Solcoseryl. Instructions for the use of facial ointments for wrinkles, acne, a mask with Dimexidum. Price

Solcoseryl gel and ointment are inexpensive pharmaceutical preparations that have good cosmetic results. The article discusses its properties, instructions, methods of using ointments for facial skin care.

Chemical composition

The main element of the ointment is deproteinized dialysate, which is obtained from the blood of healthy dairy calves (2.07 mg per 1 g of ointment). The dialysate purified from proteins is obtained from natural raw materials by hemodialysis.

The substrate that remains contains a large number of amino acids, glycoproteins, nucleotides. The molecular weight of these molecules is not more than 5000 daltons, which is comparable with the size of human skin cells.

Excipients that make up the basis of the ointment:

  • Cetyl (palmitic) alcohol is a stabilizer safe in cosmetics and a thickener. It refers to fatty alcohols. The product is used to soften the skin and increase its elasticity. It creates a thin protective film on the surface of the skin, allowing the skin to breathe freely, allowing oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through. Cetyl alcohol promotes hydration by reducing moisture evaporation.
  • Cholesterol (cholesterol) – stabilizer, emulsifier, viscosity regulator. Cholesterol is found in almost all tissues of a living organism, and is part of the lipid barrier (approximately 1/3 of skin lipids). Molecules of cholesterol are hydrophobic, that is, they do not mix with water. It helps to increase the rigidity of the stratum corneum, that is, resistance to unwanted effects, as well as maintaining the necessary level of rigidity. Cholesterol is a natural component. It is recognized as safe in cosmetics. Solcoseryl. Instructions for the use of facial ointments for wrinkles, acne, a mask with Dimexidum. Price
  • White petrolatum – questions can cause the origin of petroleum jelly as a petrochemical product. But one cannot deny its positive properties such as the ability to protect, moisturize, soften the skin. This is due to the formation on the surface of the film, which protects against adverse effects on the skin, including from severe frosts. Vaseline molecules are too large to penetrate the skin. This component has no official contraindications for use in cosmetics.
  • Water for injection – purified sterilized water.
  • As preservatives, food additives are used , which are usually used in pairs:
  1. E218 – methyl parahydroxybenzoate, is considered biologically and environmentally safe, the opposite opinion has no scientific evidence;
  2. E216 – propyl parahydroxybenzoate, considered safe for external use, is prohibited in the food industry.

Indications for use in cosmetology

The properties of hemodialysate have been studied in part, only by chemical and pharmacological methods. AT

those tests that were conducted, the main properties were identified:

  • stimulates recovery processes;
  • activates metabolic processes using oxygen to convert carbohydrates into energy;
  • delivers glucose to cells lacking oxygen, thereby nourishing them and including them in metabolic processes;
  • increases collagen synthesis;
  • causes cells to divide.

The components of the basis of Solcoseryl ointment also have a beneficial effect on the skin condition. Ointment is used to treat various wounds at the onset of scarring.

Solcoseryl face ointment is recommended for use:

  • lifting – skin tightening;
  • smoothing and reducing wrinkles;
    Solcoseryl. Instructions for the use of facial ointments for wrinkles, acne, a mask with Dimexidum. Price
    Solcoseryl is used for burns
  • improving complexion due to increased blood circulation;
  • fight against rash and inflammation;
  • restoration of damaged skin areas, smoothing scars.


The drug did not pass tests on living organisms, and the usual pharmacological tests in full are impossible due to the properties of the drug itself. Therefore, its effect on the body is not fully understood.

You can not use “Solcoseryl” ointment with:

  • intolerance to any component of the drug;
  • tendency to allergies.

Instructions for use in cosmetology

Instructions for use ointment Solcoseryl for the face positions the product as a possible allergen. Before using the product, it is necessary to check for a possible negative skin reaction.

It is necessary to apply a little ointment to sensitive places (elbow bend, wrist). After a few hours, you need to check the response. In the absence of redness or rash, you can use Solcoseryl ointment as a cosmetic product. Solcoseryl. Instructions for the use of facial ointments for wrinkles, acne, a mask with Dimexidum. Price

Ointment is more suitable for mature skin.

It is necessary to adhere to the following application scheme:

  1. to cleanse the face previously, as before the usual cosmetic procedure, you can optionally steam it;
  2. ointment is applied in a small amount with a layer of 1/32 – 3/32 inch, with extreme caution on the skin around the eyes to avoid swelling, burns and redness;
  3. hold for 1 hour, remove the residue with a damp cloth and wash your face, apply a suitable cream;
  4. use 1-2 times a week for 30 days, the frequency and duration depends on the age and condition of the skin;
  5. Other active ingredients can be added to the masks to enhance the effect.

How to apply for acne

Solcoseryl recommends the use of facial ointment as a healing agent for:

  • wounds;
  • burns;
  • frostbite. Solcoseryl. Instructions for the use of facial ointments for wrinkles, acne, a mask with Dimexidum. Price

It is effective for resolving the effects of rashes:

  • scarring;
  • spots;
  • scars.

There is no evidence that Solcoseryl helps relieve inflammation. Ointment can cause further exacerbation and clogging of pores. It must be applied in points to the problem area from 1 to 2 times a day. Use the product for 1 to 2 months.

How to apply for wrinkles

Solcoseryl with the addition of retinol and tocopherol (additional vitamins), as a tool that affects collagen synthesis, is recommended by cosmetol
ogists to reduce facial wrinkles. Vitamins (can be taken in capsules) should be added to the preparation, mix thoroughly and put on the prepared face for 30 minutes, remove with a damp cloth.

From other skin problems

By mixing Solcoseryl with other substances, you can prepare masks to solve various skin problems:

  • Grape seed oil ( 0,17 fluid ounce), ointment (5 g) – for the skin around the eyes. Pre-cool the mixture in the refrigerator and apply in the evening with light massage movements along the massage lines. The tool smoothes wrinkles, relieves swelling. It can be used once a week for 4-5 weeks, 2 times a year. Solcoseryl. Instructions for the use of facial ointments for wrinkles, acne, a mask with Dimexidum. Price
    Solcoseryl. Instructions for the use of facial ointments for wrinkles, acne, a mask with Dimexidum. Price
  • Egg white, tocopherol (5 drops), ointment – for teenage problem skin. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed, put on hand, avoiding the area around the eyes. It is necessary to wait until the product begins to tighten the skin, rinse it off with warm water. You can use the mask for 1-2 months 2 times a week.
  • Vitamin B2 (1 ampoule), ascorutin (1-2 pcs. Grind to powder), ointment (5 g) – to restore elasticity and nutrition. It is recommended to steam the face and apply the mask for half an hour, avoiding the eye area. Apply 2-3 times a week for 30 days. After 3 months, the course can be repeated.
  • Aloe juice ( 0,34 fluid ounce), sea buckthorn oil ( 0,17 fluid ounce), ointment (10 g) – to restore dry skin and smooth small wrinkles. Steam the face, apply a mask for 20 minutes, can be applied to the skin around the eyes. It is allowed to use the mask constantly 1 time per week.

Mask with Solcoseryl and Dimexide: preparation, use

The mask has a reputation as an effective tool and provides for the use of two pharmaceutical products in two stages: Dimexide prepares the skin surface for further application of Solcoseryl, enhancing its effect.

Dimexide is a medicine with a specific odor. The mask is used to improve the permeability of the skin. Negative reactions are possible: allergy, burning, itching, nausea, vomiting, bronchospasm. Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. Before use, you must check the product for allergies.

Stages and rules of the procedure:

  1. For greater effect, the face can be steamed before the procedure so that the pores open. Solcoseryl. Instructions for the use of facial ointments for wrinkles, acne, a mask with Dimexidum. Price
  2. Dilute Dimexide with water: for 1 teaspoons. Dimexidum take 10 teaspoons. water (1:10). Using a cotton swab, gradually apply the entire solution to the face.
  3. Then apply the ointment with a layer of 1/32 inch. It is not recommended to apply on the skin around the eyes for the first 1-2 times, then a thin layer is allowed.
  4. Keep the mask for 30-50 minutes, the first time no more than 30 minutes. The drying mask must be constantly moistened, not allowing complete drying.
  5. Remove residues with a napkin, wash your face with water, apply a nourishing cream.
  6. The mask is recommended to be used 2 times a week for the first time (2-3 weeks), then 1 time per month to maintain the effect.


In the instructions for use, information on an overdose of Solcoseryl is absent. It must be remembered that the properties of the drug are not fully understood, with the uncontrolled use of ointments for the face, the result can be unpredictable.

Ointment is recommended for severe age-related changes. To prevent side effects, it is recommended to apply the ointment 2 times a week and in courses. Long-term use leads to a weakening of the desired result.

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Side effects

Possible negative consequences of using the ointment: urticaria,al dermatitis, burning at the place of application of the drug. In all cases, you need to stop using the ointment.

In reviews of the use of Solcoseryl ointment as a cosmetic product, there is information about the deterioration of the condition with acne and inflammation, about the appearance of new wrinkles.


Due to the low knowledge of the drug, no features were recorded during its interaction with other substances at the site of application.


Ointments Levomekol, Methyluracil, Apropol, Actovegin – are similar to Solcoseryl ointments as wound healing agents. But only Actovegin has the same active substance (deproteinized dialysate from the blood of healthy dairy calves) and in practically the same quantities. Solcoseryl. Instructions for the use of facial ointments for wrinkles, acne, a mask with Dimexidum. PriceThe difference is that Actovegin uses white paraffin rather than white petrolatum.

Price in pharmacies

The price of Solkoseril Ointment is not much different in the of USA:

 City Price (aluminum tube 20 g), usd.
New York 314-326
Los Angeles 303
Atlanta 291
Seattle 304
Miami 294
Atlanta 304
Detroit 290

Doctors recommend the use of Solcoseryl ointment, like all other medications, strictly for its intended purpose, following the instructions.

Beauticians note that it is impossible to predict in each case the skin reaction to Solcoseryl. In general, they recommend ointment for home care courses after the age of 30-35 years for dry and dehydrated skin.

All the properties of Solcoseryl ointment are not fully understood, therefore, it is rather difficult to predict the degree of its effect on the person as a whole and on the skin of the face in particular. This is a medical preparation, u
se it for cosmetic purposes carefully, follow the instructions for use, observe the skin reaction.

Video about Solcoseryl

Overview of Solcoseryl as a Wound Healer:

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