Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices

Forums are an innovative way to exchange information and personal experiences among users. Plastic surgery sites are very popular, where visitors can find a trusted doctor or clinic, protect themselves from the unprofessionalism of an unfamiliar plastic surgeon.

Today, plastic surgery is an affordable solution to aesthetic flaws and medical problems of any part of the body.

Top Plastic Surgery Forums

A consequence of the growing popularity of plastic surgery itself is the development of forums as platforms for discussing various aspects related to plastic changes and rehabilitation after surgery. Plastic Surgery Forums are fast-growing websites about all kinds of questions about changing face and body.

Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices

Moreover, plastic surgery can not only improve the appearance of the patient, but, for example, solve the problem of the respiratory tract due to congenital deformities of the nasal septum.


All about plastic is an informative forum that provides an opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of issues of aesthetic medicine. Confidence in this site is growing every day, and the average number of visitors per day is already more than 800 people.

The most common forum topics raised by visitors and doctors are:

  1. All types of plastic changes in the face.
  2. Breast augmentation, tightening and reconstruction.
  3. Aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty.
  4. Butt lift.
  5. Plastic surgery of individual parts of the face: eyes, chin, ears.
    Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices

The site has an online consultation. The main advantage of the service is the ability to contact a specialist in a particular area – on the aesthetic plastic of the nose, face, chest, abdomen or buttocks. Moreover, the best surgeons conduct personal blogs directly on the site.

Plastic review

Prastic-Review is a great site about plastic surgery. On his page you can find all the necessary information not only about the aesthetic plasticity of any part of the body, but also find a clinic, surgeon and find a lot of articles about the type of operation that interests you.

The main topics on the forum today are: selection of a surgeon (in the capital and), plastic surgery of the face and body.
Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices

The most visited topics reveal all the nuances of operations on the chest, nose, areas of the face or neck, and also on rehabilitation after surgery. The site is popular – on average 300-500 visitors seek information and online advice every day. Usually you can get an answer to a question here within a few hours.

My plastic surgeon

My Plastic Surgeon is an informative forum in which leading discussions are held in the history of personal rehabilitation after surgery. Hundreds of stories about the most important aspects of operations and personal feelings of girls can be found depending on the type of plastic. The most popular topic on the forum is the experience of rhinoplasty.

Slightly smaller, but also actively discussed issues of breast augmentation and tightening and tummy tuck. More than 250 visitors visit the site every day. The advantage of this forum is a chat with the site manager, which will quickly help you find the sections of interest.

Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices

The site also offers the opportunity to turn to a specific doctor for advice, and get a response from a specialist for several hours.


The Estetmedicina Forum is part of a large electronic magazine about aesthetic beauty, which provides an opportunity to find a lot of scientific information about plastic, skin care and the principles of healthy nutrition. This most popular site has an informative forum.

To consult with experts, more than 3000 people come here every day, who also visit the top topics for discussion.


  1. Recommendations of surgeons by other users.
  2. Reviews and questions of the classic circular face plastic.
  3. Discussion of endoscopic facelift.
  4. Experience of visitors about plastic cheeks (removal of lumps of Bisha).
  5. Discussion of nose surgery: non-surgical repair, reoperation and recovery.
    Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices

Getting a consultation on a site is very easy. You can order a call back or send a question to the support service, and get an answer in a matter of minutes.


Beautymed is a forum of aesthetic beauty that is visited by about 250 people every day. The team of specialists working on the site is actively developing and gives high-quality answers to all questions asked. You can get detailed information in the chat mode or by phone indicated on the site.

The most discussed topics on the site relate to all aspects of biorevitalization, mesollerotherapy and the selection of mesothreads.

Do not miss the most popular article in the rubric:
Cannula – what it is, as it is used in cosmetology and medicine.


Plastic-Surgeon is an online community for anyone interested in aesthetic transformation. The site is deservedly one of the best, because only 9000 – 9500 people a day visit the forum every day. This forum on plastic surgery has 15 sections to discuss hundreds of questions on various topics about operations.

Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices
Plastic surgery forums also deal with liposuction of problem areas of the body of women and men.

Among the most popular sections are discussions of mammoplasty, anti-aging surgeries, face and body liposuction, tummy tuck and reconstructive surgery. Feedback on the forum can be obtained by sending an email to the administration with the specified subject of the question.


Plastic4you Plastic Surgery Forum is filled with a wealth of information about the most popular surgeries. Find the necessary information in 13 sections on plastic surgery.

ery day, more than 300 people discuss issues of breast augmentation, nose shape correction, liposuction of all areas on the body and lip augmentation. Also on the forum you can sign up for a consultation with a trusted specialist.


Prof-medicina is a huge portal about aesthetic medicine where the leading topics are dedicated to plastic surgery. The popularity of this forum is confirmed by the constant increase in the number of visitors – about 3300 – 3500 people per day on the site discuss all kinds of aspects of external changes.

Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices

The forum asks questions regarding all aspects of plastic surgery and postoperative recovery. The most popular topics for discussion are breast augmentation, changes and tightening, plasty of individual parts of the body (lower leg plasty, implantation of the inner thigh, buttock plasty and hip lift).

Rating of New York surgeons, according to patients’ reviews

Plastic surgery forums provide an opportunity to confirm confidence in any clinic or center for plastic medicine. Today, 94 clinics in New York received the title of the best in the country.

Directly in these medical centers are trusted specialists who are trusted by thousands of patients:

  1. Yakimets Valery , 27 years of experience. Takes in Estet Clinic.
  2. Teplyashin Alexander , operates in Beauty Plaza, a clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology. Work experience – 35 years.
  3. Shah Gulnara , a plastic surgeon with experience in 31 years of professional practice, candidate of medical sciences. Accepts at Clinica Shah’s own clinic.
  4. Grigoryants Vladislav , has been involved in plastic surgery for 15 years. Now he is taking Arbat Aesthetic at the clinic.
  5. Grishkyan David , MD, 25 years of professional experience. He founded his own clinic – Dr. Grishkyan.

Rating of surgeons in Los Angeles, according to patients’ reviews

Plastic surgery forums will help you easily find trusted specialists in different cities of the country. So, the rating of the best clinics of aesthetic medicine includes 34 clinics from Los Angeles.

They employ doctors who receive hundreds of positive reviews about their work:

  1. Tarasenko Vasily , has been engaged in surgery for 18 years. Chief surgeon in the department of the international network of clinics “MediAestik” in Los Angeles.
    Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices
  2. Vetyugov Dmitry has the 17th general surgical experience, of which 8 are in plastic surgery. It is considered one of the leading doctors in the SS-Clinic multidisciplinary medical holding.
  3. Nikolai Abramov has been engaged in surgery for 18 years, of which 15 are engaged in aesthetic surgery. Accepts at the Parada Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
  4. Agapov Denis is a surgeon, an active member of the Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons of USA. Engaged in aesthetic surgery for 19 years. He works as a head doctor in Medici and Degas.
  5. Aksenova Svetlana has many positive reviews over 5 years of practice in plastic surgery. Takes in the multifunctional clinic “Medierer”.

Rating of surgeons ofal centers according to patient reviews

The popular rating of plastic surgeons is the most reliable indicator of successful activity in aesthetic medicine.

In Atlanta, their 14 doctors, according to reviews, are considered the top:

  1. Ignatenko Alexey , 13 years of experience;
  2. Vuylov Maxim , work experience – 14 years;
  3. Bakhtiyarov Oleg , a plastic surgeon of the highest category, experience of 44 years.

According to popular vote, a rating of plastic surgeons was compiled in Miami.

Of the 35 doctors, the top 3 included:

  1. October Mikhail , a plastic surgeon at the Zdrava clinic, has 20 years of experience.
    Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices
  2. Maloletkin Sergey , plastic surgeon of the 1st category, 10 years of experience.
  3. Markushin Alexander , surgeon, 12 years of experience, a doctor in the clinic “Chale Sante.”

In Houston, the rating of plastic surgery is headed by:

  1. Shirmanov Pavel , 1st category plastic surgeon at the Dynasty Clinic.
  2. Ilya Sharapov , surgeon at the Dynasty Clinic with 6 years of experience.
  3. Mikhail Novikov , a 25-year-old plastic surgeon, is receiving at the Motus Medical Center.

Types and cost of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery forums are full of information on facial plastic surgery. Depending on the desired result, the degree of surgical intervention may be different. This can be a serious operation with general anesthesia and a long recovery period, or a lighter type of aesthetic correction of appearance that does not need a long postoperative period.

The forums provide useful information on all kinds of aspects of aesthetic changes and their consequences. But it’s far from always possible to understand in what way the operation itself occurs, and what price is offered for services in plastic surgery.

Today, the most popular face corrections are:

Type of plastic surgery Focus and duration of recovery average price
Facelift This is an aesthetic operation for rejuvenating the skin of the face. Due to the tightening of skin tissues, the relief and contours of the oval are improved, wrinkles are smoothed out. With this operation, for example, the lowered corners of the lips are lifted. The rehabilitation period takes up to 3 weeks, depending on the condition of the skin. From $ 2040.
Endoscopic Facebook Building New face contour lifting technique. Skin tightening occurs under general anesthesia due to incisions in cer
tain areas (for example, along the hairline).
From $ 1632.
Rhinoplasty (plastic of different parts of the nose) It can be both aesthetic and medical operation. The purpose of the surgical intervention is to change the bone-cartilage structure of the nose. Modern surgical technology does not imply the presence of sutures on the outside, scars after surgery are hidden inside the nose. Recovery after surgery usually takes up to 3 days in a hospital and rehabilitation, with a plaster cast attached to the nose, takes up to 2 weeks. From $ 2040.
Blepharoplasty Aesthetic surgery to change the upper and lower eyelids. Designed to change the shape of the eyes or lift age-related changes. Recovery after surgery lasts up to 12 days. The effect after surgery lasts up to 7 years. From $ 680.
Endoscopic face and eyebrow lift In addition to facelift and oval, redistribution of skin tissue is performed. This provides an internal fixation of the skin frame and slows down its subsequent movement. This method is the least traumatic for the nerves and vessels of the face. Therefore, the rehabilitation period takes no more than 1 week, and possible edema passes within 2-3 weeks. From $ 2312.
Mentoplasty The operation is intended to correct the chin and improve the shape of the face: the elimination of age and other defects. Mentoplastic implies the ability to reduce or increase the area of the chin. The operation belongs to the category of low-traumatic interventions and is done with local anesthesia. Rehabilitation after surgery takes up to 2 weeks, the result can be seen after 3 days. From $ 2040.
Otoplasty Aesthetic plastic surgery of ears and urine. The operation is performed to eliminate deafness. Due to the incision on the back of the auricle, scarring will not be noticeable later. Recovery after surgery takes from 1 week to a month, depending on the complexity of the adjustment. From $ 952.
Reinforcement This procedure involves a facelift by implanting threads into the skin tissue of the face. They tend to be replaced by collagen fibers over time. Suitable for patients with weakened skin, which affects the loss of facial contour. The operation does not need serious preparation, and the result lasts up to 2 years. The cost of the operation depends on the number of threads, where each costs from $ 27.
Contour plastic Depending on the need and condition of the skin, there are several ways to affect the dermis. It can be carried out using a filler and lipofiller. Rejuvenation occurs by filling the skin tissue with hyaluronic acid or own fat, which is why changes in the volume of the face and the contours of the oval are possible. From $ 952.
Eyebrow plastic (browlifting) Facial plastic surgery of medium complexity allows you to raise the eyebrow line above the natural line of their growth. The procedure is possible due to correction of the skin tissue around them and fixing the eyebrows themselves. After the procedure, the appearance is much younger, and the wrinkles on the forehead are smoothed. Recovery takes up to 1 week, the effect after plastic surgery lasts up to 10 years or more. From $ 1360.
Cantoplatics Aesthetic surgery to change the shape of the lower eyelid. During the operation, the surgeon shortens the cartilaginous plate and fixes the ligaments of the lower eyelid. Recovery lasts up to 5 days, and the effect after surgery is noticeable for 5 years. $ 680
Liposuction The operation to remove the fat layer using the smallest punctures of the skin. The effect after the procedure depends on the observance of proper nutrition. Depends on the study area. The average cost is from $ 612.

Forums of plastic surgery. Reviews about surgeons, clinics. Operation Prices

Forums about aesthetic medicine allow you to get acquainted with many different types of operations. Although the leading topics for discussion are personal experience with facial plastic surgery, other types of body changes, such as correction of the chest, hips or buttocks, are equally in demand in plastic surgery.

Video about plastic surgeon forums

New York Plastic Surgeons Forum:

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