Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use

In the beauty – suitcases of professional makeup artists and handbags of girls along with eyeliner, lipstick and mascara now lies concealer for the face. The fact that this is not known to everyone, but recently this product has become part of the basic set of cosmetics.

What is a face concealer

Facial concealer: what it is, how to choose a product and use it, it’s not difficult to figure it out. Concealer is a cosmetic product to mask defects and imperfections in the skin of the face.

A similarity of concealer appeared back in 1928. A chemist and artist from America Lydia O’Leary invented a tonal agent with which she masked her birthmark. In 1942, H. Rubinstein created a foundation that can mask burns. The final version was introduced by Max Factor in 1954. His product was used by all Hollywood stars.

Why is it needed

Many girls are mistaken that the concealer can only mask circles under the eyes. The product does it perfectly, but its scope is much wider.

Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use
What is a face concealer – a tool that will help emphasize the contours of your face or eliminate imperfections

Concealer can:

  • hide redness and age spots;
  • visually remove small wrinkles;
  • hide enlarged pores;
  • make the surface of the face even;
  • block the spider veins.

What is different from the corrector

What is a concealer for the face, and how to distinguish it from the corrector is a difficult question. Very often, concealer is equated or confused with a corrector. In fact, in some situations, these products can replace each other, since the corrector is also a means to mask skin imperfections.

Still, they differ:

  • the concealer has a translucent texture that overlaps with a tonal base, it can be used on large areas of the skin;
  • the corrector is thick, it is applied pointwise and applied exclusively to areas with imperfections: acne, acne;
  • concealer can be all nude shades, even yellow or lilac in the corrector;
  • concealer is able to soften and moisturize the face, and the corrector, on the contrary, overdries the skin;
  • the concealer is applied on a tonal basis, and the corrector under it.

Such confusion is often created by the manufacturers themselves.

The word “concealer” can often be seen on the labels of palettes with yellow or purple means, and in the instructions for using the corrector you can read about the possibility of using it on the whole face. To buy a good product, you need to test it right before you buy in the store, and do not go into the details indicated on the package.

Pencil concealer

Facial concealer in this design is recommended when accuracy is needed. They can mask a pimple, pigmentation or mole. To get the perfect result you need to sharpen the pencil correctly. The product is precisely applied to skin imperfections and after 30 seconds it is shaded with a brush or a beauty blender. Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use

This pencil is used to change the contour of the lips. If you bring them the mucous membrane of the eye, you can visually increase them.

Cream Concealer

It is recommended for use on dry, combination and normal skin. Its coverage is both medium and very dense. More often it is applied to the lower eyelid for the correction of dark circles, as well as for blocking skin pigmentation. When used on oily skin, it is recommended to apply mineral powder on top for dullness and better fixation of the concealer.

Liquid concealer

This is a universal product suitable for all skin types, except for dry skin (the cream version should be used here). The liquid product is easily applied to the skin, does not dry it out and does not clog into the pores. Thanks to it, you can hide acne and traces from them, and also without fear to use on the area with wrinkles. Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use

Such funds may have various “finishes”:

  • matte possess more resistant means;
  • Satin gives the skin a natural look;
  • shining masking problems around the eyes.

Concealer stick

The stick is used for dry skin type or normal. Its consistency is more dense than that of cream. He can hide redness or freckles in a condition, but when applied to acne or various irregularities, the situation only worsen. This product can clog in the pores and therefore owners of oily skin, this option is not recommended.

Dry concealer

The powdery product is suitable for oily skin, it removes shine and hides pigmentation and inflammation. You can not cover the skin around the eyes with such a concealer: it strongly emphasizes wrinkles and will be noticeable.

Palette of color concealers

In addition to “single” products in one bottle, you can also find concealer palettes consisting of several shades. The masking agent may be nude or color. Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use

A color concealer is needed when it is necessary to mask large areas of skin. The yellow complexion, which even a dense tonal foundation does not hide, will easily correct the color concealer.

Important! In the case of using a color concealer, the basic rule for application does not work. This tool is applied under the tonal basis.

Recently, clown contouring has come into fashion, in which a color agent is symmetrically applied to the face, and then shaded. Thus, you can achieve the perfect skin tone. This technique is most likely not for beginners, but it’s worth a try!

The basis for working with color concealer is tricks with color. When applying green to yellow, you can get blue.

Each imperfection of the skin has its own color:

  • acne and acne – red;
  • moles – brown;
  • age spots – yellow;
  • freckles are reddish.

To mask such defects, you need to use a concealer of the opposite color. It is determined by a special color wheel. The colors that are opposite each other make up a pair that neutralizes each other.

Using this trick, you can easily choose the right concealer. It should be selected in accordance with the color of skin imperfections, which must be hidden.

Why color concealers are needed

Girls who carefully monitor their appearance should know why palettes with color concealers are used and which color is what they are for. Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use

  • Concealer yellow overlaps purple. It is used to correct blueness under the eyes or pinkish and burgundy spots on the skin. Covering them with the entire face, you can even out skin color, and it will become perfect. It is applied as follows: distributed on imperfections and shaded with a sponge or brush. It is recommended to fix the product with powder. The yellow concealer is used to cover almost any skin defects.
  • Lavender and all shades of lilac concealer eliminate defects that have a yellow color, and also correct dullness of the face. A lavender-colored concealer helps correct tired skin. It is only necessary to mix it with the tonal base and apply along the cheekbones and on the forehead, after which it is thoroughly shaded. Violet concealer will give your face freshness and hide acne.
  • The product of green color overlaps red, masks rashes and vessels . To cover serious defects like a burn, you need to connect the green concealer with your foundation and cover the entire problem area.
  • The pink concealer is perfect for masking greenish circles under the eyes. It is produced in various shades from coral to peach. For pale skin, a salmon shade is preferable. Peach is suitable for skin with olive tones. This product is also used as a highlighter when applied along the cheekbones and to other highlight areas.

How to use a face concealer

Using the concealer is carried out in several stages:

  1. Face preparation: cleanse the skin from makeup, use a tonic and moisturizer.
  2. Drawing a tonal basis. The main mistake is to apply a concealer layer in front of the foundation. You need to do exactly the opposite. If a thick cream is used, it is recommended not to apply it on the areas of use of the concealer. Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use
  3. Concealer coverage of the area under the eyes. Do this with a brush or fingers. Using a brush will make it easier to blend the product. The applicator needs to draw an inverted triangle under the eyes. If you just apply the concealer, drawing an arc under the lower eyelid, it will become very noticeable. Do not usd it around the eyes. The skin here is thin and sensitive to damage. Blend the product as close to the eyelashes as possible.
  4. Disguise small flaws. The masking product must be spotted on acne, scars and other defects. The product must be applied as thinly as possible, if necessary, it can be layered.
  5. Fixing the concealer with powder will allow him to hold out all day. Before applying the powder, you can dab the skin with a paper towel and remove excess funds.

How to use a concealer under the eyes

Facial concealer: what is it and how to work with it, every girl should know.

When using the product under the eyes, it is recommended to adhere to some tips:

  • Under the lower eyelids there is always drier skin and so that the masking agent does not roll into wrinkles, it is necessary to moisturize the skin thoroughly before using it.
  • It is better to choose a product with reflective particles to lighten the skin.
  • To prevent clogging of the product in wrinkles, you can combine it with face serum or a primer. Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use
  • Under the eyes, it is better to apply a liquid or cream concealer. A dense product rolls in places of active facial expressions.
  • Do not use the concealer after any oil products, otherwise it will not be resistant. Dusting will increase the durability of the product.

The main mistakes when using the concealer

Improper use of the concealer can not only fail to correct deficiencies, but also exacerbate them.

The most common mistakes:

  1. Use concealer before foundation. The classic concealer (beige) is applied only after the foundation, otherwise the product will be lubricated and will not have any effect. Color concealers in this case are an exception. They are used for foundation
  2. Choosing the wrong color to hide the dark circles under the lower eyelids. These same circles come in different tones – yellow, green or red. The problem area should be carefully considered before choosing a color from the palette.
  3. A thick layer makes the product noticeable. It must be applied thinly and carefully shaded with a brush. Do not do this with your fingers, as an ideal coating will not work.
  4. Use as a foundation. The dense texture of the concealer clogs the pores. In addition, it should be lighter than the foundation by a couple of tones.
  5. The use of concealer exclusively on the area of the defect. If you apply the product strictly on the circles under the eyes and leave the borders, then it will be very noticeable. So that the product does not look like a stain on the skin, you need to use the inverted triangle technique.

Application Secrets for Perfect Face Forms

Imperfections in the shape of the face can be corrected with makeup:

  • You can make the right oval of a round face by creating an emphasis on the side surfaces. To do this, dark colors are used, which achieve the effect of a semicircle, the center of which will be the ear. The arches should go on the cheeks, while not reaching the nose. Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use
  • A square face can be corrected by darkening the protruding parts and brightening the nose and center of the forehead, as well as the chin.
  • In a triangular face, all protruding parts need to be tinted. The sharp parts should lighten and darken towards the center. Simply put, saturated colors should be at the bottom of the face, and light at the top.
  • The oval face requires almost no correction. You can apply a dark shade to the cheekbones or to the center of the chin.
  • The elongated face is shaded at the bottom of the chin, as well as along the hairline on the forehead.

Why else can I use a concealer

Facial concealer: what it is, and what application options exist, in addition to the classic, every girl who watches her appearance should know.

The main functions of the concealer are already clear, but there are many more uses for it:

  1. Base under the shade or lipstick. If there is no primer, then a concealer is quite suitable. It will adjust the shade of the skin of the lips and eyelids and the lipstick or eye shadow will look more vibrant and last longer than usual.
  2. Error correction. The concealer will correct an incorrectly drawn arrow, lipstick going beyond the lip contour or applying it too bright.
  3. Sculpting. When buying an inappropriate shade concealer, you do not need to throw it away. Too dark a shade can be used to correct the shape of the face, and too light to highlight the desired area.
  4. Filling the “gaps” on the eyebrows. After applying the product on the eyebrows, it needs to be allowed to dry, and then use the usual tool for drawing eyebrows.
  5. Making puffy lips. The product is applied to the center of the lips and driven in with your fingers. After this, a transparent gloss is applied to the lips.

How to choose a concealer

  • At its core, concealer is the same foundation. You should choose it in natural light. It is also recommended that you evaluate the combination of concealer and your foundation.
  • If there are a lot of age spots on the skin, then you need to choose a cream product or a stick. Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use
  • Small acne is best masked with a green shade concealer. It is good if the composition of such a product includes salicylic acid, which will dry the inflammation.
  • Spider veins and redness are perfectly removed by the yellow concealer.
  • In order to hide small wrinkles under the eyes, as well as dark circles, it is better to give preference to liquid products that contain reflective elements.
  • For oily skin and wide pores, a liquid product is recommended.
  • The shade of the concealer should be chosen lighter than the tonal base by two tones.

How many years can I use a concealer

Studies have shown that the first cosmetics in a girl appears on average at 11 years old. According to most adult women, the use of cosmetic products at such a young age is inappropriate and unjustified. About 90% of the women surveyed believe that you can use the concealer no earlier than 15 years .

In fact, if a girl has visible defects on her face, and this makes her complex, then using a concealer is not only harmful, but also beneficial for her.

The main thing is that the first cosmetics should be of the highest quality possible, as young skin is very susceptible and can suffer from the aggressive composition of the product. This is especially true for inflamed and sensitive skin.

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Top 5 best concealers

The best concealers are:

  1. Givenchy Teint Couture is able to cover even a tattoo. The double-sided stick has two shades: beige and pinkish. The beige color perfectly covers the blue under the eyes, and pink refreshes the face. The average cost is $ 27. Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use
  2. Alliance Perfect Corrector by L’Oreal Paris. The product has a yellow tint and when applied to the skin fuses with it. It has a dense texture that is easy to blend, but quickly freezes. Therefore, the tool must be distributed very quickly. Under the eyes, this corrector masks perfectly. It does not clog in pores and does not emphasize peeling. Convenient applicator. The average cost is $ 6,66.
  3. An Lancome brand corrector called Effacernes Long Tenue SPF 30 is suitable for masking acne and age spots. After its application, the skin looks fresh and healthy. Its texture is weightless, but at the same time it has good durability and coverage. Plant extracts in the composition soften the skin. There is UV protection. Recommended for sensitive skin. The average cost is $ 42.
  4. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. Its name translates as “naked skin.” A dark shade can contour the face and it will look natural even on fair skin. The product is easy to blend and gives a dense, but weightless coating. Convenient applicator allows you to apply the required amount of product. The average cost is $ 25.
  5. MAC STUDIO SCULPT CONCEALER is similar in texture to theatrical makeup, but when applied to the skin it seems to melt and blend well. You need to work with it very quickly, as it dries. Resistance with regular dusting – more than 5 hours. The downside is that you need to type the product with your fingers, since there is no applicator. Also included are silicones that are undesirable for problem skin. The average cost is $ 14. Concealer for the face. What is it and for what, types and colors. Step-by-step instructions for use

A correctly selected and high-quality face concealer eliminates visible imperfections without the effect of a mask. The face looks healthy and fresh. Every girl who monitors her appearance should know what this remedy is and be able to use it.

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How to choose the right concealer:

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