Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home

With the help of a haircut cascade, you can create many completely different images from each other. A cascade on medium-long hair is, first of all, femininity. Understanding how to beat the hairstyle with details, to place accents that are fashionable this year, you can safely cut the cascade and enjoy the look.

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Types of haircuts medium length hair

The cascade for medium hair (how to cut it will be described below) is a universal form for countless images and variations of performance.

Cascades differ in the number of levels and their location:

  • frozen when the difference between the layers is minimal and concentrated at the bottom of the entire hairstyle;
  • double – two distinct layers of different lengths;
  • graduated – more than two and not so distinguishable in length as in the previous version of the layers;
  • ragged – superimposed layers differ in the length and width of the strands;
  • asymmetric – the lengths of the temporal zone are different on both sides. Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home

The cascade is performed on thin, thick, straight and curly hair. In each case, it will be impeccable and original. Haircuts in this technique achieve individuality in the image.

Hairstyles can be stylized with bangs, the shape of which will complement it, will allow you to correct the flaws in appearance, focus on the merits.

Advantages and disadvantages

The versatility of a medium-length haircut is that it suits absolutely everyone. Correctly choosing the decor, making styling and coloring the hair, a special image is created.

Therefore, the following are related to the advantages of the cascade:

  • forms and maintains a clear form for a long time, which can not be updated very often;
  • suitable for all types of hair – dense thin out, thin gives volume;
  • Looks equally at women of any age;
  • using this hairstyle, you can express any style from business to frivolous;
  • in the correct execution will fit any type of face;
  • does not require careful styling;
  • It is combined with fashion trends of hair coloring.

The hairstyle has conditional flaws:

  • it is difficult to grow hair to the desired length in order to switch to another haircut, for example, a square, where all the strands are the same;
  • the difference in length of the strands leads to the fact that they are quickly disintegrated when collected in a bundle;
  • To look stylish, a haircut requires healthy, well-groomed hair.

How to choose a haircut according to the shape of the face

The cascade on medium hair (how to cut it, in what technique) depends on the shape of the face. So, for representatives with the right oval face, various options are suitable.

For girls with a round face:

  • it is necessary to make elongated locks below the chin in the temporal part;
  • possible combination with oblique bangs;
  • you can create a volume at the crown. Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home

If the face is extended:

  • the frame around the face should be shortened to its middle;
  • it is better to cut the bangs long, you can thick so that it covers the forehead.

With a square face:

  • it is necessary to soften the image due to the light French bangs starting from the crown, or combed on one side;
  • You can choose a frozen type of haircut, where the graduation is at the bottom.

To a triangular face (heart):

  • a cascade with volume below the hairstyle is also suitable;
  • long or slanting bangs will hide a wide forehead.

Pear-shaped face:

  • you need to create a volume at the top;
  • leave elongated temporal strands.

Diamond shaped:

  • a frame in the form of a short flight of stairs around the face, smoothly passing from the bangs;
  • you can choose a double cascade without bangs – the upper layer lying in the wave will soften the pronounced high cheekbones.

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Influence on the choice of hair structure

The choice of haircut is based not only on the shape of the face and age of the woman, the density and structure of the hair are of no small importance.

  • Girls with thin straight hair are advised to choose a graduated or torn cascade of medium length. Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home
  • On thin, but wavy hair, a double cascade will look good.
  • Lightness will give thick hair an asymmetric cascade. And the frozen one will emphasize the beauty of the thick hair without weighing it down.
  • An exception may be hard hair, which is difficult to shape. In this case, it is worth abandoning the cascade at an average length. Or give preference to the torn version.

On medium hair with bangs

Bangs are an additional element of any haircut, allowing you to simulate it and change the image with different styling.

  1. A cascade of medium hair (how to cut it with an arched bangs can be found in the detailed instructions) that flows smoothly into the ladder framing the oval of the face is an option for girls with an elongated face, large features, an elongated nose and straight hair.
  2. The French fringe, which starts from the top of the head and falls to the bridge of the nose, gives romance and softness to the whole image. As a rule, it is not thick and easily breaks up into locks lying in an arbitrary direction. This option hides a high forehead well, softens the angularity. Removes accent from sharp cheekbones of a diamond-shaped face.
  3. Another way to hide the angles and sharpness of the face is a slanting bang. In the cascade for medium hair, it can be lengthened, which visually stretches roundness. It is undesirable to use oblique styling for long-faced representatives. Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home
  4. A straight short haircut that falls out of the cascade’s stepped volume looks like a challenge to the classics. Moreover, such an image is considered fashionable, youthful, capable of reducing age by a dozen years.
  5. The long bangs look harmonious with double or graduated hairstyle options. It lends itself to different styling, radically changing the style of the image.

Options without bangs

The absence of bangs visually increases the low forehead, stretches the face, makes expressive small features.

A cascade without a bang for the average hair length can be considered a variation with a very long bang, cut by a ladder around the face. This is a g
ood choice for women with rounded or small features.

The bangs can have the same length with the uppermost layer of hair, forming the so-called cap. It is possible that the least short strands are those that reach the chin. Such a medium-length haircut is also considered an option without a bang. She will look good on thick hair. Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home

A winning option without bangs can be considered a frozen cascade. The image is filled with romance and elegance, it is restrained, gives femininity. It should not be chosen by girls with a long face, massive nose or chin.

Haircut technique cascade

There are several cascade cutting techniques that depend on the texture, hair length and the desired result.

But they all come down to two basic principles.

  1. The control strand is the shortest, selected from the hair on the top or back of the head.
  2. All underlying layers increase in length by a certain amount.

According to the classical technique of cutting the cascade, the following stages are carried out:

  1. The entire hair massif is divided into zones: the vertex, parietal, occipital and two temporal.
  2. The control strand is selected on the back of the head. Pull it at a right angle and cut to a length of 3’9 inch.
    Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home
    How to cut a cascade on medium and long hair
  3. Shear the top layer, moving from the back of the head to the face, applying each strand to the previous at a right angle.
  4. Each subsequent layer is pulled strictly up to the control strand and cut at the level with it.
  5. The last cut bangs of the desired shape according to the appropriate method, if necessary.
  6. Thick hair should be thinned using thinning.

Double cascade

A haircut for medium-length hair, the most popular among women, is a double cascade.

How to cut it, features:

  1. The control strand is selected on the top of the head, pulled to the forehead and cut.
  2. All subsequent strands are also laid along the head to the face, comparing with the control strand.

It is considered the simplest technique that does not require special skills, it can even be performed independently.

Graduated cascade

This type is multilayered, which gives volume to the hair. The transitions between the layers are smooth, almost imperceptible. Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home

To perform a haircut in this technique, the hair is divided into more zones than with the classic version.

Move from bottom to top and from the back of the head to the face.

  1. The lower occipital layer is pulled off at an angle of 45? to the head and make a vertical cut of the strand.
  2. Each subsequent top layer is pulled at a right angle to the head. And the slice is kept vertical.
  3. At the end, carry out a thinning and adjust the border of the face.


The torn technique of creating a cascade for medium hair is as simple as possible. Its essence is to create a noticeable difference in the length and thickness of the strands. This is the youth style of confident people. Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home

It is carried out as follows.

  1. It starts with the lower layer of the nape, which is the longest in the whole hairstyle.
  2. The strands are cut at different angles to the head, and also are selected in different widths.


A feature of the frozen cascade is the minimal difference between the lengths of all layers. The graduation is located at the very bottom of the hairstyle. Its upper part is flat.

The technique of cutting a frozen cascade:

  1. hair is distributed into zones so that the nape and crown form a single mass distributed on the sides, also temporal with the parietal;
  2. allocate one long strand in the center of the crown and the back of the head;
  3. pull it vertically up and cut parallel to the movement from the crown to the back of the head;
  4. other strands from the side are pulled up to the control strand and cut off flush with it, moving from the back of the head to the temples;
  5. temporal and parietal hair are also cut, stretching straight up, leveling on the control strand.


The asymmetry in the hairstyle is the difference in the length of the hair on both sides of the face, up to the shaved one temple. This image is chosen by people of art, confident personalities or adherents of non-traditional formats. She looks good on thick and coarse hair. The nuances of an asymmetric cascade of medium length include torn, chaotic strands. Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home

The haircut is carried out as follows:

  1. divide hair into zones;
  2. choose a control strand on the lower layer of the nape;
  3. sheared within one layer, increasing the length of the strands to the face on one side and decreasing on the other, for this long strands are pulled back to the control strand and, conversely, the control strand is pulled forward to short strands;
  4. perform similar processes with each top layer, reducing their length;
  5. finish the haircut by processing the anterior and parietal zones.

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On curly hair

Only a cascade is able to cope with naughty tight curls. It reduces volume and sets the shape.

The haircut technique is performed from the back of the head to the parietal zone.

  1. Direct parting of the ha
    ir is divided into 2 parts, starting from the forehead and ending at the crown. The neck area is limited by a horizontal line from the rest of the hair.
  2. The head is cut parallel to the floor, pulling the strands down. They cut from the center to the sides. Thus, all layers of the occipital part are treated.
  3. Next, the side zones are sheared, moving up the crown to the crown of the head. To do this, new strands are pulled up with the lower strands of the nape and cut off on them. So carry out the process for all the hair of the crown and temples.
  4. The parietal strands forward along with the crown.
  5. The result is a rounded hairstyle.
  6. Finish a haircut by processing bangs and frontal strands.

Cascade Phasing

The process of thinning can be carried out either with special scissors – fillers, or straight, sliding along the hair, cutting cloves, cutting into a strand, by other means. Haircut cascade on medium hair. Photos of 2021 novelties, how to cut, style yourself at home

The traditional method with fillers is carried out for thick hair in order to give them airiness and softness, to remove excess volume. The cascade is no exception.

The cascade on medium hair (how to cut it using one of the thinning techniques shown in the photo) is characterized by the sharp tips of the strands. You can achieve them by cutting feathers and cloves with straight scissors. Such locks scatter in volume and lay in a given direction when laying.

Therefore, when performing any type of cascade, it is preferable to use slicing, hooking and other types of thinning, avoiding thinning shears.

Styling features

The cascade is also universal in that it can be stacked in completely opposite ways:

  • with volume or invited;
  • twisted at the ends or straightened with an iron;
  • “hair-to-hair” laid or tousled with hands;
  • fixed with styling products or loose strands.

Some tips for creating fashionable images:

  1. Thin straight hair in a cascade is straightened with an iron throughout the volume along with a bang. This everyday style can be beaten with fashionable coloring methods and a combination of several natural shades.
  2. With the help of wide brushing, the hair is raised at the roots, and its ends are twisted inward – a classic styling of the middle cascade. The hairstyle looks neat and is suitable for any event.
  3. The ends of the hair are turned outward with the bangs, framing the face. Such a flying style makes the face open, and the look expressive.
  4. Romantic image – light or broken waves that are easy to create with an iron. It goes well with different colorizing techniques.
  5. Medium length curly hair can be styled with a gel. By fixing the curls so that they become heavier.

Cascade technique has given rise to many fashionable haircuts. She has undergone many changes. Now how to cut it in a particular case depends on a combination of factors. The average length of hair remains the best option for any type of cascade.

Video about a haircut cascade on medium hair

Cascade for medium and long hair:

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