Massage from wrinkles on the forehead after 40, 50 years, acupressure, spoon. How to smear, how to do at home, video

Facial massage is the only real method of partial elimination of forehead wrinkles at home. Women after 40 in order to maintain an attractive appearance must regularly perform the manipulations described in this article.

Following the recommendations, wrinkles on the forehead will become less noticeable, and the skin condition will improve significantly.

What are frontal wrinkles

Before you do facial massage daily “ritual”, it is important to study its varieties. To achieve maximum results, a woman should determine the type of wrinkles she has. In addition to the main types (superficial, deep, facial, gravitational, age-related), there are other subtypes of wrinkles.

Localized in the frontal zone of the face:

  • horizontal (“disturbing wrinkles”); Massage from wrinkles on the forehead after 40, 50 years, acupressure, spoon. How to smear, how to do at home, video
  • vertical (“angry wrinkles”).

Features of massage for wrinkles on the forehead after 40 years

Massage from wrinkles on the forehead becomes the most relevant for women after the age of 40 years. During this period, the skin undergoes significant age-related changes that affect not only its appearance (appearance of wrinkles, dryness, pallor), but also its internal properties (decreased elasticity, acute lack of vitamins, moisture).

Forehead massage after 40 years, aimed at getting rid of wrinkles, it is advisable to combine with a weekly deep peeling.

This cosmetic procedure will remove the keratinized layers of the epidermis, which will make subsequent manipulations to maintain youth and beauty more effective.

At this age, women’s skin becomes especially sensitive, which means that massage movements should be as gentle as possible. It is important with the help of a competent cosmetologist to choose a cream suitable for the type of skin, which, with constant use, can increase the effectiveness of massage.

It is strictly not recommended to press on the skin, stretch it, carry out any other actions associated with severe deformation of the skin. The face should be as clean as possible from cosmetics.

The considered “beauty procedure” will best show its result if a woman every day, 2-3 hours before bedtime, starting from 3-5 minutes (subsequently 15-20 minutes), carefully, with light movements “drive” the cream selected by a specialist into skin, paying particular attention to the frontal zone.

Features of massage for wrinkles on the forehead after 50 years

Deterioration of the skin after 50 years is associated with hormonal changes in the female body due to menopause. During this period, the production of estrogen and collagen is minimized, which means inevitable wilting, aging of the skin.

To maintain their appearance in good condition after 50 years, it is important, first of all, to take care of health, in particular hormonal balance.

A professional gynecologist will prescribe the appropriate drugs, the cosmetologist will select an age-specific cream, and the woman will have the most important thing – to nourish her skin daily, deeply moisturize, massage and protect her from aggressive influences (mechanical cleaning, midday sun, solarium and so on).

When massaging wrinkles on the forehead at home, it is important to follow the basic rules of exposure to “fading” skin:

  • verify the integrity of the skin immediately before the procedure;
  • do not stretch; Massage from wrinkles on the forehead after 40, 50 years, acupressure, spoon. How to smear, how to do at home, video
  • do not push;
  • do not usd;
  • use moisturizers when working with “age” skin.

Contraindications to massage from wrinkles on the forehead

Despite the seeming at first glance simplicity and harmlessness of forehead massage, this procedure has contraindications, neglecting which, you can cause irreparable damage to your appearance.

It is highly recommended not to carry out manipulations with the skin in the presence of:

  • a large number of moles, warts;
  • infectious diseases (eczema, herpes, and so on);
  • low or high blood pressure;
  • excessive “hairiness”;
  • tumors, inflammations in the area of the proposed massage and around it.

Massage preparation

  1. Preparation for a massage for wrinkles on the forehead, first of all, involves a thorough disinfection of the hands. This is important, since the microbes located on the limbs can provoke the occurrence of an inflammatory or infectious process, even if it gets on the minimally damaged surface of the forehead skin. Massage from wrinkles on the forehead after 40, 50 years, acupressure, spoon. How to smear, how to do at home, video
  2. The next step is to maximally cleanse the skin with a specially selected cosmetic product. Further, it is desirable to dry the skin and “warm up”. It is important to avoid rude exposure with a towel when wiping your face. The ideal option would be light pressure movements that help get rid of moisture on the face.
  3. You can “warm up” the skin with the help of a “steam bath” or a “hot compress”. This stage is desirable due to the need to soothe the skin, leading to an improvement in the blood supply to epidermal cells. This fact is due to vasodilation due to an artificial increase in body temperature.
  4. At the last stage of preparation for exposure to the frontal area, a moisturizer selected by a cosmetologist is applied. A small amount of the substance must also be “scooped up” with your fingers and then proceed directly to the massage itself.

Types of massage for forehead wrinkles

Depending on the skin condition, a woman should choose the type of massage that is suitable specifically for her:

  • cosmetic (classic effect on the skin with light strokes, tapping, and so on);
    Massage from wrinkles on the forehead after 40, 50 years, acupressure, spoon. How to smear, how to do at home, video
  • acupressure (a deeper type of massage that improves skin condition with age-related changes);
  • Zogan (Japanese massage technique)
  • hardware (using massagers – roller, roller, tablespoon).

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Massage with Olive, Almond and Apricot Oils

In whatever condition the skin of the forehead is subjected to home massage, it is highly recommended not to carry out any “dry” manipulations. In this cosmetic procedure, you should use moisturizers or special types of oils, for example, olive, almond, apricot. Massage from wrinkles on the forehead after 40, 50 years, acupressure, spoon. How to smear, how to do at home, video

The composition of these oils includes many polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (B, C, E and others), which makes it indispensable for facial skin care. Due to the light texture and a variety of useful trace elements, these oils can be used to
increase the elasticity of the skin of any type, without worrying about possible irritation, allergies.

For competent exposure to the skin with the help of oils, it is important to know the basic sequence of actions:

  • cleanse the skin;
  • apply oil in a thin layer;
  • lightly “pat” “drive” the oil into the wrinkles on the frontal part;
  • “work through” the entire area in circular massage movements in the direction “from the center to the periphery”;
  • with soft “smoothing” movements massage the area of the greatest accumulation of wrinkles in the “along” direction;
  • repeat each massage movement at least 7-10 times;
  • After completing the massage, if necessary, remove excess oil from the face.

How to remove vertical forehead wrinkles

Massage from vertical, or as they are also called “frowning” wrinkles on the forehead, implies a special focus on the skin of the face with your fingers:

  • with light “smoothing” movements to work the nose bridge in the direction of the eyebrows – “bottom-up”;
  • By “tapping” movements “drive in” previously applied cream (oil) “from the center of the forehead to the temples”;
  • applying two fingers to the bridge of the nose, pressing slightly, “smooth” wrinkles with straight or zigzag vertical movements towards the beginning of the hairline;
  • gently pressing the skin on the temple with one hand, with light circular movements to massage the middle part of the forehead.

Each of the movements is important to implement at least 10 times.

Massage against deep forehead wrinkles

To combat deep wrinkles, the most effective will be:

  • “Hot” massage (light “tapping” movements on preheated oil applied to the face);
  • “Stretching” wrinkles (by carefully “tweaking” the eyebrows, slightly “stretching” the skin of the forehead);
  • firmly pressing the hand to the nose bridge, make several direct “smoothing” movements on the forehead in different directions.

The main technique of massage with a spoon on the forehead

  1. Dip tablespoons for massage into warm oil.
  2. In a circular motion “walk” from the center of the forehead to the temples.
  3. Use light “taps” to work out the eyebrow area.
  4. Perform direct vertical movements from the eyebrows to the hairline, “pulling” the skin.
    Massage from wrinkles on the forehead after 40, 50 years, acupressure, spoon. How to smear, how to do at home, video
    Massage from wrinkles on the forehead after 40, 50 years with a spoon is very simple and will help cope with skin stretching

To achieve maximum results, this massage is carried out for 5-15 minutes, at least 10 days in a row.

How to get rid of forehead wrinkles with acupressure

Shiatsu massage involves exposure to specific points on the forehead, stimulating lymph flow and blood flow.

In mproving skin nutrition contributes to “smooth out” the wrinkles.

  1. Put the index finger over the center of the right eyebrow, placing it on a longitudinal line that visually separates the forehead into the upper and lower parts.
  2. Attach the middle and ring fingers next to each other. Gently massage the dots.
  3. Place 3 fingers on the left eyebrow so that the index is at the end, closer to the temple, the middle one is in the center, and the ring one is near the nose. Press the dots lightly.
  4. Using 3 “working” fingers, click on similar points (see p. 3) of the right eyebrow, but already moving them under the eyebrow (the index one is at the end of the eyebrow, closer to the temple; the middle one is in the center; the ring one is at the beginning of the eyebrow).
  5. Massage the brow area with 3 fingers with force.

This massage is carried out no more than 5 minutes.

Zogan massage to eliminate forehead wrinkles

Japanese massage Zogan (Asahi) is used not only for cosmetic “smoothing” of wrinkles, but also for tightening the skin, eliminating circles under the eyes and so on.

In the fight for smooth forehead skin, the following techniques should be used:

  1. With average pressure, hold 3 fingers from the center of the forehead to the temples.
  2. Without lifting your fingertips from the skin, make a downward movement from the point near the ears towards the collarbone.
    Massage from wrinkles on the forehead after 40, 50 years, acupressure, spoon. How to smear, how to do at home, video
  3. Pressing the skin tightly, “stretch” horizontal wrinkles from the center of the forehead to the temples with zigzag movements.

The above steps must be repeated at least 3 times.

Massage Exercises

  1. Open your eyes wide, raising eyebrows, imitating extreme surprise. Repeat 10 times.
  2. Gently “pull” with your fingers the skin of the forehead down, while trying to raise the eyebrows, thereby creating resistance and tension of the frontal muscles. Repeat exercise 5 times.
  3. “Hug” the head with the thumbs in the back, the index fingers on the forehead. Move the skin to the center of the frontal part, while raising eyebrows. Hold in the described position. Repeat exercise 5 times. Massage from wrinkles on the forehead after 40, 50 years, acupressure, spoon. How to smear, how to do at home, video
  4. Raise the eyebrows with your fingers in the center. Along with a change in their position, make an attempt to frown. Hold in this position. Change the direction of movement of the eyebrows and muscle tension. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

How often to massage

The duration and frequency of the massage depends on its technique and individual skin characteristics. On average, after 40 years, the skin needs no more than 2 courses of intensive correction of 20 procedures per year. In addition, it is necessary to moisturize the skin daily and classically massage (lightly pressing, massage in a circular motion) the area of special accumulation of wrinkles.

A forehead massage aimed at getting rid of wrinkles, carried out in compliance with all recommendations, will become an effective assistant in preserving female youth and beauty.

Wrinkle Facial Massage Video

Facial massage at home in 15 minutes:

Facial massage for wrinkles:

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