How to draw eyebrows with pencil, paint, henna. Photos, instructions at home

Keeping up with your looks is very important. The main condition for beauty – the face should always be well-groomed. If it is not possible to visit professional masters, this can be done at home. The main part of this care is eyebrow shaping, which is very important to carry out correctly.

Conditional types of eyebrow shape

There are a large number of options with different thicknesses, with different volumes and tails.


The direct shape of the eyebrows is a new trend that has appeared relatively recently thanks to Korean girls. From birth, they have such a feature in appearance. Korean women have stiff hair, it is extremely difficult to correct them. Therefore, the direct form in Korean women is considered to be natural.

Perhaps no one would know this shape of eyebrows if it weren’t for the world’s makeup artists. Peter Philips, a well-known makeup artist, came up with a natural look for one of the collections of the Dior brand, in which natural makeup stood out. So, the direct shape of the eyebrows fits perfectly into this idea. The popularity of this fashion trend was added by another make-up artist – Linda Cantello. How to draw eyebrows with pencil, paint, henna. Photos, instructions at home

Best of all, such an eyebrow construction looks on girls with an elongated face in the form of an “oval”, which have a small face. Visually, this technique makes the face more refined, and the expression of the eyes naive.


In another way, this form is called “swallow wings.” Rising eyebrows look very impressive, attractive. A distinctive feature of this construction is that the outer tip of the arc is very elevated.

As a result, the face becomes more expressive. The ascending shape of the eyebrows looks perfect on girls with an oval type of face. Also, they sit well on a round, elongated face. But, it is very important to always take into account that in this case the superciliary arch should not be raised much.

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Despite the fact that it is difficult to make the correct outline of the arc, the result is worth it. The thickness of the lines, their length should be balanced among themselves. How to draw eyebrows with pencil, paint, henna. Photos, instructions at homeIf you correct these eyebrows correctly, then this form can emphasize naturalness. But, such eyebrows are not for everyone. Visually, they add age.


The raised eyebrows have a smooth fracture at the end of the eyes. Give the look flirty or arrogance. Suitable for round face type.

How to choose the right shape of eyebrows by type of face

The shape of the eyebrows can change the appearance in a positive way, and can change for the worse. It is important to understand what type of face, what shape it will look best on.

  • Oval. It is an ideal of beauty. Narrowing to the frontal part, chin with a round line is characteristic. The widest place is the cheeks. This form of eyebrows cannot be allowed to violate natural proportions, it should emphasize them. Suitable horizontal eyebrows with a slight bend, medium size.
  • Elongated. With the help of eyebrow correction, you can slightly increase the face, make it wider. In this case, a direct form will help, which will make the face rounder, give softness.
  • Round. This shape of the face needs elongation. Visually, the face can be made a little oval. Raised eyebrows with a fairly noticeable kink, with a wide beginning, with a narrowed end are suitable for this type.
    How to draw eyebrows with pencil, paint, henna. Photos, instructions at home
    How to properly shape eyebrows
  • Square. This face shape is characterized by straight, hard lines in the area of the cheekbones and jaw. Arched eyebrows with no noticeable kink will do. It is desirable to make them wide, to raise high.
  • “A heart”. A person with this shape has a sharp chin, clear cheekbones. It is necessary to choose a shape that visually makes these zones soft, and evens the width of the forehead. Raised eyebrows with a slight bend will do.
  • Lozenge. This type of face combines a little square, a little “heart”. It is very important to choose the right model of eyebrows, which will soften the contours of the face, reduce cheekbones. A classic shape with a very soft bend will do. When making eyebrows, you need to make them a little wider.

Correction and modeling tools

Correctly arrange eyebrows at home will help high-quality tools, some consumables:

  • Tweezers (with wide, straight edges, beveled tip, sharp ends).
  • Eyebrow scissors.
  • Pencil for building a form.
  • Disinfectants.
  • Cotton pads.
  • Brush for coloring.
  • Protector for skin near the eyebrows.
  • Cotton buds.
  • Capacity for the coloring means.
  • Paint.
  • Henna.
  • Micellar water.

Each type of tweezers is designed to design different eyebrows. For example, tweezers with straight tips are needed to correct thick eyebrows. The tool with sharp tips is suitable for people with high sensitivity, for the correction of very small hairs. Beveled tweezers help remove any hair. The last option is most often used by Brow-master.

Ways of registration

Eyebrows can improve appearance only when they are in perfect condition. In order for them to become so, it is necessary to use an arsenal of decorative products.


The correct modeling of eyebrows at home is familiar to all girls. The main arsenal in this business is a pencil.

  1. It is necessary to gently comb the hair up; How to draw eyebrows with pencil, paint, henna. Photos, instructions at home
  2. draw a lower border (to indicate the form);
  3. comb your hair down;
  4. draw the top line;
  5. with unsharp movements of the hand, it is necessary to draw hairs;
  6. shade the pencil at the beginning of the eyebrows;
  7. it is necessary to use the concealer, draw the lower border, shade;
  8. you need to treat the eyebrows with gel, so that the form is fixed for a long time.

The color of the pencils should be selected individually. For blondes, you need to take 1-2 tones either darker or lighter. Brunettes choose a pencil that will reflect the color of their own hair. For girls with fair hair, choose the right cosmetic product for eye color.

Shadows should be applied to the eyebrows using a beveled brush. First, you need to outline a suitable shape. Then blot the brush in the shade, go through the entire
eyebrow. Comb thoroughly.

Eyebrow mascara works just as well as gel. It fixes the shape, gives the hair the desired shade.


You can make eyebrows correctly at home much cheaper than visiting salons with a professional master. You can buy henna, since the shade of this dye will look natural. It may seem very bright, especially in the first few days.

A distinctive feature of henna is that the color will last 2-3 weeks on the hairs. If such a saturated color is not preferable, you can use ordinary dyes. It is very important to monitor product quality. It is necessary to purchase safe products, the composition of which will not cause an allergic reaction to the skin. How to draw eyebrows with pencil, paint, henna. Photos, instructions at home

For light eyebrows, dyes should be 1-2 tones darker than hair. For dark hair – 1 tone lighter. In no case should you dye your eyebrows with black paint. It can only be added to other dyes in a very small amount to give the product a colder shade.

Stencil and wax correction

The principle of wax is very simple. It removes unwanted vegetation on the eyebrows by tearing off the strip against hair growth. At the same time, it should be applied according to hair growth.

Stencils are special plastic overlays cut out in various shapes. It is necessary to choose a stencil that will be close to its natural form. It must be applied to the eyebrow, and paint over the void with the help of shadows, pencil, powder.

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Step-by-step instructions for eyebrow shaping at home

Eyebrows play an invaluable role in creating a beautiful image, in maintaining the appearance. The presence of not plucked hairs, an incorrectly selected shape can ruin all makeup. How to draw eyebrows with pencil, paint, henna. Photos, instructions at home

Calculation of an individual form

Before proceeding with the correction and modeling of eyebrows, it is important to determine the type of face.

Then it will be easier to understand which design will go, and which one is not worth thinking about.

. The choice consists of an arched shape, curved, “house”, horizontal, ascending or with a kink.

Trajectory definition

It is necessary to draw with a pencil the shape of the eyebrows that will be on the face after modeling.

The beginning of the eyebrow should be in line with the inner edge of the eye and the tip of the wing of the nose. The highest point on the eyebrows should be on the line of the wing of the nose and the end of the pupil. The end is at the intersection with the outer corner of the eye.

Lightening the image

If the hairs on the nose are light, they do not need to be plucked. The main goal is to remove all dark unwanted hairs. A sense of proportion is very important. The natural shape of eyebrows always looks more harmonious, more beautiful.


If the shape of the eyebrows is not perfect, too rare or too light, you can use additional painting. For these purposes, a pencil or shadow is suitable. How to draw eyebrows with pencil, paint, henna. Photos, instructions at homeThis should be done with small touches.


It is very important to observe the proportions that were outlined initially. Only in this case will it be possible to carry out the correct eyebrow correction.

Painless plucking

Cream use We are talking about using a greasy cream, which should be applied to the skin around the eyebrows, and hold for 15 minutes.
Steaming skin To steam the skin, you can use a compress. It is necessary to warm the herbal infusion, soak 2 cotton pads in it, place them on the eyebrows, and hold for 3 minutes. Do not dip cotton wool in boiling water.
Using anesthetic cream You need to get a quality painkiller. It should be applied to the skin near the eyebrows, wait 7 minutes, begin correction.
Ice use It is necessary to freeze the decoction of chamomile first. Before the correction itself, you need to take a piece of ice, wrap in gauze, place on eyebrows, hold for 7 minutes. Correction will be less painful.

How to make eyebrows thick and wide

One option to maintain density is to not pluck out the eyebrows and give them the opportunity to grow. This process is quite lengthy, it can take several months. It is important to be patient, wait until the eyebrows get a natural look. Then you should go to a good master. A professional will give the correct shape, and in the future you can carry out home correction using only tweezers. How to draw eyebrows with pencil, paint, henna. Photos, instructions at home

To make the eyebrows seem thick, wide, you should dye them. It is very important to choose the most suitable shade to the face.

Compliance with careful care will help the eyebrows grow thick, wide. To do this, daily clean your eyebrows from dirt and makeup with special tools. Makeup also helps to make the eyebrows thicker and make them wider. All cosmetics should be applied in a strict manner. On the skin under the eyebrows, you can apply a highlighter that visually highlights the eyebrows.

It will be useful to apply oil on the eyebrow hair daily for a month. This should be done with a cotton swab. Before going to bed, dab an excess product with a napkin, and rinse with water in the morning. Hair will become darker, thicker.

Eyebrow Make-up

The most popular form for women has the name “house”. The fracture of such eyebrows makes the look open, graceful. In its natural form, this form is extremely rare, it is necessary to carry out correction, modeling. If you slightly change the shape, length, choose the appropriate thickness, the angle of fracture, the eyebrows of the house will suit every girl.

Each girl can correctly make eyebrows at home. A suitable shape should first be outlined.

  • The beginning of the eyebrow is a line drawn vertically through the edge of the nostril.
  • The end of the eyebrow will determine the line drawn through the base of the nose to the corner of the outside of the eye. How to draw eyebrows with pencil, paint, henna. Photos, instructions at home
  • The break point is considered to be the line drawn through the pupil, but slightly shifted to the temples.

It is advisable to leave a natural bend so that the expression on the face, the proportions do not change. Next, you need to carry out the correction with tweezers.

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Daily eyebrow care

Some believe that eyebrow care should end only with correction. But, this statement is not true, since eyebrows require 10 minutes daily. attention.

  • Combing eyebrows in the morning, evening. This should be done by hair growth.
  • 2 times a week, you need to carry out a special procedure for care during combing. The brush must be dipped in cosmetic oil (castor, burdock or almond), and then comb with her eyebrows for 60 minutes. before going to bed. After 30 minutes the remaining product should be removed with a cotton pad or dry cloth.
  • 2 times a week should do the massage procedure using only fingers. For 5 minutes you need to knock, stroke, pinch eyebrows.
  • 2 times a week you need to do eyebrow masks.

To the question of whether it is difficult to carry out correction at home, there is only one answer – no. In modern times, you can easily find information on how to properly care for eyebrows, how to make them out. The main thing is to follow all the rules for this procedure.

Video on Eyebrow Drawing Rules

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