How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

It is impossible to dry your hair quickly and safely, to do a hairstyle or styling without a good technique. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is betterProfessionals will tell you which hair dryer to choose so that even in home use it is easy to style your hair.

Why is it important to choose a suitable, high-quality hair dryer

Different types of hair require different temperature parameters, the power of the device. Therefore, a perfect hairdryer is a powerful professional appliance with several nozzles and important settings.

Choosing a hair dryer, experts recommend using professional devices so that the device’s power is not less than 1800W.

Otherwise, a weak stream of hot air will injure the hair, drying it and blowing moisture, which leads to the destruction of the hair structure.

If you want to create a beautiful styling yourself, you should focus on the presence of a narrow nozzle. A flattened shape allows you to direct the flow of hot air to a specific place, which allows you to create a beautiful curl.

Only a high-quality hair dryer is equipped with several temperature conditions and speeds. This aspect guarantees the preservation of hairstyles for a long time.

If the hair is damaged, dry and lifeless, then here you can not do without a quality hair dryer with the option of ionization. Of course, ions will not restore the structure of the hair, but will reduce the damage done during styling. The recommended hair dryer instantly dries the hair and preserves the natural moisture level.

The use of a budget hair dryer is dangerous for both hair and life. Cheap materials in heaters increase the risk of ignition or explosion.

What are hairdryers by type

Compact models for home use

How to choose a hairdryer for home use among the variety of offers, not everyone is aware. The most popular are recognized and trusted companies Philips, Scarlett, Bosch, Braun, Panasonic and Rowenta. Among the proposed products you can find well-deserved budget options and sophisticated samples, the price range of which increases by 2-3 times.

Long-life and powerful device with the basic characteristics – Rowenta CV5330 F0. A model with good power – 2100W, several high-speed modes and an additional nozzle-hub is quite remarkable among other options. In addition, the device is equipped with a cold air supply mode and an ionization function. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

The Elenberg HD 2400 DI hair dryer combines two nozzles – a hub and a diffuser, and also boasts an optimal set of characteristics: a power of 2200W, several speeds and temperature indicators. The popular equipment and its technical parameters will allow you to do a lot of hairstyles at home at a good level.

Owners of “fluffy” and difficult to style hair can not do without ionization techniques. A generator with negatively charged ions will retain the smoothness and brilliance of curls, and styling will endure even adverse weather conditions.

The compact Remington Ionic Dry 2200 D3190, in addition to the main ionizing function, also has decent technical parameters. High power of 2200W, 3 temperature conditions, the option of cold blowing are the usual characteristics for a high-quality device.

Hair dryer

Brushing is a popular hair styling technique. Hair is well-groomed by using a round brush and hot air. Specialized comb is represented by a round base with many small bristles made of metal, natural pile, nylon.

Materials can be combined, which allows you to use the nozzle in the creation of various types of hairstyles: 

  • metal – heating and hair styling is intense, but high temperature has a negative effect on the structure of curls;
  • plastic – a short-lived coating that quickly deforms under the influence of temperatures and often clings to hair;
  • wood – a high-quality coating, which as a result of a little heating has a gentle effect on the hair;
  • ceramics – a material with a special coating that promotes uniform distribution and retention of heat, and also has an antistatic effect. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

If the choice of a hair dryer for home use was made in favor of a professional, then you should know how to properly create a styling. For long hairs, use a hair dryer with a wide brush circumference – from 2’4 inch in diameter. For an average length of curls, you should stop on a brush with a diameter of 1’2 – 2 inch, and for short ones, preferably not more than 1’2 inch.

Modern models of brushing are equipped with a display. An electronic screen allows you to monitor the heating temperature and change it if necessary. The range of capacities and temperature conditions is quite wide. Even with minimal parameters, the curls do not stick together, but acquire shine and elasticity.

A professional hair dryer with an engine power from 2200W and a ceramic coating of the heating element will be an excellent assistant in creating a beautiful hairstyle.

Removable nozzle, instantaneous cold air flow and ionization functions, several speed modes – one of the main characteristics of high-quality equipment. The only drawback with brashing is its heavy weight, from about 510 grams. Such a factor quickly tires after prolonged use.

Hair dryers for everyday use

To choose the right hairdryer, specialists determined what criteria to pay attention to:

  • the ability to adjust temperature conditions;
  • ceramic heating element and ionization function;
  • cold shot – air flow fixing the laying;
  • weight no more than 500 gr .;
  • filter – absorbs dust, small hair during operation, and, therefore, ensures long-term operation.

It is important to know that a device with great power, if used improperly, can quickly ruin your hair.

Stylists believe that devices with power from 1500 to 2000 watts will be ideal indicators for daily use at home.

For devices with a higher power, expert knowledge and skills will be needed so as not to burn the skin and make a beautiful styling.

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Hair dryer diffuser

To reduce the time for long styling, hairdryers with a diffuser can be used. The device is represented by a large base with a different number of holes that are responsible for a uniform air supply. For the manufacture of nozzles, manufacturers use silicone or plastic. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

Depending on the quality of the material used and the degree of its rigidity, the usability of the device is determined:

  • Plastic gears are convenient for long hair. They prevent tangling of the tips and easily wind the desired strands.
  • Silicone devices are more suitable for short hair. Hair sticks better to the adapter, which allows you to create the desired shape of the hairstyle.

Thanks to the universal design with a
spring, the diffuser is easy to attach to the body of any hair dryer. At the same time, experts do not recommend using the nozzle in devices with a power of more than 1800 W in order to avoid strong temperature differences.

Hair dryer

A hair dryer concentrator is a device whose main function is hair styling. A special slit-shaped nozzle is designed to process each strand, so that styling is performed as easily and correctly as possible. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

The power and temperature of the outgoing air flow depends on the size of the hole. Nozzles can be both narrow – up to 113/32 inch, and very wide. Large nozzles, unlike narrow ones, dry hair in a gentle manner and do not pose a risk to hair. That is why professionals advise using a hair dryer with an air hole of more than 2 inch and power up to 2200W.

Hair dryer styler

Some types of devices include a hair dryer-styler. A round comb is no longer used for drying, but for styling hair.

Professional appliances are usually represented by several types of nozzles. It is very convenient if additional devices are folded in a bag. So the device will be reliably protected from moisture, dirt or shock.

Depending on the type and model, the styler may be equipped with additional features:

  • ionization – reduces the static tension of the hair, protects against the negative effects of high temperatures;
  • cold airflow – reliable fixation of the created styling;
  • steam humidification – prevents drying of the hair. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

The power of a good styler should be at least 800W. In addition, experts recommend using a hair dryer with the maximum number of options and speeds.

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Important functions and features

When choosing a hairdryer for home use, according to stylists, it is important to know what additional features you can use.   Professional equipment equipped with the latest technology allows you to resort to drying and styling more often.

A hair dryer with ionization – Ionic – carefully carries out the drying of curls, aligning the scales of the hairs. Negative ions, due to their characteristic properties, act on the cuticle and fix moisture inside each hair.

Of the latest innovations for the beauty of hair, the use of tourmaline on heating elements can also be distinguished. Tourmaline is a natural mineral that, under the influence of high temperatures, emits negative ions. If we compare the hair dryer with ionization and the tourmaline coating, then in the latter version the emission of ions is many times greater.

The function of automatic rotation of the nozzle is often found in expensive equipment. There is no need to twist your hands and rotate the hair dryer with a brush, which facilitates styling. However, for owners of long or curly curls without experience, such an “automaton” can confuse hair.

The most important characteristics of devices to which you need to pay attention when buying, hairdressers and stylists consider:

  • Weight.
  • Body material.
  • Motor power.
  • A heating element.
  • Number of speeds.
  • Temperature condition.
  • Nozzles.

Top 5 Professional Hair Dryers

Bosch PHD 2511

Stylish Bosch PHD 2511 – hairdryer for professional styling. Comfortable use at home is achieved by 6 styling modes. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

Bosch PHD 2511, 1800W power has 2 speed switches and 3 temperature settings. In this case, the switches can be adjusted independently of each other. An additional function of the technique is represented by cold blowing.

Lightness of the device and a long cord – 5’9 foot allow you to create styling daily without much effort. Complete with a hairdryer, there is a hub nozzle to give different forms of hairstyle. The only drawback is the fragile plastic case. Therefore, the equipment should be handled carefully.

Scarlett SC-hd70i51

Scarlett SC-hd70i51 professional hair dryer with high power – 200W is suitable for daily hair drying. The developers of the Scarlett line based on the experience of stylists so that owners of luxurious hair can quickly create their own voluminous styling. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

A concentrator nozzle is included in the set of a functional device, which allows you to give the most well-groomed appearance to your hair. Cold blowing and an ionizer take care of the health of the hair and give it silkiness.

The hair dryer has 3 temperature and 2 speed modes. Temperature control and airflow rate are controlled by switches located on the plastic case of the device.

A bold design decision prompts you to choose this particular hairdryer for home use – an exquisite combination of colors such as black and mocha.

Philips drycare bhd282

The Philips Drycare bhd282 hairdryer is the set of essential features for a perfect styling. A powerful 2300W airflow and ionization system guarantee quick drying and smooth hair. The flow of negatively charged ions prevents the curls from tangling even at the most gentle temperature. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

Additional Philips Drycare bhd282 features for easy styling include:

  • cold blowing to fix the hairstyle;
  • 3 temperature conditions;
  • 2 speeds;
  • lightweight construction;
  • cord length 6’6 foot.;
  • ceramic heating device that protects hair from overheating;
  • nozzles: diffuser and concentrator.

In a model with a unique design, customers appreciated the quick cooling mode and the ionization function, allowing you to get even hair.

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Rowenta CV7812F0

Rowenta CV7812F0 is a powerful compact model. Thanks to the built-in professional motor, high quality work and the safety of hair drying at a power of 2100W are ensured. The no
zzle-concentrator, built-in ionizer and patented ceramic coating will eliminate statistical electricity, and the function of cold blowing will allow fixing the installation. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

Separate temperature control is provided by 6 modes of operation of the hairdryer. The body of the device is made of high-quality plastic, due to which the weight of the device increases. Other technical characteristics of the hair dryer are standard – these are 3 heating modes and 2 blowing speeds.

In addition, the owners of the miracle assistant paid tribute to the long cord and the low noise level when the device was operating.

The only negative is heavy weight, more than 500 gr.

Polaris PHD 2077i

Polaris PHD 2077i is the best option for safe installation. The device with a power of 2000W has 3 heating modes and 2 air flow rates. The light hair dryer is equipped with a hub nozzle and additional functions – ionization, cold air supply. How to choose a hair dryer for home use, which professional hair dryer is better

The handle body is made of a soft coating that prevents slipping in the hand. The small-sized hair dryer is quite convenient for traveling. Given the cost of a small but powerful technique, it’s hard to find flaws. According to customer reviews, the only drawback may be a quick heating of the hairdryer body and the unpleasant odor coming from it.

The qualities of a good hair dryer – tips from hairdressers

A high-quality hair dryer will help to make a stable styling and quickly dry your hair.

According to stylists, a good device should meet the following parameters:

  • temperature conditions with hot, warm and cold air;
  • several speeds – directed hot air flow does not dry hair;
  • power – the higher this indicator, the hotter the air supply will be and the faster drying is done, especially for thick hair;
  • the cord should be flexible and not thin, 8’2 – 9’8 foot long with a freely rotating element in the area of attachment to the device;
  • the weight of the device should not be less than 400 g .;
  • Noise dryer may adversely affect the morning awakening of households or neighbors. Special mufflers and some models of quiet devices will solve the problem.

If it is determined with the technical characteristics of the device, then you should pay attention to the appearance of the equipment. A good quality hairdryer is made of heat-resistant and impact-resistant plastic. Poor coating at the first impact can crack.

It is important to notice what the hair dryer handle is made of. Too smooth a holder will slide in your hand, so it is best to give preference to grooved or rubberized.

Only world-class manufacturers guarantee both long-term operation of the hair dryer and its safety during home use.

By choosing the right model, you can create hairstyles on a professional level daily.

Home Hair Dryer Selection Video

How to choose the right hairdryer for home and for the hairdresser:

How to choose a hair dryer correctly. TOP criteria: 

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