Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home

High-quality eyelash dyeing can be done independently at home, having prepared in advance for the procedure. For this, you do not need to have a special education and purchase expensive materials, tools.

Benefits of Eyelash Tinting

The procedure for staining eyelashes at home has several advantages at once. The first is saving time. The girl does not need to adapt to the master and drop everything for the procedure.

The second important advantage is the saving of the family budget. The cost of self-coloring at home is much lower. It does not include the price for the services of a master, rental of a salon and other components. As a result, beautiful eyelashes can be obtained at minimal cost.

Independently paint eyelashes is much more comfortable. A girl can carefully control her movements, act as carefully as possible and not be afraid that the master, because of his carelessness, will make her painful or unpleasant. In the cabin, they often feel uncomfortable due to the close attention of others and the unusual environment.

Contraindications to the staining procedure

The list of contraindications to the beauty procedure needs to be studied first.

You can not dye eyelashes with special paint if:

  • the girl has any diseases of the eyes, mucous membranes, eyelids, otherwise chemicals from the composition of the cosmetic product can only worsen the condition;
  • there is an allergy to any component of the coloring matter; Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home
  • the fair sex sensitive eyelid skin;
  • the girl wears contact lenses that make her eyes more susceptible to any irritants (in this case, it is not recommended to resort even to salon coloring).

If the procedure has already been carried out, then the whole next day you should refrain from going to the bathhouse, sauna, pool. It is also advisable not to use oil makeup removers for 3 weeks. They quickly wash hair dye.

What paint to choose for dyeing eyelashes

Coloring eyelashes at home is successful only if the coloring agent for the procedure is correctly selected. It is especially important to study its composition before buying.

It is desirable that the paint does not have resorcinol, peroxide and ammonia. These substances can cause severe allergies. Unfortunately, most popular manufacturers add them to their products.

You also need to pay attention to the waiting time during the staining process. If it exceeds 20 minutes, then the procedure turns out to be too long and uncomfortable. It is better to choose quick paints.

Dark-haired girls should always buy exactly the means for coloring black. If you take too light a shade, it may just be invisible on the hair. Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home

Excellent if there is an opportunity to purchase phytocosmetics with a soft hypoallergenic formula. Such funds are more expensive, but they are prepared on a plant basis and do not harm the body.

If, despite contraindications, the girl still decided to dye her eyelashes while wearing lenses, then she needs to choose exclusively low-fat preparations. In order to accurately understand that the paint will not cause dangerous reactions, it is recommended that you first test for allergies and check how the skin reacts to the product. You can use the composition if the reaction does not occur within 20 hours

Natural dyes (henna, basma)

Today on sale you can find natural dyes for eyelashes. They have only one drawback – it’s a bit more difficult to use such tools than chemical compounds and you will have to try to achieve the perfect result.

Among the vegetable dyes, the most popular are henna and basma. Both options do not cause allergies and are absolutely safe for the female body. Henna is used to obtain a lighter brown shade, basma – for black. If desired, you can mix both products in different proportions and get unusual interesting shades. Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home

Hue Henna (in parts) Basma (in parts)
Bronze 2 1
The black 1 2
Chestnut 1 1

If natural mixtures are used for dyeing hairs, then the exposure time on the eyelashes will need to be increased. You may even have to repeat the procedure. But natural paint also strengthens the hairs, accelerates their growth.

It is very important to use only fresh basma and / or henna. The latter in its pure form does not suit dark-haired swarthy girls, as it gives a noticeable copper tint.

Special paints

Using special chemical paints for eyelashes is much easier to use than natural ones. The result is excellent with less effort.

The following store items are considered the best:

  • Bonachrome (from Schwarzkopf) – it is odorless, does not pinch eyes, gives a bright beautiful color, but has only 3 shades in the palette;
  • Enigma from ESTEL – with a huge range of colors from emerald to burgundy, even suitable for sensitive skin, but contains ammonia; Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home
  • Rocolor is a budget paint with a convenient mixing container and a brush for applying, but with only 2 colors in the palette.

In packages with ready-made products there is always a detailed instruction on their use. This greatly facilitates the procedure. In addition to conventional paints, today there are also special laminating compounds on sale. Substances from their formula fill the voids in the hairs and make the appearance more healthy, and the color saturated.

Regardless of which paint is purchased, you must always carefully study its composition. In the best options there will be most natural components: oils, vitamins, plant extracts, wax. But hydrogen peroxide, resorcinol and ammonia can cause not only allergies, but also severe irritation and even swelling of the eyelids.

Shade selection

When choosing a shade for eyelashes, you need to remember that they should tur
n out the darkest hairs on the face. Even the eyebrows will be slightly lighter. Experts suggest: ideally, eyelashes are 1-2 tones darker than the hair on the head.

For blondes and light blonde girls, the black palette is not suitable. They are better off turning their attention to gray tones. Black women are also not suitable for red women, but they can choose brown or dark brown. If the curls are bright, you can even take chestnut or any color with a red tint. Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home

Dark-haired girls are allowed to use different shades of the black palette.

Bright brunettes – even blue-black. But the gray shade is well suited graphite shade.

With the choice of the right shade of eyelashes, the color type can also help:

  • winter: all shades of black and gray (dark) paint;
  • spring: brown and dark brown paint;
  • summer: purple, gray and black paint;
  • Autumn: Bordeaux, black, brown paint.

Today there is a special computer program that, with the help of a photo, helps to choose the perfect shade of eyelashes and eyebrows for a girl. She should use before the staining procedure.

When you can not dye eyelashes

In a woman’s life, there are periods in which it is not recommended to dye any hair. For example, during menstruation. During this period, due to hormonal imbalance in the body, the result of the procedure can be very different from the desired one – it will produce a completely unexpected shade or not paint at all.

If funds with chemicals in the composition are used, then the procedure is prohibited for a woman during pregnancy and lactation. This is especially dangerous in the first months of the “interesting situation.” Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home

The harmful components of paint can affect the development of the brain and vital organs of the baby. Even vaporization products that the girl will inhale during the procedure are dangerous.

Step-by-step instructions for coloring eyelashes to yourself

Eyelash tinting at home is possible even without help. But in the process you need to be extremely careful and make sure that the coloring agent does not get into the eyes. Usually the first procedure is the most difficult. In subsequent times, it is possible to get used to, and the process becomes much simpler.

Precautionary measures

Performing the beauty procedure under discussion at home, the following precautions should be observed:

  • be sure to remove the lenses before staining, otherwise the paint may permanently ruin them;
  • it is necessary to act extremely carefully and do everything possible so that the coloring composition does not get into the eyes;
  • if you still couldn’t avoid the trouble, you will need to immediately remove the paint with a cotton swab and rinse your eyes with plenty of clean warm water;
  • To protect the skin around the eyes, before the procedure, it should be covered with a thick layer of any oily cream. Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home

An allergy test, mentioned above, is also required. You need to carry it out about a day before the procedure.

Necessary tools

The entire staining process usually takes 12-15 minutes. The procedure does not require the purchase of some rare expensive materials and tools. The most important thing is to choose a suitable container for mixing the coloring compounds. It is better to take a container of glass or porcelain for this purpose.

Metal bowls are forbidden to use, since this material reacts with paint and as a result, the color of the composition that the girl expects may be completely different.

You also need to prepare:

  • a large mirror (it will help to closely monitor the entire process of work and avoid many mistakes);
  • a brush for applying paint (the remaining from the old carcass is well suited for this purpose, but you can also take ordinary cotton buds); Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home
  • cotton pads (they are needed not only to remove excess paint, but also to protect the lower and upper eyelids);
  • scissors (to cut cotton pads);
  • oily face
    / petroleum jelly (to lubricate the area around the eyes).

Complete with some eyelash paints is also everything you need for their application. For example, a special brush and a container for mixing. Such sets are slightly more expensive, but very convenient to use.

Preparation of the coloring composition

Natural paints are very easily bred or mixed together. They are first poured with hot water to obtain a homogeneous consistency without lumps, and then neatly combined. The exact proportions for mixing henna and basma are in the table above.

To prevent the appearance of an ugly greenish tint in the composition, you need to add a pinch of ground coffee or 3-4 drops of a strong infusion of chamomile.

Ready-made store paints are bred with an oxidizing agent. For example, 2 drops of peroxide are taken per 0,07 fluid ounce of the coloring composition. The latter can be replaced with a hydroperide tablet dissolved in water. The composition is mixed solely with a wooden stick.

Eyelash preparation

It is very important to prepare not only the coloring compounds, but also your eyelashes, the areas around them.

To do this, you need:

  1. Cleanse the eyes and skin around them with a light, oil-free product. Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home
  2. Degrease eyelashes with a primer or a suitable tonic.
  3. Comb the hairs with a clean brush.
  4. Apply a thick layer of cream (oily) or cosmetic Vaseline around the eyes.
  5. Cut the cotton pad into two equal parts and put the halves under the eyelashes on top and bottom.

If there is such an opportunity, it is best to ask relatives for help with dyeing eyelashes. It will not work out quickly on its own.

Apply makeup to eyelashes

When the eyelashes and the skin around the eyes are prepared, you can dilute the coloring composition and proceed with the procedure. It is necessary to apply the finished
composition to the hairs. You can do this with a special brush, the old one left from the mascara, or an ordinary cotton swab.

It is more convenient to apply paint from the roots of the eyelashes to the ends (necessarily – with a thick layer). All coloring movements should be clear and accurate. The procedure will be the same for store, and for natural compounds. Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home

The exposure time of the paint on the eyelashes depends on the chosen product. It is always indicated on the packaging. So, with the popular Estelle Enigma remedy – up to 10 minutes, and with Rocolor – up to 15 minutes. Paints with exposure time on eyelashes up to 25 minutes are less common.

Natural remedies will have to be left in the balance for longer. The minimum term is 35-40 minutes. Otherwise, the dye simply will not be taken.

Dye removal

Coloring eyelashes at home ends with the removal of dye. No special tools are used for this. Enough ordinary warm water.

You can wash yourself directly under the tap or using a cotton swab and a bowl of liquid. Repeat the procedure until transparent water begins to drain from the eyelashes. All that remains is to get your hair wet with dry cotton swabs and wipe the paint stains off your face.

Eyelash care after dyeing

After staining for about 20 hours, you can not use any cosmetics for the eyes and eyelashes. It is also advisable to abandon swimming in the sea, visiting a bath, sauna, solarium.

Colored eyelashes always need special care. At home, you can nourish them with natural oils (even ordinary olive or burdock), as well as by any means, which include vitamins A and E. Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at home

It is undesirable to process eyelashes after painting with cleansing compounds. For example, scrubs, soap, foam, tonic. It is necessary to cleanse the face gently, avoiding touching the hairs.

Possible consequences

Often, the fair sex expect that dyeing eyelashes with paint will make them healthier, stronger, accelerate growth. This is relevant only if natural henna or basma is used. Store compounds only make eyelashes darker.

In addition, frequent staining with chemical dyes can worsen their condition – make them thinner, weaker. Therefore, additional care for eyelashes is so important.

How often can I do permanent makeup

Repeat the procedure preferably not more than 1 time per month. Even if the eyelashes have faded earlier, it is worth giving them time to relax and more often lubricate with castor oil at night.

How long does the effect last

Most modern paints last on eyelashes for about 20 days. After this time, they begin to fade. Eyelash tinting. Photos, step-by-step instructions for yourself at homeMost hairs have time to change, in their place grow new, unpainted.

Ways to fix a failed result

If the representative of the fair sex did not satisfy the staining result, she should immediately remove the paint from her eyelashes with a large amount of soapy water. The main thing is that the liquid does not get into the eyes.

There are also effective ways to lighten eyelashes – wipe them with vegetable oil, hydrogen peroxide or freshly squeezed lemon juice. Repeat the procedure until you can achieve the desired result.

The cost of dye for eyelashes

The cheapest dyes for eyelashes are natural. The cost of a bag of basma or henna starts from $ 0,23. A budget cream-paint without a brush in the composition can be bought for $ 0,88.

The procedure for dyeing eyelashes will allow the girl to forget about the daily application of mascara. Moreover, her look will always be bright and expressive. Even at home, painting can be done efficiently and get the perfect result.

Video about dyeing eyelashes

Eyelash Tint:

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