Facial peeling for wrinkles. Recipes on how to do scrub peeling at home

Facial peeling is one of the most effective cosmetic skin care procedures, successfully used by women not only in beauty elephants, but also at home.

Dermatologists assure that if you correctly select the ingredients of the composition according to the type of skin, features of the epidermis, you can achieve amazing results of cleansing and rejuvenating the face in just a few sessions, even at home.

But you need to remember – you need to carry out cleaning strictly following the rules and observing the recipe, otherwise you can provoke the appearance of acne, irritation and even burns.

Rules for home peeling

Home peeling requires preparation and compliance with a number of rules, as well as knowledge of its types. By strength and depth of exposure, peeling is divided into superficial, median and deep. If it is necessary to get rid of the dead particles of the dermis, even out the complexion and eliminate wrinkles, a superficial cleaning will suffice.

Facial peeling for wrinkles. Recipes on how to do scrub peeling at home

Compositions for such cleansing are usually made on the basis of fruits, berries and vegetables, as well as seeds of different fruits. Such mixtures act very delicately and are not able to harm the skin, so they can safely be used at home.

As for the middle and deep peelings, they are most often made on the basis of fruit and chemical acids. Mixtures with such components penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and act on it from the inside. That is why, in order to prevent the occurrence of side effects, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using such active formulations.

Regardless of which recipe is chosen, cleaning is necessary, observing the following rules:

  • The composition is applied only to pre-cleansed skin, without makeup residues and other impurities. If the epidermis is oily, it is recommended to treat the face with a special gel or tonic that removes the greasy layer from the surface. So the composition can penetrate the pores, which will enhance the effect of the procedure.
  • The prepared mixture must be applied to the fingertips, without gloves. The mass must be gently rubbed into the surface of the skin for 2-3 minutes, then left to exposure.
  • Regardless of the type of epidermis, peeling residues are washed off with water, whose temperature is about 38 degrees. The remaining moisture from the face is removed with a disposable paper towel.
  • If there is a feeling of tightness, 15 minutes after washing, an intensive moisturizer should be applied to the skin.
  • Women with dry or aging skin need to use scrubs very carefully, since such procedures can have the opposite effect and contribute to sagging.
  • Peeling is not recommended for girls with problematic dermis, prone to rashes and irritation. There is a chance of infection.
  • Peeling is done no more than once a week. If the skin is dry, brush twice a month.

To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to choose the composition together with a cosmetologist or dermatologist. The specialist will objectively assess the condition of the skin and say which components are suitable, and which ones should be discarded.

Regularity of the procedures

How often you can do peeling, it turns out individually, as the skin has different types, sensitivity, allergies, tone and other features. On average, the frequency of such treatments varies with the time of year, age and skin type of the woman, as well as which abrasive materials are used.

Even superficial peeling penetrates into the dermis and violates the integrity of the upper layers (due to which tissue is updated), so the skin will need some time for rehabilitation. The minimum recovery period is about 7 days. If scrubbing is carried out more often, the skin will become thinner and drier, and severe irritation may appear.

Facial peeling for wrinkles. Recipes on how to do scrub peeling at home
At home, it is recommended to carry out superficial and median peeling for the face.

At home, the choice of a facial peeling recipe and the frequency of its use mainly depend on the season and type of epidermis:

  1. Fatty epidermis. Scrubbing is recommended once every 10 days. It is not worth doing the treatment more often, as this may increase the production of fat, which will lead to the appearance of sebaceous plugs and the cleaning effect will be invisible. Girls with oily skin are advised to use scrub based on coffee grounds, sugar or salt.
  2. Dry skin. Dry dermis is the most delicate and vulnerable, peeling can be done no more than 2 times a month. If redness or peeling appears on the face after cleansing, the interval should be increased to 3 weeks. Most suitable for dry epidermis are scrubs based on oatmeal and linden honey.
  3. Combination skin. Facial cleansing is carried out as necessary. Women with such skin need to be very careful in choosing the composition, it is advisable to give priority to natural ingredients.
  4. Normal skin. This type of epidermis tolerates cleansing with both homemade mixtures and professional peeling. Girls with this type of skin can be exfoliated once a week. If mixtures with natural abrasives are used for cleaning, scrubbing can be done every 4 days.

Most women make homemade scrubs based on natural products that contain alpha and beta acids. Such peelings are gentle and cause irritation only in people with hypersensitive skin.

The greatest amount of alpha-hydro acids is found in fermented milk products, citrus fruits, apple and wine vinegar. These substances help eliminate age spots and prevent acne.

Girls with a fatty skin type are recommended to use scrubs with the addition of salicylic acid, since the substance violates the structure of the sebaceous secretion and penetrates the pores, disinfecting and disinfecting them. Peeling based on various herbs, sugarcane, coffee grounds and apricot kernels is also very popular in home cosmetology.

Experts immediately warn that it is almost impossible to find the perfect composition for yourself the first time, for this you will have to experiment with various recipes.

Recipe 1. Soft scrub with citrus peels.

The main advantage of this recipe is that the prepared scrub is considered universal and suitable for any type of skin. Peeling with orange peels has a nourishing effect, and evens out the face, eliminating tuberosity. Facial peeling for wrinkles. Recipes on how to do scrub peeling at home

For cooking you will need:

  • 2 tablespoon of chopped orange peels;
  • linden honey (teaspoon);
  • crushed hazelnuts (teaspoon).

The ingredients need to be mixed together and carefully apply the resulting composition. To achieve the best effect, the pulp should be driven into the skin for about 3-5 minutes, after which it is necessary to carefully remove the remnants of the product with water.

Recipe 2. With brown sugar

Homemade peeling with brown sugar will not only effectively cleanse dead cells, but will soothe and saturate the skin with moisture. The most effective is considered a sugar scrub with honey. Facial peeling for wrinkles. Recipes on how to do scrub peeling at home

The composition is prepared as follows: 1 teaspoon of fresh linden honey is mixed with 0.5 tablespoons of brown sugar. Next, the composition is evenly distributed over the skin, rubbed and left to act for 3-5 minutes.

Recipe 3. With salt

Regardless of the ingredients, any scrub with salt improves blood flow to the face, due to which metabolic processes are activated and accelerated. After such a treatment, the epidermis is not only cleansed, but also begins to be actively updated.

To prepare the composition you will need:

  • honey (a third of a glass);
  • jojoba extract (a third of a glass);
  • blue clay (2 tablespoon);
  • milk powder (25 g);
  • sea salt (50 g)

This scrub will help eliminate acne and remove small folds. You can use the composition at any age.

Recipe 4. From ground coffee

Coffee-based face peeling has long been considered traditional. Moreover, it is used not only at home, but also in various beauty salons. Coffee scrub is one of the best ways to prevent premature aging and increase skin tone.

The substances included in the coffee contribute to the production of collagen and elastin, so that after a few sessions the tissues become more elastic. Coffee scrub is prepared very simply, for it you need only 2 components:

  • coffee grounds (2 tablespoon);
  • olive oil (tablespoon).

To achieve maximum effect, the oil needs to be slightly warmed up, and only then add coffee to it.

Recipe 5. With chopped rice and cottage cheese

A small amount of chopped rice (a teaspoon) should be mixed with the same amount of low-fat cottage cheese. A little vegetable oil is added to the resulting mass, after which all components must be mixed until a homogeneous gruel is formed. Facial peeling for wrinkles. Recipes on how to do scrub peeling at home

The resulting scrub is recommended to be slightly warmed up in a water bath, and only then applied to the face.

Rice peeling not only removes impurities, but also nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The product is ideal for women with delicate skin that is sensitive to cleansing.

Recipe 6. From eggshell and lemon juice

To prepare the composition, you will need such components:

  • crushed eggshell;
  • linden honey;
  • lemon juice;
  • water.

All ingredients are taken in the same proportions, they need to be mixed and put the resulting mass on the face. This scrub will help remove pigmentation and even out the shade of the epidermis. Experts advise chopping the shell as small as possible, so the composition will turn out to be softer, and will not injure the skin.

Lactic acid procedure: instruction

Lactic acid peeling is effective and efficient. Lactic acid acts on the tissue very delicately, restores skin smoothness and elasticity, and also helps to improve skin color. If you carry out such a cleaning constantly, the metabolic processes will improve, starting the rejuvenation process. Facial peeling for wrinkles. Recipes on how to do scrub peeling at home

To achieve a pronounced result, it is necessary to do 5-8 procedures with a break of 14 days. Since milk peeling is a chemical peeling, it will be possible to repeat the course only after 8 months. At home, such a cleaning is carried out as follows:

  1. It is necessary to stock up in advance with all the necessary components: medical alcohol, cotton pads, facial cleansing tonic, pharmacy solution with lactic acid (not more than 40%).
  2. The face needs to be washed and remove makeup residues.
  3. After this, the epidermis is degreased with alcohol.
  4. The cotton pad is wetted in a solution with lactic acid, they carefully treat the face, bypassing the area around the eyes and lips.
  5. The composition remains for 1 minute exposure. During cleaning, a burning or tingling sensation may occur, such an organism reaction is normal and should not be afraid of it.
  6. After 60 seconds, the solution is washed off with cool water.

Experts advise such cleaning in the fall, when the risk of ultraviolet rays on the skin is not so high.

How is TCA facial peeling at home

TCA facial peeling is a special cosmetology procedure based on trichloroacetic acid . At home, scrubbing must be done carefully and carefully, since this substance penetrates into the deeper layers and, if used improperly, can cause irritation and burns. Facial peeling for wrinkles. Recipes on how to do scrub peeling at home

If you carry out the procedure, strictly following the algorithm of actions and the advice of doctors, the effect of it will be gorgeous. The skin will begin to renew after the first treatment, the tissues will become more elastic and velvety. Beauticians claim that TCA peeling helps to narrow the pores, so they emit less fat.

To carry out the procedure, cosmetologists are advised to purchase ready-made formulations. The concentration of active ingredients in them is calculated correctly, so the risk of negative effects on the skin will be minimized. Algorithm of actions:

  1. The face needs to be cleaned and degreased (you can use an alcohol solution).
  2. Next, the composition with trichloroacetic acid must be carefully applied to the surface of the tissues. Peeling is usually applied in 3 thin layers. During the exposure, unpleasant sensations may occur, and a white coating may begin to stand out on the skin. You should not be afraid of such a reaction, since it is natural and indicates that the treatment is carried out correctly.
  3. After a few minutes, the composition must be removed using a special neutralizer, which comes complete with trichloroacetic acid.
  4. After that, you need to thoroughly wash with warm water and apply a nourishing cream to the skin.

Beta Hydro Acid Home Peeling: A Step-by-Step Guide

The most popular scrubber is Aspirin. These tablets very delicately affect the tissues, dry them and disinfect the surface. In addition, Aspirin perfectly fights even with old pigmentation. Facial peeling for wrinkles. Recipes on how to do scrub peeling at home

The undoubted advantage of this peeling is that it is suitable for all skin types, and it’s not difficult to prepare the composition. It is necessary to crush 3 tablets and mix the powder with plain water (
if the dermis is dry, replace the water with jojoba oil). Then, liquid honey is added to the composition.

Now you need to mix all the ingredients and put the mass to languish in a water bath. When the composition thickens, it must be removed from the stove and gently applied to the steamed face. The composition is left on the surface for 15 minutes, after which aspirin must be neutralized with water with the addition of soda.

Professional glycolic facial peeling at home: instructions

Glycolic peeling helps moisturize the skin, and also promotes the production of hyaluronic acid, which accelerates many metabolic processes. It is advisable to carry out cleaning using pharmacy formulations produced by well-known brands. Facial peeling for wrinkles. Recipes on how to do scrub peeling at home

Before proceeding with active actions, experts advise visiting a dermatologist who will help to choose the right composition and say what concentration of the active substance will be optimal. To avoid complications, an allergic reaction test is performed before treatment.

Glycolic peeling is very easy – you need to carefully distribute the composition on the surface with a brush, bypassing the area around the eyes. The product is left to act for 3-5 minutes, after which you will need to wash it with warm water (or the neutralizer that comes with the kit). To prevent peeling after 20 minutes, the skin should be treated with a moisturizer.

Skin care after the procedure

What kind of skin care should be after scrubbing depends on the type of epidermis, as well as on which composition was applied.

in any case, to prevent complications, it is recommended to adhere to such universal recommendations:

  1. On the first day, it is strictly forbidden to wash your face with various foams and gels, also touch your face with your hands and apply various masks on it.
  2. If the weather is sunny, the first 3 days it is advisable not to be in direct sunlight, they can trigger pigmentation.
  3. If redness and irritation appear on the face, it can be treated with a thin layer of Bepanten.
  4. The first 3 days are not recommended to use foundation and powder.
  5. A week after scrubbing is prohibited to visit the baths.

If after peeling for the face at home, all these recommendations are followed, the risk of complications will be minimal.

Scrubbing not only helps cleanse the pores, but also promotes tissue renewal, so every woman should carry out such procedures. It is best to choose the composition and frequency with a cosmetologist, only in this case the result will be excellent.

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