Keratin hair straightening – the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home

Luxurious flowing strands, as from advertising shampoo, have ceased to be a pipe dream thanks to the modern procedure of keratin hair straightening. Today it is done both in salons and at home – in the presence of special tools, dexterity and step-by-step instructions with a photo.

Types of keratin straightening, for which hair is suitable

There are several types of keratin straightening, but they all act on the hair according to the same principle, making them smooth and shiny, as in the photo in glossy magazines. These procedures differ only in the composition of the means used.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin hair straightening

The most sparing for the hair and health of the client is considered American keratinization. The funds used in this method contain a minimal amount of formaldehyde, a toxic substance, the vapors of which are released under the influence of high temperature.

But this advantage entails certain disadvantages: the American keratinization procedure is more expensive than its other types, and the effect of it is relatively short-lived, lasting only 2-3 months.

Brazilian keratinization uses agents with a more active chemical composition , in particular with a high formaldehyde content, so that the hair remains visually healthy and well-groomed 2 times longer than with American straightening.

This procedure is most popular due to its effectiveness and relatively low price.

Japanese keratinization is another expensive option, but over time it pays off , since the effect of it lasts more than a year, and the second procedure is carried out only on the overgrown part of the hair.

The means by which this straightening is carried out changes the structure of the hair at a deep level, not limited to applying a protective film, as with all other types of keratinization.

No matter how gentle the chemical compositions used for keratinization, their effect on the hair, coupled with high temperatures, is quite aggressive, so it is dangerous to carry out the procedure on thin and weak hair. They will finally go bad.

The difference between salon straightening and home procedure

Experts say that it is preferable to use the services of a professional salon when it comes to such a complex procedure as keratin hair straightening. Photos of how keratography is done, the masters convince that it is not worth taking it alone.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin straightening in the cabin

Firstly, in the salon a good master will evaluate the texture and condition of the hair in order to select the optimal composition and concentration of active substances for treating hair.

At home, you will have to carry out this analysis and select the funds yourself, although you can also take advantage of specialist advice, and not be guided only by the price of funds and reviews on the Internet.

Secondly, the straightening process itself is very painstaking and long, especially if the hair is long. And the result directly depends on how well the procedure was carried out.

At home, the existing experience of confident handling of the iron will help to cope with this.

The keratin straightening procedure carried out at home will cost much less than a salon. For many, this argument is crucial.

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Why is keratin straightening better than Botox and lamination

Photos before and after keratin straightening, lamination and botox hair treatment look similar, but in reality the results of these procedures differ significantly, as well as their mechanisms of action.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin hair straightening

Botox with straightening curls has nothing to do, as they do it without the use of ironing. This technology is aimed solely at giving the hair a healthy appearance without changing its texture.

The result is more well-groomed, obedient and not fluffy curls with the preservation of their natural shape.

Lamination has a straightening effect, comparable to the result of keratinization, but unlike the latter, it does not incorporate particles of protein into the hair structure, but simply covers its surface with a very thin reflective film. It then smooths out all the irregularities and gives the curls a radiant healthy look.

This procedure is ideally combined with staining: the color is sealed under the film and for a long time retains its freshness.

Trichologists warn that due to thickening of the hair, the hair becomes more voluminous, which is an additional burden on the hair follicles, provoking increased hair loss.

One more fact is not in favor of lamination – in the long run it harms hair, as too dense coating does not allow the hair to “breathe”, gradually making it dry and brittle.

The keratin straightening also makes it more attractive that the effect of it lasts on the hair much longer than after Botox and lamination.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin hair straightening – before and after photos

The photo clearly shows how the volume of the hairstyle changes: it decreases due to the maximum straightening of curls, which become more dense and less magnificent. This should be taken into account for owners of thin fluffy hair: they will be disappointed with the effect of liquid sleek hair.

Unlike lamination, which experts do not recommend doing too often, so as not to injure the hair, keratin straightening has a cumulative effect, and if this procedure is carried out correctly, using high-quality products, then an ideal hairstyle is guaranteed for a long time.

Necessary tools and tools for the procedure

In order to successfully carry out such an important procedure at home as keratin hair straightening, it is important to make all the necessary preparations with special care, having studied the photos and videos of the work of professionals.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin hair straightening

Otherwise, there is a risk not only wasting money on expensive funds, but also harming your hair.

For keratinization of hair you will need the following tools:

  1. small frequent comb (comb);
  2. brushing – a special round brush for styling hair;
  3. powerful hair dryer with cold air function;
  4. convenient maneuverable iron with titanium, ceramic or tourmaline plates with a maximum heating temperature of at least 230 degrees;
  5. hair clips;
  6. atomizer;
  7. protective gloves;
  8. respirators for all participants in the procedure;
  9. Cape for clothing protection.

The room in which the procedure will be carried out must be equipped with a good extract so that toxic fumes of formaldehyde do not accumulate in the room for a long time.

In addition to poisoning, this substance can also cause an allergic reaction, expressed in irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, therefore, in addition to the above, it is advisable to keep protective glasses on hand.

During the procedure, the following tools are used:

  1. deep cleaning shampoo (technical shampoo);
  2. liquid keratin;
  3. keratin serum or mask.

The last paragraph involves the final application of serum to the hair straightened to fix the effect.

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Hair straightening technology at home in stages

The whole procedure is divided into 4 main stages, each of which includes several actions.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin hair straightening at home
  1. Hair preparation. The head must be thoroughly rinsed with a special deep cleaning shampoo, then dried with a hair dryer or naturally to a state of light moisture and combed.
  2. Application of keratin-containing composition. Liquid keratin is poured into a spray bottle (from 50 to 150 mg, depending on the length and density of the hair). Prepared hair should be carefully so as not to confuse, fasten to the crown and, starting from the back of the head, separate small strands from this mass, evenly spraying on each active substance. For better distribution of liquid keratin, you need to conduct a frequent comb or comb on each strand. In this case, the product should not be allowed to get on the scalp and hair roots: it is necessary to step back 0’4 – 0’6 inch from the roots. When the entire mass of hair is processed in this way, it is necessary to withstand the time specified in the instructions, and then dry the curls with a hairdryer and brushing. It is necessary to dry it with cold air, otherwise chemical reactions will begin prematurely, which should occur only at the stage of hair processing with ironing.
  3. Straightening strands with an iron. This is the longest and most time-consuming process that can take up to 3-5 hours – it is he who makes the whole procedure so long. To work it was more convenient, and hands less tired, the iron should be with a long wire, preferably on a hinge. For straightening, it is necessary to take very thin strands and hold them with an iron quickly, but repeatedly – 5-10 times. The maximum heating temperature should not exceed 230 degrees, and for thin or damaged hair it should be lower, but not less than 200 degrees. It is at this stage that the hair takes on the form that, with proper care, they will remain for several months.
    Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
    Keratin hair straightening with an iron
  4. Serum treatment. A special keratin serum or mask is applied to the hair after it has been completely ironed, aged for 10-15 minutes, then washed off with cool water. After this, the hair needs to be dried for the last time with a hairdryer. The mask helps to preserve the effect of keratinization for a longer period, has regenerative properties and gives the curls a mirror shine and a healthy look.

Hair Care after Keratin Straightening

It should be remembered that even high-quality keratin hair straightening makes the curls vulnerable. Photos as innovative miraculous remedies make from untidy, sticking out strands in all directions smooth and sparkling, do not guarantee that previously weakened or damaged hair will become completely healthy.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Hair Care after Keratin Straightening

Keratin in the process of straightening is built into the structure of the hair, making it smooth and healthy in appearance, but this alien protein will not stay there forever.

To extend the result for a maximum period, you should carefully care for the hair.

The most critical period is the first 3 days immediately after keratinization. During this time, any contact with moisture is contraindicated in the hair, even in the form of steam or spray.

You can not expose the hair to deformation: do not braid braids, use rubber bands for hair, headbands, hairpins and other accessories, up to hats. It is also necessary to exclude the use of any styling products. Curls should remain free and straight.

Ironing is allowed if creases are found on strands after sleeping – they must be straightened immediately.

After 3 days, you can wash your hair. But keratin-straightened hair cannot be washed with ordinary shampoos, they require sulfate-free. 2-3 weeks after the procedure, it is highly recommended not to expose the hair to other chemical influences, such as dyeing or perm.

Is it possible to carry out the procedure during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Doctors unanimously prohibit future and nursing mothers any cosmetic procedures involving the use of aggressive chemical compounds. During keratinization, for several hours a person is forced to inhale toxic fumes of formaldehyde.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin hair straightening

This cannot be completely avoided, no matter how powerful the hood. Formaldehyde itself has a pungent odor, even if it is masked by perfumes. In girls in position, he is able to cause dizziness, nausea, migraine and even loss of consciousness, and what the consequences will be for the unborn child is generally impossible to predict.

As for nursing mothers, experts compare the harm from their inhalation of such fumes with the harm from smoking – through the milk a baby receives a particle of toxic substances. In addition, even a minimal amount of formaldehyde can cause an allergic reaction.

Some means for keratin straightening do not have pure formaldehyde in their composition, but any of them contains substances that, when reacted, give the same formaldehyde, otherwise there will simply not be any straightening effect.

Another argument that speaks not in favor of carrying out similar procedures on the hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding is the peculiarities of changes in the hormonal background of the female body during this period.

Many women report that during pregnancy their hair begins to fall out. Keratin, saturating the hair with protein, gives an additional burden on the hair follicles, and against the background of hormonal changes, this can enhance hair loss, as well as adversely affect their quality.

Bio Ionic The peculiarity of this Brazilian product is its quick action: in just 45 minutes it perfectly straightens hair. In addition, formaldehyde is not included in its composition.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin Straightener


Cadiveu. This keratin is attractive for its unique composition, including panthenol and cocoa from the Amazonian forests. Both masters and customers are satisfied with it, since the hair after its use looks beautiful and natural.

CocoChoco. This Israeli brand is the most popular in USA due to its relatively low cost. In the salons of Europe and the USA, this keratin is included in the list of banned products due to the high content of formaldehyde. This composition provides full straightening, but it can harm the hair.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin Straightener

Inoar .
Another well-known remedy from Brazil with a minimum amount of harmful components. This brand is popular all over the world, as its products comply with European standards.

Brazilian blowout. Keratin from the USA, one of the leading brands in its field. It has established itself as an effective and safe tool, but at the same time expensive. Due to the high price it is used mainly in expensive salons.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin Straightener

Homemade Keratin Shampoo with Edible Gelatin

As a safe and affordable alternative to keratinization, cosmetologists recommend homemade gelatin shampoo. Gelatin is an animal protein converted to a water-soluble form, and it will act as liquid keratin.

This inexpensive tool is completely harmless and able to give curls smoothness and a healthy glow.

To prepare gelatin shampoo, you will need the following ingredients:

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin hair straightening at home
  • 2 tablespoon of gelatin;
  • 1,69 fluid ounce of sulfate-free shampoo, preferably without dyes and with a minimum content of fragrance, for example, for children;
  • 2 tablespoon of dry or 5 tablespoon of freshly chopped herbs for the preparation of infusion (nettle, burdock, rosemary, coltsfoot, lavender or calendula);
  • 1 large spoonful of honey;
  • 1 small tablespoons of base oil;
  • 2-3 drops of essential oil.

First of all, you need to cook herbal infusion. A grass or a mixture of several herbs is poured into a glass of boiling water and allowed to cool to room temperature under a lid. Then the infusion should be filtered and add gelatin powder to it.

When the gelatin swells and completely dissolves (if necessary, the container with the mixture can be placed in a water bath and then cooled again), add shampoo and mix thoroughly. Dissolve a spoonful of honey in the resulting composition.

Add base and essential oils, which are recommended to be selected based on the type of hair and scalp. As with herbs, there can be several oils, but their total amount should not exceed the indicated dosage.

As a base oil, it is recommended to use burdock (especially for weakened and prone to hair loss), olive, castor, coconut or wheat germ oil.

For oily hair, avocado and jojoba oils are good. As for essential oils, cosmetologists recommend using rosemary, lavender, sage, jasmine, mint, tea tree, bergamot, sandalwood. The resulting mixture of oils must be poured into a gelatin shampoo and mixed thoroughly until the composition is completely uniform.

A product made in this way should be stored under a tight lid in the refrigerator. Before use, shampoo is enough to warm slightly in the hands, and then apply to wet hair.

The effect will be more pronounced if you leave the product on your hair for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The use of balm after such a procedure is not required.

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Keratin mask with aloe juice

To maintain a healthy look of hair, a keratin mask containing juice and aloe leaves is perfect.

Keratin hair straightening - the better Botox and lamination. How to make at home
Keratin mask with aloe and lemon

For manufacturing you will need:

  • 3 tablespoon of chopped aloe leaves;
  • 1.5 tablespoon of aloe juice;
  • 0.5 small spoons of lemon juice;
  • 3 drops of rosemary essential oil;
  • 5-7 drops of liquid keratin.

Before preparing the mask, it is necessary to keep the leaves of aloe in the refrigerator for a week. Then finely chop the leaves, and squeeze the juice from the remaining leaves. In a ceramic bowl, you need to mix the juice obtained with crushed leaves, add all the other ingredients and mix well again.

The finished mixture should be evenly applied to the strands and left for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly without using shampoo. To maintain the effect, this procedure is recommended once a week.

This mask is perfect for hair care after keratin straightening. The quality and regularity of the grooming procedures determines how long luxurious curls will delight their owner as in the photo from the advertisement.

There is no universal advice – to resort to keratin hair straightening or not. Too many factors must be considered to make such a decision. It is important to remember the main thing: hair requires care and attention, only then they will be an adornment and pride of their mistress.

Video about keratin hair straightening procedure in the salon

Home Keratin Hair Straightening Video

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