Eyebrow shaping, video tutorials for beginners: henna, paint, pencil, shadows, thread, wax. Photo step by step

Proper design of the eyebrows allows you to adjust the geometry of the face, add expressiveness to the eyes, bringing harmony to the female image. Video tutorials for beginners will clearly help you choose the correct correction method, as well as cope with the procedure for correction and coloring at home.

Rules for choosing the shape of eyebrows by type of face

Eyebrow shaping (video tutorials for beginners will help to understand the technique step by step) depends on belonging to a particular type of face and appearance.

Form Tips:

  • For the oval type. The harmonious shape is as close to ideal as possible, but does not tolerate too close a distance between the eyebrows. This can give a look of frown. Straight lines with a slightly rounded end will do. This form visually expands a bit, corrects the oval. You can choose arched lines with a middle arch or a slight kink from the middle of the eyebrow.
  • For round type. It is necessary to choose a shape that will visually narrow by stretching the outline of the face. The winged eyebrows with a graceful kink or straight, but with a slight bend from the middle of the line, will cope with this task.
  • For square type. The task is to smooth visually sharp cheekbones and line geometry. You should choose more natural lines of medium width with a pronounced fracture and a long arcuate end.

Eyebrow shaping, video tutorials for beginners: henna, paint, pencil, shadows, thread, wax. Photo step by step

  • For triangular type. A form that does not fit this type is straight. To soften the sharpness of the chin and cheekbones, it is recommended to draw small lengths rounded from the middle of the eyebrow. The height of the arch depends on the length of the face, the higher it is – the lower the bend.

Tweezers Correction

When performing the correction, it is necessary to follow certain rules so that the eyebrows have a natural look, the hairs lie in one direction, and the width from the base to the highest point is the same.

Eyebrow shaping, video tutorials for beginners: henna, paint, pencil, shadows, thread, wax. Photo step by step

The optimal distance between the lines for any type is 0’8 inch, it can be slightly varied depending on the features of the facial features. The easiest way to beautifully shape the line and bend is with cosmetic tweezers.

Procedure execution algorithm:

  1. Mark with a pencil the beginning and end of the line, for convenience, draw a little outline.
  2. Comb the hairs with a brush in the direction of their growth.
  3. Pull with a sharp jerk along the lower contour, grabbing one hair by tweezers, slightly pulling the skin of the eyelid.
  4. First, hairs are plucked, growing far from the brow arc.
  5. The contour of the eyebrows is adjusted last. Do not pluck out several hairs so as not to violate the thickness of the line.

After the correction procedure with tweezers, wipe the treated area with an antiseptic and lubricate with a moisturizing cosmetic product.

Using silk thread

Eyebrow shaping (video tutorials for beginners demonstrate clearly) can be done in several ways, one of which is using a thread. The principle of operation is simple: when twisted, the thread captures the hairs and pulls them out. Unlike tweezers, where each hair is pulled out separately, several can be removed with a thread at once.


  1. Degrease the treatment area with antiseptic liquid or alcohol-containing tonic.
  2. Take a piece of strong cotton or silk thread with a length of 19’7 – 23’6 inch, tie the ends.
  3. Twist the thread 6-8 times, putting loops on the thumb and forefinger.
  4. The design is brought to the treated area, twisting to grab the hairs and pull them out sharply.
    Eyebrow shaping, video tutorials for beginners: henna, paint, pencil, shadows, thread, wax. Photo step by step
  5. After a depilation session, treat the skin with an antiseptic and lubricate with a moisturizer. If swelling, apply ice cubes.

Waxing or wax correction

To perform eyebrow waxing at home, you will need hot film wax or finished strips with the composition applied. Depilation is performed in the interbrow zone and corrects eyebrows.

Instructions for beginners:

  • Treat the area with softening gel.
  • Apply a wooden spatula to areas that must be removed by pressing it firmly to the skin.
  • After the wax composition has hardened, remove it against the hairline, slightly pulling the skin in the opposite direction.

Eyebrow shaping, video tutorials for beginners: henna, paint, pencil, shadows, thread, wax. Photo step by step

When removing, you need to consider that the direction of hair growth on the left and right eyebrows is different. After a waxing session, remove the remaining composition with a special lotion or oil.

Laser correction

Laser shape correction is recommended in the cabin. As a result of the point orientation of the beam, the follicles are destroyed, the blood supply and nutrition of the bulbs are stopped. After dying, the hair stops growing.

The principle of the procedure:

  • The shape of the eyebrow is selected, the outline is drawn.
  • Makeup is removed, the skin is treated with an anesthetic.
  • An impulse is applied by point radiation exposure, after which the hairs are burned out.

Eyebrow shaping, video tutorials for beginners: henna, paint, pencil, shadows, thread, wax. Photo step by step

The duration of one session is not more than 15-20 minutes. Due to the short duration, pain relief is not required, but in some cases, with increased sensitivity, the sites are subjected to local anesthesia.

Semi-permanent recovery

The restoration procedure of semi-permanent restoration belongs to the latest correction methods. For several sessions, you can simulate and restore the eyebrow line damaged by unsuccessful corrections and chemical paints.

The procedure takes place according to the following algorithm:

  • A sketch of the shape and width of the eyebrow is being worked out. The stage is important, because after applying the pigment is difficult to change shape. Selection is carried out using special stencils.
  • Color matching. Hue should be in harmony with the type of appearance, hair color. It should be noted that the first days after the procedure, the pigment looks especially bright, gradually fading closer to its natural tone.
  • Before applying the pigment, the skin is degreased, soft peeling of the zones is carried out.
  • Transparent liquid is mixed with the powder of the selected shade, a few drops of silicone are added for elasticity.
  • With a thin tool, raising the hair
    s, the composition is applied only to the skin. Only the skin is stained, otherwise the hairs will become stiff, and when washing off, the coloring composition will be removed.

The duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes. During the first day, it is not recommended to wet the treated areas with water.

Eyebrow dyeing

For dyeing eyebrows, it is necessary to prepare a dye, oxide, if it is not in the set, a brush with a beveled end, a mascara brush and cotton buds. The ingredients are mixed in a small earthenware, glass or plastic container. Before applying the coloring composition, it is recommended to conduct a test test for possible allergic reactions.

Application Instructions:

  1. Perform shape correction, comb the hairs with a round brush, outline the dyeing line.
  2. Mix paint and oxide in a container, according to the instructions, until a homogeneous consistency.
  3. Apply the paint with a beveled brush, directing the line from the wide base to the thinner end. A cotton swab can gently remove excess paint.
  4. Leave the composition for 10 minutes or more (time is determined by the manufacturer of the composition).
  5. Remove the composition with a cotton swab dipped in water.
Eyebrow shaping, video tutorials for beginners: henna, paint, pencil, shadows, thread, wax. Photo step by step
Eyebrow shaping. Video tutorials and visual photos will help you do everything yourself.

To make the colored eyebrows look neat, they need to be combed with a round brush, and for additional nutrition, apply a few drops of linseed or castor oil daily at night.

Henna decoration

Eyebrow shaping (video tutorials for beginners will help you easily perform at home) can be done using a composition with henna. This is a natural coloring agent, so its use rarely entails allergic manifestations, but it is recommended to conduct a test test before staining.

Algorithm of actions:

  • Dilute henna in hot water with a couple of drops of lemon juice. To change the color, you can add natural coffee, basma, tea and walnut peel.
  • Apply a brush with hard fibers and a chamfered end along the intended line, simulating the shape. Remove excess with a cotton swab or disc.
  • The hue depends on the thickness of the applied layer, the larger it is, the more intense the color. The composition is aged for at least 50 minutes during the first session, 30 minutes in subsequent procedures.

Eyebrow shaping, video tutorials for beginners: henna, paint, pencil, shadows, thread, wax. Photo step by step

After marking the shape, the area around the eyebrows can be greased with a greasy cream so that the skin does not stain. On the first day after staining, avoid contact with hot steam or water in the treatment area.

Eyebrow tattoo

Permanent way to design eyebrows – tattoo, which is carried out in the salon. The advantage of the technique is a long-term result, pigment resistance to external influences. The effect can last up to 2-3 years, but subject to timely color correction. When modeling using hair technique or shadow shading.

Step-by-step procedure algorithm:

  • Before applying the pigment, the master draws a line, creates a sketch.
  • Correction of the shape is carried out in accordance with the sketch, extra hairs are plucked along the contour.
  • Pigment is applied using a special machine. The work is carried out in stages, since in different parts of the line the color intensity is different.

When using shading, the contour is slightly blurry, which gives the eyebrows a more natural look. Using a hair technique, the master applies pigment with small strokes resembling hairs.

Chemical styling

Long-term, or chemical, styling is used in cases where the eyebrows are thick, the hairs are long, stiff, naughty, lie in different directions. The bio-laying session consists in modeling the shape, giving color, removing excess hair and fixing the result with a special composition. The effect can last up to 2 months, regardless of weather conditions and external influences.

Stages of the procedure:

  • With the help of special tweezers, the specialist models the shape, pulling each hair, laying in the right direction. The result is fixed with bio-glue based on harmless hypoallergenic components.
  • Eyebrows are painted with henna or paint. The stage is carried out strictly after installation, since the glue neutralizes the pigment.
  • Shaped. The hairs that are knocked out of the overall picture are laid. The contour of the lines is adjusted. The glue should not be applied after correction in order to prevent the composition from entering the microranes.

How to color eyebrows with a pencil

Eyebrow shaping (video tutorials for beginners are generally available) with a pencil is the easiest way to correct and give a beautiful neat shape. The disadvantage is the short duration of the effect, but the classic way is the simplest, fastest and budget. It is better to choose a hard pencil with a wooden base.

Stages of step-by-step design:

  1. To comb the eyebrows with a brush, if necessary, cut too long and pluck extra hair.
  2. Choose a shape and color so that the eyebrows are in harmony with the image. When choosing a shape, eye size, face type, color type are taken into account.
  3. For the durability of daytime make-up, the foundation and powder are first applied, and then the transition to line drawing occurs.
  4. With a pencil, outline the lower border, slightly shifting the point at the base of the eyebrow. Parallel to the bottom, draw the upper border.
    Eyebrow shaping, video tutorials for beginners: henna, paint, pencil, shadows, thread, wax. Photo step by step
  5. Light strokes to paint the space between the borders. The finishing touch is to blend the eyebrows for a more natural effect.

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Shadow Correction

As with pencils, before making lines with shadows, you need to adjust the shape by removing the extra hairs and combing them along the growth line.

Further, the algorithm is simple:

  • Brush with a hard pile and a beveled tip to draw the lower and upper contour.
  • The lower contour is painted from the base to the tail. To make the shade natural, towards the end the brush pressure is less intense than at the base.
  • Similarly, the upper boundary is drawn.
  • Paint the middle with the wide part of the brush, applying shadows with light strokes.
  • Feather the color and fix the result with wax.

Eyebrow shaping, video tutorials for beginners: henna, paint, pencil, shadows, thread, wax. Photo step by step

You can also make eyebrows at home. Video tutorials for beginners will help you choose the right form, as well as easily cope with any correction and modeling technique.

Eyebrow Tutorial Video

How to shape eyebrows using thread:

How to color eyebrows with a pencil:

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