Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better

To create a beautiful styling, you need to know some nuances, as well as have special tools for hair care in the arsenal. One of these devices is brushing – a convenient and versatile comb. With her help, it is easy to make Hollywood curls, playful curls, as well as perfectly smooth hair.

What is brashing

The main advantage of brushing is that it does not harm hair. The hairstyle is natural, and using this type of comb is easy.


Hair brushing is a comb that can replace even curling and ironing. A wide range of its application allows you to do yourself the most diverse styling.

For example, you can use it as follows:

  • straighten or curl curls;
  • give volume to a hairstyle with thin hair. You can make a magnificent styling by lifting the curls at the very roots;
  • make naughty hair.

Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better

For the correct selection of brushing, knowledge of their basic types is required.


Before purchasing a comb, it is important to first study the features of the tool. Among the variety of shapes and colors it is easy to get confused. It is also necessary to decide what exactly you want from a comb – lush curls or small curls.

  1. Simple brushing is a familiar type of comb with different types of bristles. Models differ from each other by coating and cylinder diameter. You can buy such a comb at a price of 50 – 1500 time.
  2. Thermal brushing is a comb with many holes on the surface. They are designed for even distribution of air, due to which the hair is dried faster and not burned. In addition, the locks are fixed directly during drying, which significantly saves time. Price range: from $ 18 – $ 79.
  3. Electric brushing is the same hair dryer or curling iron . The main advantage of the model is ergonomics and ease of use, since only one hand works during the laying process. You can purchase an accessory from $ 11 – $ 75. Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better
  4. The semicircular brush has a curved shape. Designed for curling short hair (for example, bangs), as well as for styling haircuts like Bob. Such a comb is convenient to shape the tips of long strands with barely noticeable twisting. Price from $ 1,09 – $ 7,8.
  5. Thin brush for fleece – a narrow comb with natural bristles. It serves to form a pile at the very roots, while not tangling the hair. Price from $ 0,54 – $ 2,4.
  6. A narrow accessory for creating a parting is a comb-shaped tool. Her second appointment is the division of hairstyles into strands. Feature – a very thin pen. You can buy a comb at a price of $ 0,82 – $ 2.
  7. A narrow model with long teeth is very convenient to comb curls and curly curls. A good specimen has a convenient handle and strong teeth wide at the base. The price range is quite wide: from $ 1,09 – $ 4,8.
  8. Combs with thick teeth are indispensable for owners of short haircuts. You can buy a comb at a price of $ 0,54 – $ 6,1. Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better
  9. A large brush with mixed bristles will make life easier for girls with thick and coarse hair, because such an instrument massages the scalp and gives shine to the hair. Prices from $ 3 – $ 10.
  10. The option for untangling hair is characterized by soft bristles and gently untangles hair with the most complex structure. You can buy this type of device, keeping within the cost of $ 4 – $ 12.
  11. The type of comb for extended curls is distinguished by extremely soft and wide teeth. Prices from $ 5 – $ 13.

Focusing on the appropriate type, other criteria should be considered when choosing a brushing.

Selection rules

Hair brushing is a comb with different materials for making bristles and bases. It is from them that the health of the hair and the beauty of styling will depend.

Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better

The basis is:

  • Plastic. This material has a significant minus: it often melts under the influence of high temperature. Owners of such brashings note that tools with plastic cylinders often confuse hair. Among the advantages of buying, you can highlight the low price.
  • Metallic Such a coating quickly heats up, so the laying time is noticeably reduced. It should be remembered that the higher the temperature the hair is exposed, the more damage it causes during styling. Therefore, girls with thin or weakened hair coloring should better refrain from brushing with a metal base. In addition, combs with such cylinders confuse strands.

Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better

  • The wooden cylinder wins in terms of environmental friendliness and strength. Such brashing is slightly heated, which means it is safe for hair. You can safely buy a comb if the tree is varnished on top.
  • Accessories with ceramic coating are in high demand due to the successful spraying, which evenly distributes heat and has antistatic properties.
  • Carbon – the material is not common, but very durable.
  • Ebonite perfectly neutralizes static electricity. A rubber-like material is recommended for use even on hair extensions.

The type of bristles is no less important in the classification of brushings.

Natural bristles are usually horse or pig. Every year, the quality of natural material becomes more thoughtful.

Benefits of natural bristle brushings:

  • giving hair a special shine. A tool with a nylon bristle will definitely not cope with such a task;
  • stretching, straightening hair. An important moment for those who do not use curling irons.

Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better

Artificial bristles are a great option for creating volume and curling. The main thing is that the tips of the bristles are rounded, and the quality of nylon is at a high level. A definite plus of artificial material is durability and hygiene.

Combined bristles (partly from nylon, partly from natural fibers) are indispensable for creating a lush styling. Hair brushing is a comb whose base diameter should also be considered.

Depending on the length of the hair, you need a certain circumference:

  • for styling a short female or male haircut, it is better to purchase brashing with a diameter of 1. 2 – 0’8 inch;
  • for owners of medium-length hair, it is advisable to choose a circle of 1’2 – 2 inch;
  • To design hairstyles for women with long hair, you need to use brashing with a diameter of 2’4 – 3’5 inch.

If the goal is to give hair volume, it is recommended to give preference to combs having a large diameter. If necessary, curl the ends and lay the bangs, you will need a
smaller tool.

In addition to the above features, there are other useful rules. The material of the handle should not be sliding, because you have to twist the hair and the comb can get tangled. To prevent brashing from getting out of hand during operation, it is advisable to choose a specimen with a rubberized handle. A special rubber separator at the end of the comb will help to highlight the strands.

The best manufacturing companies

Hair brushing is a multifunctional comb and its use should be comfortable. Professional hairdressers trust only a trusted manufacturer. In addition, it is better to buy a quality model once than to endlessly buy a new comb to replace a broken one.

  1. Olivia Garden is one of the most popular companies producing hairdressing tools. Ceramic combs of this company have a thoughtful design and high quality, which is why they were so fond of eminent hairdressers. A distinctive feature is a coating of ions that repels moisture. Due to this characteristic, evaporation of water from the hair occurs much faster, the hair is not exposed to high temperature. Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better
  2. BaByliss thermal brashing has earned fame for its innovative technology and quality performance. A variety of flow rates and temperature conditions help make perfect styling. Among other advantages – a convenient handle and rotation of nozzles.
  3. Philips HP 8664 is a large-brush hair dryer, complete with a smaller nozzle. There are also special caps to protect the bristles. Of the minuses, a high price can be distinguished, however, the acquisition of such a hair tool is undoubtedly a good investment!
  4. Dewal is a company that relies on naturalness. A beautiful wood hilt and natural bristles are the hallmarks of this company’s brushings. The combs are truly magnificent and will appeal to those who are not afraid of the impressive weight of natural wood.
  5. Hairway ION ceramic – model with ionization function and ceramic surface. Rubber grip ensures no slippage and heat during hair care. To separate the strands, the comb is equipped with a special tail.
  6. Remington B98REU Silk round brush – model with a boar bristle in combination with ionizing nylon bristles. A great option to add volume without loss of gloss. The texture of the handle is soft, the comb does not slip. There is a nozzle – separator.
  7. Braun Satin Hair 5 – A model with a specially designed strainer prevents hair from getting stuck. The shape of the nozzles ensures even distribution of hot air. Thanks to the convenient temperature control, damage to the hair can be avoided. A big plus of the model is the function of cold airflow. The kit includes 3 nozzles that differ in diameter, as well as to give volume. For convenience, the cord is made rotating. Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better
  8. The Rowenta CF 9520 is a true multi-styler with rotating nozzles. Possibility of simultaneous drying and curling. The material of the bristles is synthetic, soft. There is an ionization mode. The product has light weight in combination with ceramic coating. Includes 2 nozzles of different diameters.
  9. Vitek VT-2296 is a powerful model with the function of supplying cold air. The plastic handle is well thought out, does not slip in the hands. There is an adjustment of the heating rate. Two nozzles included. A significant plus is an affordable price.

Stacking by brushing

Hair brushing is a comb that allows you to carry out various manipulations with the hair.

Create volume

Initially (before starting the procedure), you should thoroughly wash your hair, and then dry it slightly.

Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better


  • owners of long curls are recommended to lower them down and direct a stream of hot air from the roots to the tips. The main thing is to maintain a distance of at least 3’9 inch between the head and the hairdryer so as not to burn the hair. The effect will be more noticeable if you first apply a special mousse to the hair for volume;
  • after this, you should divide the hair into wide locks. So that they do not interfere with each other, it is better to fix loose curls with hairpins;
  • the selected strand must be dried by brushing, twisting it on a comb at the very beginning of growth. After drying the roots, comb the strand down;
  • according to this principle, each strand is processed. It is important to dry your hair well at each stage, otherwise the styling will not last long.

Straighten curls

If the goal is to make the hairstyle perfectly straight and shiny, it is better to buy brashing with natural bristles.

Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better

To achieve the desired result, you should:

  • gently “wind” the hair on the comb;
  • turn on the hairdryer and, under the influence of hot air, “pull” the strands straight up. First, the side hair is processed, and then the curls from the central part of the head.

Put bangs

For this case, you need a tool of small or medium size.

Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better
Using hair brushing for styling bangs.
  • straight bangs should be wound on a comb, and then blow dry;
  • oblique model is wound obliquely, stretching towards the longest hair;
  • asymmetrical bangs are laid in the usual way, while not creating too rounded shape.


Hairdressers do not recommend curling too wet hair, so they should be slightly dried before styling.

Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better


  • to divide all hair into strands, while the division should be started from the back of the head;
  • distribute styling mousse on the hair surface;
  • taking strands one at a time, wind each of them onto a brushing (for a greater effect, it is recommended to use a minimum diameter), and then dry by the reverse drying method;
  • fasten curly strands using varnish. For this type of hairstyle, it is better to use thermal brashing with artificial bristles.

Rules for grooming combs

It should be remembered that brushing is a matter of personal hygiene. This means that it should be kept clean, taking a special place for storage of the comb. The appearance of the product also depends on the quality of care.

If used improperly, brushing will not be able to properly stack curls or even harm them.

Dandruff, split ends, dull color – all this can be the result of an indifferent attitude to the tool for hair. It is imperative to wash the comb once a week.

Hair brushing what it is. Comb, electric hair dryer, styling brush. Price, which is better

This is done as follows:

  • Thoroughly clean the product from hair. To do this, you can use special sticks, or knitting needles or a comb with long and sparse teeth.
  • Prepare a soap solution, rinse it with brushing.
  • Take a sufficiently deep container, pour cool boiling water into it.
  • Dip the comb in water for 10 seconds. First you need to make sure that the material from which it is made will withstand high temperature fluid.
  • For periodic cleaning of brushing from debris, dried foam and other small particles, you can use an unnecessary toothbrush. It cleans both the base and bristles well.
  1. You can not give a comb to strangers, even if they are close friends. Many microorganisms live on the scalp, which may not interfere with one person at all, but will bring a lot of trouble to another. It can be dandruff, itching, or things are much more serious, for example, mycosis.
  2. Whatever the quality of the comb, it will have to be changed every 6 months. During hair care, fat traces and other particles remain on it, creating a favorable environment for the development of pathogens. A short service life does not mean at all that you can save on this tool. After all, even for 6 months, a low-quality comb is capable of causing significant harm to hair.
  3. Using a damaged product is not recommended. It is often a pity to throw away your favorite comb with a slightly chipped clove. Parting with such an assistant should be easy and without regret – the comb will tear your hair and scratch the skin.

Hair brushing is widely used in salons. This indicates its effectiveness. Visiting a hairdresser, you can not get a 100% guarantee that the master handles the tools correctly. At the beginning of the session, it is recommended to ask how the devices are sanitized. If the answer does not suit you, it is better to refuse the services of a wizard.

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