Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home

Keratin hair restoration is a procedure in which saturation with structural components takes place, which was lost due to internal and external negative factors. As a result, the effect of well-groomed healthy hair is created.

What is keratin, significance for hair

Keratin belongs to proteins, which are the main building material of hair (90%), nails, teeth and the upper layer of the skin. It has significant resistance to mechanical stress. The basis of this biological component is the amino acid cystine, due to which the hair is characterized by strength and elasticity. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home

The uniqueness of the action of keratin (during recovery procedures) is due to the small size of the molecules, which are able to penetrate deep into the hair to form their structure. Filling the damaged areas, this component replaces the natural keratin sheath of the hair and seals the cut ends.

Keratin hair restoration: the essence of the procedure

The basis of keratin hair restoration is the use of a professional composition that is applied as a coating on the hair. The curls are saturated with active components, as well as an action such as gluing scales and the formation of a protective film. Each hair noticeably thickens and straightens, and also becomes smoother and heavier.

In addition, brittleness, cross-section, the effect of static electricity, problems with styling disappear.

Procedure Technologies

Keratin hair restoration is performed according to 2 technologies:

  1. Brazilian . During the session, the damaged strands are filled with the composition from the inside, the scales are smoothed, the appearance of the hair is transformed. Also, this method allows you to actively protect the hair from environmental influences, including ultraviolet radiation. The effect is noticeable within 6 months. Compositions for Brazilian hair restoration contain formaldehyde, which has contraindications: pregnancy and feeding. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home
  2. American . The main difference of this technology is the absence of harmful formaldehyde. The healing and aesthetic effect of this method is obvious, but the duration of action is reduced to 3 months. Also reduced protection against external destructive factors. The cost of this type of keratin recovery exceeds the price of Brazilian recovery.

Indications for keratin hair restoration

Keratin treatments are indicated in a number of cases:

  • if necessary, in a harmless way, straighten wavy or curly hair for a long time;
  • when the curls have a porous structure, they are strongly electrified, get confused and fluff;
  • in case of need for restoration of damaged exhausted hair due to constant exposure to paints, styling products, and also after perming.

The benefits of using keratin for hair

Undoubted advantages of keratin hair restoration technology are:

  • the presence in the compositions of a large number of natural beneficial components;
  • creation of a protective barrier against external negative influences;
  • Strengthening the hair from the inside along the entire length; Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home
  • lasting effect;
  • styling facilitation;
  • the ability to dye or chemically curl hair a week after the procedure.

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Cons Keratin Hair Treatment

There are some disadvantages associated with the method of “keratin hair restoration”.

What it is:

  • reduction in hair volume due to weighting;
  • such a rule is obligatory – follow certain recommendations for leaving after passing the session;
  • total duration of the procedure (up to 6 hours for long hair);
  • high price;
  • formaldehyde in some formulations.


There are some prohibitions on the use of this technique:

  • weakening of the roots (keratin-heavy strands can cause hair loss);
  • pregnancy and lactation, children under 14 years of age (due to exposure to formaldehyde during Brazilian hair restoration);
  • damage to the scalp.

Stages of keratin hair restoration

Keratin hair restoration: what is it – this is such a procedure that involves the sequential implementation of certain steps:

  1. Cleansing . By means of professional shampoo and water heated to a certain temperature, the hair is cleaned of all types of impurities. The master actively massages the scalp and hair for maximum results. In the toga, the hair scales are open and ready for the composition. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home
  2. The use of fixed assets . Individually selected means of a particular manufacturer, based on the type of hair and the degree of damage. On moistened strands with a special brush, the composition is evenly applied. The master carefully monitors that each area is carefully covered, which will subsequently provide protection. It is also very important to avoid contact with the skin, which can cause allergies.
    Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home

  3. Fixing the result and straightening curls . An iron is used as a tool with a heating temperature of 230 degrees, with which each strand is processed. During this exposure, the compound protein of the product curls up and tightly envelops the hair, so that the composition is “sealed” into its structure.

Features of salon care

A visit to a professional salon in order to receive services such as keratin hair restoration has obvious advantages:

  • this is a consultation of an experienced master, which will help determine the choice of a technique suitable for this particular case; also, communication with a professional can influence the decision to use this service;
  • the use of quality tools and equipment.

Procedures carried out in salons can be of high cost, which is directly related to the popularity of the institution and the demand for the master. The experience of numerous satisfied customers will prove the absence of risks and obtain the desired result.

Keratin hair straightening at home

In order for this procedure, carried out at home, to be successful, you need to clearly follow the simple rules:

  1. At the preparation stage, you must acquire:

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  • comb with frequent teeth;
  • a ceramic coated iron (with a heating range of up to 230 degrees);
  • measuring cup;
  • tight gloves;
  • wide silicone brush;
  • clips and hair clips.
    1. The head is washed with a specialized detergent that rinses off all impurities, including the protective layer.
    2. It is advisable to dry your hair without a hair dryer.
    3. The total mass of hair is divided into 3-4 equal parts. Then sequentially taken out strands of not more than a inch in width. About 0’4 inch also recedes from the roots. The product is carefully distributed throughout the hair, special attention is paid to the tips.
    4. On the near-root area, the composition is applied before the end of the procedure, after which the strands are carefully combed in order to remove excess funds. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home
    5. You must wait 30 minutes (at this time you can not go outside).
    6. After a specified period of time, the hair is dried with a hairdryer at an average or low temperature.
    7. By ironing, individual strands are ironed up to 7 times each. Actions are performed smoothly and sequentially.
    8. At the end of the procedure, in the manner prescribed in the instructions, the hair is rinsed.

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    Overview of keratin funds for the procedure

    The assortment of the cosmetics industry includes many individual products and various complexes, the active component of which is keratin, produced by special technology from sheep wool and therefore a component of natural origin.

    In the list of products from different manufacturers there are systems aimed at restoring the hair structure as a result of keratin exposure, consisting of different amounts of products and having a difference in composition. The following are the most popular in the modern cosmetic market.


    This Brazilian company presents such complexes for the treatment of keratin:

    1. Moroccan Hair Keratin, which has a shampoo for cleansing and working composition.
    2. G-hair Keratin, where provided: cleansing shampoo, working composition and mask. G-hairKeratin was developed recently and is enriched with a strengthened formula. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home

    The manufacturer focuses on the healing result from the use of MoroccanHairKeratin, which will last up to 4 months.

    For stiff and curly hair, G-hairKeratin is effective (result up to 5 months).

    Mask Indola Kera Restore Treatment

    This product belongs to products with high quality composition and is intended for professional use. The mask is produced in a volume of 6,76 fluid ounce, the contents of a uniform texture, creamy, white. The composition is distributed over wet hair and left for 5 minutes, after which it is washed off. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home

    The manufacturer claims that the use of this tool will positively affect the rehabilitation of damaged hair, prone to delamination. As an additional result, the hair becomes smooth, shiny, their texture is compacted, elasticity increases.

    Coco choco

    The products of this manufacturer, aimed at deep keratin hair restoration, have earned the trust of both masters and customers. The assortment of the company includes funds in different volumes: 6,76 fluid ounce and 0,3 gallon, which is designed for the possibility of their use in salons or at home. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home

    The complex effect of the preparations of this company is due to the presence of unique substances of natural origin in the composition.

    Keraplasty by PAUL MITCHELL

    The keratin line of this company consists of 4 products:

    • sulfate-free shampoo;
    • ampoule keratin (the main component of this series);
    • mask restoring;
    • moisturizing balm, designed to complete the session. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home

    The list of products presented is in accordance with the order of use during the session. The peculiarity of this system in the absence of the need to use ironing and other similar tools for heat treatment of hair.

    Set by Estel Keratin

    This series is represented by means aimed at keratin hair restoration. What is it – both in salon conditions, and when used independently, the complex consists of 4 items, including keratin water, mask, thermal activator, shampoo. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home

    From the accompanying instructions it follows that by applying all the components of the series, the maximum possible result will be achieved: the strands will be leveled, the cut ends will be “soldered”, the hair will get a healthy look.

    Keratin complex coppola

    This line of tools is very wide. The basis is the improvement of hair by filling it with keratin. In some products presented by the company, the keratin content reaches 42%. This component, extracted from the wool of sheep, is absorbed by the hair to the maximum, since its composition is similar to that produced by the human body. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home

    The range of cosmetic products includes products for restoration and thermal protection, shampoos with keratin for natural and dyed hair, conditioners. The smoothing effect is noticeable by 95% and lasts up to 4 months, and with repeated exposure, the result is even higher and longer.

    Brasil Cacau by Cadiveu Professional

    Means are presented in 2 sets differing in volume of bottles ( 1,1 – 2,1 pint). The manufacturer provided for the use of this product, regardless of the type of hair. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home

    Each complex contains 3 bottles with optimal products for the successful procedure:

    • intensely cleansing shampoo;
    • work
      ing staff;
    • mask.

    As a result, we can note:

    1. Quick result . Immediately after the session, styling is allowed, detergents are used, and hair ornaments are used.
    2. Pin color . Means of this series prevent the leaching of color from dyed hair.
    3. The effect of natural styling . There is no need to use a hairdryer, as the hair will look well-groomed with natural drying.
    4. Long-term result . If you follow the basic rules for caring for restored keratin hair, the effect will last up to 6 months.

    Schwarzkopf Professional Supreme Keratin

    The manufacturer provides for the treatment of damaged curls, giving them elasticity and resilience, eliminating the porosity of their cover, as well as by improving their structure.

    Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home
    Keratin hair restoration can be performed independently at home using professional tools.

    The restorative therapy from this company is designed for damaged after dyeing hair. For those with oily and normal hair, the line is not effective. Representatives of curly and wavy curls will be saved from permanent traumatic straightening.

    The complex includes:

    • intensive cleansing shampoos;
    • smoothing shampoos;
    • milk for keratinization;
    • masks for smoothing;
    • oil argan.


    This complex is the most active in the HonmaTokyo cosmetic range, the distinguishing feature of which is that it copes with any type of hair, bringing refreshment.

    The maximum effect is achieved due to the extract of coffee beans, a high content of keratin and amino acids.

    Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at homeThe action of the complex is carried out due to 3 steps:

    • CleaningShampoo – shampoo;
    • Max Reduction and Liss – keratin;
    • Mask Ultra Shine – the final mask.

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    Post-Recovery Care Procedures

    The success of the procedure depends not only on the professionalism of the “keratin hair restoration” session itself. What it is and how to care for hair is the necessary information that should be obtained from a specialist.

    Compliance with follow-up points for 3 days:

    1. This is the need to abstain from washing hair and exposure to moisture. Excluded are walks with high humidity, trips to the pool, bath, swimming in the sea. The fact is that keratin needs extra time to be absorbed into the hair. When wet curls should immediately straighten them with an iron.
    2. It is advisable to sleep on a pillowcase made of natural fabric to prevent effusion.
    3. Do not use styling tools such as ironing, hairdryer and curling iron. Keratin hair restoration: what is it, the pros and cons, the effect of how to do at home
    4. It is necessary to refrain from any manipulation of hair, giving preference to loose strands.
    5. All types of styling products are excluded, which can provoke a chemical reaction with a composition that covers the hair, which will lead to disastrous consequences.

    It should also be remembered that:

    • on the 4th day after the procedure, hair washing is allowed, but sulfate-free shampoos are used as a detergent;
    • hair color can be changed two weeks after the procedure;
    • cut hair appropriate 3 days after keratin recovery;
    • when visiting the pool, it is necessary to put on a protective rubber cap on the head;
    • Before bathing in an open pond, it is advisable to apply a protective emulsion to the hair, and after bathing in sea water, thoroughly rinse the hair from salts;
    • the achieved result is prolonged with the help of special masks and balms containing keratin.

    How often should hair be treated

    There are no restrictions on the frequency of use, with the exception of a minimum break between doses of 2 weeks. The main criterion to rely on is the condition of the hair. Specialists recommend doing hair restoration up to 4 times a year.

    If you carefully follow the hair care rules provided after the recovery session, the result can last from 4 months to 6 months. The action of keratin is prolonged, that is, with each subsequent procedure, an increasing effect is achieved that lasts longer, and the hair looks better.

    In addition, the need to repeat the procedure directly depends on the initial structure of the hair, for example, hard curly hair will have to be restored more often. In the case when they are often dyed and washed daily, the result of keratin straightening will not exceed 3 months.

    The hardness of the water can affect the short-term effect, since the salts present in it quickly wash out keratin.

    Of particular importance is the conscientiousness of the specialist performing the procedure, which is expressed in a sufficient amount of keratin used, aging time, and the duration of the fixing of the composition with an iron.

    The active ingredient will be washed off gradually, after which the hair will return to its original form, but will look better than they were before the procedure. The reason for this is the protective effect of the keratin coating, as well as the absence of traumatic effects of aggressive detergent components, styling products and tools.

    Keratin hair restoration is a technique that allows you to not only put your hair in order in a gentle way, but also to heal them, as well as get rid of such unpleasant moments as tangling of the tips and the effect of static electricity.

    Performing the procedure in the cabin, you can achieve maximum results in the absence of any risks. Restoring at home with strict adherence to the instructions will allow you to enjoy the effect of chic hair while saving money.

    Video: keratin hair restoration

    How is the keratin hair restoration procedure, see the video clip:

    Estelle’s keratin hair restoration technique in the video: