast Implant Life

Many manufacturers of modern implants declare a lifetime warranty on their products, but no one can guarantee that over time the breast will not lose the desired shape, and the woman will again need to change the size or shape of the breast.

Implant Replacement

Modern implants are characterized by durability and are not subject to age-related changes, unlike body tissues. However, there is a possibility of implant wear due to wrinkles on its surface.

In addition, with age, the breast tissue can stretch under the weight of the endoprosthesis , which will also make replacement or correction surgery necessary.

Note! If there is no rupture or change in the shape of the breast, when the patient ceases to like the breast, there is no indication for implant replacement.

The cost of implants and operations in USA, near and far abroad countries

The prices for implants depend on the brand of the manufacturer, the differences in characteristics and quality between the endoprostheses are insignificant. The minimum cost is from $ 272 for 1 piece, but the quality of the products will be low. On average, the price ranges from $ 544. and higher.

Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants in mammoplasty. Before and after photosThe cost of breast implants directly affects plastic surgery and is 10-50% of the total.

The cost of mammoplasty depends on the, clinic, surgeon services and is formed taking into account the following factors:

  • the cost of consulting a plastic surgeon;
  • examination cost before surgery;
  • implant cost;
  • anesthesia;
  • the work of doctors conducting the operation;
  • hospital payment.
Country Average transaction cost
USA from $ 1088 – $ 6800.
Ukraine from 1600 to 4000 $
Switzerland not less than $ 10000
Spain about 5000 $
Germany $ 8000
Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia 2000 – 3000 $
Cuba $ 1200
Brazil from 1200 to 5000 $

The results are not eternal: the skin is aging and this is reflected in the effect obtained from the operation.

Over time, corrective operations that are carried out in problem areas will be required . Correction operations do not pose a health hazard and do not require a lot of time.

Useful videos about breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants and features of mammoplasty

Breast augmentation with drop-shaped implants is an effective and relatively safe operation. 
Features of the operation and recommendations for choosing the type of implant are given in this video clip:

How to behave after surgery for mammoplasty – expert recommendations in this video clip:

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