Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

A trendy technique that allows you to create the most natural effect – powdery eyebrows. In the photo before and after the procedure, the difference can be noted. After spraying, the lines look more voluminous, thick and saturated.

Often, a powdery eyebrow correction technique is compared with microblending. Before choosing one or another method, it is important to understand the difference between them, the degree of effectiveness of the technique, as well as familiarize yourself with the features of the procedure and care, indications and contraindications.

Powdery eyebrows – what is it and who suits

Powder spraying eyebrows – salon shadow technique, carried out by an experienced tattoo artist. A special way of applying pigment allows you to achieve expressiveness, uniform shade and sharpness of lines, creating the effect of natural eyebrows.

After applying the dye, the eyebrows look natural, the effect visually resembles painting the eyebrows with a soft pencil or shadows with feathering. Makeup as a result of powder spraying is neat, light, unobtrusive, with an emphasis on the look.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

A powdery, or pixel, method of applying pigment is suitable for:

  • owners of light hair to smooth and make more harmonious the difference between the shade of eyebrows and curls;
  • eyebrows of insufficient density with “gaps” – voids that need additional filling with color;
  • wishing to make a permanent – makeup that does not require daily application or correction;
  • emphasis or correction of the natural contour of the eyebrows;
  • those whose eyebrows under the influence of UV rays are subject to burnout;
  • giving lines to grooming if the hairs grow in different directions.

The principle of pixel technology is the subcutaneous application of pigment. The dye, unlike standard tattooing, is not injected so deeply, only into the upper layer of the epidermis. The skin is minimally damaged, so this gentle method of tattooing is less painful and is characterized by a short healing time.

The master draws many small dots, forming the general outlines of the line, to achieve the effect of smooth shading.

As a result, the pigment is sprayed, covering the skin, but does not lie in a continuous saturated layer. Unlike classical tattooing, the spraying method is completely dependent on natural data, as it can only be corrected, without cardinal changes in color, shape, and line location.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last
Powdery eyebrows. Tattoo techniques.

The technique is more suitable for owners of the spring-summer color type – with blond hair and fair skin.

Powder spraying is suitable for girls with dark hair in those cases when cardinal changes in appearance are not required, but there is a need to set unobtrusive accents, slightly adjust the natural shape, add volume and expressiveness. Powder tattooing can not replace eyebrows in the event that the lines are practically absent.

Estimated cost in salons

Powdery eyebrows (before and after photos can be seen below) – a new modern technique that is popular.

The price of spraying depends on several factors:

  • difficulty in completing work
  • the qualifications and experience of the master browist;
  • categories, cost and quality of pigments;
  • interior level and equipment quality;
  • the location of the cabin.

So, the cost of tattooing in the capital’s salons by a qualified brow-master – from $ 68. In, the price of an eyebrow spraying session is slightly lower, from $ 48 – $ 54.

What is microblading eyebrow

Microblading, or biotatuage is a modern manual technique. To form a beautiful line and fill the voids with pigment, no machines or special devices are required, the success and aesthetics of the result depends entirely on the skill of the brow-master.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

The principle of forming a beautiful, with a rich natural shade, line is to apply to the skin using a special device with micro blades shallow cuts. A pigment is driven into micronadres, which allows to achieve the most natural picture with imitation of hairs.

The depth of the micro-notches should be of a certain size; if applied too superficially, the pigment may migrate, distorting the contours or, within a short time, be removed along with the dead layer of cells. If the incision is made too deep into the epidermis, scars may remain at the sites of the micro-incisions. Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

To perform microblading, 2 main methods of applying incisions with pigment are used:

  • European – classic technique, with the drawing of the same hairs;
  • Eastern – a more complicated technique, with the most accurate pattern that mimics the natural growth of hairs.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

A distinctive feature of the method, which is sometimes considered a drawback, is the high qualification requirements of the master. The work of applying micro-notches with jewelry pigment requires surgical accuracy of action, so the hand of the master must be firm.

Provided that the eyebrow is highly qualified, as well as using high-quality pigments, it is possible to achieve a unique result in the form of natural clear lines without vulgarity, the effect of naturally well-groomed eyebrows. Price benchmark for microblading in the salons of the capital – from $ 109.

Differences between eyebrow spraying and microblading

Powdery eyebrows and the microblading method are somewhat similar to each other, both create a natural effect. You can see the difference in the before and after pictures, since when applying pigment powder, a light shadow effect with shading is created, and with microbleading, more accentuated hair lines are created.

Both methods are effective, modern, and are popular among women of various age categories. In order to determine for yourself a more suitable method, it is important to clearly understand the difference between the methods of applying pigment and the formation of a beautiful eyebrow line.

The main provisions, stages, implementation principles, effectiveness, nuances of preparation and care with an analysis of the differences between the two techniques are presented in the table.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

Principle Powder coating Microblading
The method of applying pigment Mechanical, with a special tattoo machine Manual, manually using a device with a micro-blade manipulator
Pigment penetration depth The pigment is applied to a depth of 1/32 – 1/32 inch subcutaneously The pigment is applied to a depth of 1/32 – 1/32 inch subcutaneously
Equipment Vibrating pixel dots to create uniform shade blending Hatching hand-made technique with drawing imitating hairs
the effect Light, smooth shade, like carefully shaded shadows Accented, natural, with a well-defined line and drawing of hairs
Preliminary preparation Creating a sketch, drawing a form with filling with color Preliminary outline of the main form, drawing strokes without a sketch
Soreness of the procedure Passes painfully. A needle-needle, moving at high speed, with a high frequency, can repeatedly hit the same point Virtually no pain. Microcuts are performed once at a shallow depth
Recovery period Up to 10 days Up to 1 month
Effect duration Up to 4 years Up to 2 years
Cost From $ 54. From $ 109.

When choosing the option of applying pigment to the eyebrow line, it should be understood that powder application is not suitable for everyone. If the effect does not like it, you need to wait a few years. Microblading allows you to create a natural effect, which is sometimes indistinguishable from natural unpainted eyebrows.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

Accurate drawing of hairs is a universal foundation that can be slightly tinted by shading a pencil or shadows, achieving a more expressive effect for evening or holiday makeup.

One of the disadvantages of this method is the high cost, which is due to manual jewelry work, as well as the high likelihood of scarring in the incisions, if the job is performed by an amateur without experience.

General Features

Masters-browsers in each individual case, after evaluating the source data and appearance features, can advise one or another technique. Very often, to achieve the most natural and expressive 6D effect, you can combine techniques by combining powder spraying and microblading.

Both methods, despite several differences, have many similar positive features:

  • Naturalness . Both techniques create a beautiful natural effect.
  • Individuality . Before each procedure, the brow-master takes into account personal characteristics: the direction of hair growth, their length, density, the presence of voids, volume and shade.
  • Longevity . The result obtained by microblading or powder technology remains for at least 2 years.
  • Instant result . Beautiful shape, sharpness of lines and brightness of color can be observed immediately after the session.
  • Color rendering . The color of the treated hairs does not radically change during the entire period, gradually becoming slightly less saturated.
  • The palette . For each of the methods, a variety of shades of quality pigments are offered. If necessary, the master can combine colors.
  • Preparation . For each procedure, it is necessary to perform a number of preparatory measures, as well as conduct tests for allergies and individual intolerance to drugs.
  • Selection of the form . Before the procedure, the wizard will complete the entire architecture of the eyebrow architecture, choosing the most successful shape, thickness, length and bending of the lines.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

  • Leaving . Both types of procedures are minimally invasive methods, where the pigment is introduced into the upper layers of the epidermis. For the speedy healing of wounds and prolongation of the aesthetic effect, simple care is observed.
  • The presence of contraindications . Before you perform the microblading procedure or pixel spraying, it is important to familiarize yourself with a number of contraindications and, if any of them exist, to postpone the procedure.

The similarities of the two techniques are convenience and versatility.

Microblading and powdery technology allows you to create beautifully defined lines with a soft natural color, which is characteristic of natural eyebrows.

Each method has its own nuances of applying pigment, both methods do not involve filling with color, as in classic tattooing. Application is fragmentary, which requires professionalism and accuracy of action from the masters.

Who is the fit

Powdery eyebrows (photos before and after are presented in the article) allow you to beautifully emphasize the natural shape, slightly give a shade, without fundamentally changing the natural data. Using microblading, you can set the necessary accents, slightly adjust the shape, add brightness to the color, while preserving the lines and hairs with a natural well-groomed appearance.

This or that technique is suitable in different cases:

  • The powdery method of spraying is more suitable for girls after 30 years, who want to always look neat and presentable. The lines are smooth, expressive, without a clearly defined border.
  • Microblading is chosen by girls under 30 years of age who are in search of a
    new bright image and, if desired, perform the correction.
  • If by nature the hairs on the eyebrows are thin, without density, then the two techniques are combined to create a volume and a uniform, naturally intense shade.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

  • Microblading is chosen in order to create an accent, expressive lines with a contoured outline, but with the most natural effect of neatly growing hairs.
  • Powder technique allows you to forget for a few years about everyday makeup, to create an even soft eyebrow color with a slight accent on the look.
  • Microblading is chosen in cases where it is necessary to correct the asymmetry of the eyebrows.
  • Powder spraying is chosen by girls of spring or summer color type with blond hair. With the help of pixel application, you can harmonize the balance of the color of hair and eyebrows.

When choosing a technique, it is also worth considering the fact that tattooing is more painful, the recovery period after microblading takes less time. It cannot be argued that one method is better or worse than another; each technique has positive and negative sides, allowing you to solve certain aesthetic problems.


In order not to get the opposite effect or the development of negative side effects, safety precautions must be observed. One of the safety rules – common for microblending and powder spraying, is the analysis of the presence of contraindications.

It belongs:

  • the presence of individual intolerance to the pigment ingredients;
  • diabetes mellitus in the stage of decompensation (in another case with high sugar you need a doctor’s consultation and written permission of a medical specialist);
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of infectious and viral diseases, fever; Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last
  • pathologies of a neurological nature, epilepsy attacks;
  • skin lesions, wounds, scratches, cuts, dermatitis in the work area;
  • cancer formation;
  • viral hepatitis, AIDS, HIV infection;
  • the presence of birthmarks, papillomas, moles in the area of pigment application;
  • acute acne;
  • blood pathology, poor coagulation, signs of hemophilia;
  • hypertension, disorders of the cardiovascular system.

It is not recommended to carry out procedures during the period of menstruation, after plastic surgery (at least 6 months should pass), and also immediately after some cosmetic procedures – chemical peels, deep cleansing, invasive methods of rejuvenation.

Preparation for the procedure

Powdery eyebrows, before and after photos prove the effectiveness of the technique – this is one of the best modern beauty correction methods. The procedure is quite painful, with the introduction of pigment subcutaneously.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

To save the result as long as possible and shorten the healing period, you need to prepare for a tattoo session:

  • For 10-14 days, exclude any aesthetic procedures for eyebrows.
  • Avoid getting UV rays on the eyebrow area, going to the solarium.
  • For 2 weeks, start the prevention of herpes therapy to prevent the development of infection.
  • The day before the session, you should not abuse strong coffee, smoking, alcohol, energy drinks.
  • Exclude therapy with blood-thinning drugs, spicy and salty dishes from the diet, so as not to provoke swelling.

Before the procedure, it is recommended to conduct a test allergy test on the components of the pigment, since a negative reaction of the body can lead to undesirable side effects.

Powder spraying technique

The procedure is performed in several stages:

  1. Preparation of the working area. The master performs makeup remover, thoroughly cleansing the skin of impurities and makeup.
  2. Performing shape modeling and correction with the removal of thread or tweezers of excess hair.
  3. Preparation of a sketch with drawing contours and bending with a cosmetic pencil.
  4. Pigment shade selection.
  5. Disinfection of the site and the application of primary anesthesia of the sensitive area to reduce the pain of the procedure.
  6. Contour drawing with a vibro tattoo device with pigment injected subcutaneously using a manipulator needle.
  7. Spot pigment filling of the entire eyebrow line.
  8. Processing fixing agent.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

With a low pain threshold, secondary anesthesia can be performed at any stage. It is important to distinguish discomfort from pain, as repeated anesthesia negatively affects the body. The color is adjusted during the session, the intensity of the shade will depend on the number of layers applied.


Powdery eyebrows (photos before and after clearly show the result) require careful care.

To preserve the original brightness of the pigment shade and reduce the rehabilitation period after tattooing, it is necessary to follow the rules of care:

  • Within 2-3 days after spraying, it is necessary to limit the ingress of moisture into the treated area.
  • For 4-5 days do not apply decorative cosmetics to the spraying area. Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last
  • Do not apply scrubbing, cleaning within 1 month after applying the pigment.
  • When peeling and crusting do not tear them. To soften the area along the contour, apply petroleum jelly.
  • Within 3-4 weeks, exclude visits to saunas, baths, pools.
  • When going out, wear sunglasses that cover the eyebrow line, or apply sunscreen.
  • When styling or blow-drying your hair, avoid getting hot air on the treated area.

After spraying it is not recommended to carry out aggressive cosmetic procedures, apply products containing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide.

In daily care, it is necessary to exclude nutritious creams with an alcohol base, they inhibit the healing process. Moisturize the skin with a cotton swab soake
d in almond, olive or peach oil.

Healing process

Even after gentle tattooing by spraying, some may experience discomfort. The healing process can take from several days to several weeks. It may be accompanied by mild itching, a feeling of dryness, the formation of crusts, which are strongly discouraged.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

An experienced master with the naked eye will see areas where the crusts have come off themselves, and where they were removed by force . The crusts disappear on day 4-5, after which the eyebrows acquire a more natural and neat appearance. Sometimes a too pale shade of the tattoo is noted.

This may be due to the fact that the upper layer of the epidermis has not completely healed, and particles of paint appear through the film of young skin. Final color stabilization can be observed 2-3 weeks after the procedure.

Effect duration and subsequent correction

The duration of the effect may depend on several factors:

  • From age. Up to 25 years, regeneration processes occur faster, so the result will last no more than 1.5-2 years. In women after 40, the pigment may remain the original 3-4 years.
  • The activity of metabolic processes . Accelerated metabolism and active sports contribute to faster pigment excretion.
  • Frequent use of scrubs . Scrubbing eliminates the stratum corneum, along with it the pigment is gradually removed.
  • The immune system and defense reactions . In rare cases, the pigment can be rejected by the body by 50-90%.
  • The influence of sunlight, a visit to the solarium . Frequent tanning leads to fading.

The first tattoo correction is carried out after 1-1.5 months in order to finalize the result to the ideal. Subsequent corrections are carried out 1-2 times a year. If it is not done in a timely manner, a pigment base will appear, which can give an unexpected shade.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

Blue can appear on black pigment, and red on brown. On average, the duration of the aesthetic effect of powder spraying can last 2-3 years, after which you can make a correction.

Side effects

After eyebrow spraying, the following side effects may occur:

  • swelling;
  • hematomas;
  • scarring;
  • infection;
  • the appearance of erythema;
  • painful itching, urticaria;
  • allergic reactions.

Powdery eyebrows. What is it, photo before and after tattooing, spraying technique, how long does it last

Sometimes the result can be an unpleasant “surprise” – uneven coloring, poor shape or color. This is the aesthetic risk of technology. Powdery technique is difficult to correct, a second procedure or microblading will help to correct the situation a little, but not earlier than after 2-3 months. Before correction, a repeated allergy test is required.

To avoid negative effects after pixel tattooing, you need to pay attention to professionalism, the experience of a brow-master, compliance with sanitary standards, the quality of equipment and pigments used in the work.

The technique of powdery eyebrows allows you to achieve a harmonious natural effect with a perfectly shaded shade, the results can be seen in the photo before and after the tattoo session. This method of permanent makeup is aesthetic, productive, less traumatic, and durable. It requires the master of high professionalism, compliance with the rules of the septic tank and the use of high-quality pigments.

Powder Eyebrow Technology Video

Powdery eyebrows – new technology:

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