Hair shielding – what is it, benefits, how long does the effect last, recipe, how to do it at home, photo

There are many ways to improve your hair. Hairdressers are increasingly advising one of them – shielding hair. Let’s analyze in more detail what is it

What is shielding for

Hair shielding is a healing procedure that nourishes the hair from the inside with useful substances and restores areas damaged after chemical intervention due to a lack of vitamins, or for another reason.

Hair shielding - what is it, benefits, how long does the effect last, recipe, how to do it at home, photo

The most important and distinctive thing in this procedure is called by the master that all the necessary and missing vitamins and substances are soaked inside each hair. And at the same time, a protective film appears on top of it, which not only saturates the hair with shine.

But also protects curls from the influence of negative environmental factors, such as:

  • hot styling
  • moisture,
  • dryness,
  • wind,
  • adverse environmental situation in the city.

The second name of the hair treatment process is called “shining” from the word “shine” – to glow, shine, sparkle. After this procedure, the hair begins to shine and become silky. Many girls make shielding to give their hair a glossy effect.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other cosmetic procedure, shielding has a number of advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Unlike other procedures, shielding is a healing procedure, and not just cosmetic.
  2. Restores split ends, as well as brittle and dry hair.
  3. The products are based on natural ingredients.
  4. If you choose coloring shielding, you do not need to worry about the dangers of ammonia, since its composition does not contain, so the procedure does not damage the hair.
  5. After shielding, the hair acquires additional volume.
  6. The procedure protects from the negative effects of the outside world: chemical, mechanical.
  7. Curls are not confused and easy to comb.
  8. Smoothness, silkiness, gloss guaranteed.
  9. Well-groomed hair.
  10. Hair has a pleasant smell.
  11. Hair dyed before the procedure does not lose its color saturation.
  12. Shining also strengthens the hair roots, saturating them with strength.
  13. Not contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding.
  14. The whole procedure can be done without leaving home.


  1. The procedure does not make the hair soft. They become harder and heavier in weight.
  2. The duration of the action is short-term. The composition, which is applied to the hair, is washed off after a month.
  3. After washing, the curls can be electrified. Therefore, hairdressers recommend after applying shampoo to apply also conditioner or make a hair mask.
  4. For oily hair, the master does not recommend the procedure.
  5. For the effectiveness of the result you need a course of procedures.
  6. Shining is an expensive pleasure in the cabin. At home, special makeup products are also not cheap.

Ammonia-free composition

Ammonia is not added to the treatment mixture that is applied to the hair, as in many paints and other cosmetics. The main components of the product do not damage either the internal structure of the hair or the outer protective shell. Nutrition curls get from the inside.

All natural ingredients only strengthen the hair and make it stronger.

Similar components are used in health phytolamination.

Exposure to Essential Oils

The composition of special preparations includes herbal natural ingredients, including essential oils. They have a number of effects and act on diseased hair, healing them from the inside. Oils are natural concentrates of active biological substances and a storehouse of vitamins.

Hair shielding - what is it, benefits, how long does the effect last, recipe, how to do it at home, photo

Many products have argan oil, which perfectly nourishes the hair from the inside, and externally makes it shine with a natural shine. For a glossy effect, manufacturers of cosmetic products also add corn, olive and almond oils to their products.

After shining, dandruff may disappear.

Tea tree oil, eucalyptus, or lavender are added to the preparations. This combination effectively fights against white “snowflakes” on your head. From split ends help oils of ylang-ylang, geranium and chamomile. Actively engages in battle with brittle curls rosewood oil.

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Differences from Lamination

Hair shielding is quite new, many girls do not know what it is. And coming to the salon, they order lamination, as the effect is similar to shining. However, there are some differences.

Lamination is a cosmetic procedure after which the outer layer of the hair is covered with a vitamin film. But the moisturizing and beneficial components that make up the preparations do not penetrate the internal structure of the hair. And do not affect the recovery of strands from the inside.

Shielding not only oils the external structure of the hair, but also has a useful and healing effect on the curls inside. By nourishing hair with vitamins, they also restore the water’s natural balance. In contrast to lamination, shining is a healing and wellness procedure. It can be repeated many times without harming the hair, but only healing it.

Two procedures are common: special products cover the outer layer of the hair with a protective film and make the hair more shiny and silky.

Types of shielding

In general, it is clear what shielding is, but shining has its own types: ordinary (transparent) and color (colored).

In normal shielding, hair is exposed to drugs that do not change hair color. The protective film that is applied to the curls has a transparent color. It is almost invisible on the hair and its function is shine and protection of the strands from external irritants.

Color shading gently dyes hair with a special safe paint without ammonia, as well as hydrogen peroxide.

The composition of this type of funds includes only plant components: essential oils, vitamins, minerals, ceramides, lipids and other useful substances. All of them are absorbed into the hair, giving it a natural strength and shine on the outside, and a generally healthy look. At the same time, you can choose the shade yourself that you want to see on your curls.

Is it harmful

As such, shielding will not bring harm to the hair. Since all components of the funds are of plant and natural origin. However, there are drawbacks: after the procedure, the curls become heavier and they become more rigid.

The procedure is strictly contraindicated for girls allergic to substances in preparations intended for shining . Many oils can cause a negative reaction. It is not recommended to carry out the procedure for people with skin problems on the head: scratches or wounds. Shining can cause irritation of the epidermis of the head, pain.

Who will not give the desired result

When agreeing to the procedure, the following factors must also be co

  1. If the hair and scalp are prone to oiliness, then shining will make the curls even more oily, since oils will enhance this effect. Hairdressers do not recommend shielding girls with such hair, this will lead to an untidy and greasy appearance of the strands.
  2. Before the procedure, it is undesirable to bleach the hair and do permanent perm at least a month before shielding.
  3. Experts dissuade from shining those who have a problem with excessive hair loss, since shielding, on the contrary, makes the hair heavier. After the procedure, the follicles will not be able to hold the weight of the curls, and loss can only increase.
  4. If the hair is stiff by nature, the increase in volume that shaving gives will make them look like wire.
  5. Important: allergies to any component of the drug are contraindicated in screening.

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How long does the effect last

According to experts, the effect after the procedure lasts 3-4 weeks. It also depends on the structure of your hair and its general condition. Girls with healthy hair may not see the effectiveness of shining. Hairdressers recommend repeating the procedure after the product is washed off after 3 weeks.

Hair shielding - what is it, benefits, how long does the effect last, recipe, how to do it at home, photo
Hair shielding is quite new, many girls do not know what it is. And coming to the salon, they order lamination, as the effect is similar to shining.

It is necessary to carry out at least 5 procedures to consolidate the effect , and you can repeat it in 6 months. And since shielding has a cumulative effect, that is, each time the shining effect will last longer, the procedure will not harm your hair in any way, no matter how much it is performed.

When is the best time to spend

Basically, a cosmetic procedure is offered to girls who have dry and thin hair. The procedure helps to cope with brittle and split ends of curls. If you often use irons, tongs and blow dry your hair with a hot hairdryer, then shining is useful. It is also advised to do it in the seasons when the body lacks vitamins – this is spring and autumn.

General indications for the procedure are the following factors:

  1. With frequent hair dyeing, highlighting or tinting of curls.
  2. When exposed to negative external factors: adverse weather conditions, excessive moisture, dry wind, the use of hot styling. The poor environmental situation in industrial cities worsens the condition of the strands and they need treatment and recovery.

Technique and price

In the cabin, the procedure is much easier. Here, experts will offer both color and simple shielding. It will take less time for the procedure itself. For the first time, it is better to trust a specialist who will talk about the process itself, its pros and cons, evaluate the condition of the hair and recommend further treatment and therapy for curls.

Hair shielding - what is it, benefits, how long does the effect last, recipe, how to do it at home, photo

In the salon, the masters carry out the shining procedure as follows:

  1. First they wash their hair, then hairdressers apply specialized cosmetics to their hair. The type of shielding depends on the number of drugs. Basically, there are 3 of them.
  2. Further, the client expects the active substances to be absorbed into the hair itself. Next is the stage of washing off the preparations.
  3. Then the hairdresser dries his hair. Many people use a towel in this case, since they believe that a hairdryer can only harm strands. And then the master applies shining mixtures.
  4. The client expects 15-25 minutes and her hair is dried already with a hairdryer, so that the hot air is distributed throughout the hair.
  5. In the end, the hairdresser applies a balm to all hair, which consolidates the effect of all preparations applied earlier.

Important: after the procedure, you can not wash your hair for at least two to 3 days to give time for vitamins to penetrate deep into the hair.

The price of shielding in the salons is different. On average, it also depends on the length of the hair. Masters offer the following rates: for short hair – $ 20 – $ 48, for medium curls – $ 37 – $ 61, for long – $ 48 – $ 75.

Step-by-step instructions at home

Hair shielding can be done at home with the help of specialized cosmetics, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or cosmetic store. Just before that, you need to make sure that the procedure can be applied on your hair. Consider drugs that are popular among women.

Which shielding agent is better to choose

Kemon Pack

A set of the Italian brand Kemon will not only make the hair more shiny after shining, but also straighten them. The composition has a neutralizer, smoothing cream, cream conditioner and a complex of keratin plus.

Hair shielding - what is it, benefits, how long does the effect last, recipe, how to do it at home, photo

Cellulose will prevent washout when you want to do color shielding. In cosmetic stores you can find a kit for up to $ 41.

Q3 Therapy Estel

This cosmetics on women’s forums is called one of the best. Estelle offers two lines: for fair-haired and brunettes. The brand’s peculiarity is that for blondes, the preparation contains a purple pigment, which eliminates yellowness.

Hair shielding - what is it, benefits, how long does the effect last, recipe, how to do it at home, photo

The following components are included in the product: argan, camellia essential oils, conditioner. There are also interspersed silicone. Such a set costs about $ 34.

Paul mitchell

The American brand produces kits for colored and normal shielding. In the kit you will find 4 cans: a shampoo, a mask, a shining preparation and a drug that prevents hair tangling.

Hair shielding - what is it, benefits, how long does the effect last, recipe, how to do it at home, photo

Moisturizing mask consists only of natural ingredients: extracts of wheat, soy, chamomile and yarrow. For such a set you will pay $ 68.

L’Oreal Absolut Repair

This brand is popular among hairdressers. Shielding products contain argan and chamomile essential oils. Their combination not only saturates the hair with nutrients, but also makes the curls more docile and shiny. The cost of such a set is about $ 41.

Hair shielding - what is it, benefits, how long does the effect last, recipe, how to do it at home, photo

Hair preparation

Before applying the means for shielding, you need to perform the preparatory phase. To start, wash your hair with mild shampoo. In the kit, it should be. If it is not, it is recommended to take a simple shampoo based on herbs and plants, without additional effects. Or use baby shampoos.

Next, dry your hair with a clean towel without using a hair dryer. Apply a baby cream on the forehead line, near the ears and behind the neck, to avoid the unpleasant consequences of staining if the girls intend to do color shielding.

Shielding step by step


  1. Now you need to proceed directly to the shielding. Apply the selected product according to the instructions for the hair.
  2. Depending on the manufacturer, the kit may or may not include air conditioning. Spray it on wet hair along the length. The purpose of the product is to moisturize your hair and prepare it for shaving.
  3. Next, squeeze the shielding agent onto the arm and apply along the entire length from the roots, retreating, 1’2 inch.
  4. Use a hairbrush.
  5. Next comes the oil from the set. Distribute it to all curls. When the strands are very damaged, you can apply the product twice.
  6. Wait 10 minutes and spray the fixative preparation on the curls, comb the hair. This drug will create a protective film on the curl.
  7. Next, fix the result with a hot hairdryer evenly over all hair.


Masters do not recommend washing your hair for 2 days after the procedure to give your hair vitamins. The effect of shining lasts for two to 3 weeks.

During this time, masters recommend using shampoo without alkali, making additional hair masks based on essential oils. Also use the conditioner after washing the curls, do not dry the hair with a hairdryer, if possible, do less styling with the help of irons and tongs.

Some hairdressers advise taking a complex of vitamins to strengthen the roots of the hair, so that the treatment is complex.

What can shielding be combined with

Experts recommend going through the first lamination procedure, and then shielding. Due to the fact that they do not exclude each other, but, on the contrary, complement each other, it is possible to carry out these two procedures in turn. Lamination can be replaced by phytolamination.

How often can i do

Shielding is a healing procedure that does not harm your hair. Since the shining is washed off after 2-3 weeks, the procedure can be repeated again after this period.

Hair shielding - what is it, benefits, how long does the effect last, recipe, how to do it at home, photo

You can do it 5 to 10 times in a row.

It depends on the general condition of your hair. After a certain number of repetitions, the shining course can be done again after 6-10 months.


You can not shield hair:

  1. If there is fungal disease, lichen.
  2. The procedure is not recommended if less than two weeks ago the girl did bleaching or chemical waving.
  3. With alopecia: profuse, pathological hair loss.
  4. Allergies.

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Shielding Alternatives

You can carry out the lamination procedure, as one of the alternatives to shining.

In addition to this procedure, hairdressers recommend the following types of hair lamination:

  1. Biolamination – lamination using means that include only natural and plant components. The preparations also do not contain silicone and are hypoallergenic.
  2. Keratin lamination – saturates curls with keratin. The advantage of this procedure: hair straightens, thickens, begins to shine.

In addition to lamination, masters offer polishing of hair. This procedure also does not treat hair from the inside, however it copes with split ends. The polishing does not involve drugs. For the procedure, a special machine with nozzles for polishing is used.

Due to cutting off the dry ends of the curl, the hair becomes soft and silky, while shine appears. The price of such a procedure is lower than lamination or shielding and varies from $ 7 – $ 34. You should also take into account the length and density of hair.

Polishing has its drawbacks:

  • hair volume is lost,
  • the procedure is not intended for thin hair,
  • not suitable for girls with curly curls.

Each procedure is designed for certain types of hair, solves a specific problem.

Whatever you choose, you need to know that a one-time measure will not save the curls from all the problems, complex care is needed here.

Coming now to the salon, and knowing exactly what it is, shielding hair, you can distinguish the procedure from many others.

Masters recommend not doing the shining procedure for the first time on their own. First you need to get recommendations from an experienced hairdresser, learn about all the intricacies of healing curls. Perhaps it is contraindicated for you.

Shielding hair. What is it: video

The procedure for shielding hair in a video clip:

What is hair shielding, find out in the video clip:

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