Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipment

Exercises on the muscles of the hands provide training for the muscle fibers of the upper extremities, strengthen the shoulder girdle, create relief and build up physical strength.

The training program is carried out at home or in the gym. The set of exercises, the number of approaches and repetitions is determined individually depending on the goals of physical activity and the expected result.

The essence and basic principles

Hand exercises, which are performed in the gym, are based on the principles below, which, provided the training is regular, will lead to the implementation of the task. Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipment

Basic principles The essence of physical exercises on the muscles of the hands
Strengthening muscle fibers and tendons The primary stage in the implementation of the training program in the gym is the gradual strengthening of the muscles of the upper limbs. It consists in performing basic exercises on the bar and with dumbbells. The forearm, biceps and triceps are pumped. It uses its body weight (exercises on the horizontal bar), as well as small dumbbell weights (no more than 7 -11 pounds, depending on physical capabilities). At the initial stage of the training process, simulators and barbells are not used, as they can lead to injury to the limbs and tendon stretching. The average duration of the stage of strengthening the muscles of the hands and their preparation for intense physical activity lasts 7-10 days.
Physical strength This is one of the principles of the training process, which consists in performing a set of exercises that develops the strength of the hands. The training effect extends to the power of the grasping reflex of the hand, forearm, traction force of the biceps and triceps. The increase in physical power is achieved by lifting heavy weights. In the training program, weights of at least 18 -26 pounds, dumbbells of 22 -26 pounds, pull-ups on the horizontal bar with additional weight (with weight) can be used when a pancake rod or other sports equipment is fixed to the belt on a special belt. If the exercises on the hands are performed using the simulator, then in this case weights of 31 -35 pounds are inserted, which the girl can lift no more than 2-3 times, but at the same time they will be performed correctly and without breaking the technique.The physical strength of the muscles of the upper extremities is achieved through the maximum weight of sports equipment and the minimum number of repetitions of their lifting.
Relief and architecture of the muscles of the hands One of the principles of the training program on the hands, which is carried out in the gym, is to achieve the effect of relief. It provides regular pumping of one or a complex of muscle fibers. In this case, small weights of sports equipment and a large number of repetitions are used. Muscles are dried, they become more prominent and stand out against the general background of the skin surface. The principle of relief can be combined with a program to build up the physical strength of the hands, but provided that the training process is divided into 2 courses. For example, for the first 2 weeks, the girl is engaged in exceptionally heavy weights to develop muscle power, and the remaining 14 days focuses on the relief of muscle fibers.
The correctness of the exercises Each physical exercise on the hands, which is performed in a gym, must be done correctly in compliance with the technical aspect. To do this, the training program should be supervised by an instructor or personal trainer who will promptly indicate errors and prevent possible injury to the upper limb, shoulder girdle or back. Failure to comply with the technique of doing exercises on the hands can lead to a lack of a positive result aimed at achieving the effect of relief, physical strength or general strengthening of tendons.
Achieving Physical Stamina Providing physical endurance, provides for the rapid restoration of muscle fibers of the upper limbs. This applies to the time interval between days of training, as well as approaches and repetitions when you are in the gym. The principle of achieving the effect of physical endurance of muscles provides a minimal risk of injuries and sprains even when performing exercises with large weights.
Pumping all muscle groups of the hands In order to get a positive result from training in the gym, and the muscle fibers of the hands become quite strong, embossed and visually attractive, it is necessary to uniformly develop all muscle groups. For this, an individual training program is compiled. For example, if a girl is engaged in the gym 3 times a week, then the first day of classes should be devoted to performing exercises on the wrist and forearm of the hand, the second on biceps, the third on triceps. This separation of the training process ensures the uniform development of all muscle groups, as well as their sufficient recovery after physical exertion. Achieved the development of muscle fibers, an increase in mass and strength. In this case, the girl’s body does not experience stress overload.
Cardiac training combination During the exercise on the hands creates an additional load on the cardiovascular system. So that during the training process, which uses dumbbells, weights, barbells and fitness equipment, not to get a heart disease, you should pay attention to cardiac loads 1-2 times a day. It can be jogging in the fresh air with a distance of 1 – 1 mile, cycling, walking, swimming, skiing in the winter season. The main task of cardiological training is the parallel strengthening of the heart muscle and the walls of the great vessels.

Achieving all of the above principles of physical exercises on the muscles of the hands, ensure the achievement of a positive result and the development of the upper limbs. Further correction of the training program depends on the purpose of visiting the gym.

Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipmentTo improve the relief, one training program is selected. To develop physical power and strength, a completely different number of approaches, repetitions are used, as well as heavier weights and sports equipment are selected. General strengthening of the muscles and tendons of the hands requires the selection of a balanced training course.

Indications for use

Hand exercises in the gym are shown for girls who want to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, want to achieve muscle tissue relief, develop physical strength. In addition, strength exercises on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, with the help of dumbbells, barbells, exercise machines, are recommended for implementation to achieve a number of effects.


  • improvement of metabolic processes in the body, as well as intracellular nutrition of muscle fibers of the hands;
  • increase in volume and strength in the muscles of the upper limbs;
  • increasing the immune status, as regular physical exercises using sports equipment contribute to the bod
    y’s resistance to pathogenic microflora;
  • strengthening tendons and ligaments;
  • prevention of bone fractures of the hands, as well as premature loss of minerals (especially if the girl is prone to frequent injuries of this type);
  • maintaining muscle fibers of the hands in good shape;
  • prevention of overweight gain;
  • strengthening the muscle corset of the back and shoulder girdle, which provides a beautiful posture and prevention of back pain (for example, pulling up on the horizontal bar, which is aimed at the arm muscles, creates a powerful physical load on all muscle groups of the back);
  • stimulation of digestion and metabolic processes in the body;
  • achieving an aesthetic effect so that all or only one muscle group of the arm is visually distinguished;
  • parallel employment with other power sports, the successful development of which requires the development of physical strength of the hands (for example, freestyle wrestling, judo, boxing, kickboxing, arm wrestling);
  • improvement of the emotional state and the need for the discharge of negative energy.

Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipmentHand exercises in the gym are shown to girls who want to make their figure more feminine and attractive
, develop muscle strength and strengthen the ligaments of the hands. In addition, the training program of this type stabilizes the nervous system, improves mood and carbohydrate metabolism.


Hand exercises in the gym are strictly contraindicated for girls who have the following diseases and pathological conditions of the body.


  • inflammation of the hemorrhoidal nodes of the rectum, which is in a chronic or aggravated form of flow (sports loads associated with lifting heavy dumbbells or barbells can worsen well-being and provoke an attack of severe pain);
  • the postoperative period, when the surgical intervention took place on the tissues of the abdominal cavity, upper limbs or back, and no more than 6 months have passed since the surgical procedures;
  • heart diseases associated with heart rhythm disturbances, as well as congenital malformations of the organ;
  • previous myocardial infarction or cerebral stroke;
  • the presence of malignant neoplasms in the body, regardless of the area of their localization;
  • varicose veins, as well as other pathologies of the great vessels;
  • arthrosis of the elbow or shoulder joints (the creation of an additional load can cause an exacerbation of the disease and accelerate the destruction of bone and connective tissue); Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipment
  • arterial hypertension, accompanied by periodic bouts of hypertensive crises;
  • diabetes mellitus (strength exercises on the hands can cause a rapid drop in blood sugar and provoke a hypoglycemic coma).

In order to exclude the presence of categorical contraindications for performing hand exercises, it is necessary to undergo a preliminary examination by a general practitioner. When applying for a subscription, the gym administrator may require a certificate of physical health.

Restrictions on performing arm muscle strengthening can occur in the following cases:

  • painful periods, which are accompanied by abundant discharge of blood (it is recommended to interrupt the training schedule for the period of menstruation, or do not use sports equipment that weighs more than 11 pounds);
  • the state of pregnancy or the postpartum period when no more than 1.5 months have passed after the birth of the baby.
  • general weakness and physical fatigue;
  • a decrease in the immune system or the presence of colds, viral, bacterial diseases;
  • poor and irrational nutrition, which does not allow muscle fibers and the body to fully recover after physical exertion in the gym;
  • suspicion of an intervertebral hernia (it is forbidden to perform exercises on the horizontal bar and uneven bars using extra weight).

Restrictions on performing arm exercises can be determined by your doctor, personal trainer, or gym instructor. Before going in for sports, all visitors to the hall undergo a detailed briefing.

Useful Tips

Before visiting the gym and starting a set of physical exercises on your hands, you need to take care of equipment, sportswear.

A loose T-shirt, T-shirt or topic should be worn so that the body is ventilated, breathes and cools down as quickly as possible after exertion. On hands it is necessary to wear special gloves for fitness to avoid rubbing calluses and dropsy.

Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipmentOn your legs you need to wear shorts or leggings. This item of clothing should be as comfortable as possible. Sneakers or sneakers should be worn on the feet. Going to the gym, you need to take with you at least 0,3 gallon of drinking water and use it in small portions throughout the workout.

This will avoid dehydration of muscle fibers. To remove sweat, you need to use an individual towel made from natural fabrics.

Main complex

Before you start doing arm exercises, you need to make a training schedule and decide on which day a particular muscle group will be pumped. To quickly and effectively strengthen the ligaments, tendons and muscle fibers of the upper limbs, it is recommended to use the following set of exercises.

Scott’s boom lift

The essence of the exercise is that the girl sits on this simulator, and the elbows of her hands are fixed on a special bench. Then the bar is lifted, during which only the biceps and forearm are involved.

At the initial stage, it is enough to use a weight of 4 -7 pounds. The exercise is performed in 3 sets of 10 repetitions each. As physical strength increases, weight gradually increases.

Pull-up on the horizontal bar

To create the maximum load on the muscles of the hands, it is recommended to be pulled back with a grip when the arms are turned inward. So the biceps, forearm are involved, the grip of the hand is trained.

You need to pull up in 3-4 sets of 5 repetitions. To facilitate the process, you can use an elastic band for fitness. One of its edges is attached to the crossbar, and a loop is connected to the other, into which the leg is inserted for support.

Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipmentAt the time of pulling up, the girl makes a jerk and pushes off the elastic. A sports projectile allows you to pull
up, create a load on the biceps for girls who do not have enough strength to pull themselves on the horizontal bar. Over time, you can use the fastening belt on which sports equipment is worn to pull up with extra weight.

Raising the torso on the uneven bars

This type of exercise is used for triceps training. You need to climb onto the bars and align your hands at the elbows. Then you should slowly lower the body, bending the upper limbs so that the handles of the bars are at chest level. After that, you need to return to the starting position.

Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipmentExercise makes triceps more prominent, strengthens muscle fibers and makes hands more attractive. It is recommended to do 3 sets of 4-5 reps. As in the case of training on the horizontal bar, you can use additional weights, the mass of which is determined individually depending on the physical strength of the girl.


This is a universal sports equipment that is used to develop arm muscles in a gym. To achieve the effect of relief it is necessary to use light weights. Dumbbells of 7 -9 pounds are best suited.

The emphasis is on a large number of repetitions. It is necessary to perform 6 sets of 10-12 repetitions. The interval between sets is no more than 3 minutes. For the development of physical strength and volume of arms, dumbbells weighing 18 -22 pounds are used. 3 sets of 4-5 repetitions are performed.

Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipmentThe technique of the exercise is that the girl takes an upright position. Legs should be shoulder width apart. Each of the dumbbells rises alternately in front of itself and so that only the biceps are involved in the process of working the arms. Jerks and assistance in lifting the body are prohibited.

Standing barbell lift

This type of hand exercise is recommended for girls who already have experience in the gym , or have significant physical strength. You need to put your feet shoulder width apart and pick up a bar with typed pancakes. At the time of inspiration, the sports apparatus is lifted by bending the elbows of the hands. At the time of their extension it is necessary to exhale.

Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipment
Such an exercise on the hands as lifting the bar from a standing position is recommended for girls who already have experience in the gym.

At the initial stage of training, it is sufficient to use a weight of not more than 7 -11 pounds. Perform the exercise in 3 sets of 5-7 reps. As physical strength and muscle develop, weight can be increased.

Result fixing

To ensure the consolidation of the training result, it is necessary to follow the following rules and recommendations:

  • to ensure high-quality and nutritious nutrition by daily eating cereal cereals, ocean fish, meat, chicken eggs, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, greens;
  • give up bad habits in the form of drinking alcohol, tobacco products, drugs;
  • go to bed and sleep at the same time, sleep at least 8 hours a day;
  • create an individual daily routine and a nutrition schedule, which will describe the order of food intake, as well as foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fiber;
  • do not forget about cardiological training, performing them 1-2 times a week;
  • Do not abuse foods containing fats of animal origin.

The main rule of securing and saving the result after training the hands in the gym is to maintain physical fitness, maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

When to expect an effect

Hand exercises in the gym should be performed regularly without missing workouts. If the task is to get rid of subcutaneous fat and normalize the tone of muscle fibers, then the first positive result can be observed after 1 month.

In order to achieve the effect of relief, it is necessary to devote at least 3 months to training in the gym. contract. Increasing physical strength and endurance, increasing the volume of biceps, triceps and the zone of the forearm, requires at least 6 months. strengthened workouts in the gym.

Hand exercises in the gym for girls with and without dumbbells, on the horizontal bar, fitness equipmentPerforming physical exercises on the muscles of the hands using sports equipment of the gym provides a reduction in overweight, burning of the subcutaneous fat layer, and a bump effect is achieved. In addition, physical strength and power increase.

A girl who regularly performs physical exercises on her arms supports the muscles of the anterior wall of the abdominal cavity, shoulder girdle and back in tone. The figure becomes more elegant and attractive to others.

Video review of exercises for arms with dumbbells for girls

Hand exercises with dumbbells:

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