Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo

Nail sliders are thin, transparent stickers with patterns. The design of such patterns can be the most diverse, which explains the extraordinary popularity of this type of manicure. Films with drawings are on a paper substrate. Before application, they are moistened with water, and then reduced to the nail.

There is another way to decorate nails with patterned stickers – using photo design, but unlike sliders, such stickers do not need to be soaked in water before application. They have an adhesive base with which plates with patterns are attached to the nails.

Benefits of Slider Design

Ornaments, patterns, drawings on nails are a trend of recent years. There was a time when there was only one way – hand painting with special brushes and varnish. But this method is available only to professionals who are specially trained in this technique.

Sliders for nails, the design of which can be the most varied, is a real find not only for girls who want to independently apply such a manicure. But for people who work with nails professionally, this technique will be a real find.

Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo

The advantages of the slider technique over the rest are as follows:

  • as a result of applying the aqua sticker, a clear, bright pattern is obtained, with the absence of any defects;
  • a huge selection of patterns, drawings, ornaments, currently there are a large number of collections of design solutions on sale, there is no need to think through how everything will look, it is enough to choose what you like from the proposed one;
  • the technique itself is easy to use, you do not need to have any special skills or undergo special training, sliders are available for any beginner;
  • a small price, which is several times less than what will be offered if the pattern is applied using hand-painted;
  • the sliders glued on top of the gel polish are quite resistant and can last on the nail for up to 3 weeks;
  • externally they look very bright, so it is impossible not to notice such a manicure;
  • Material completely safe for nails.

Stickers such as sliders require much less time to apply than all the others of this type of technique for decorating nails with drawings.


It’s impossible to say that aqua stickers are new. Their history numbers at least over a dozen years.

During this time, several types of sliders were developed:

  1. The entire surface of the nail is covered with a sticker. It is applied either on a transparent base or on a white varnish. There are variations in which two to 3 nails on each hand are covered with a slider, the rest of the manicure is performed in traditional technique.
  2. Application. In this case, only part of the nail plate is covered with film, and the rest goes under the varnish, as a rule, these are bright colors and against their background, the slider is a kind of contrast, emphasizing the originality of the manicure.
  3. Aqua stickers with 3D effect. Most often, they occupy the entire surface of the nail and, thanks to a peculiar ornament, create the desired volume effect. Another version of this design is a special slider ornament, and gel polish is applied on top of it.

Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo

The design of the nail slider can be an imitation of metal, occupying either the entire surface of the nail or only a part of it. In the latter version, the best is a jacket. One of the types of sliders can be attributed to recently appeared thermal stickers.

In order to apply them to the surface of the nail, preheat, for example, using a hairdryer. The glue melts and the sticker is ready to use. Unlike the water slider, the thermal stickers do not require drying and immediately after application they can be coated with a protective layer.

What nails can I do

This technique is quite applicable for both long and short nails. Including no exception and extended nails, which can also be beautifully decorated with drawings, ornaments and patterns. However, we must remember that those girls whose nails are naturally not quite even and strong should not use transparent stickers

What tools and materials are needed to work

Provided that the nails are already processed and either a transparent base or gel polish are applied to them, the following tools will be needed directly for gluing the stickers:

  • scissors;
  • jar of water;
  • tweezers;
  • cotton buds.

Having prepared all the necessary tools and a set of favorites for gluing the sliders, you can start gluing them.

How to glue a sticker on gel polish

Before gluing, the nails must be prepared. Thoroughly clean the nail plate from the old varnish, file the edges with a nail file so that the nails look neat and beautiful. Before applying varnish, the nail is thoroughly degreased with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo
Step-by-step manicure with sliders for nails.

Gel nail polish in two layers is applied in advance on the nail. It must dry well and has no flaws.

It is easy to stick a slider onto such a surface, following the following instructions:

  • before separating the sticker from the substrates, it must be attached to the nail, and cut off the excess parts of the slider with scissors;
  • take a sticker with tweezers and immerse in a jar of water for 30 seconds;
  • gently transfer the moistened sticker to the surface of the nail;
  • Carefully smooth with a cotton swab so that there are no irregularities, bubbles.

After carrying out all these procedures, making sure that the sticker is perfectly flat, a fixing layer is applied.

How to glue on a regular varnish

Sliders for nails, the design of which in this technique looks the simplest, is applied almost analogously to the method that is used when the base is gel polish. Except that the usual varnish is applied to the nail in two layers with the prerequisite for its thorough drying.

When this condition is met, you must perform the following steps to put a sticker on the nail:

  • with tweezers, a sticker dipped in water is placed on the nail plate, placing it in the desired position on it;
  • the surface is carefully smoothed with a cotton swab.

Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo

When the applied layer dries on top of it, a fixing varnish is applied to fix it.

When building

In this situation, there is also no problem in applying this design to your nails:

  1. Before gluing, the expanded surface is rubbed with a pusher.
  2. A sticker soaked in water is applied with tweezers to the surface of the nail. It is very important here to immediately accurately apply the sticker on the nail, since in this coating option it is no longer possible to move it.
  3. After application, the slider is fixed with fixing varnish.

When building with gel, it is necessary to dry your nails with a lamp and only then proceed to sticking the sticker.

How to make a continuous coating

Sliders for nails, the design of which is that they are applied to the entire surface of the nails, has some features:

  • the film covers the entire surface of the nail;
  • it fits snugly to the nail, and the ornament extends to the entire nail plate.

Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo

The continuous film lasts longer on the nail than the one that occupies only part of it, made using the application technique. After the film dries, a fixing layer is applied.

How to smoothly cut the slider on the nail

Sliders are made in a standard way, they may not fit the nail plates in size, so there is a need to trim them, it is not difficult to do this in two ways:

  • a stencil is cut out of thin paper, which is applied to the nail, and then, in accordance with these stencils, a slider is cut out;
  • it is initially cut from the sticker on the eye to the size of the nail, then, after gluing to the nail, the excess film is cut off.

The problem of trimming the excess is not as complicated as it seems. The main thing is to pre-select a sticker for the size of the nail, so that you do not have to cut too much.

How to use metallized sliders

This type of sticker differs from the usual ones in that it has a metallic luster, i.e. the film is made so as to create just such an effect. They are glued both to the base under the varnish gel, and to the usual base, as well as other water-type sliders.

Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo

They look very beautiful, stick to the nail for a long time and are easily cleaned if necessary.

The algorithm for the placement of such stickers is as follows:

  • take a suitable plate with tweezers and lower it into water;
  • gently apply to the surface of the nail;
  • smooth with a cotton swab so that there are no wrinkles or bubbles.

There are other ways to give a metallic shine to the surface of the nail, but the one that is offered using the slider is the most successful and convenient.

How to work with 3d sliders

Sliders for nails, the design of which can be the most diverse, also involves the latest development – 3D stickers. The effect of volume is created due to the fact that lines, image schemas of a picture are formed so that they form a visual phenomenon of image volume. On the nails, it looks especially unusual.

This aqua sticker covers the entire nail. Among the many sets of sliders that are sold in cosmetic stores, you must choose those that guarantee a 3D effect. The slide is glued as well as all the rest of this type of aqua sticker.

Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo

After the sticker has dried, a dot ornament is applied on the entire surface of the nail with gel polish, which, in combination with the already existing pattern on the slider, will create the necessary 3D-style shape.

Professional advice

Manicure specialists always, when it comes to the question of a specific technique for processing nails, I advise you to first contact them, show your nails and help determine a strategy for nail care.

When this necessary step is done by professionals, they offer some tips for nail care with such a manicure:

  • prepare the surface of the nails for gluing in advance;
  • prepare all the necessary tools;
  • stick the slider only on a clean surface;
  • it is better to pick up a sticker on the nail in advance, cut it on the stencil so that it fits perfectly on the nail plate;
  • it must be remembered that this type of manicure requires a lot of time;
  • if the sticker is uneven, it is impossible to move it, it is better to leave everything as it is, and to close the shortcomings with the help of some other decor elements or re-do all the work;
  • After all the stickers are placed on the nails for 30 minutes, you can not wet your hands.

Bearing in mind these tips, you can independently, without the help of specialists, make a wonderful decoration of nails.

How much slider design holds

This question excites any girl who decided to resort to such a manicure. As in any other option, you always want to know the time after which you need to take some decisive steps in order to rectify the situation and extend their validity.

Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo

Sliders stay on the surface of the nails for the following period of time:

  • on ordinary varnish for a week;
  • on gel polish for 3 weeks.

In both cases, in order to extend the life of the sliders, one must strictly observe the technology for gluing them, as well as observe the rules for nail care in such a manicure.

Why sliders exfoliate

There are situations in which glued sliders do not withstand the period in which they should be held on nails.

The plates begin to exfoliate, and this happens earlier than planned, the reasons for this phenomenon may be as follows:

  • the base is applied incorrectly and not dried as needed;
  • defective stickers;
  • sliders are pasted with a violation of technology;
  • no topcoat applied.

Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo

And another option, in which the sticker begins to peel off too quickly, is that it itself is not dried enough and a fixing layer is applied to the wet sticker, which leads to peeling of the slider within 1 – 2 days.

Slider manufacturers – which ones to choose

Currently, many companies make sliders, but among them there are those that make the most attractive, trendy and high-quality stickers.

You can offer the following options:

  • Nataliya Korsa , the company has been producing stickers since 2013, since that time the company has developed its own design line of sliders, which allows you to choose the most optimal option from the proposed range;
  • Sally hansen , these stickers create the effect of a true salon quality, although they stick on their own without contacting professionals, in addition, lacquer stickers have been recently launched in a series that allow you to create a smooth surface without a preliminary base layer;
  • Amy’s stickers on a silicone base, which creates a fairly reliable coating that is not subject to quick spoilage, which, with the presence of quite a variety of patterns, creates a stable popular reputation for these sliders;
  • Faberlic stickers are famous for the fact that in translucent films they actively use a
    thin lace ornament, when glued to a nail such an ornament on a white or transparent background looks just great;
  • stickers from Accessory company offer a large selection of art prints of various subjects, in addition, the films themselves are so stable that without removing them you can safely wash the dishes with detergent without worrying about their safety;
  • nail foils are metallic stickers based on foil, they are very easy to apply and look extremely impressive on any nails, both short and long.

Sliders for nails. Design, how to use, glue, use with gel polish, 3D, geometric. Schemes, stencils for manicure, photo

In any case, choosing the option of which stickers to put on the nails you need to decide for yourself what functionality they will carry, the image options on the surface of the nails will depend on this, and they can be as follows:

  • everyday option, when you need to go to work or study, but feel completely trendy, in such cases, a jacket in the form of a strip at the end of a red nail with decoration in the form of a Chinese character is suitable, you can find such stickers;
  • warm colors are relevant in the fall: burgundy, brown, beige, the stickers themselves in the form of openwork leaves that can be used to decorate 1 to 2 nails, others can be made of just the same color, a good solution is a sticker with a maple leaf pattern;
  • bright colors such as blue, green, pink are chosen in the summer, from the drawings priority is given to the marine theme: fish, seashells;
  • for a party, it is best to choose stickers with a black design, for example, a panther drawing, or use a mirror film;
  • lace, openwork ornament and white color of the base – all this is a wedding manicure accessory with the use of sliders

Design sliders for nails, can be the most diverse. And from a variety of options it is always easy to choose what suits the different situation, season and life events.

Useful videos about working with nail sliders

Manicure option with slider:

3D sliders:

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