Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletes

Creatine is today a fairly popular dietary supplement , which is especially in demand among athletes. Powder can be taken not only by boys, but also by girls who are professionally involved in a sport. The tool has many useful properties, and if used correctly, improves physical performance.

Indications for use

Creatine is a special food supplement that helps increase physical strength and endurance, and also helps to build muscle. The main property of the product is the correct distribution of protein in the body, which leads to the growth of muscle fibers , provided that regular physical activity is ensured.

It is worth noting that creatine is not a steroid, therefore it is considered a completely legal supplement and part of the diet of many athletes. It is almost impossible to identify its presence in the body, which makes the product safe.

The main indications for use:

  1. Regular exercise at an amateur or professional level.
  2. The desire to build muscle. This is necessary not only for men. Many girls who are professionally involved in sports want to increase muscle.
  3. Increased fatigue after training, even with minor exertion.
  4. Intensive training period before the competition.
  5. Running, jumping or weightlifting. Football players, tennis players, and those who run long or short distances can also take creatine.

Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletesIt is worth noting that for athletes who are vegetarians, the supplement is especially useful because it helps build muscle even in the absence of animal protein in the diet.


Powder creatine is allowed for many girls who are professionally involved in sports. But it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the composition of the additive and its properties.

The main component is creatine monohydrate, which is an organic compound called carboxylic acid. This compound includes one essential and 2 essential amino acids.

The essential amino acid is methionine. The substance is necessary and extremely useful for humans, but is not synthesized in the body. That is why it is necessary to regularly replenish the component stock. Methionine is responsible for the restoration of muscle fibers after exercise, and also stimulates the cleansing of the liver, gall bladder and urinary organs.

Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletesAmong the replaceable amino acids in the composition of the powder, arginine and glycine can be distinguished.
The first regulates blood sugar during prolonged exercise and prevents its critical decline. Arginine also prevents excessively fast blood clotting.

Glycine also plays an important role, normally synthesized in the liver and concentrated in muscle tissue. The substance takes part in the synthesis of proteins, which are the building material for muscles, and also normalizes metabolic processes, which helps to avoid fat deposition, and stimulates the set of muscle mass.

There are no additional ingredients in the composition of the product, if you do not take into account the components used to make the capsule or film coating.

In what form is produced

Creatine is available in several dosage forms today. Many people prefer to take it in powder , but there are also capsules and tablets for oral use.

Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletes
Although creatine is available in several dosage forms, most people prefer to use it in powder form.

The powder is white, odorless and packaged in plastic cans of 300, 450 or 550 g. Each manufacturer independently chooses the packaging for packaging, it may vary. Capsules are small in size, can be painted in different colors, packaged in plastic bottles of 50, 100 or 120 pcs.

The tablets are white, the size does not differ from the capsules. They are also packaged in bottles, the quantity differs depending on the manufacturer. The product is a food supplement, so you can buy it at a pharmacy or a special sports nutrition store.

The cost of the powder is approximately $ 5,44. for 300 g. Capsules cost about $ 4,08. for 120 pcs. The price of tablets is approximately $ 12,24. for 200 pcs.


When using a dietary supplement, a girl can notice the first results after 7-10 days. The substance promotes the production of ATP acid in the body. This component is an important energy material that muscle fibers use during contraction. With a deficiency of this acid, the athlete quickly exhales and feels tired.

In addition, creatine monohydrate neutralizes lactic acid, which is produced in large quantities during exercise and leads to fatigue. It is lactic acid that provokes muscle pain after exercise. Supplementation reduces its amount, which allows muscles to recover much faster.

Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletesOne of the features of creatine in powder is the ability to bind water molecules, which helps to increase muscle mass. However, it is worth noting that growth occurs only with the right loads and a well-composed diet.

Additionally, creatine has a positive effect on the body. Because it contains important amino acids. There is a normalization of metabolic processes, the correct distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which positively affects the condition of the athlete. There is an increase in physical strength and endurance, a girl can increase exercise time and improve her performance.

The recovery period when taking creatine is reduced, which also affects athletic performance.

Many athletes have noticed improvement after several weeks of regular use.


It is recommended to take creatine in powder only after consulting a doctor and strictly follow the instructions. Among professional athletes and their coaches, there is debate about what dosage is needed for female athletes.

It is worth remembering that a norm of 2 g is excreted from the body, so girls need to use from 3 to 5 g of the drug daily. You can take the powder before training, but at least 1 hour, and also after class, but not earlier than after 30 minutes.

Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletesIt is not worth consuming dry powder, it is necessary to dissolve it in a small amount of water. The best time to take is considered morning. Experts have proven that when insulin is released into the blood, creatine is absorbed much faster and better. That is why you can dissolve the product in 6,76 fluid ounce of grape juice. Many athletes add a component to a protein shake, getting a double benefit.

Studies have shown that caffeine impairs the absorption of creatine in the body, as it stimulates the elimination of fluid and does not allow the supplement to perform its function. During the period of taking the powder, it is recommended to reduce the amou
nt of coffee consumed to a minimum.

The maximum duration of powder application for a girl is 6 weeks.

It is necessary to choose a period when it is required to have maximum endurance and strength, for example, during the preparation and participation in competitions. After each course, it is important to take a break of at least 2 weeks so that the body does not stop producing creatine on its own.

Some athletes use the so-called loading scheme for receiving funds. During the week they consume 0.3 g of creatine per 2 pounds of body weight, which equals approximately 20-30 g of powder per day. Such a scheme is used in preparation for serious competitions or the need to immediately increase the mass. It is worth noting that a similar technique is not recommended for girls.


Despite the natural composition and useful properties of the food supplement, it is not always allowed to use it.

The main contraindications:

  1. Severe bronchial asthma.
  2. Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug or a tendency to allergic manifestations.
  3. The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletes
  4. Age to 18 years.
  5. Overweight or severe obesity.
  6. Type 1 diabetes.
  7. Acute diseases of the pancreas and intestines.
  8. Peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum in the acute stage.
  9. Metabolic disorder.
  10. Osteoporosis at any stage of development.
  11. Severe renal or hepatic impairment

Do not use the supplement without the permission of a doctor. It is better to undergo an examination and make sure there are no contraindications.

Side effects

Taking creatine in powder is useful in the absence of contraindications. Adverse reactions may develop if the instructions are followed or if it is violated.

The most common complications:

  1. An allergic reaction in the form of a rash on the skin, itching and peeling. In this case, the symptoms may appear immediately or several days after the start of administration.
  2. Indigestion and heaviness after eating.
  3. Disruption of the intestines, a decrease in the number of pancreatic enzymes.
  4. Deteriorating liver and kidney function.
  5. Swelling of the extremities associated with fluid retention in the body.
  6. Increased blood pressure.
  7. Fragility of bones, which causes accidental fractures.
  8. Headache and nausea, bouts of vomiting are sometimes observed.

Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletesSimilar adverse reactions can be observed in girls who use a loading method of consuming creatine.
In this case, you must immediately abandon the use of powder. Symptoms usually disappear, but with exacerbation of the manifestations, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

If adverse reactions appear when using a small dose of creatine, most likely the girl’s body does not tolerate the product, so you should refuse it.

Terms and conditions of storage

In most cases, the manufacturer allows the storage of creatine in powder form for 3 years. However, depending on the company that releases the product, the deadline may vary. It is better to keep the jar in a dark and dry place, where there is no access to direct sunlight. If moisture enters the container with the powder, a change in the chemical composition is possible, which affects the result from the reception.


There are several creatine analogues enriched with additional components. They also have positive properties for the body of athletes.

Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletes
Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletes
Creatine for gaining muscle mass. How to take in powder athletes

Name Composition and shape Features
Creatine with transport systems Powder for oral administration, creatine is present as an active ingredient, as well as carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamins The tool has the properties of ordinary creatine, is used in sports nutrition, and is also prescribed for girls who play sports at an amateur level, but want to build muscle. The maximum daily dosage for a girl is 4 g, it is necessary to take in the morning, dissolving in water or juice, the duration of the course is 2-3 weeks.
Krekalin Powder for oral administration. The composition contains creatine and alkali Alkali in the composition neutralizes the acid of gastric juice. Which improves the absorption of the supplement. Accepted per day is allowed from 3 to 5 g, dissolved in fruit juice. It is better to eat in the morning for 3 weeks. The supplement is considered as effective as pure creatine, but is absorbed faster.
Creatine Malate Powder containing creatine and malic acid in the composition Malic acid is considered an important additive in the composition of the powder, since it improves the well-being of the girl, contributes to a better dissolution of the product in liquids and increases muscle endurance. It is necessary to take at least 2 and no more than 4 weeks, 4 g per day, dissolving in juice or plain water.
Nitrate Powder containing creatine ester and nitric oxide molecule The product has the properties of creatine, but is considered more suitable if necessary to increase the endurance of the athlete. It is used according to the standard scheme, it is necessary to consume 5 g per day for 4 weeks. It can be dissolved in water, juice or a protein shake.
Hydrochloride Powder obtained by adding creatine to the hydrochloride group. In this case, salt is present in the composition The tool is considered more effective than standard creatine in powder, therefore, it is prescribed if necessary to quickly build muscle. The daily rate of such an additive should not exceed 1 g, the duration of use – no more than 2 weeks. For girls with chronic kidney disease, this powder is not recommended.

Any of the analogues is suitable for athletes who want to increase enduran
ce and increase muscle mass.
However, it should be borne in mind that the content of additional ingredients in the powder increases the likelihood of an allergic reaction. This should be taken into account for girls with a tendency to such manifestations.

Creatine is a popular nutritional supplement among professional athletes and amateurs.

It is convenient to take the product in powder, and its effectiveness has been proven by the experience of many girls who regularly engage in sports at a professional level.

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