Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after

Goldline Plus is a fairly popular remedy that is actively used to reduce body weight . Reviews of many losing weight confirm its effectiveness. Despite this, experts are skeptical of such means of weight control. However, people who want to get rid of extra pounds often use the product on their own.

Indications for use

A pharmaceutical agent is a medicine aimed at suppressing the patient’s appetite and normalizing metabolic processes in the body. Moreover, the drug has pronounced properties due to the content of active components, which belong to the group of potent.

Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after

The main indications for using the medication:

  1. Obesity of varying severity.
  2. Excess weight, which appeared as a result of taking glucococorticoids.
  3. Violation of metabolic processes against the background of pathologies of the thyroid gland, characterized by a deficiency of thyroid stimulating hormone.
  4. Weight gain due to the progression of type 2 diabetes.

In addition, the medicine is used as a means to control body weight in patients whose weight increases due to constant overeating. In each case, the decision on the appointment of funds is made by a specialist.


Goldline plus (it is recommended to study losing weight reviews before the start of the therapeutic course) contains 2 main components and several additional ones. The main substance in the composition is sibutramine, which in the capsule can be 10 or 15 mg. The ingredient has several pharmacological properties.

The most important of them is the ability to act on the centers of appetite and satiety in the brain. Due to this, there is a natural decrease in the amount of food consumed, but there is no psychological discomfort, as with a diet. The second component in the composition is microcrystalline cellulose.

The substance has the ability to bind and remove toxins and harmful components from the body, cleanses the intestines and stimulates the digestive tract. Thanks to the combination of cellulose and sibutramine, all processes in the patient’s body are activated, as well as the normal distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after

Additionally, the composition contains auxiliary ingredients in the form of starch, calcium stearate and gelatin. It contains sodium lauryl sulfate, a dye and titanium dioxide. Auxiliary ingredients do not have a therapeutic effect, but are necessary for capsule formation and preservation of the chemical composition of the drug.

In what form is produced

The pharmaceutical agent is commercially available in the form of gelatin hard capsules for oral use. The dosage of sibutramine in each of them can be 10 or 15 mg. In addition, the amount of microcrystalline cellulose is different. In capsules with a dosage of 10 mg, its amount is 158.5 mg, and at a dose of 15 mg – 153.5 mg.

Capsules are packaged in blisters of 10 pieces. There can be 2 blisters in a cardboard box. In addition, detailed instructions for use are attached to the medicine. The price of the drug in different pharmacies and of USA ranges from $ 16 – $ 20. for packing.


Goldline plus has a fairly strong effect on the patient’s body. Reviews of losing weight people confirm that the effect can be observed after 2 weeks of regular use. Due to the action of sibutramine, the production of saturation hormones occurs. A person eats less food, but does not feel hunger.

This is often observed in the first few days after the diet begins. Sibutramine has an effect due to its primary and secondary metabolic products. This means that the substance itself is not able to control the brain centers, but its decay products affect the brain and hormonal levels.

After the capsule penetrates the digestive tract, its active processing begins and the ingredients enter the bloodstream. It is worth noting that microcrystalline cellulose complements the action of the main component, helps to stimulate the intestines and remove harmful components, toxins, toxins from it.

Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after

This improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food, increases the amount of energy produced after processing food. Additionally, the drug reduces the level of harmful cholesterol and uric acid in the blood. The bioavailability of the drug after its administration is approximately 75-77%.

At the same time, sibutramine binds well to plasma proteins, which ensures a pronounced therapeutic result. It is also important to know that the metabolites of this component are almost completely absorbed in the body, and their bioavailability reaches 95%. A small amount of unprocessed substance is excreted in urine and feces within 2 hours after the last dose.

Metabolism products are evacuated within 16-17 hours. In patients with pathologies of the liver, stomach and intestines, as well as kidney damage, the elimination period is extended for several hours. The bulk of the components is evacuated by the kidneys, so not only inflammation or insufficiency of the paired organ provokes a slowdown in this process.

Any disorders of the urinary system can affect it. The drug does not accumulate in the body, despite the rapid distribution in tissues and organs.


A medication is recommended to be used only after visiting a doctor and undergoing a diagnostic examination. The specialist must identify the cause of obesity, which will make it possible to draw up the safest treatment regimen.

For children under 18 years old

Drugs for weight loss are not prescribed for patients under 18 years of age. Goldline plus is no exception. The tool is strictly contraindicated in children and adolescents, since it can provoke serious disorders from the hormonal background and metabolism. Even when diagnosing severe obesity, other methods of dealing with the problem are used.

For adults

Goldline plus (reviews of losing weight can be found on the manufacturer’s official website) is used for patients aged 18-65 to correct body weight and prevent complications arising from obesity. The daily dosage of the drug for any patient is 1 capsule. Exceeding the norm is strictly prohibited.

Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after
Goldline plus. Result after application.

Capsules are best used in the morning during or after breakfast.

In the first 4 weeks of administration, capsules with a dosage of sibutramine 10 mg are taken. If during this period the patient’s weight decreases by less than 4 pounds, capsules with a dose of 15 mg are prescribed. If after taking the capsules for 3 months the body weight does not decrease or decreases slightly, that is, less than 5% of the initial one, the treatment is terminated.

The course is not repeated in the case when, after refusing the medication, the patient gains 7 pounds or more. The maximum duration of taking the drug is 2 years. In laboratory conditions, tests have not been conducted that would confirm the safety of the drug with longer use.

It is worth noting that taking the remedy should be supported by a special diet and exercise, which
will speed up the process of losing weight. Otherwise, the effect will remain for a short period. The whole process of losing weight should be monitored by a specialist.

For pregnant

During pregnancy, the use of any medication to reduce weight is prohibited. This is due to the lack of experience in using such funds, as well as their negative impact on fetal development and maternal health.

Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after

Even in the absence of a woman’s health problems, one should not take capsules, which can not only disrupt the metabolic processes in her body, but also lead to malformations in the child.

For the elderly

Patients of advanced age are also not prescribed. It is allowed to be used only by people under 65 years old. In most cases, patients over 65 suffer from various diseases of the digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems, which becomes a reason for refusing to take any drugs that affect metabolism.

Patients under 65 can take 1 capsule per day for 3 months. If there is no therapeutic effect, stop taking it and seek the help of a specialist. Such patients are strongly discouraged to use the medication on their own without a preliminary examination.


Despite the effectiveness of the drug, it is not always allowed to be used.

The drug has a rather long list of contraindications:

  1. Intolerance to the main or additional components of the product.
  2. Severe lesions of the liver and kidneys in the acute stage.
  3. Neurological disorders, for example, severe epilepsy.
  4. Pathologies of the heart and blood vessels: coronary disease, tachycardia, arrhythmia, heart defects, uncontrolled arterial hypertension, heart failure, obliterating pathologies of the vessels of the lower extremities, advanced atherosclerosis.
  5. Recovery period after myocardial infarction.
  6. Mental disorders of a chronic form, for example, schizophrenia.
  7. Prostate adenoma, advanced form of prostatitis.
  8. Pathologies of the thyroid gland, accompanied by increased levels of hormones.
  9. Malignant neoplasms of any organs and tissues.
  10. Glaucoma is a closed form.
    Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after
  11. Anorexia and bulimia at any stage.
  12. Severe metabolic disorders.
  13. Hormonal disorders.
  14. Alcohol or drug addiction.
  15. Peptic ulcer of the stomach, duodenum, intestinal damage.
  16. Acute and chronic hemorrhoids.
  17. Type 1 diabetes, when the patient is forced to regularly receive a dose of insulin.
  18. The patient’s age is less than 18 and more than 65 years.
  19. The period of pregnancy and lactation.
  20. Ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, transient ischemic attack.

With caution, the drug is prescribed to patients who suffer even minor disorders from the liver and kidneys. Patients with a tendency to allergies, the medication is also prescribed carefully, be sure to monitor the condition.


Goldline plus (reviews losing weight will help patients to get an idea about the remedy) rarely provokes signs of an overdose. However, with regular use of an increased dose of the drug, it is possible to develop urticaria. At the same time, a rash appears on the patient’s body and limbs, which looks like vesicles filled with a clear liquid.

Severe itching causes a person to comb the affected area, which leads to damage to the vesicles and the formation of a wet red surface.

Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after

In addition, the likelihood of developing Quincke’s edema increases, in which the mucous membrane of the throat and upper palate is affected. It swells, which leads to respiratory failure, up to suffocation. Such manifestations rarely develop. In this case, you must immediately stop taking the medicine and seek help.

Side effects

Adverse reactions when taking the drug appear quite often. Usually, patients note that the most pronounced manifestations occur in the first 4 weeks of taking the drug. If you believe the statistics, then every 10 people suffer from negative reactions from internal organs and systems.

The most common complications:

  1. Dizziness and headache.
  2. Sleep disorders, including insomnia.
  3. Digestion disorder, accompanied by persistent constipation.
  4. Deterioration of appetite or its complete absence.
  5. Dry mouth, constant thirst.
  6. Nervous disorders, irritability.
  7. Apathy, weakness.
  8. Moderate tachycardia and increased blood pressure.
  9. Pain in the muscles and joints.
  10. The strengthened work of sweat glands.
  11. Impaired taste buds.

In women, a menstrual cycle is possible, normalization usually occurs after the withdrawal of the drug. In addition, many note redness of the skin, as well as discomfort associated with constant sweating. Digestive upset also leads to nausea and bouts of vomiting. The latter is not observed so often, but can significantly weaken a person.

Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after

When mild adverse reactions appear in the first 4 weeks of taking the drug, the drug is usually not canceled. The specialist monitors the condition of the person. But in case of aggravation of symptoms and the appearance of other complications, you should stop taking the drug and consult a doctor. Typically, a specialist prescribes symptomatic treatment to eliminate nausea, constipation and other manifestations.

Drug interaction

The medication is strictly contraindicated in combination with other means for losing weight. It is also not taken at the same time as medications that stimulate brain activity. It is strictly contraindicated to combine the drug with barbiturates, antibiotics from the macrolide group, as well as corticosteroids and antitussive medications.

It is allowed to take Goldline plus in combination with vitamin complexes and immunostimulating agents. Drugs that contain ethyl alcohol are not recommended for use during treatment, since they weaken the effect of the drug. The same rule applies to alcohol.

It is noted that Goldline plus does not affect the effectiveness of birth control drugs, and those, in turn, do not weaken the effect of the weight loss product.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store the product in a place inaccessible to children and at a temperature of no more than 35,6 – 41°F. Do not allow moisture or direct sunlight to get on the packaging.

Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after

The maximum shelf l
ife of the drug is 24 months.

Pharmacy Vacation Terms

The drug belongs to potent drugs, so it is released in pharmacies by prescription from a doctor. This eliminates the possibility of self-medication.


If it is impossible to use Goldline plus, the patient is prescribed an analogue of the drug.

It has a different or similar composition, as well as therapeutic properties:

Name Release form and composition Features
Reduxin Capsules for oral administration, which contain sibutramine and microcrystalline cellulose It has pronounced properties, stimulates metabolic processes, acts on the centers of hunger and satiety. It is prescribed for patients with obesity and overweight, which appeared as a result of constant overeating, hormonal failure. It is necessary to take 1 capsule per day, the duration of the course is determined individually.
Lindax The product is in the form of capsules, which contain sibutramine as an active component The drug is prescribed for patients with excess weight and a different form of obesity. Its action is similar to Goldline Plus. The dosage is 1 capsule per day, the duration of administration is from 1 to 6 months.
Meridia Capsules for oral use, the active ingredient is sibutramine The drug is effective in various forms of obesity and metabolic disorders. Assigned to adults 1 capsule per day. The duration of use is determined individually taking into account body weight and other features.

Goldline plus. Instructions for use, losing weight reviews, photos before and after

Any of the analogues has the same list of contraindications and side effects as Goldline plus, so you should not take substitutes without first consulting a doctor.

Goldline Plus is a popular and fairly effective weight correction tool. Reviews of many losing weight people confirm that in the initial stages there is a likelihood of developing adverse reactions. However, after the course, the opinion of patients is usually positive.

Goldline Plus video

The use and description of the drug Goldline plus:

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