Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews

With foundation, women with dry skin can make up beautifully. To do this, you need to find the best tool that can not only make the skin perfect, but also take care of it.

Features of dry skin

Dermatologists distinguish such distinctive features of a skin prone to dryness:

  • the skin has a dull shade and dullness;
  • the skin is thin and vulnerable, reacts to temperature changes, hard water and exposure to UV rays;
  • the skin has a weak protective barrier;
  • prone to peeling;
  • due to dehydration loses elasticity;
  • prone to the early appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

The composition of the tinting agent

The composition of a tinting agent, ideal for dry epidermis, should include the following components:

  1. Hydrofixators – designed to help the skin retain moisture inside the tissues. These include glycerin and hyaluronic acid.
  2. Natural oils. These include shea butter, apricot kernel.
  3. Vitamin E. Acts as an antioxidant, helps the skin resist the aging process.
  4. Thermal water. Minerals and trace elements in its composition increase skin tone.
  5. UV filters. Provide skin with protection against premature aging and the formation of pigmentation under the influence of sunlight.
  6. Mineral and color pigments. The shade of the foundation is determined.
  7. Reflective pigments. They help the foundation to look most natural on the skin.

Cream properties

Among others, the foundation for dry skin types should have the following properties:

  • It should fix the level of moisture in the skin, so it should include moisturizing ingredients.
  • It should contain nutritious oils. Thanks to nutrition, the skin will gain a healthy shade. Such a composition is contraindicated for oily skin.
  • The cream must have protective functions. It requires SPF filters.

Criteria for choosing a tinting agent for dry skin

When choosing a tinting agent, you must be guided by the following nuances:

  • Choose organic compounds made from natural ingredients.
  • The texture of the product should be light and plastic.
  • Give preference to a cream with a shiny finish.
  • On the package must be noted that the product is intended for this type of skin.

Texture selection

By texture, tinting agents are of the following types:

  1. Liquid texture product: fluid, essence, cushion. Satisfies skin needs with a minimum of flaws. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews
  2. A dense texture foundation (camouflage). It is used when you need to hide large defects on the skin in the form of scars, birthmarks.
  3. Foundation foam. Its composition contains few coloring pigments. The product lies in a transparent tone on the skin and looks natural.
  4. Foundation cream stick. Suitable for local correction of problem areas. Do not use the product on the skin near the eyes.
  5. Foundation cream powder . The product successfully mattifies the skin. Not suitable for dry skin type, as well as for enlarged pores on the dermis.
  6. Foundation day cream. Gives any skin a uniform tone and matte, as it contains powder and coloring pigments.

Skin tone selection

When choosing a tinting agent, it is allowed to deviate from the natural color of the skin by 1-2 tones. The palette shifts to a lighter or darker shade. You can use several shades at the same time in combination with powder and blush to sculpt the face.

Best Moisturizing Toners

  • Foundation of the American brand “Urban Decay” – “Naked Skin One-and-Dan” SPF-20.

The cream took on 3 functions at once: moisturizer, primer and foundation. Thanks to its reflective particles, it creates the effect of radiance on the face. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews

  • Tint Idial Foundation, presented by Vichy Laboratories.

Teint Ideal SPF-20 creates an even tone on the skin. Its composition is enriched with hyaluronic acid and a corrective vitamin complex (C, E). The “liquid light” technology creates the effect of a healthy glow for the skin.

  • Foundation fluid “Miracle Cushn” of the French brand Lancome.

Cushion moisturizes and smoothes the skin. It guarantees its protection against the negative effects of UV rays. Easy to use: just take a small amount on the powder and apply on the face.

The best anti-aging tinting agents

  1. Concealer Designer Lift of the Italian brand Giorgio Armani.

It is characterized as a foundation for dry skin. The best option for such a dermis is when the cream contains components that activate the production of collagen in it. In Designer Lift, adenosine performs this function. An important component of the cream is a blue pearl extract, which gives the skin a noble glow.

  1. Concealer Prodigy Powercell Foundation of the French brand Helena Rubinstein.

The cream is a light fluid fluid. It contains plant extract of marine kritmum. It has a rejuvenating and tonic effect on the skin.

The best matting tinting face

  1. “Maestro Fusion Make-up” brand Giorgio Armani.

The foundation has nourishing, emollient and protective functions due to the lotus oil included in it. It not only makes the skin dull, but also protects it from aging.

  1. Foundation Sisleya Le Teint French brand Sisley. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews

The tool is based on plant extracts (mimosa Constantinople). It does not include oil, so it is a suitable option for normal to oily skin. Gives the face a light glow.

The best tinting products with sun protection

  1. Spectacular SPF-10 is a trademark of Helena Rubinstein.

The tonal fluid has a moisturizing and softening effect on the skin. He corrects the tone. Prevents redness and pigmentation on the skin. Eliminates the appearance of oily sheen on the skin, as it mattifies it.

  1. Nude Magique of the French brand L’Oreal. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews

Cushion creates a uniform coating on the skin, which adapts to its tone. Actively protects the skin from the aggressive effects of sunlight. The skin is reliably protected from pigmentation and the appearance of new wrinkles.

The best remedy to 30 years

At a young age, the hormonal system of the body works actively. This affects the condition of the skin:

  • its fat content increases;
  • it acquires a greasy shine;
  • there are inflammations;
  • pores expand.

Under the age of 30, it is best to use tinting agents with
a matting effect. They do not include fats. Antiseptic components in the composition of funds prevent the formation of rashes on the skin.

A good solution is the Clinique Stay Mate Oil Free Man Foundation. The formula of the product contains sebum-absorbing components. Matting cream has a light consistency, but provides a long-lasting coating in the makeup.

The best tool from 30 to 40 years

Age after 30 years is the period when the skin needs anti-aging therapy. This is due to its dullness and the appearance of the first wrinkles. The skin suffers from a deficiency of sebum, and because of this, the hydrolipidic film on it is thinning. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews

When choosing tinting agents, preference should be given to moisturizing cosmetics with light-scattering particles in the composition. These requirements are met by a foundation fluid from Dolce & Gabbana. Luminous Liquid Foundation gives the skin a perfect satin finish.

The best remedy after 40 years

At the age of 40, hormonal changes begin in the body, and this affects the condition of the skin. She loses turgor, becomes less elastic. The deep layers of the epidermis undergo changes. The main problems of the skin are the presence of pigmentation and loss of tone.

At this age, you need to choose tonal products with the effect of lifting. It contains substances that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. By texture, the product should be light, with a satin finish.

Guerlain’s Parure Gold foundation in 6 shades rejuvenates the skin. The product is easily applied to the face and hides skin imperfections. The composition of the cream is enriched with a rejuvenating complex and golden pigments Eclat d’Or. Thanks to the product, the skin shines and looks younger.

Best creams for winter

  1. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews

Persistent product creates a reliable layer on the skin, which does not spread under the influence of weather conditions. Waterproof cream with a lot of color pigment makes the skin dull.

  1. Dream mate mousse tone mousse of the American Maybelline brand.

For delicate skin, this is a suitable foundation. For dry skin, the best component in the cream is silicone, which can carefully mask imperfections. Dream Matte Mousse has a light texture with air bubbles. It softens and mattifies the skin.

Best creams for summer

  1. Vitalumiere Aqua by Chanel. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews

The fluid moisturizes the skin and makes it shine. An even layer protects the skin from moisture loss. The product is easy to apply and has a pleasant aroma.

  1. Super Stay 24 Cream by Maybelline.

The cream mattifies the skin, preventing the appearance of oily sheen. It hides irritations, black spots and wide pores. Lies in a translucent, natural tone on the face.

Rating of the best budget creams

  1. Match Performance Foundation by Rimmel.

Price – $ 5,74.

The British brand Rimmel has developed the Smart Tone formula. Thanks to her, the cream adapts to the shade of the skin. It has a satin finish. Presented in 15 shades. The product contains sunscreens (SPF-20).

  1. Ton Elixir CC creme by Vivienne Sabo.

Price – $ 5,71.

The product masks skin imperfections and also cares for it. The thick texture of the cream is enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and wheat germ extract. The range of shades includes 3 tones.

  1. “Ballet 2000” Super-resistant brand Freedom.

The makeup contains no oils and alcohol. For dry skin, this is the best option. The tool mattifies the skin, easily hiding age spots and evening out the tone. Vitamin E, which is part of the cream, has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Rating of the best creams of an average price niche

  1. “24-Upper Calerstay Liquid Make-up Combination / Oil” from Revlon.

Price – $ 9,32. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews

Persistent foundation has viscous properties. Thanks to its light texture, it lays on the skin with an even, matte layer. Impressive with a rich palette: 21 shades. The product is washed off with hydrophilic oil.

  1. Halsey Mix Serum Gel from Bourjois.

Price – $ 8,16.

The cream is saturated with vitamins thanks to its extracts of lychee, pomegranate and goji. The product is characterized by a light texture with a velvet finish. It masks minor defects on the skin and evens out its relief. The palette includes 6 shades.

  1. Alliance Perfect by L’Oreal.

Price – $ 8,16.

The formula of the cream allows it to adapt to the skin tone. Has a wide color palette: 10 shades. Suitable for creating a natural make-up with the effect of radiant skin. The composition of the cream formula includes reflective particles.

Rating of the best creams luxury

  1. Fluid Diorskin Forever brand Christian Dior.

Price – $ 48. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews

The product adapts to the type of skin. The moisturizers in the composition are acacia resin and seaweed extract. Collagen and zinc are also included in the fluid. It has a melting texture, but provides a dense coating. It hides redness and bumps, protecting against the effects of ultraviolet radiation (SPF-25).

  1. Phyto Teint Eclat by from Sisley.

Price – $ 95.

The product rests on the skin with an ultra-thin layer, masking the enlarged pores and matting the surface. Suitable for all skin types. Extracts of linden blossom, gardenia and mallow included in it soften the skin and moisturize it.

  1. Foundation Lingerie de Peau from the French brand Guerlain.

The light texture of the cream allows it to lie down on the skin in an invisible layer. The tool is presented in 8 shades. The cream protects against the negative effects of sunlight (SPF-20). It has a delicate aroma of violets.

Top Professional Tools Rating

  1. Normaderm Teint from Vichy.

The foundation, presented in 3 shades, makes the skin tone uniform and mattifies. The cream includes UV filters. The product prevents the formation of oily sheen on the skin. The light texture of the cream effectively maskes problem areas on the skin.

  1. Teint Miracle by Lancome. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews

Due to the light, almost transparent texture, the cream is distributed evenly over the skin. It has nutritious, moisturizing and protective properties. Evens out the tone of the face, smoothing the skin and masking its imperfections.

  1. Alliance Perfect by L’Oreal.

This tool is the best option for foundation for dry skin. The moisturizing components that make up its formula make it best. They soften and smooth the skin, taking care of it. The cream merges with the natural shade of the skin and is not noticeable on it. It does not cause allergies, therefore it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Rules for applying to dry skin

When applying a tinting agent, a certain sequence of actions is observed:

  1. Moisturize your skin with an appropriate cream.
  2. Apply a primer to it. Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews
  3. With a brush or fingers, distribute a small amount of the product over the T-zone and cheekbones.
  4. Using a moistened sponge or brush, evenly distribute the product over the face. Move from the center to the sides, starting from the forehead.
  5. If a dark shade foundation is applied in the makeup, then it is applied under the cheekbones and at the hairline, and then thoroughly blend with a lighter shade.
  6. Apply a little powder over the tone.

Rules for washing off dry skin

The skin is cleaned from tinting agents, subject to the following chronology of actions:

  1. A little cosmetic milk, micellar gel or water is applied to the skin of the face.
  2. Massage the face in a circular motion, so that the product dissolves the layer of cosmetics.
  3. Remove the makeup layer with a cotton pad.
    Foundation for dry skin. Rating of the best: moisturizing, budget, luxury. Reviews
    The foundation for dry skin does not harm and is easy to remove with milk, etc.
  4. Wash your face with gel, or foam.
  5. Pat your face with a towel and apply a nourishing cream to your skin.

Tips from makeup artists and cosmetologists

When choosing a tinting agent, professionals advise to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. The tone of the cream should be as close to the natural skin tone.
  2. Color may vary by 1-2 tones from the natural skin tone to create a tan effect, or to give the face a fresher shade.
  3. Preference should be given to means of light texture, which are well shaded.
  4. A cream of dense consistency is most suitable for skin with a minimum number of flaws.
  5. Before using the product, you need to test it on the skin.

Concealer is an indispensable thing in a cosmetic bag of any modern woman. The best means for dry skin types are those that not only mask imperfections, but also contribute to therapeutic effects – moisturizing, retaining moisture in tissues, and nourishing the epidermis.

Therefore, such cosmetics should be selected especially carefully, based on the individual characteristics of the skin.

Video about dry skin tones

5 best foundation for very dry skin:

Foundation for ear skin:

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