Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology for wrinkles, bruises under the eyes. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists

Solcoseryl is an effective drug that activates the metabolism in the tissues of the skin. The pharmacological effect of the drug is aimed at restoring the skin through stimulation of tissue repair and regeneration, especially in the treatment of wounds, skin ulcers and other injuries.

Reviews on the use of Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology indicate the effectiveness and safety of the drug.

Skin Benefits

The benefit of the drug is that Solcoseryl:

  • able to restore proper nutrition of cells, including skin;
  • blocks degradation and pathological changes in cellular systems;
  • increases collagen content;
  • restores cell reproduction.

All of these properties have been evaluated by cosmetologists and are used to maintain normal healthy skin condition and prevent aging.

Types of drug

In the pharmacy network, you can buy Solcoseryl in various forms, but trying to bring your face to a healthier and younger state it is easier and more convenient to use a gel or ointment. Ointment contains 5% of the active substance, gel – 10%. The first is used for a longer exposure and penetration into the layers of covers, forms a film on their surface that does not immediately wash off.

Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology for wrinkles, bruises under the eyes. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists
Solcoseryl is widely used in facial cosmetology. Reviews about him are positive.

The gel has a water base, the substance is completely dissolved in it. When used, it is quickly absorbed, easily washed off, can be applied to open wounds. Ophthalmic gel, has a concentration of 20%, is available in tubes of 0,17 fluid ounce. Used for quick healing of wounds, cuts and other injuries on the mucous membranes. Designed to treat the eyes, used to treat all human mucous membranes.

In pharmacies, they can still offer Solcoseryl in the form of a dental adhesive paste, which contains an anesthetic substance.

Chemical composition

A substance that ensures the effectiveness of the drug is an extract from the blood of calves. In addition to preservatives and thickeners (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and cetyl alcohol), different components may be contained in the composition, depending on the form.

These include:

  • sorbitol is a natural moisturizer, comparable to hyaluronic acid in terms of its effect on the skin, complete with occlusives, it forms a protective barrier against drying out of the skin.
  • Benzalkonium chloride – acts as a preservative and antiseptic, locally affects viruses.
  • cholesterol – or cholesterol of animal origin, nourishes the skin, restores its lipid composition, more effective than various vegetable oils;
  • water for injection – moisturizes the skin;
  • white petrolatum – prevents the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin creating a thin film.

Indications for use in cosmetology

For the treatment of patients, the drug is used:

  • surgeons;
  • dermatologists;
  • ophthalmologists;
  • by dentists.

Its main purpose is the healing of the upper layer of the skin.

The ability of Solcoseryl to activate collagen synthesis was noted by cosmetologists, and this moment is being intensively studied by scientists and is used for further developments in the field of facial care.

Solcoseryl is unique in its effect on the processes that occur in the layers of the skin:

  • aligns the face relief;
  • nourishes the skin with oxygen; Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology for wrinkles, bruises under the eyes. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists
  • provides fabric with moisture.

As a result, for a short period of application, wrinkles of the face are smoothed out or reduced.


The composition of Solcoseryl includes various antiseptic substances, but the antimicrobial effect of the drug is very low. Therefore, the claim that he is fighting inflammation and redness is unreasonably high.

Therefore, it is contraindicated to apply a medication to the skin:

  • with infectious wounds;
  • on untreated and previously untreated skin;
  • with inflammation and temperature. Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology for wrinkles, bruises under the eyes. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists

In these cases, it is possible to use pharmaceuticals together with other antimicrobials, or masks in the composition with Solcoseryl. Restrictions when applied to children in the recommendations for the medicine have not been identified, it is necessary to follow the general recommendations. However, the use of the drug for cosmetic purposes by children is contraindicated.

During periods of gestation, birth and lactation, the female body gives everything to the future generation, and the effect of the extract from the blood of dairy calves on the fetus, then on the baby, has not been studied. The use of the drug by pregnant women is possible under the supervision and as directed by a doctor. With lactation, the use of the drug is recommended to be excluded.

Instructions for use for face wrinkles

A sign of old age on the face is wrinkles. The tool fights age-related changes in the epidermis.

When treating them, they must observe safety precautions:

  1. First, a test is performed to establish the body’s response to the drug. For this, it is necessary to treat a small area of the skin with the product, then observe the day. The absence of any reaction will allow you to do cosmetic procedures.
  2. Application to dry skin requires special attention. Use of the product by owners of sensitive skin, as well as around the eyes and lips, is also necessary with caution.

The duration and frequency of use is determined taking into account the condition of the face.

To obtain a visible effect, masks based on Solcoseryl need to be done 1 to 3 times a week, only 4 weeks.

3 rejuvenation courses are enough per year. Frequent use can lead to a negative effect, namely a violation of the very regeneration of skin tissues. Solcoseryl in cosmetology for the face reviews are described in a positive way.

To achieve a therapeutic effect, it is used in stages, observing the following sequence:

  1. A preliminary cleaning and preparation of the skin is carried out. For example, with the help of a steam bath, the pores will open, which will provide a deeper penetration of nutrients and an effective effect. Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology for wrinkles, bruises under the eyes. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists
  2. The procedure is best done in the evening, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  3. When using gel-based products for the procedures, it is required to periodically p
    ass the face with a spray bottle of boiled water, in order to avoid drying out.
  4. It must be borne in mind that the skin also rests at night. After nourishing the skin for 1-2 hours, it is better to wash off the mask and apply a moisturizer if necessary.

During treatment, constant monitoring of the reaction of the body and skin is required.

Adverse reactions

Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology customer reviews characterize as a means with prolonged action.

The most effective drug works in the form of:

  • ointments;
  • gel;
  • paste.

In the process of using the drug, as with any medication, it is necessary to monitor the reaction of the body.

In the annotation to the medicine it is written that after taking it in the indicated forms it is possible:

  • change in taste
  • skin allergy in the form of urticaria;
  • burning;
  • itching

In case of detection of side effects and their steady manifestation, it is necessary to stop using and take absorbents for several days. The use of eye gel does not give adverse reactions. If, after the first application, burning and redness could be observed, then the subsequent intake of such a reaction no longer provokes.

Studies of all forms of the drug as the safest in terms of effects on the body recognized eye gel.

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Mask for acne, acne, scars with ointment

Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology is described by reviews as a fairly economical and effective way to combat the appearance of wrinkles. Beauticians recommend mono-use it in masks, which you can cook yourself. He is able to visually reduce deep wrinkles, fight rashes and acne.

General rules for the use of masks with solcoseryl, you must:

  1. Test the effects of solcoseryl on the skin.
  2. Apply to prepared skin, after scrubbing, or steamed. Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology for wrinkles, bruises under the eyes. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists
  3. Do not touch the mouth and eyelids.
  4. Apply a mask of 3/32 inch on the face and 1/32 inch on the eyelids if necessary.
  5. The procedure for rejuvenation should be carried out 1-3 times a week (the older the woman, the more often she needs to care for the epidermis).
  6. Standing the mask on the face for a beneficial effect is enough for an hour.
  7. You need to remove the product with a wet disc, rinse off the residue with warm water.

When preparing the mask, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • mix the ingredients in a glass container;
  • use the product immediately after mixing;
  • if necessary, store in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days.

For one procedure, no more than 10 g of Solcoseryl is required.

Mask with Solcoseryl around the eyes

Masks on the skin around the eyes can be applied when a woman is confident in their necessity. It is not recommended to treat the area around the eyes with special tools up to 35 years. Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology for wrinkles, bruises under the eyes. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists

To prepare the mask you must:

  • gel for the eyes (it is used on the mucous membranes, which means it is the safest to use);
  • grape oil (you need to take in equal volumes with a gel).

The components must be mixed and masked. It dries quickly. After that, gently rinse and apply eye cream on the treated skin. Grape oil is a source of antioxidants and “beauty vitamins” (E, A, B, C, PP). It is used to restore dry skin, maintains firmness and elasticity.

Mask with vitamin components

It is necessary to mix Solcoseryl, oil solutions of vitamins A and E in equal proportions. Distribute the resulting mass over the face. It is necessary to withstand the product on the skin for an hour. This mask is very delicate in consistency and nourishing in composition. It reduces wrinkles, improves the color of the integument. Women over 40 can use it for the entire face, including for the skin of the lips, neck, eyes.

Anti-aging mask

As an effective anti-aging mask that restores the skin and eliminates deep wrinkles, you can use Solcoseryl gel with Curiosin gel. Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology for wrinkles, bruises under the eyes. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists

After one cosmetology course, skin elasticity improves, the face looks more fresh.

For application:

  • take both funds in equal proportions;
  • are mixed;
  • applied to clean skin.

You can hold the mask on your face for more than an hour.

Mask with a cleansing effect

Solcoseryl in cosmetology can also be used to cleanse the skin of the face.

Based on the reviews, such a mask is quite effective and safe:

  1. Solcoseryl is mixed with white charcoal and mandarin oil in equal proportions.
  2. Spatula spread the mixture on the face, movements from bottom to top.
  3. After 20 minutes, the product is removed and washed on the face.

This procedure not only nourishes, but also:

  • frees the skin from excess fat and fat;
  • cleanses pores;
  • reduces the effects of acne.

Mask with ointment and Dimexidum

The active element of Solcoseryl, isolated from the blood of calves, is the chemical composition of amino and nucleic acids. Due to the large size, their molecules do not penetrate the skin, therefore, they work only in the upper layer – the epidermis.

To penetrate deep into the product, use Dimexide. This is a topical drug. It has analgesic and antiseptic effects, it also freely penetrates mucous membranes, skin and other biological membranes.

Therefore, it is often used as a transport of other drugs deep into the tissues without affecting the digestive organs, as is the case with Solcoseryl. According to the recommendations of cosmetologists, it is better to apply such a mask before bedtime, to nourish the skin and provide it with elements for nightly recovery.

There are several ways, here are the simplest:

  1. Dimexide (concentrate) and water in a ratio of 1:10 should be mixed. If the applied aqueous solution causes itching and burning, it is necessary to increase the water content or rin
    se the composition. When the applied mixture is absorbed, Solcoseryl is applied, which must be kept for at least an hour.
  2. An aqueous solution of Dimexide and Solcoseryl is mixed in equal proportions and applied as a mask. After standing for an hour, you should wash your face with running water. Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology for wrinkles, bruises under the eyes. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists
  3. It is necessary to mix 10 g of Solcoseryl, 10 drops of Dimexide, 15 drops of an oil solution of retinol. The resulting mass is applied to the face with a spatula, moving from bottom to top. After 40-60 minutes, wash your face. Then, along the massage lines with a driving motion, it is necessary to apply a gel with collagen.

Retinol is considered an anti-aging vitamin. It is contraindicated in pancreatitis and gallstone disease.

It is necessary to observe the general rules when applying prepared mixtures to the face, do not touch the area of the eyes and lips. The anti-inflammatory effect of Dimexidum has a beneficial effect on problem skin with acne, purulent acne.

Contraindications to the use of Dimexcide:

  • individual intolerance;
  • dermatitis;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • diseases associated with the work of the liver and kidneys.

The price of funds in New York, Los Angeles,



New York

Los Angeles

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Las Vegas

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Injection, 1 ampoule 0,07 fluid ounce from 73.56 from 93,00 from 65,12 from 302.30 to 5 ampoules of 0,07 fluid ounce from 309.60 to 5 ampoules of 0,07 fluid ounce from 302.30 to 5 ampoules of 0,07 fluid ounce from 69.76
Ointment 5% 20.0 from 181.00 from 263.00 from 232.90 from 249,00 from 263.00 from 248.00 from 248.00
Gel 10% 20.0 from 226.00 from 270,00 from 252,00 from 252,00 from 275.00 from 252,00 from 240,00
Ophthalmic Gel 5% 20.0 From 330,00 from 350.00 from 338.00 from 340,00 from 354,00 from 319.80 from 313,00
Adhesive paste 5% 5.0 from 365,00 from 338.00 from 309,00 from 331.90 from 349.00 from 331.90 from 347.00

The effectiveness of ointment Solcoseryl: reviews of doctors, cosmetologists and patients

The position of doctors regarding the use of Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology can conditionally be divided into groups: some believe that the medicine should be used for the purpose described in the instructions, others recommend it for use if there are no contraindications, allergies, and still others advise taking care of yourself means taking into account age. Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology for wrinkles, bruises under the eyes. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists

Patient reviews can conditionally be divided into groups:

  1. Patients
    use Solcoseryl, they like the effect, they plan further regular use. They generally recommend the drug to others.
  2. Patients use the tool, while noting the identified negative points, give recommendations. In general, they respond positively and recommend to others.
  3. Patients use the drug, but note a short effect from its use, which quickly disappears.
  4. Patients do not use the drug and strongly discourage others, based on the fact that the official appointment of Solcoseryl is different.

After reviewing the above material and taking into account reviews of the use of solcoseryl in cosmetology, you can choose the option of using the drug, taking into account all the features of the skin.

Video about Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology

The amazing properties of ointments that affect the beauty and health of the skin:

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