How to make a beautiful figure for a girl in 30 days. Jillian Michaels Slimming Program. Exercises for the whole body, abs, legs

Some people think that it is impossible to get a beautiful figure in just 30 days, others with their own successes prove the opposite. The faithful assistant on the way to losing weight was the program of the world-famous trainer Gillian Michaels “Slender figure in 30 days”.

Hundreds of thousands of novice athletes around the world are becoming fans of Gillian training. After all, they really help, and in just a month the results become noticeable to the naked eye.

The Gillian Michaels Story

Gillian Michaels is a famous American fitness trainer who helps people not only lose weight, but truly believe in themselves. The future star was born in Los Angeles in 1974. In her teens, Jill’s parents are divorced, and this becomes very stressful for her.

The girl is trying to fight emotions with food, and by the age of 12 she weighs 176 pounds. For the owner of a small stature ( 5’2 foot), this weight is very critical.

At this point, her mother comes up with the idea of enrolling Gillian in martial arts courses. Here, the girl was able to defeat not only her complexes, but also learn the coach’s words that they will respect you only when you yourself begin to respect yourself. How to make a beautiful figure for a girl in 30 days. Jillian Michaels Slimming Program. Exercises for the whole body, abs, legs

After graduation, Gillian Michaels goes to university, and after graduation, after working a little time, quits work and becomes a personal trainer. Perseverance and hard work helped her open her own fitness club by the age of 28.

In 2005, she became one of the coaches of TheBiggestLoser project (in the American version of “Weighted People”). Overweight people participate in this show, and trainers and nutritionists help them regain their health and normal weight.

Gillian proved herself to be a strict coach who does not let down his wards. Although she herself admitted that life is not so strict, but on this project in a different way it was impossible to achieve excellent results.

After filming, Gillian released the first video training entitled “Slim body in 30 days,” which fundamentally changes the way people view the sport at home.

Workout has truly become a guide to the world of a healthy lifestyle for hundreds of people. She still helps to lose weight and improve health for those who are unable to regularly attend the gym due to lack of free time.

What is the secret to the popularity of the program from Gillian

A beautiful figure in 30 days is really a reality, not a myth, with Gillian Michaels’ Slender Figure in 30 Days program.

The program has earned such popularity among fans and adherents of a healthy lifestyle, thanks to a number of advantages:

  • performance proven by thousands of built people;
  • only 25 minutes that are required to complete one daily set of exercises;
  • home training with a minimum amount of sports equipment; there is no need to leave home;
  • The complex of classes is aimed at general strengthening of the body, increasing stamina and is suitable even for a beginner who has never been involved in sports.

This program is chosen for those who, due to various circumstances, do not have time to go to the gym. Among Gillian fans there are a lot of young mothers around the world who can perform exercises during their child’s daytime sleep. To find a video with a set of exercises and translation into American is not a problem.

Necessary equipment and clothes

To begin to engage in the program “Slim figure in 30 days” you do not need to purchase any special or expensive equipment.

You will need only the most necessary things, which most likely already have every losing weight:

  • Sportswear. Given that the classes take place at home and probably alone, there is no need for expensive sportswear. The main thing is not to feel discomfort and provide the body with the opportunity to “breathe” through natural tissues. How to make a beautiful figure for a girl in 30 days. Jillian Michaels Slimming Program. Exercises for the whole body, abs, legs
  • Sport shoes. Having sneakers when practicing with Gillian is a prerequisite. So the legs will not slip on the floor, and less stress will be placed on the feet and joints.
  • Mat for fitness.
  • Dumbbells 2 -7 pounds. If they are not at home, you can find a simple way out of the situation – fill two or a half gallon bottles with water or sand.

As you can see from the list above, effective classes on the Gillian Michaels course will not require anything special. Everyone can afford such fitness at home.

Program Feature

The program “Slim figure in 30 days” is a complex consisting of 3 25-minute workouts. First, a small warm-up is performed, and at the end, a hitch. This is necessary in order to prepare the muscles for the main training.

Each of the exercise complexes is designed for 10 days. Thus, if you carry out all 3 complexes in a row without interruptions, then only in 30 days the dream of a healthier and slimmer body will become a reality. Between 10 days you can have one day off.

The main essence and principles of the program

A beautiful figure in 30 days will become a reality if you seriously approach the implementation of the program and go through the entire course from the beginning to the end. The main part of each workout lasts 20 minutes and is a high-intensity interval training. The complex is based on the principle of 3-2-1, that is, 3 minutes are performed strength exercises, 2 – exercises on cardio and 1 – exercises on the press.

How to make a beautiful figure for a girl in 30 days. Jillian Michaels Slimming Program. Exercises for the whole body, abs, legs
Intensive training and proper nutrition – this is how to make a beautiful figure in 30 days

It is this principle that underlies the approach of Gillian Michaels that helps to quickly lose weight due to body fat and tighten muscles in a short time.

Pros and cons of the program

The disadvantages of the program include greater intensity, because of which novice athletes do not always withstand the entire program. After the first workout, the muscles begin to hurt, but after 3-4 days the discomfort disappears, and the body becomes sturdier.

There are much more facts that speak for participation in the “Slim figure in 30 days” program:

  • in 30 days there is an opportunity to get a beautiful figure and gain new habits;
  • the opportunity to study at home at any convenient time;
  • the duration of the training is only 25 minutes;
  • there is no need to purchase new sports equipment;
  • The program is suitable for beginners;
  • competently drawn up training plan for a month;
  • a combination of cardio, strength and abdominal exercises will allow you to work out the main muscle groups and achieve maximum effect in burning fat.

Gillian Michaels’s workouts are the most effective in weight loss, thanks to the interval training system.

How to do the program correctly

Getting started, it is worth remembering that only 30% of the result in losing weight depends on sports. Active burning of calories is very important and will help to tone the body, but without the proper balanced nutrition, it will be very difficult to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, in addition to fitness, you need to try to accustom yourself to new eating habits.

The need to do two or mo
re times a day, no, this will not lead to better results.
Rather, a person will experience overtraining syndrome when he quickly gets tired and completely abandons classes. The time of day during classes under the program “Slim figure in 30 days” does not matter. Usually engaged when there is free time and strength.

How to make a beautiful figure for a girl in 30 days. Jillian Michaels Slimming Program. Exercises for the whole body, abs, legs
For pregnant women, this program is contraindicated!

There are no contraindications for classes under the program, but if there are health problems and chronic diseases, it is recommended to consult a doctor. The same applies to women who have recently given birth, who can start playing sports only with the permission of a doctor. Intensive exercises do not affect breastfeeding in any way, so HB is also not a contraindication to the beginning of training.

Be sure to observe the drinking regimen, and if you want, drink during training in small sips. The rate of consumption of clean drinking water per day is 0,4 gallon minimum.

Level 1

For people familiar with sports, level 1 course exercises seem pretty easy. Even for beginners who watch the video, it may seem so. But, having started training, after 10 minutes it will become clear that the pace and load are quite large. Of all 3 levels, this is the easiest.

In the video, along with the trainer himself, two girls show the exercises. One of them performs a light version of the most difficult tasks, the second – advanced. First, a warm-up is performed, then 3 blocks 3-2-1 and at the end a hitch, without which it will be difficult to relax the muscles after the video lesson. How to make a beautiful figure for a girl in 30 days. Jillian Michaels Slimming Program. Exercises for the whole body, abs, legs

Warm up
  • intense hand swings, forward (crossing arms on the chest) – backward, at the end to shake hands;
  • mill – cross swings of arms from top to bottom, when one hand is above, the other is below;
  • jumping with arms over his head, at the same time legs spread apart shoulder width apart;
  • rotation of the hips in a circle, legs apart slightly wider than the shoulders;
  • rotation of the knee joints in a circle from front to back – legs together, palms on bent knees;
  • repetition of jumps.
30 sec for each exercise
1 block
  • push-ups (legs extended for advanced, kneeling – for beginners);
  • squats with weighting, arms with dumbbells bent at the elbows at right angles, set forward (dumbbells at eye level), when moving upwards, arms are extended above the head;
  • repetition of both exercises.
3 min
  • high jumps;
  • jumping rope (imaginary);
  • repetition of both exercises.
2 minutes
  • lifting the body from a supine position, palms behind the head, legs on the floor bent at the knees;
  • shocks upside down (bent at the knees), hands lying along the body.
1 min
2 block
  • rowing: standing with slightly bent legs, the body is tilted, the back is straight, arms with dumbbells move downward at an angle of 45 ° and again rise to the chest, as if during rowing;
  • Squats – one leg slightly in front, as when doing lunges, arms (with dumbbells) are lowered, squat, as if lunging forward, while bending your arms at the elbows;
  • repetition of both exercises.
3 min
  • running in place, throwing the feet back and up, arms bent at the elbows;
  • boxing, with legs wide apart;
  • repeat everything.
2 minutes
  • Strengthening the oblique muscles – lie on your back with the leg bent at the knee on the floor, and putting the second on it, raise your torso and reach with your elbow (located behind your head) to the knee of the opposite leg.
1 min
3 block
  • lie on the floor, bend your legs, hands with dumbbells are spread apart to the sides and back so that they are above the chest;
  • squats to the sides, legs wide apart, straight arms with dumbbells rise to the chest at the moment of lowering;
  • repeat both exercises.
3 min
  • high jumps;
  • throwing legs;
  • boxing;
  • jumping as if through a “rope”.
2 minutes
  • lifting of the body – to raise the legs bent at the knees, hands behind the head, lifting, elbows of one hand to the knee of the opposite leg, and foot to the hand.
1 min
  • sitting, spread legs wide, bend to one leg and reach the toe with both hands, then to the other leg;
  • while sitting, also hold your hands in the lock behind your back, raise them as high as possible;
  • sitting, pull the chin to one shoulder, direct the straightened hand to the other shoulder and hold the elbow with the other hand;
  • pull the thigh muscles from a standing position, bending the leg at the knee and pulling the foot to the buttocks with your hand.

Level 2

After passing the first level of the program, you can go to the second. According to the majority of those involved, this level is the most difficult of the entire program. But to get the result, it must be performed as well as the first, 10 days without days off. How to make a beautiful figure for agirl in 30 days. Jillian Michaels Slimming Program. Exercises for the whole body, abs, legs
How to make a beautiful figure for a girl in 30 days. Jillian Michaels Slimming Program. Exercises for the whole body, abs, legs

Warm up
  • intense hand swings;
  • reverse mill – cross swings with hands back and forth;
  • jumping on the spot;
  • tremors, arms on the sides, at the same time lift forward a straightened leg and reach for the opposite arm directed forward;
  • head rotation – on the side to one shoulder, forward, to the other shoulder, back;
  • repetition of jumps.
30 sec for each exercise
1 block
  • push-ups from a standing position, dropping into hands and fingering them before the body stretches in a line, push out, stand up again, fingering;
  • half-sitting bench with dumbbells – crouching on bent knees, pull forward arms with dumbbells extended to the chest level until the elbows are bent at a right angle;
  • repetition of both exercises.
3 min
  • running in place with the knees up, to the formation of a right angle;
  • jumping on all fours – the position, as for push-ups, leaning on straight arms, in a jump pull both legs to the chest, in a simple version – pull the legs alternately
  • repetition of both exercises.
2 minutes
  • lifting the body from a lying position, palm behind the head, one leg bent at the knee is on the floor, the second straight line parallel to the floor, lift the body at the same time as the straight leg is pulled towards it;
  • similarly with the other leg.
1 min
2 block
  • standing in a position with the leg bent forward (as in a lunge), pull your hands with dumbbells up to your chest without bending your back;
  • Pendulum squats – squat back and forth with lunges with one leg;
  • repeat on the other leg.
3 min
  • twisting jumps – legs and body turned to the right, hands at chest level are directed in the opposite direction, palms down, in a jump turn the body to the left, and hands to the right;
  • gliding – from a half-squat, having one foot after another, make a jump to the side, changing the position of the legs, waving his arms like skaters;
  • repetition of both exercises.
2 minutes
  • in a supine position, arms with dumbbells extended up, raise straight legs (slightly bent for beginners) pulling them to the hands;
  • lifting the body by 2 accounts, reach for the raised legs bent at the knees.
1 min
3 block
  • standing, raise arms bent at right angles, with dumbbells up, one leg bent at the knee, also raise up, while doing a bench press with your hands up and pushing the leg forward;
  • squats and bench presses – legs together (slightly apart for beginners), hands with dumbbells lowered down on the sides of the body, at the same time squat and stretch your arms with weighting forward;
  • repetition of both exercises.
3 min
  • jumps with push-ups – at the same time push legs apart to the side from the push-up push-ups, then put them together again (for beginners, take their legs and put them back one by one);
  • double jump through the rope: you need to jump higher, and make a movement with your hands, as if two turns of the rope are performed;
  • repetition of both exercises.
2 minutes
  • twisting from the position for push-ups – alternately pull the knees to the opposite side of the body, while twisting the upper body.
1 min
  • sitting with legs spread wide, bend over and reach for the toe of one leg with both hands, then forward and to the other leg;
  • repeat exercises from level 1.

Level 3

A beautiful figure in 30 days will become a reality if you go through all 3 levels of training. People who completed the entire course say that the last stage is a little easier than the second, the more the body is already prepared for the loads.

How to make a beautiful figure for a girl in 30 days. Jillian Michaels Slimming Program. Exercises for the whole body, abs, legs

Warm up
  • intense hand swings, spreading arms to the sides and crossing on the chest, shake hands after graduation;
  • reverse mill – cross swings of arms from front to back;
  • double jump rope;
  • tremors with the leg, arms directed to the sides, at the same time raise the straightened leg forward and pull it to the opposite arm extended forward, legs alternate;
  • running with throwing feet back;
  • knee rotation (similar to level 1).
30 sec for each exercise
1 block
  • stretched out in a bar with support on straight legs (on bent knees for beginners), lean in turn on hands bent at the elbows, straightening them in turn, then bending again;
  • hyperextension – from the supine position, at the same time raise arms and legs above the floor, bending the back;
  • repetition of both exercises.
3 min
  • horizontal run – from a position leaning on outstretched arms, alternately pull your legs to your chest, simulating a real run;
  • bouncing, standing on legs wider than shoulders, lifting his feet a little off the floor;
  • repet
    ition of both exercises.
2 minutes
  • the rise of straight legs in a supine position, straining the lower abdominal muscles;
  • in a supine position, raise straight legs 3’9 inch from the floor and perform crossing movements (scissors), place hands under the buttocks.
1 min
2 block
  • legs wider than shoulders, squatting to lower the arm with the dumbbell down between the legs, getting up to lift it straight up;
  • lunges forward (in a jump for advanced);
  • repetition of both exercises (changing arms and legs).
3 min
  • boxing with weighting (dumbbells) in the half-squat position;
  • running in place, in the arms of a dumbbell bent at a right angle;
  • boxing;
  • in a jump, spread legs to the side, raising arms with dumbbells through the sides to shoulder level.
2 minutes
  • raising the body to a right angle with the floor from a lying position – for advanced legs are bent, palms behind the head, beginners perform by stretching their legs and arms forward.
1 min
3 block
  • push-ups – one hand in the center, the second to the right, perform lateral push-ups, move your hands to the left and perform the same push-ups, moving the case to the other side;
  • emphasis for push-ups, hands rest on dumbbells, the right hand is drawn to the chest in turn, then the straight right leg is up (for beginners, the legs can be bent at the knees), then the left arm and leg;
  • repetition of both exercises.
3 min
  • jumps with squats, squats, straight arms are pulled back, stretched forward in a jump;
  • jumping flights – in the jump, bend the legs at the knees, touching the buttocks with the heels;
  • repetition of both exercises.
2 minutes
  • lifting the pelvis upward from a lying position on its side, lean on a bent arm, the second hand on the thigh, lower leg bent at the knee (for beginners), upper straight;
  • repeat on the other hand.
1 min
  • repeat hitch 2 levels.


A beautiful figure in 30 days can’t work out thanks to exercises alone. In addition to training, Gillian Michaels gives nutritional advice. Since the body needs energy, it is not recommended to arrange fasting. The diet should be saturated and balanced, include two or 3 main meals and two snacks. How to make a beautiful figure for a girl in 30 days. Jillian Michaels Slimming Program. Exercises for the whole body, abs, legs

A sample menu for the day can be as follows:

  • Breakfast – omelet with unsweetened tea;
  • Snack – fruit (apple, pear, orange);
  • Lunch – steamed fish and vegetables;
  • Snack – low-fat kefir;
  • Dinner – vegetable salad with lentils and vegetable oil.
  • The menu for the whole week is made on the same principle, the main thing is to adhere to the main recommendations of the coach. Allowed and forbidden products can be found in the table:
Allowed Limit Exclude
  • low-fat varieties of meat and fish;
  • seafood;
  • fruits and berries;
  • vegetables;
  • a small amount of dried fruit;
  • low fat milk;
  • hard cheeses;
  • nuts, seeds;
  • cereals (with the exception of semolina);
  • greens, leaf salads;
  • legumes;
  • sea kale.
  • fatty sour cream, cream, dairy products;
  • sausage, sausages, except for chicken or rabbit meat products;
  • tofu
  • salted and pickled cucumbers;
  • sauerkraut;
  • wholemeal bread;
  • buckwheat and rice noodles.
  • fast food, crackers, chips;
  • oil fried foods;
  • high fat product;
  • shop sauces, mayonnaise;
  • sweets, pastries, confectionery, sweets;
  • flavoring additives, preservatives, dyes in the composition of products;
  • pickles, pickles.

You can choose for yourself several options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and make up a daily menu from them.

Reviews about the program on the Internet

On social networks, there are a large number of groups uniting fans and followers of training Gillian Michaels. There, girls regularly leave their weight loss stories, show photos of “before” and “after”, consult and share plans for further classes. The effectiveness of the “Slim figure in 30 days” program has been proven by more than 100 built girls of all nationalities and ages.

In order to become the owner of a beautiful figure in just 30 days, it is rather scrupulous to follow the advice of Gillian Michaels in nutrition and perform a set of exercises daily.

Video: How to make a beautiful figure for a girl in 30 days

Gillian Michaels Level 1 Exercises

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