Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options

One of the symbols of good taste and an innate sense of style, perhaps, can be called a long bob hairstyle without a bang. Known and popular, constantly flickering in photos in glossy magazines, she acquired new forms and appearance with the development of hairdressing and the advent of new technologies for dyeing and texturing hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of elongated Bob haircut

A long bob haircut reveals and emphasizes the beauty of the hair.

She won the hearts of girls for a number of advantages:

  • versatility of hairstyles – suitable for any occasion;
  • the hairstyle is able to give more volume to the hair;
  • simple styling;
  • creates a natural and lightweight look.

Despite such convincing arguments in favor of hairstyles, there were some shortcomings:

  • daily care;
  • limited list of styling;
  • the need to use special styling products.

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Who is elongated Bob haircut

In order to reveal the nuances of appearance, when choosing a hairstyle, girls need to take into account the important features inherent in each type of face. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options

Face Types:

  1. Oval face. The most proportional form, does not need correction, almost all haircuts are suitable for it, the final version is limited only by the girl’s imagination and courage. Hairstyle without a bang accentuates the beauty of the lips and eyes. Elongated locks look modern on the face at the level with the chin, such a hairstyle is in tune with the lifestyle of almost any girl.
  2. Round face. It is necessary to strive to lengthen the form. This effect is achieved by creating volume in the crown of the head and covering the cheekbones with strands. Diversify the shape will help the asymmetric shape of the haircut and parting, but you must remember that a straight parting can aggravate the breadth of the face. A clear horizontal lower edge of the hairstyle creates additional volume and can visually shorten the neck. Taking into account these subtleties, girls with a round face should choose more advanced hairstyle options, for example, Bob haircut for lengthening in the face.
  3. Square face. Owners of the “square” face shape naturally got a narrow forehead, dominant cheekbones and expressive chin. The width of the face in the frontal part and in the chin area, as a rule, are almost the same. Choosing a hairstyle, you should visually stretch your face, and veil its lower part. Categorical and sharp geometric shapes are not recommended, hair should gently envelop the contour of the face, hiding its massive parts. The most winning option will be the option of a square with an extension, which is several seasons of one of the most fashionable haircuts.
  4. The triangular face. Distinctive features are a wide forehead, bright cheekbones and a narrow chin. The purpose of the haircut is to divert attention from the wide forehead to the center of the face. When choosing a Bob haircut, it is better to give preference to the length of the hair covering the neck. An interesting parting geometry will be able to add a twist.

Extra long square without bangs

A long square without a bang, the photo of which is placed below, will be an excellent choice, if you want to leave the hair length, and changing the hairstyle and image is on the agenda.

Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options
A long square without bangs (photo presented) is suitable for all face shapes.

Such a hairstyle is suitable for almost everyone, the exception is the owners of a very elongated face shape. The hairstyle does not need special skills for self-styling and is suitable for everyday wear and evening receptions.

Haircut technology:

  1. The washed hair is slightly dried with a napkin and combed thoroughly.
  2. The entire volume of hair in a vertical line is divided into equal parts. These parts are subsequently divided into diagonal segments
  3. Start a haircut from the back of the head, highlighting the control strand in the center.
  4. To the sides of the intended control strand, cut the hair “towards the face”, gradually adding length. The guy line is 0.
  5. Subsequent strands are separated from the bulk of the hair with horizontal partings, in 0’4 inch increments, without a guy line. The length of the strands is maintained 1/32 – 4/32 inch longer than the control strand, this technique will create an internal graduation. Use the technique “lock on lock” and reach the horizontal parting “from ear to ear.”
  6. Trimming the temporal. Make a fringing of the temporal zones, extending the line begun on the occipital part. Steps of 0’4 inch work out the zone to the horizontal parting.
  7. The strands on the temples are trimmed, equalizing them with the strands of the parietal and occipital parts.
  8. The hair from the crown is cut last, dividing their volume in half and cut at the length of the temporal and occipital zones.
  9. At the final stage, the strands are pulled and aligned to a final length.
  10. Filtration is performed in the last turn.

Subject to the technology, the hair falls in the right direction and additional effort for styling is not required.

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Stylish bob

A hairstyle that has remained in fashion and at the peak of popularity for many years. Elegant and versatile, suitable for all face types. A bob haircut is defined by a short-cropped nape and longer strands in the face. Particularly attractive is the elongated version, which is characterized by front strands reaching to the shoulders. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options

Asymmetric shape emphasizes the dignity of the face.

The haircut technique gives extra volume on the crown, in the neck and cheekbones. Masterfully completed work is characterized by a smooth transition from short strands on the crown to longer facial ones. The selection of the final form depends on the shape of the face and preferences of the customer.

The bob haircut is based on the classic square, but there are also differences:

  • the volume of the hairstyle is shifted to the back of the head.
  • leg.
  • open neck.
  • lack of parting.

When performing a haircut, the bulk of the hair does not fall apart, but lays down tightly and evenly. A well-made haircut does not require a special styling technique, a hairdryer is enough after washing the hair.

Technique o
f execution:

  1. Washed hair is combed and broken into two parts with a single parting from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the neck.
  2. Begin a haircut from the back of the head. Select a control strand and cut it at an angle of 45 degrees. Then the strands are parted, 0’4 inch apart, parallel to the separation line and a cut is performed, while maintaining the draw angle. Using this method, all strands are trimmed, gradually moving from the nape to the temporal zone, using the method strand by strand.
  3. After filling the nape, parting from ear to ear, and go to the upper occipital and temporoparietal zones. With horizontal parting, in increments of 0. 3’1 – 0’4 inch, they move higher, leaving the same drawing angle. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options
  4. Then they make a large parting, separating the hair on the back of the head from the parietal.
  5. Whiskey is sheared using strand by strand method. The master monitors the coincidence of the length of hair on the temples and on the back of the head.
  6. The length of the strands on the crown is equal to the length on the temples.
  7. The correctness of the execution of the hairstyle is controlled by connecting the tips of the extreme facial locks, they should be the same length.
  8. After drying the hair with a hairdryer, the master brings the contour of the hairstyle to an ideal line with point scissors.
  9. The hairstyle should continue to bend the girl’s neck. Rear view is a sign of a quality haircut and the level of professionalism of the master.

French square with front strands

French Bob haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for medium length hair. Suitable for girls of any age and hair texture. Easy natural look and easy care made her a universal hairstyle for any occasion.

French haircut almost always has the same length of strands and faces, performed without clear geometric lines. Layering using graduation makes the haircut easy and natural.

Execution technique:

  1. Haircut is done using the lock-to-lock technique on wet hair, often in two nozzles.
  2. Start work from the back of the head, where the control strand is determined. The subsequent strands are cut up towards the back of the head and crown, with a 45 degree draw.
  3. At the final stage, you can do a thinning.

Kare “on the leg”

A light and elegant haircut “on the leg” emphasizes a graceful neck, with lengthening in the face, performed on hair of different densities and textures. A distinctive feature is the originally decorated area on the back of the head in the form of a rounded or triangular cape, in the language of hairdressers – “leg”.

Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options

Execution Technology:

  1. Clean hair is dried to a slightly moistened state, then thoroughly combed. They make two partings: from the forehead to the back of the head and from one temple to the other.
  2. Haircuts start from the bottom of the head. The lower strand is parted and parted with the shape of a cape with scissors or trimmer.
  3. The section to the line of the ears, strand after strand, is sheared at an angle of 45, with a guy line, gradually increasing the angle of inclination. This method creates the necessary volume on the occipital part of the head. Optionally, you can adjust the draw angle, increasing or decreasing the volume.
  4. When they reach the edge of the ear, they part the strand above it. Form the line of the Bob haircut and go to the temporal zone. The scheme is continued, combing the strands on both sides and cutting them from the back of the head to the temples.
  5. At the final stage of the haircut, the root zone and the ends of the hair are milled.

Styling is carried out with a hairdryer and a round comb, using light styling.

Graduated Bob haircut

A long square without a bang (photo below) has many original and non-standard variations of performance. Graduation of strands in combination with a cascade gives new features to a classic square. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options

The mood suits girls who are committed to the classics, but who admit notes of irony and enthusiasm in their image. It is performed on the hair of a variety of textures and densities, suitable for almost all types of face. Unusual options for coloring and highlighting will give a special refinement to the appearance of the owner of such a hairstyle.

Execution Technology:

  1. On the neck, comb and trim the control strand. Next, shear the hair, separating them with horizontal lines after 0’4 inch, without a guy line, by strand to strand method.
  2. To study the hair on the crown, a control strand of 2 – 3’9 inch long is combed out parallel to the frontal hairline. All of the following strands of the crown are combed parallel to the first parting and follow the coincidence of their length. The strands are placed at right angles to the head, with a guy. The length of the hair on the crown will be a guideline for the occipital and temporal areas. Pulling new strands and making a cut, the master receives the desired graduation.
  3. To give naturalness, gradually comb vertical strands and cut corners.
  4. At the final stage, comb the hair several times and make a border.
  5. Thinning is performed with straight scissors all over the head. If the hair is not thick enough, make radical rooting in the back of the head.

Asymmetric square

A popular and versatile hairstyle is an asymmetrical square. Suitable for owners of any type of face, the exception is girls with a very narrow and elongated face. Hair types lend themselves to any. Thanks to the elongated strands on the face, the hairstyle focuses on attractive features and distracts from imperfections. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options

The difference in the lengths of the strands in the temporal zones can be significant, which allows you to create a bright image.

Haircut Method:

  1. Separate the temporal and parietal zones from the back of the head with a horizontal line. At the bottom of the occipital zone, a border is made to the shoulder line. The nape is worked out with vertical partings, with graduation, sharply increasing the volume in the upper part.
  2. A parting is made along the hairline of the face, the resulting strand is edged. You should get a bang, turning into a different length of the temples.
  3. Determine the side where the elongation will be and make a parting, offset from this section. The shortened section is equal to the control strand from the back of the head.
  4. Turn over the temple.
  5. The area of the head with long strands is trimmed by strand to strand method.

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The extended square “Shar”

The elongated “Shar” square is a hair carefully cut with an internal graduation, which, falling down, envelop the face of its owner with a soft cap. The length of the hair in such a hairstyle reaches the middle of the neck, the chin and the lower part of the cheekbones remain open.

Suitable for girls with regular and delicate facial features, with the shape of a face “rhombus” or “heart”, with straight hair.

Execution Technology:

  1. Separate the hair on the head with vertical and horizontal partings into 4 parts.
  2. Allocate control strands around the entire circumference of the head along with the bangs. The length of the haircut is set at 4 points: on the back of the head, on the temples and on the bangs.
  3. The very first lower control strand is shorter than the desired total haircut length. All subsequent strands are trimmed 0. 2 inch longer than the first, resulting in an internal graduation.
  4. They start work from the middle of the occipital zone, comb the strand down, pull it back and cut it. Similarly, the control strands are trimmed on the remaining 3 points. The resulting sections are connected by a smooth line.
  5. All subsequent layers are separated in 0’4 inch increments, parallel to the first layer.
  6. The master monitors the quality of the lower edge of the hairstyle, the line should be smooth and even.

Double extended square

A double elongated square reveals the femininity and sophistication of the character of its owner, while styling does not require complex skills. The hair in the hairstyle is cut in two levels: an elongated lower layer in the temporal-occipital, and a short upper layer on the crown. It must be remembered that the shorter the length of the hair of the upper layer, the greater the volume of the hairstyle as a whole. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options

Haircut draws attention to the texture and color of hair, emphasizes the line of the cheekbones and chin, allows you to visually hide the imperfections of the neck and ears.

Well suited to chubby girls, visually lengthening the shape of the face.

Technique of execution:

  1. Hair should be wet and clean. The volume of hair is divided over the entire head parting from ear to ear. Holders fix the top of the hair.
  2. The lower part is sheared using a strand to strand technique, determining the control length and creating an even contour. Then the trimmed lower part of the hair is collected in a low tail and transferred to the upper part of the head.
  3. The strands of the upper part are collected and twisted into a bundle and shortened to the required length. For edging, use the lock-to-lock method.
  4. Straight scissors perform thinning of the root zone and the entire volume of the hairstyle.

Interesting coloring will add extravagance to the whole hairstyle and the image as a whole.

Elongated rack on one side

An elongated square on one side is suitable for owners of a round and oval face shape. On rare hair, the hairstyle allows you to get a larger volume. When growing hair length, you do not need to resort to frequent correction of hairstyles, just be patient and wait for a natural increase in length. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options

Hairstyle is young and helps to hide face imperfections quite easily. High-quality haircut, easy to style.

Distinctive features are long locks on one side of the face and short locks on the back of the head. Asymmetries are achieved by designing the front hair at a different angle, from readable contrast to smoothly rounded. The difference in the length of the side strands can be slight, but can be quite significant. More and more often you can find hairstyle options with a shaved temple.

Execution Technology:

  1. Clean wet hair is separated by two partings: horizontal and vertical.
  2. The haircut begins with the back of the head, highlighting the control strand.
  3. The occipital is edged and passes to the temporal zones. Strands on the temples are equalized with the control strand on the back of the head.
  4. Determine the side where the elongation will be. The hair of the parietal zone on this side is sheared, starting from the vertical parting, and moving to the temporal part. The work is checked, often combing the hair and keeping their length the same.
  5. At another temple, cut the strands shorter, filling out the asymmetry.
  6. The hair from the crown is combed onto the face, parted and cut according to the length on the temporal zones.
  7. Thinning is performed with straight scissors.

Evening styling options

A long square without a bang has several win-win options for gala evening styling, which can be seen in the photo.

To create an evening look you will need:

  • volume giving agents;
  • fixing means;
  • irons for straightening or curlers to create curls.

The following is a list of possible evening hairstyle options:

  1. Hair back styling. Foam is applied to wet hair for styling in the root zone to give volume. Using a round brush, dry the hair in the direction from the face back, starting from the back of the head. Fix the hairdo with hair spray. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options
  2. An alternative to laying with a light pile. After drying the hair from the face, make a light pile on the crown, lay the hair back, pass a fine straight comb along the upper strands and fix the hairdo with varnish.
  3. Originality can be achieved by highlighting the parting. The location and shape of the parting is limited only by the girl’s imagination. Its shape may be direct or interesting and unusual in shape. Strands tucked behind the ear look fresh and spectacular. At the request of the girl can arrange the ends of the hair both inward and outward. The decorated hairstyle is fixed with varnish.
  4. An attractive option with curls made with curlers , or with the help of thermal forceps. The modern trend of fashion dictates the creation of curling with thermal forceps, not reaching the ends of the strands, leaving them straight. Curled hair cools, easily beat with fingers and fix with varnish. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options
  5. Giving hair an unusual texture – corrugation or hair straightening to a mirror shine. It must be remembered that styling with irons is quite traumatic for the structure of the hair, therefore, their frequent use is not recommended, and whe
    n creating such hairstyles, thermal protection means are required.
  6. Recently, such a technique as deliberate negligence has been actively used for styling. When drying hair with a hairdryer, tightly squeeze locks of hair with your hands, as a result of which the effect of carelessness is achieved.

How to style a haircut with a hairdryer

Daily hair care is related to hair styling with a hairdryer.

For this procedure, you need small skills and care products for the hair:

  • thermoprotective;
  • giving volume;
  • fixing;
  • round comb of medium or large diameter.

Before starting a hairdryer, you should wash and dry the entire volume of hair with a towel. Clean hair, not heavy with skin secretions, keeps styling longer and looks aesthetically pleasing. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options

Before treatment with a hairdryer, hair is applied to create volume. They begin laying on the back of the head, picking up small locks with a comb and lifting them in the basal zone, the air stream is directed to the hair roots. In this way, the entire volume of hair on the head is dried. Only the ends of the strands are polished with a round brush.

At the final stage, they pass through the hair with a cold stream of air, cooling and lifting curls. Fasten the hairstyle with varnish, directing the stream inside the hairstyle from below. This method of applying varnish gives volume and does not bend hair.

Smooth Bob haircut styling

A long square without bangs, the photo of which helps to consider the luxury of perfectly even hair. Such hairstyles do not leave the covers of glossy magazines.

To create a smooth styling of the care you will need hair care products that have the following qualities:

  • smoothing;
  • modeling;
  • antistatic;
  • fixing;
  • owners of curly hair will need an iron to straighten hair.

To create a hairstyle yourself, just follow these steps:

  1. Wash hair.
  2. Apply a protective agent against high temperatures on the entire hair sheet.
  3. Apply volume preparation to the root zone.
  4. Dry your hair with a round comb in the direction from the face.
  5. Straighten the hair with an iron, carefully working out the entire volume of hair on the head, capturing small strands.
  6. With a wax or mask to give a mirror shine, smooth the top layer of hair.

Textured styling

The process of texturing the hair is to give the hair the desired texture: straighten or curl. This is a chemical process using special chemicals to preserve the desired effect for a long time.

There are several options for texturing hair:

  1. Perm – uses substances that change the structure of the hair, allows you to create a perm with curls of different diameters. It retains its effect from 4 to 6 months. Haircut long square without bangs. Photos front and back, hairstyle options
  2. Styling – hair texturing through a variety of styling hair keeps for several days. Easy to wash off with shampoo.
  3. Straightening – with the help of special preparations, curly hair gives a smooth texture. Depending on the technology of the procedure, such a change in the natural texture of the hair can last from several days to several months.

Haircut – the most harmless manipulation of hair, giving them a new texture. Due to the special shearing in layers, the necessary effect is created. A long square without bangs can be safely called a classic in hairdressing. The above photos confirm the high aesthetics and popularity of hairstyles.

Long bang video without bangs

Long haircuts technique:

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