Anti-cellulite massage with vacuum jars at home. How to do it correctly, technique, contraindications, results and photos

Anti-cellulite massage is the most productive method to combat the “orange peel”. It is performed by familiar medical banks of various sizes. In traditional glassware, a vacuum was created by burning the air inside. In a free sale, in a pharmacy, modern jars for massage are sold from various materials with a pear, helping to quickly get rid of cellulite. Anti-cellulite massage with vacuum jars at home. How to do it correctly, technique, contraindications, results and photos

At the time the jar is placed on the skin, a low pressure zone is created. Part of the skin is drawn inward, thus, blood circulation improves, microcirculation of interstitial fluid is normalized. During the massage process, the bank moves through the body, there is a change in pressure in different areas. This contributes to the resorption of the seals. The external symptoms of cellulite disappear.

Advantages and disadvantages

Vacuum massage has the following advantages:

  • blood circulation is stimulated and the lymphatic system improves;
  • beneficial effect on the functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands;
  • edematous and stagnant processes disappear;
  • body fat becomes smaller, which helps to remove cellulite;
  • collagen production is stimulated, skin rejuvenation occurs (especially effective for the face), a lifting effect occurs.

Massage using cans to get rid of cellulite is effective only when combined with a balanced diet and physical activity. It all depends on the perseverance and desire of man. Many, hoping for a quick result, stop regular procedures.

This method of losing weight is not suitable for everyone, there are contraindications. It is not recommended to perform some procedures on your own; it is better to consult a specialist in a beauty salon.

Selection of massage cans

There are several types of cans for massage:

  • Glass products have a rubber bulb designed to create a vacuum. The massage is the most painful and difficult to perform. Also, glass is a fragile material. The pluses include the lack of absorbing odors and ease of washing.
  • Massage jars made of rubber , easy to use, cheap. Negative characteristics include: the absorption of odors and coloring particles, so they are very difficult to wash.
    Anti-cellulite massage with vacuum jars at home. How to do it correctly, technique, contraindications, results and photos
    Cellulite massage jars can be purchased in rubber, silicone, glass or other materials, depending on personal preferences.
  • Silicone cans are convenient to use, hygienic, and have the most attractive appearance. The price is also affordable.
  • Latex cans have the same properties as silicone. The set contains 2 pieces: one – with a round hole shape, the other – oval for hard to reach places.
  • With a massage pump that allows you to control the pressure inside the can, the process is close to an electric massager. Use for the face is possible. The pluses include: the tissues are not damaged, it is possible to detach from the skin. The downside is the high price.

Massage preparation

In addition to cans for massage from cellulite, during the procedure, special oils are used , which are sold freely in the pharmacy. It is possible to prepare the mixture from natural ingredients. It is necessary to take 3,38 fluid ounce of the main oil (olive, grape, etc.) and 20 drops of essential, but not more than 6 types.

The following are recommended:

  • Geranium oil dehydrates, activates lymphatic drainage, makes the skin supple.
  • Juniper – eliminates harmful substances, relieves swelling.
  • Cypress – accelerates the process of skin regeneration.
  • Cedar enhances blood circulation, filling the layers of the dermis with oxygen.
  • Grapefruit is effective for getting rid of cellulite and obesity.
  • Orange is able to enrich the skin with oxygen, vitamins, promotes the removal of harmful substances and regeneration.

It must be remembered that to prepare the mixture, the dishes must be clean. Essential oils are injected into the base, and not vice versa.

Technique of execution step by step

Before performing the procedure, it is necessary to warm up the problem areas: massage until the skin turns red. Thus, an accessible area of the body is warmed up independently.

Next, use the following guidelines:

  1. Lubricate the skin with massage oil. Hands should be dry, as the jar should slide over the body, not in the hands.
  2. Having installed the jar on the problem area, it is necessary to observe the following: the skin should not be drawn in more than 1. 2 inch, otherwise injuries may occur.
  3. Bank perform continuous circular movements from bottom to top in a clockwise direction. In case of leakage, the jar must be reinstalled.
  4. During the procedure, the popliteal, inguinal and inner thigh should be avoided;
  5. Massage time – up to 20 minutes, until the appearance of redness.
  6. After the session, the treated area is preferably moistened with cream or oil.

It is recommended to rinse and dry the jars for cellulite massage well after the end of the procedure. After a day, it is necessary to perform repeated massage to achieve an improved effect from one course of procedures.

Can massage scheme

Anti-cellulite massage with vacuum jars at home. How to do it correctly, technique, contraindications, results and photos

Thus, a massage is performed by banks.

Features of massage on the stomach

Anti-cellulite massage with abdominal cans is very effective in getting rid of excess fat deposits. You need to start the procedure by cleaning the treated area with an alcohol solution. Apply oil. When the jar comes in contact with the skin, a vacuum occurs. It is necessary to ensure that 1. 2 inch is inside the skin.

The jar needs to be moved zigzag clockwise , moving away from the large intestine. During the session, pain symptoms should not appear. The duration of the procedure is approximately 7 minutes. After the session, bruises can appear that quickly disappear. For the effect of the most noticeable once a month, it is necessary to conduct a massage course of 10-15 sessions.

Features of massage on the hips and buttocks

Cellulite usually appears in the hips and buttocks. The vacuum that occurs under the influence of banks, activates the circulation of lymph and blood. Anti-cellulite massage with vacuum jars at home. How to do it correctly, technique, contraindications, results and photos

This is an area accessible for self-massage, warming up for 7 minutes can be done as follows:

  1. put your foot on a chair;
  2. in circular motions move up from the knee;
  3. lie on your side, bending your legs. Set the jar on the thigh and continuously move from the bottom up, then with zigzags and wave-like movements.

If massage is necessary for the lower legs, then with the help of the can circular continuous movements are made in the upward direction. The procedure must be completed at the point of venous outflow.

Features of facial massage

Facial massage using a can has a rejuvenating effect.

How the vacuum works:

  • Muscle tissue relaxes.
  • Stimulated lymph exchange.
  • In the lower layers of the dermis, microtraumas are created that provoke regeneration. The formation of an additional capillary network, which contributes to oxygen saturation, improves blood circulation. Pores are reduced.

For the procedure, they take the same silicone jars used for massage from cellulite.

2 options are needed:

  • 0’4 inch in diameter – to smooth smal
    l wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial folds.
  • A can of 0’8 – 1’2 inch is used for an intensive effect on the lower layers of the dermis and muscle. It is used for the forehead and cheeks.

For the facial area procedure, you should carefully consider the choice of oil. It should be cold pressed and free from preservatives. The storage conditions must also be observed. Spoiled oil is not suitable for massage.

It must be remembered that the oil is very well absorbed into the skin of the face, so it must be of good quality.

The use of any vegetable oil is contemplated. Among them, black cumin oil can be distinguished, which favorably affects the skin. It needs to be taken a little and mixed in equal proportions with another oil.


  1. Warm up the face in the shower, you can not steam up or conduct a session after the sauna;
  2. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse the skin, everything that is on the outer layer is easily absorbed;
  3. Apply plenty of oil.

There are 2 main techniques for vacuum facial massage:

  • Static . Squeeze a little jar and set on the face. It is necessary to ensure that the vacuum is small, the skin is retracted several mm. Wait 5 seconds. Carefully remove by loosening the vacuum. In no case do not tear the jar from the skin.
  • The dynamic technique provides for the continuous movement of banks in the face. Care must be taken to ensure that the skin is relaxed.

You need to start the procedure with an average jar. Massaging the cheeks is carried out from the nose to the auricle, without affecting the area under the eyes. We put a can at the nose, bring it to the ear and remove. We lower it and make the same movement. On the cheeks visually highlight 4 parallel lines along which you need to perform the movement of the bank.

The jaw is visually divided in half. We put a finger in the middle and from it we hold a jar to the chin, remove it. Then we make the same movement, but to the ear. The chin is massaged in a circular motion, a medium-sized jar. Muscles need to be relaxed. Anti-cellulite massage with vacuum jars at home. How to do it correctly, technique, contraindications, results and photos

The same jar massages the area below the chin to get rid of the fat layer. The movement runs from the middle of the lower part to the side (left and right). Massage the forehead with a medium-sized jar. Move from nose bridge up. Then, along the massage lines, from the middle to the sides. It is necessary to ensure that the bank does not hit its eyebrows.

Perform all movements by a medium-sized bank 4 times.

As a little girl, we begin to massage the nasolabial folds. The skin needs to be slightly held. Set the can and move up in smooth circular motions. Go back down and repeat. The area around the lips is massaged in the same way. Move the jar in both directions. We remove the “crow’s feet” by massaging on the bone. It is necessary to prevent the skin from deforming.

Eyelid massage requires a very delicate approach. The upper eyelid is processed by moving the jar to the outer edge, hold the skin near the jar with your finger. In the lower eyelid, the bank moves in a line from the outside to the inside. All massages with a small can are done 2 times. For eyelids, repeat 5 times.

How long does it take for different zones

For each processed zone, a different session time is allocated. For the effectiveness of the procedure, it is necessary to adhere to these periods. Anti-cellulite massage should last 5-15 minutes. You need to start with the minimum time, increasing each session by 2 minutes.

Foot treatment can take up to 20 minutes. Especially carefully you need to massage your face. The jar should be on the skin for only a few seconds.


There are 2 schemes for the frequency of massage with banks:

  1. Regularly, every other day for 10-15 sessions. Perform up to one month. Between courses take a break of 2-4 weeks.
  2. An intensive course to spend a week every day. Then, once every 7-14 days, do a maintenance massage.

If necessary, the intensive massage method should be repeated and returned to the maintenance session. It must be remembered that the result of the procedure (getting rid of cellulite using cans) does not come immediately. For this there is a period of rest, when the skin is reanimated from microtrauma received during the session.


In these situations, it is not recommended to massage:

  • The presence of thrombosis or the disposition to its formation.
  • Poor blood coagulation.
  • The presence of birthmarks on the massaged area.
  • Any damage to the skin.
  • Inflammation of the facial nerve.
  • Third stage hypertension or a tendency to hypotension.
  • Inflammatory, fungal diseases.
  • The presence of a pacemaker.
  • Varicose veins or close venous network.
  • Diseases of the kidneys, bladder.
  • Fatigue, overwork.

If there is at least one of the listed contraindications, then it is better to consult a specialist so as not to harm yourself. When vessels are located close to the surface, massage with banks is not contraindicated. But in this case, it is better to contact an experienced cosmetologist. The procedure helps to tighten the skin and slightly reduces the problem.

Recommendations of specialists

According to experts, massage with banks helps to get rid of cellulite only with an integrated approach. To achieve the best result, you need to review your diet. Refuse flour and sweet, limit the use of smoked meats, pickles.

It is necessary to observe the water-salt regime: the body needs at least 0,4 gallon of water per day. To get rid of the “orange peel” helps sports. If the gym is not for you, then daily walking for 3 – 4 mile will help. The main thing in the fight against cellulite is the systematic and proper combination of different methods.

Video: jars for cellulite massage

How to carry out vacuum massage with banks, find out in the video clip:


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