How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo

The concept of beauty and a beautiful figure is subjective. But despite the fact that each girl has an individual opinion about the parameters of external attractiveness, there are a number of technical aspects. They allow you to make an unambiguous conclusion about the conformity of the female figure to the standards of beauty and provide a certain guideline for imitation.

How to make a beautiful figure

A beautiful body received scientific justification in the XV-XVI centuries. in the works of the artist Leonardo Da Vinci. The inventor realized that when defining female beauty, it was necessary to consider not individual parts of the figure. The proportion of proportions is important.

The American psychologist D. Singh in his studies determined that the most accurate characteristic of female beauty is the ratio of the volume of the hips, waist and chest. Compliance with the well-known formula 90/60/90 is considered ideal.

The scientist substantiated his conclusions by perceiving the structure of the body at a subconscious level. The evolutionary model that Singh relied on predicts a desire to choose a partner based on signs that indicate his health and strength.

In addition to the ratio of the main parameters that can be adjusted, the beauty of the female body consists of:

  • Height to 4’9 foot is considered low, 4’9 – 5’2 foot – below average, 5’2 – 5’6 foot – average, 5’6 – 5’7 foot – above average, 1.75 or more – high. Depending on this parameter, the basic proportion of the ideal female figure can change.
  • Leg length. An ideal ratio is the length of the legs that exceeds the length of the body.
  • Weight. Weight parameters can be determined using the Ketle index. According to the technique, there are 3 types of figures: normostenics (320 g per 0’4 inch of growth), asthenics (325 g), hypersthenics (375 g). The presence of excess weight can also be determined in the following way. Take a fold of the abdomen and pull it above the navel by 1’2 inch. If the thickness of the fold is 0’8 inch or less, then the body weight of the subject is within normal limits. How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo

Beautiful girls with a beautiful body are studied, and the parameters that you need to strive for are known. It is important to choose the right path to achieve your goal. Begin by drawing up a plan. Achieving the perfect figure will require 30 to 40 minutes. time daily. The regularity of classes is a fundamental factor.

The daily schedule should include:

  • Training plan.
  • Diet.
  • Additional physical activity.
  • The formation of healthy habits.

Training plan

Drawing up a training plan to form the correct proportions of the figure plays an important role. Exercise can increase the number of calories burned during the day. This contributes to weight loss. Exercising at home or in the gym allows you to tone muscles. In this regard, the correct selection of exercises contributes to the development of muscles of the entire female body.

There are 2 main methods of planning sports activities:

  • Split system With this method, the time interval is divided into the required number of classes. The most commonly used weekly intervals. In the course of research, scientists were able to find out that the optimal number of workouts is equal to 3 for a period of 7 days. According to the split system, exercises for 1 or several muscle groups are performed during each session.
  • Full body Classes on this system are held immediately on all major muscle groups. The load from training to training varies from 80-85% to 30-40%.


The diet should be balanced. To achieve results in building a beautiful figure, it is important for women and girls to maintain the amount of fat consumed with food not lower than the minimum acceptable level.

It is approximately 30 g per day. It should be polyunsaturated fats of the Omega 3, 6, 9 group. How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo

Particular attention should be paid to the ratio of proteins to carbohydrates. There are a large number of protein, carbohydrate and diet alternation of these components. At the initial stages of building the correct proportions of the body, they should be avoided. It is necessary to maintain in the diet such a number of essential nutrients that can provide the necessary level of energy throughout the day.

There are a number of products that you should discard. These include: flour products, carbonated sugary drinks, and foods high in glucose (sugar). The necessary amount of energy and vitamins can be obtained from fruits and natural juices.

Additional physical activity

Sports activities at home or at a fitness club will be more effective if you combine them with light everyday jogging or walking. The duration of such aerobic exercise should be at least 30-45 minutes. in a day.

Weight training or body weight is preferable when building a harmoniously developed beautiful body, but for intensive weight loss and getting rid of subcutaneous fat, long workouts are better suited, in which the main energy exchange occurs with the participation of oxygen.

Healthy habits

Habits play a major role in achieving results. It is the systematic execution of exercises and adherence to the diet that can lead to success.

It is important to get used to the right habits from the first days of classes:

  • Perform all necessary exercises and take at least 10000 steps every day.
  • Avoid dangerous products for a beautiful figure and is careful about calculating BJU (proteins / fats / carbohydrates). How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo
  • Do not refuse food.

A cardinal change in lifestyle is difficult to tolerate. However, it is worth holding out at the required rhythm for only 21 days and new useful addictions will become a habit and it will become much easier to fulfill them.

Home Exercises

Beautiful girls with a beautiful body when building a training plan should pay attention to basic exercises. These are movements in which a large number of muscle groups (including one or more major) are involved and 2 or more joints are involved. Such sports activities help to develop the muscles of the whole organism symmetrically and harmoniously.

For hands

The arms include 2 large muscle groups: biceps and triceps. The biceps of the shoulder is responsible for flexion of the arm in the elbow joint. Accordingly, her training should contain exercises aimed at bringing the hand to the shoulder. The triceps muscle extends the arm at the elbow. This muscle works in all movements, the purpose of which is to straighten the joint.

Narrow push-ups at the bottom of the chest

How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo

This is a basic exercise for developing triceps at home. The movement is similar to the classic push-ups from the floor.

However, the special position of the hands relative to the body shifts the emphasis of the
load on the triceps muscle.

  • The initial position is selected depending on the level of training.
  • You can lean on both socks and knees.
  • Girls need to perform this exercise in the average range of repetitions from 12 to 15 times.

Close attention is paid to the position of the case. Sagging and sagging in the lumbar spine are not allowed.

It is worth remembering proper breathing. Inhalation is carried out when lowering, exhalation – when lifting.

Pull-ups or chin-ups

When practicing at home, it is difficult to do without inventory. Especially when it comes to classes aimed at obtaining high results. One of the necessary elements of training equipment is the crossbar. It can be a stationary complex, a spacer or hinged structure in the doorway. The second option is most preferred.

Pull-ups are carried out with the position of the brushes looking at themselves. In this case, the main load falls on the biceps muscle. The movement should be performed in the average range of repetitions from 12 to 15 times in one approach. The number of approaches can reach 5.

When lifting the case, pay attention to the position of the elbows. It is not allowed to lead them to the plane of the back. In the presence of a spacer bar, pull-ups in the hanging can be replaced by body lifts with heels resting on the floor surface.

Straightening arms with support in an inclination

Exercise is an analogue of the French bench press or extension of the arms from behind the head while sitting or standing. To perform the movement you will need support. It can be a chair, a window sill or a spreader bar installed in the doorway. Starting position: hands on a support, legs on the floor, body straight. How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo

No. Procedure What you should pay attention to
1 Starting position It is determined depending on the level of physical readiness. Beginners can practice the exercise with a support located slightly below shoulder level. In this case, the housing can be placed perpendicular to the floor.
2 Housing position Before starting the exercise, you should create a static load throughout the body. Feet are placed parallel to each other no wider than the shoulders.
3 Start of movement Make sure that your feet and legs are firmly on the floor. It is not allowed to perform movement on a slippery and prone to slipping surface.
4 Amplitude lower point It is required to control the bending of the arm in the negative phase of movement. It is worth going down to the right angle in the elbow joint. In this case, the brushes at the lower point can be both in the chest plane and above. Only the stress on the triceps muscle depends on this, and not the effectiveness of the exercise.
5 Climb Straightening of the hands in the elbow joint is carried out due to triceps. Involvement of inertia forces in the exercise process is not allowed.

Girls should not be afraid of exercises aimed at training the muscles of the hands. The hormonal background of the female body will not allow the development of large biceps, but will improve the elasticity of the skin in the shoulder area.

For breast lift

Beautiful girls with a beautiful body at home can use classic pull-ups to tighten and develop breast muscles. The exercise is based on socks or knees. The number of repetitions from 10 to 12 times in 3-5 approaches. Training with various push-ups is possible. How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo

These include:

  • Setting hands at different distances from each other.
  • Lead one arm to the side when performing the positive phase of movement with the transfer of body weight to the opposite side.
  • Step over (lifting and moving to the side with subsequent return to the starting position).
  • Push-ups from the support. At the same time, legs, arms or one of the forelimbs can be supported.

Push-ups can provide a full load for the pectoral muscles and lift the mammary glands.

For a flat stomach

There are 2 effective exercises for training abdominal muscles at home.


It is carried out from a prone position. When choosing a surface, preference should be given to a hard floor or bench with dense foam padding. This will save the necessary bending in the lower back and reduce the risk of injury.

Twisting is carried out both in compliance with the classical requirements for the formation of a split, and in one many repeated approach. In the first case, the number of bends in one approach should be in the range from 20 to 25 times.

Particular attention when performing the exercise must be given to the position of the back muscles. Straightening of the lumbar is not allowed. It should be slightly rounded at any point on the path. How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo

To obtain the effect of the exercise, it should be performed in full amplitude. To do this, when raising and lowering the body, it is enough to focus your eyes on one fixed point on the wall or ceiling.

Leg Raise

Exercise intensively loads the abdominal muscles.

There are several options for performing this movement:

  • Raise straight legs. A slight bend in the knee joint is allowed.
  • Bent legs.

When performing both versions of the exercise, the movement of the lower extremities is carried out to the plane passing through the pelvis and perpendicular to the supporting surface. Further movement of the part relieves the load from the target muscle group.

When making a movement, it is important not to tear the pelvis and head off the floor or b
ench. In the first case, a dangerous situation arises for the back, and in the second, the cervical spine.

For hips and buttocks

Beautiful girls with a beautiful body should pay close attention to exercises aimed at developing the hips and buttocks. These movements are able to give the right shape and achieve the required volume in this part of the body.

Raising the pelvis from a prone position with emphasis on the feet

The exercise is performed in a lot of repetitive mode at least 25-30 times in one approach. How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo

Starting position:

  • Settle directly on a flat hard surface. Use of a yoga mat is allowed.
  • Hands are spread apart in different directions at an acute angle to the body. Palms facing the floor. This is necessary to achieve maximum stability.
  • Bend the legs in the knee joint so that the shin at a given point is perpendicular to the support.

The movement is the straightening of the body in the hip joint. It is important to monitor the position of the upper back.

It should be firmly pressed to the floor surface. It is forbidden to tear your head from a support. Exercise is performed by the buttocks and muscles of the back of the thigh.


Allow harmoniously and in the right proportion to develop the muscles of the lower extremities and buttocks.

Movement can be performed in two main ways:

  • Alternately with the removal of each leg. In this case, stabilizers are less involved in muscle work.
  • With stepping over. Lunge on each leg is carried out after taking a step forward or in place. With this embodiment, a greater number of stabilizer muscles are involved.

The exercise is performed with a high number of repetitions. At least 15-20 times on each leg. The emphasis of the load in lunges can shift from the front to the back of the thigh and gluteal muscles. This aspect depends on the relative position of both limbs.

Wide-leg squats

When performing this movement, it is necessary to monitor the position of the back. Rounding of the spine in the thoracic or lumbar spine is not allowed. The legs should be much wider than the shoulders before starting. Feet turn outward so that when lowering they can serve as direction indicators for the knees. How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo

Exercise is performed medium and many repetitive modes from 15 to 30 times in one approach. Lowering should be carried out to a position in which the thigh becomes parallel to the floor. Squats with a wide setting of the legs allow you to intensively work out the buttocks and muscles of the inner thigh.

For legs

Classical squats are an indispensable exercise for leg training. They allow you to work out all the muscle groups of this part of the body.

Technique of execution:

  • It is necessary to adopt a stable position on a firm and level surface.
  • Flatten the shoulder blades and slightly raise the chin.
  • Fix a slight deflection in the lumbar.
  • The downward movement is carried out by taking the pelvis back.
  • Feet do not come off the floor. Reliance is on the heel.

Starting classes at home without extra weight, you should memorize and learn the correct technique of exercise. This will allow you to effectively use squats in various complexes and reduce the risk of damage when adding additional weights to the training process.

Sports Equipment Exercises

At a certain stage of development, athletes need to diversify their sports activities. The fact is that during training one of the key factors for achieving the result is the progression of the load. With the acquisition of experience in performing exercises, the human body begins to feel the need to change the load or type of exercises performed.


Typesetting or monolithic dumbbells can help a girl or woman who is engaged in changing the level of resistance while performing the usual movements in each workout.

This inventory can be used for:

  • Squats.
  • Lunges. How to make a beautiful body for a girl, a beautiful figure at home. Photo
  • Lift the pelvis from a prone position.
  • Bending your arms for biceps.
  • Triceps extension.

With dumbbells, you can perform many other exercises. Push-ups using this equipment can increase the depth of lowering, and, consequently, the degree of stretching of the pectoral muscles.

Jump rope

Used as a warm-up exercise. However, the jump rope has a complex effect on the muscles of the legs. Jumping strengthens the musculoskeletal system, ligaments become stronger and the person’s ability to perform lengthy endurance training increases.


It is an elastic ball with a diameter of at least 1’3 foot. Designed to perform gymnastic exercises and allows you to diversify the training process at home.

Each girl can achieve a beautiful body that matches the parameters of a beautiful figure. To do this, it is not necessary to attend a fitness club and pay for the services of a coach. Enough self-discipline and patience. After all, the process of achieving the goal is a styer distance, not a sprint.

Video on how to make a beautiful body for a girl

A beautiful or inflated body – what is the difference and which is better:

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