Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Being overweight contributes to psychological and physiological problems. To combat pathology, complex therapy is prescribed, including the use of drugs for weight loss, the effectiveness of which directly depends on the amount of fat and the diseases associated with increasing body weight.

The causes and consequences of weight gain

The basis for the appearance of excess weight are physiological, psychological, sociological reasons, eating habits.

Physiological characterized by:

  1. Metabolic disorder. As a result of a malfunction, the food eaten is not completely processed into energy. Food debris is deposited in the form of fat.
  2. Heredity. DNA predisposition to fast weight gain is observed in 90% of women and men whose parents were obese.
  3. Endocrine disorders associated with thyroid dysfunction (manifested in hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome).
  4. Pregnancy Hormonal restructuring of the body, bearing a small person contribute to increased weight gain (from 15 pounds over a 9-month period).
  5. Age-related changes. After 45-50 years, a gradual aging of the body occurs. With the advent of menopause in women, the hormonal background changes, the level of progesterone decreases, and an involuntary increase in body weight occurs.

For sociological reasons, weight gain occurs in connection with a change in lifestyle, human environment.

A strong increase in body weight provokes:

  1. Inactive lifestyle. Office work is associated with the restriction of motor activity, the predominance of a sedentary working posture, which provokes a decrease in energy consumption.
  2. The environment of man. Family dinners, corporate lunches require the maintenance of special nutrition rules, accompanied by a departure from the diet.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Food habits:

  1. Refusal of breakfast. A morning meal should contain at least 400 kcal. Neglect of good nutrition leads to uncontrolled snacks.
  2. Preference for fatty foods, fast food.
  3. Eating large portions. A small amount of food during the day is offset by a high-calorie, plentiful dinner.
  4. Combining food intake and watching TV programs, computer games. The brain occupied with information is not able to control the process of absorption of food.
  5. Neglect of drinking regimen.

Psychological reasons:

  1. Alexithymia is a person’s inability to distinguish between emotional and physical hunger.
  2. Stressful situations causing a desire to “seize” problems.
  3. Lack of a full sexual life. In the event of a lack of oxytocin entering the body after intercourse, the human body extracts it from additional portions of high-calorie food.
  4. Weight gain after marriage.

Excess weight is a serious problem causing metabolic disorders, leading to dysfunctional disorders of the cardiovascular, endocrine, and reproductive systems.

Exceeding normal body weight by 2-3 times can cause:

  • stroke, ischemia;
  • limb deformities;
  • diabetes;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • osteoporosis of large joints;
  • obesity;
  • menstrual irregularities;
  • abdominal dysfunction;
  • decreased potency.

For women, overweight is a psychological problem that provokes changes in sexual and personal life. Overweight girls are more likely to be ridiculed by others and suffer from a lack of male attention.

Types of Slimming Drugs

Slimming drugs (effective drugs are given below) are classified depending on the composition, method of exposure.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Capsule-based products:

  1. Fat burners. Aimed at accelerating metabolism. Block the synthesis of lipase, responsible for the breakdown of food molecules. The principle of action depends on the composition of the drug (Xenical, Orsoten, Lida).
  2. Appetite suppressant pills. Affect receptors located in the gap of the brain. Reduce the feeling of hunger, synthesizing artificial serotonin (Reduxin).
  3. Diuretics, laxatives. They have the effect of losing weight due to the release of excess fluid accumulated in the body and feces. Prolonged, self-administration can lead to dehydration (Hoodia Gordonia, Phytomucil, herbal teas).
  4. Calorie Blockers – Inhibit amylase responsible for starch breakdown (Phase 2).
  5. Supplements – gradually saturate the body with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, thereby provoking weight loss (Carniton, Tiens, Turboslim).
  6. Funds that create an artificial feeling of satiety in the body. Contain cellulose – a natural sorbent that removes toxins. Suppress hunger. Contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  7. Chiton-based preparations. Heaton is a sorbent of natural origin. It binds to fat molecules, preventing their absorption. It is used for professional drying of athletes (Weider Chitosan, Olimp Chitosan Blister Box).
  8. Fruit extracts – teas, tablets, made on the basis of squeezed orange, pineapple, guarana. Break down fat molecules (Ultra Ripped by Ultimate Nutition).

Means for external use: gels, oils, creams applied to the skin. Contain caffeine, fruit extracts, menthol. It forms a body relief, eliminates cellulite, burns subcutaneous fat.


  1. Gels aimed at reducing the volume of the figure (Slim Body Gel).
  2. Creams that warm the skin (Body oil with ginger extract).

Medications for reducing appetite

Slimming drugs (effective drugs help eliminate up to 22 pounds in 7 days) that reduce appetite affect brain receptors.

There are 2 types of medications:

  1. Adrenoid. They are aimed at creating an artificial stressful situation in the body that provokes a false sense of fullness.
  2. Serotonin-like. The artificial production of serotonin is launched.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Types of drugs:

Name Structure Pharmacology Dosage
Reduxin ( $ 22.)
  • sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • calcium stearate.
  • blocking brain receptors creates a false sense of fullness;
  • reduces the need for food;
  • enhances thermoregulation;
  • breaks down gray adipose tissue
Take 1 cap per day (dulls the feeling of hunger for 5-6 hours).
Lindax ( $ 44.) Has a composition similar to Reduxine It
causes an artificial feeling of fullness. It is used to treat nutritional obesity
The dose is set by the doctor for each patient. It is drunk in the morning regardless of food intake. Initial intake of 10 mg.
Garcinia forte (from $ 5,44.)
  • garcinia extract;
  • vitamin C;
  • kelp;
  • chromium;
  • ficus
Active food supplement. Supports insulin levels in the blood, reduces hunger, prevents the formation of fats 2 tab. morning and evening
LiDa ( $ 27.)


  • alfalfa;
  • guarana seeds;
  • coconut-shaped poria mushroom;
  • cola nuts
  • dulls appetite;
  • speeds up the metabolism;
  • cleanses the body of toxins and toxins
1 cap per day 20 minutes before breakfast.

Diuretic drugs

Slimming drugs (effective drugs contain herbal extracts aimed at cleansing the body) with a diuretic property reduce body volume by eliminating excess fluid. Do not contribute to the breakdown of fat.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body
The article details the effective drugs for weight loss of various types of action.

They differ in types:

  • lungs – have a mild diuretic effect, retain minerals in the body;
  • thiazide – have a restrained effect, are prescribed for cardiovascular pathologies.
  • loopback – cleans the kidneys from excess calcium deposits, prevent the formation of stones, have a strong effect.
  • herbal preparations are the safest, used only for weight loss.

The benefits of drugs:

  • getting rid of edema;
  • cleansing the kidneys of accumulated salts;
  • 4 -7 pounds weight loss in 24 hours.

Side effects observed with diuretics:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • dizziness;
  • muscle cramps;
  • heart rhythm disturbance;
  • hypoglycemia;
  • hyperkalemia
  • malfunctions of the menstrual cycle;
  • problems with potency.
  • gastritis.

Using diuretic tablets, it is necessary to constantly maintain a water-salt balance, follow a diet, visit a gym.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Types of drugs:

Name Pharmacology Dosage
Furosemide (from $ 0,34.) Eliminates excess fluid from the body. The action begins in 20-30 minutes, lasts up to 17 hours. 1-3 tab. per day.
Asparkam (from $ 0,61.) Virtually no side effects. Contains potassium and magnesium salts. In addition to cleansing, it normalizes metabolic processes, blood circulation. It is used as a complex therapy for diseases of the cardiovascular system, calcium and magnesium deficiency. 1 cap 3 days per day.
Indapamide (from $ 0,52.) The most harmless drug. Preserves calcium in the body. Approved for use up to 2 months. 1 tab 4 days per day.

Thermogenic agents

Thermogenic drugs increase body temperature provoking an acceleration of metabolic processes. They are used for drying the body with increased physical exertion. For completeness, the effect must be combined with diet.

Recommendations for use:

  1. Shown only for people who are fond of increased sports loads, bodybuilders.
  2. The medicine should be taken according to the scheme: 1 month + 1-2 weeks break. Permanent use can provoke a violation of the thyroid gland and hormonal problems.
  3. Do not exceed the indicated dosage due to the risk of increased stress on the cardiovascular system.
  4. The drug is drunk 2-3 times a day: in the morning, lunch time, before training. Do not take medicine at night.

Side effects:

  • ischemia;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • gastrointestinal upset;
  • renal, liver failure;
  • insomnia;
  • hyperhidrosis;
  • heart rhythm disturbance.

Women are advised to take half the dose indicated on the package.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Types of funds:

Name Pharmacology Dosage
Lipo-6 Black (Nutrex) (from $ 24.)
  • quickly assimilated;
  • reduces appetite;
  • accelerates metabolism;
  • removes excess water and fatty compounds
serving is 3 capsules
Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite ( $ 33.)
  • accelerates metabolism by increasing body temperature;
  • increases energy production.
A very powerful drug for bodybuilders.
Animal Cuts (from $ 48.)
  • enhances metabolism;
  • increases thermogenesis;
  • removes excess fluid from the body;
  • forms the relief of the body;
  • increases stamina
1 pack of 3 per day
Black Mamba Hyperrush (from $ 41.)
  • speeds up the central nervous system;
  • increases productivity in sports achievements;
  • normalizes digestion;
  • suppresses appetite
Accepted only by professional athletes. In ordinary people, it can provoke severe tachycardia.

Deep Tea

Herbal teas are designed to cleanse the body and trigger metabolic processes. Causes intestinal irritation, resulting in excess weight in the form of feces. They help cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. The use of cleansing teas removes up to 22 pounds in 1 week.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Types of drugs:

Super Slim (from $ 1,5.)
  • hibiscus;
  • senna;
  • rosehip;
  • Melissa.
  • improves digestion;
  • provokes the appearance of diarrhea.
Turboslim express ( $ 10,88)
  • guarana;
  • stigmas of gardenia;
  • chromium;
  • cassia;
  • corn extract
Promises an emergency weight loss of 7 pounds in 3 days. Enhances metabolism, triggers laxative and diuretic effects It is drunk according to the recipe. 1 capsule depending on the time of day.
Altai 3 (from $ 0,68.)
  • senna;
  • hairworm;
  • rosehip;
  • coriander.
It has a mild choleretic, diuretic and laxative effect. Promotes gradual weight loss. Use 2-3 times a day.
Flying swallow (from $ 5,03.)
  • lemon;
  • tea leaf;
  • cassia;
  • tangerine peel
Safe to use cleansing tea of Chinese origin. It has a mild laxative effect. 3-4 times a day.

Cleansing teas are contraindicated in:

  • gallstone disease;
  • chronic pancreatitis;
  • disruption of the digestive tract.

Satiety Aids

The effectiveness of weight loss medications containing MCC (microcrystalline cellulose) is based on inducing a false sense of satiety. A natural sorbent, getting into the stomach, swells, filling the space, creating the illusion of a tight snack. Drugs with MCC do not affect the central nervous system, they affect only the gastrointestinal tract.

Increasing in tablet size:

  • provokes a feeling of satiety;
  • eliminates hunger;
  • cleanses the body, removing accumulated toxins and toxins;
  • normalizes stool;
  • reduces the amount of food consumed;
  • contributes to weight loss.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Types of drugs:

Name Pharmacology Dosage
MCC Ankir B ( $ 2,18) Contains 100% microcrystalline cellulose. In the stomach, the sorbent expands, causing a feeling of satiety 1 tab 3-4 times a day. 1 month course
Apetinol (from $ 2,04)
  • artificially fills the stomach;
  • dulls the feeling of hunger;
  • reduces the amount of food consumed
MCC “Janitor” (from $ 1,77.) In addition to the sorbent, it contains rosehip extract and vitamin C. In addition to creating the illusion of saturation, it strengthens the immune system
Porziola ( $ 37.) It suppresses appetite by filling the stomach with hydrogel. 2 drops 30 minutes before meals

Preparations containing MCC are contraindicated in people suffering from gastrointestinal tract problems.

Calorie Blockers

Calorie blockers are aimed at eliminating excess starch from the body from food. The substances contained in the preparations block the amylase enzyme responsible for the breakdown of starch.

As a result of the effect of the medication, excess fat leaves the body without being absorbed into the intestines. As part of calorie blockers, string bean extract, phaseolamine – natural components that reduce the intake of carbohydrate foods.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Types of drugs:

Name Pharmacology Dosage
Phase 2 (from $ 9,11.) Stops about 72% of complex carbohydrates that enter the body. Prevents the accumulation of body fat. It has no side effects, contains only natural ingredients A long time is taken for 1 cap 3-dy per day.
Turboslim calorie blocker (from $ 6,53.) Accelerates the process of losing weight by blocking the absorption of fats and carbohydrates from food 1 tab. while eating.
Acarbose (from $ 6,66.)
  • inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates;
  • reduces the level of dextrose in the blood;
  • prevents the development of diabetes
50 mg before meals
Metformin (from $ 1,35.)
  • blocks the absorption of carbohydrates and fats;
  • lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
3 mg in 3 doses with meals

The most effective drugs for weight
loss are lipase blockers, the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of fats.

Due to its qualities, medicines:

  • interfere with the absorption of fats (substances are excreted with decay products);
  • lower cholesterol intake;
  • I do not affect the sugar level, therefore, people with diabetes are allowed to use it.

This group of drugs, in addition to eliminating body fat, prevents vitamins and minerals from entering the body.

While taking medication, you may see:

  • flatulence;
  • rectal oily discharge;
  • fecal incontinence;
  • insomnia;
  • dizziness.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Types of drugs:

Name Pharmacology Dosage
Xenical (from $ 26.) A fat blocker that acts on a lipid-breaking enzyme reduces food calories 1 cap 3 days per day
Orlistat (from $ 23.) Gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor. Prevents fat absorption. 120 mg up to 3 times a day

Medications for the central nervous system

Drugs for weight loss, acting on the nervous system, release serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, suppressing hunger, causing euphoria. These drugs relieve fatigue, increase efficiency, causing a surge of energy.

Types of drugs:

Name Pharmacology Dosage
Fluoxetine (from $ 1,9) An antidepressant that eliminates an uncontrolled feeling of hunger. Improves mood, normalizes appetite and sleep 20 mg daily before lunch
Tsefamadar ( $ 29.) Indicated for obesity. It acts on the intermediate part of the brain, releasing serotonin, due to which there is a feeling of euphoria, hunger subsides 1-3 tab. in a day
Goldline (from $ 19.) Irritating norepinephrine and serotonin receptors, relieves fatigue, causes a feeling of fullness 1 cap 3 days per day

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy works on the root cause of obesity. The action of natural preparations is based on the healing of the whole organism, the launch of an independent process of purification.

Homeopathic medicines:

  • contain natural ingredients;
  • safe to use;
  • are highly efficient.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Types of drugs:

Name Pharmacology Dosage
Kurdlipid (from $ 6,66.)
  • regulates lipid metabolism;
  • eliminates fatty liver
5-7 granules must be dissolved half an hour before meals (1-2 times a day). Not applicable at night
Fucus Plus (from $ 2,72.)
  • anoretic, reducing body weight in obesity of 1-3 degrees;
  • removes cholesterol;
  • normalizes metabolism; eliminates puffiness.
3 granules are chewed 30 minutes before a meal
Dietress (from $ 10,2.) Starts the metabolic process in fat cells. Does not affect the central nervous system 1 tab 15–20 minutes before meals (2–4 times a day)

Pharmacy supplements (dietary supplements) for weight loss

Dietary supplements are actively used to reduce weight.


  • activate metabolism;
  • dull the feeling of hunger;
  • normalize digestion;
  • saturate the body with vitamins;
  • optimize immunity

Virtually no side effects.

Name Pharmacology Dosage
Chitosan from Evalar (from $ 5,58)
  • reduces appetite and weight;
  • normalizes metabolism.

Promises weight loss of up to 4 -9 pounds in 7 days

Take 1 cap 3-dy per day
Reduxine light (from $ 34.) Linoleic acid contained in the dietary supplement normalizes metabolic processes, reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat 2 cap after a meal
Santimin (from $ 1,97.)
  • activates metabolic processes;
  • dulls appetite;
  • improves digestion;
  • removes toxins and toxins
1 tab 3 days per day
Green coffee in tablets (from $ 8,96.) Slows down the process of glucose production, forcing the body to spend its own reserves of sugar. 1 cap 3-dy per day

Other funds

In addition to oral preparations, ointments, creams, gels are used to form body contours, to combat excess weight and cellulite. Means for external use have a lifting effect, remove excess water, smooth cellulite, form the correct relief in problem areas.

Effective drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite, metabolism, without harm to the body

Types of creams:

  1. Lifting-Anti-cellulitis from the “Clean Line”. Quickly absorbing body mousse. Tightens skin tissues, reduces body volume. Price from $ 2,04.
  2. Travel. Thermo-active massage gel with slimming effect. It has strong warming qualities (due to red pepper extract), elimination of cellulite formations, releases water. Apply under clothing made of neoprene material. Cost from $ 1,5.
  3. Vitex SPA Gel with spa effect. Cools, smoothes the skin, eliminating porosity. Prevents the appearance of cellulite peel. Price from $ 1,73.
  4. Eveline Slim Extreme 3D Bio. Body shaping cream with thermoactive effect. Warms up, fights against fatty deposits. Cost from $ 2,18.

Slimming drugs eliminate body fat, normalize body weight, form a figure. The effectiveness of the drugs depends on the amount of extra pounds, the duration of administration, slagging of the body, the presence of concomitant diseases.

Useful videos about weight loss medications and their effectiveness

10 best drugs for weight loss:

Description of the drug Reduxin:

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