Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weight

Burpee (Burpee, Burpy) as a technique – a modern technique of exercise in fitness, based on the discipline of cross fit, during which all muscle groups are involved to bring the body into good physical shape and lose weight.

Burpee – a beautiful figure and a strong body!

Burpee (as a separate exercise) – strength training for some muscle groups of the body (as a rule, biceps, hips, calves, buttocks, triceps, pectoral muscles and shoulders are trained), in which dynamic and static exercises are involved.

Experts highlight the following beneficial effects of regular exercise:

  • rapid burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • muscle pumping; Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weight
  • gaining harmony in the figure;
  • increased body stamina;
  • gaining psychological self-confidence.

Provided that you carry out the exercises correctly and regularly, all these effects are guaranteed. The physiologist Royal H. Burpee invented the technique in 1939.

Only 4 movements were taken as the basis (in modern Burpei there are now 6 of them), combining them together in one exercise, naming it after itself. R. N. Burpy in his dissertation considered burpee as the best way to assess the physical fitness of military personnel.

During the Second World War, draftees performed burp during training in order to be enlisted. Young soldiers were required to complete 12 burp exercises in 20 seconds (8 approaches were considered an unsatisfactory result). And by 1946, 41 approaches in a row were considered a good result, and everything less than 27 was considered a bad one.

Currently, studies have revealed that people who performed 4 minutes of cross-fit berpy per day for one month achieved better results than people who ran on a treadmill for 30 minutes at the same time.

What makes Burpy superior to other methods

  • Strength and stamina develop at a very fast pace. All the muscle groups are involved in the results of performing the Burpee exercises. The load goes to the legs, arms, abs, muscles of the spine. Classes have a beneficial effect on cardiac muscle training.
  • Weight loss in accelerated mode. With daily exercise, subcutaneous fat is burned very quickly, metabolism and metabolism are accelerated.
  • Save money and time. You do not have to go to the gym for a burp. Technique can be worked out at home, on, giving a little time. Classes are suitable as morning exercises.

Types of Occupation

Burpee is considered an effective occupation for the overall development of the body of young people precisely in terms of losing weight and developing all muscle groups. The technique for girls or boys involves intensive alternating approaches. There are 3 main types of exercises: easy, standard, difficult . It all depends on the level of preparation of the person.

Features of each kind:

  1. Light burpi is suitable for beginners . From the chain, you can exclude push-ups or jumps. The exercise is performed for a maximum of 2 minutes, with 3 sets each. Approaches increase over time.
  2. The standard burpee is suitable for people who are more physically developed. Movements are not excluded. Approaches are increased up to 5 times in two minutes.
  3. The sophisticated burpee is designed for professionals. There are 6 approaches, 3 minutes each. You can also use dumbbells, horizontal bar, running to complicate.

Statistics and champions

When the Burpee technique became popular, many athletes decided to write their name in the history of sports. Burpe records belong to many people. It all depends on the technique and complexity of execution. Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weight

In the spring of 2021 in New York Igor Kim broke the record 4555 times. The athlete managed to keep within 12 hours. The athlete performed a complicated program (lying down, push-ups with the chest and stomach touching the floor, jump and clap above the head).

Previously, the record was set in the UAE by the Englishman Lee Ryan. He met in 24 hours and committed 10100 times. He excluded a jump from his burpie, a pop over his head, push-ups.

What muscles work

The burpee technique is useful for maintaining the shape of girls and men. At first glance, strength training does not seem complicated, before the start of execution. Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weight

Thanks to cross fit, such body muscles are pumped:

  • buttocks;
  • pectoral muscles;
  • caviar;
  • biceps, triceps;
  • abdomen, lower back;
  • spine, hips, elbow and knee joints.

Performing exercises regularly, especially the legs, buttock muscles and abs develop.

How are calories burned

It is known that the more muscle mass in the human body, the faster the metabolism, burning and splitting fat reserves.
With burp all muscles work. The load is big, a lot of energy is wasted. Therefore, calories are spent quite a lot.

For example, when walking fast, a person weighing 154 pounds loses 218 kcal per hour, while running 479 kcal per hour, when jumping on a skipping rope 540 kcal per hour, with a burp 972 kcal per hour. If you take a person weighing 198 pounds, then: when walking fast, it loses 276 kcal per hour, when running 595 kcal per hour, jumping on a rope -695 kcal per hour, and with a burp – 1200 kcal per hour.

You can also use dumbbells, horizontal bar. Thus, calorie consumption will increase.

Stamina training

Burpee is practiced by athletes as runners, especially those who run on rough terrain or long distances. This is due to the fact that the exercise helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and increase the overall endurance of the body by training all the muscles – arms, legs and back.

Start lightly

The burpee technique is different for girls and men. At the beginning of classes, you need to choose exercises, determine the optimal number of approaches and time to complete. It is important to start with light exercises and a small load. Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weight

Composing a training program is easiest, taking as a basis the standard lesson of Burpee, but excluding several components from the exercise cycle. It is also possible to swap exercise

Be guided by sensations

You can start the exercise with push-ups, or exclude it for the first time. When pushing up, you must follow the technique, do not bend your back. Regarding the approaches, they can be reduced to a minimum, depending on physical fitness.

In training, use the technique for girls to be similar to training techniques for beginners. It may be worth removing complex components and simplifying the task.

How to breathe

Breathing is an important element when doing burpee. An athlete may have difficulty breathing. How to breathe With this cross fit, you must observe 3 phase breathing.

Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weight
The burp technique for both girls and men involves proper breathing

Three breaths during one burp:

  • Emphasis, lying down (inhale), exhale with push-ups.
  • When the legs touch hands (inhale), exhale when jumping up.
  • Feet touched the surface (inhale-exhale).
  • Accordingly, for one cycle of the berpy-3 phase (inhale-exhale).

The technique of performing classical exercises for beginners

The ability to set the right pace in training is the key to success. A person who came to training for the first time is not immediately prepared for physical activity. The muscles are weak, not trained. In order not to get injured in the first couple. You need to know the technique of doing the exercises. It is necessary with the trainer to develop a program for a week. Each one is individual, it all depends on physical fitness.

Having decided to go to the gym, you must follow the rules:

  1. Observe the regime of wakefulness and rest.
  2. Basic training is not possible without preparation.
  3. Training should be supervised by professionals.
  4. Compliance with the diet.
  5. Clear implementation of the training schedule.
  6. Compliance with the regularity of training.

Burpy Training Program (Schedule) for Beginners

Day of the week The greatest load on the muscles Exercise exercises Number of approaches
Tuesday chest triceps · Warm up for at least 5-10 minutes. Push-ups with arms wide apart, 5 sets of 5 times.

· Push-ups with narrowly set hands, 2 sets of 12 times.

· Classic abs exercise – 3 sets.

Thursday legs shoulders · Warm up for at least 5-10 minutes.

· Squats with a barbell, 3 sets of 6 times.

· Leg press in the simulator, 2 sets of 18 times.

· Breeding hands with dumbbells, 2 sets of 12 times.

· Stretching for 5 minutes.

Saturday back muscles, biceps · Warm up for at least 5-10 minutes.

· Push-ups with arms wide apart, 5 sets of 5 times.

· Deadlift, 2 sets of 8 times.

· Classic abs exercise, 3 sets.

· Stretching for 5 minutes.


Level 1: Low Impact Burpie with Chair

You need to lean your hands on a chair. Next, take the plank position. Step forward and get up. You need to complete this burpy cycle at least 16 times and go to a new level. Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weightYou need to choose a chair higher, which will facilitate the implementation of this exercise. Or it can be an ottoman, a pedestal.

Level 2: Low Impact Burpies on the Floor

Exactly the same execution algorithm, only on the floor. At least 2 sets of 16 times. Then you can safely go to a new level.

Level 3: Burpy without jumping and pushing up

This is a classic burpie, without a bench press and jumping. It is used for cardio training, as an easy option. For the jumping option, you need to do at least 2 sets of 17 reps .

Level 4: Burp without push-ups

It is possible to ignore the push-up phase if the person has not learned how to do it correctly. Or relieve with the help of a knee. Such a burpie technique for girls will not be replaceable. Such a burpie is called “half-burpi”. Ideal to do 5 sets of 20 reps.

Level 5: Classic Burpi with Push-ups

The ability to fully touch the floor with your chest and legs. Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weightThe option is suitable for cross fit. It is recommended to start with 10 times every day. Try to increase the result up to 40 times or more.

Training program for beginners

Beginner training options:

  • Classical. Legs shoulder width, squat. The palms completely touch the surface in front of the legs. Hands remain in the same position, legs jump back. The stand is similar to push-ups. Next is the classic push-ups. Then the legs go to the chest and jump up. Ideal 6 sets of 22 times.
    This cycle can be facilitated by removing push-ups. Here, at first, the arms are along the torso. Next, crouch, palms touch the surface, jump up, arms above your head. Repeat 20 times, 6-7 sets.
  • A simplified version. To simplify the classic cycle, you must eliminate bouncing or squats. Everything else is done the same way. At the same time, hands touch the floor, then return to a standing position. Repeat at least 100 times.

Common mistakes

The most common mistake among beginners is the incorrect execution of a lesson.

You must know and follow the rules and recommendations:

  1. Breathe properly. Remember 3-phase breathing.
  2. Reduce respite minutes between sets. It’s better to rule out rest altogether.
  3. Keep your back and neck straight. Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weight
  4. Correctly assess the level of physical fitness, exclude c
    omplex elements from the burpie chain.
  5. Pushing up, arms are diverted on different sides.
  6. Retract the abdomen, buttocks are tense, legs are flat.

Intermediate Workout

Exercises of different levels have one and the same principle: squat, stance, stand up, jump. You can complicate one or another level by adding dumbbells, a horizontal bar. The average level is suitable for those who easily mastered the classic burpee. It is not a matter of quantity, but how it is carried out.

Adding exercises to the middle level, nevertheless, there are:

  1. Touch the shoulder while pushing up.
  2. Touch the knee while pushing up.
  3. When pushing up, quickly move your legs, as when running.
  4. Jump with a 180 degree turn.
  5. Use dumbbells.
  6. Tighten the knees to the chest with a strap. Perform each exercise for 2 minutes at least, one and a half minutes rest. Repeat 5 times.

Advanced Training and Exercise Program

An advanced level, as well as an average level, is suitable for those who have good physical fitness. Completely mastered the classic technique. The body is ready to perform complicated exercises.

Here are a few changes for the advanced level:

  1. Hands and feet in the star position.
  2. Bouncing from a sitting position.
  3. To spread legs in different directions when standing on hands.
  4. Burpy on one leg.
  5. Replacing jumping to lunges.
  6. You can roll over from the plank position to your back. Level perform 6 sets of 3 minutes, a break of no more than 30 seconds.

Precautions and contraindications

Burpee is one of the most famous cross fit exercises. It has a positive effect on health, on the body. But there are cases where the burp technique, for girls and for men, may be contraindicated. Contraindications cannot be ignored, as the result will be negative.

In such cases, doctors recommend not to engage in:

  1. Problems with heart. With burp there is a big load on the heart.
  2. If the girl is pregnant and breastfeeding. It is better to exclude burpee for a given period.
  3. Dilatation of veins. Since the enormous load is on its feet. Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weight
  4. Any ailments, feeling sick, injuries. It is better to take a break to fully restore the body.
  5. Musculoskeletal injury.
  6. Excess weight.
  7. If there are surges with pressure.

Burpy can rightfully be considered the most effective exercise in burning fat. With it, you can achieve a slender and toned body. The main thing is to follow safety rules and recommendations of fitness trainers.
You can make an exercise so that it does not require trips to the gym.

Burpy on the Tabata system

You can do burpy on the Tabata system. The exercise is named after Dr. Tabat Izumi in Tokyo at the National Institute of Sports. The essence of the burpy on the Tabata system is as follows: the athlete chooses which muscle group the main load will be. Burpee is a technique of execution, what it is, how to do it right. Exercises for beginner girls: crazy drying and losing weight

The principle is this: 20 seconds – work, 10 seconds break. Approaches – at least 8. In total, one burpie takes 4 seconds. But this time is enough to work out the muscles. Fighters of many martial arts train according to this system.

If you take a regular workout in the gym, then it will take at least 2 hours. There is only 4 minutes and can be increased to 15. If a person is looking for an instant and effective exercise for burning fat, which can be done at home, burpie is a good choice. It is considered to be the best exercise for burning fat and keeping the body in good shape.

Regular burpee exercises will help to strengthen health and maintain the body in good physical condition, for both girls and men. Burpee is used by many famous athletes as an aerobic exercise in strength training. And although at first it will be difficult for beginners, with the growth of endurance and strength, performing the exercise will be interesting and useful.

Burpee video for girls

How to do burpee:

CrossFit: Burpy. What is it:

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