Exercises for the thin waist, flat stomach, abs, sides. Home workout program

The desire to become a happy owner of a thin waist and the lack of free time for classes makes many girls choose the exercises that can be performed at home.

Features of training at home

Exercises for a thin waist at home are selected for reasons of limited time, and very often means. Very few girls understand that it is home training that puts them in a privileged position with visitors to gyms.

You only need to realize the benefits of these workouts:

  • The moral factor is that there are no extraneous views that lead to embarrassment.
  • There is no need to choose a sports uniform, but you can engage in free, familiar clothes.
  • No time limit.
  • It does not take time to travel to the place of employment and back.
  • The complete absence of weights and devices for dynamic resistance.
  • Work only with your body.

The last 2 factors are the main ones. This is due to the fact that one of the main errors is automatically excluded: for the correct formation of the waist, it is not recommended to perform training of the abdominal muscles with weighting. After all, any non-natural stresses lead to an increase in muscle volume.

Exercises for the thin waist, flat stomach, abs, sides. Home workout program

A concern for beginners is the lack of sports equipment at home. However, it is quite possible to do without a complete set of simulators, doing with the help of the most affordable ones.

For full classes you must have:

  • ordinary rope;
  • rotation disk;
  • hoop.

To form a thin waist, the complex of trainings may include exercises that it is desirable to perform on the horizontal bar. At home, not everyone can have it. Very expensive models are on sale, having a big problem with reliable mounting. An affordable way out is the gymnastic (Swedish) wall of American production.

It can be reliably fixed, with it there is an opportunity to use hinged horizontal bars and bars. Even complete with these add-ons, it is much cheaper, more functional and more reliable.

The only drawback of home workouts is the lack of space for running. It is the most versatile way to shape. In part, this shortcoming can be compensated by daily walking at a high pace. The duration of such a lesson should be at least an hour.

The best exercises for a thin waist. Technique for girls

For a start, you must follow generally accepted recommendations and analyze your own movements. As a rule, after 15 to 10 workouts, a person can already fully appreciate how he makes movements, which muscles and even their parts are involved in these movements.

At this stage, you can already independently adjust the composition of the exercises and the order in which they are performed. This is also a plus of homework: no one interferes and does not impose their opinions.

Rope jumping

Exercises for a thin waist at home are best to start with jumping rope. With the advent of simulators, this exercise was pushed far by the wayside and remained in the active training process for boxers. Meanwhile, jumping rope is a great cardio exercise. In combination with daily walking, 3 – 4 mile is able to replace running.

Exercises for the thin waist, flat stomach, abs, sides. Home workout program

Fundamentals of technical performance:

  • the body is held straight upright;
  • hands are lowered to the hips, the rope rotates only with hands;
  • jumps are carried out on the front third of the foot (in the common people – “on toes”);
  • heels do not participate in landing;
  • under your feet it is better to put a hard carpet.

Many sources recommend that you wear shock-absorbing sneakers on your feet. For homework, it is better to perform the exercise barefoot: at the same time as cardio training, passive massage of points that affect the process of losing weight occurs.

At the initial stage, 3 sets of 100 jumps are performed with a break between sets of 1-3 minutes.

Every day in each approach add 10 repetitions. For optimal conditions for losing weight, and then maintaining the body in good shape, you need to get to 1000 jumps in the approach. Then you get a full half-hour cardio training. To diversify the movements, jumps on 1 legs should be alternated with jumping on one leg and alternating leg changes.


This exercise is considered by many to be the best for shaping a female figure. Unfortunately, in this statement there is only a grain of truth. In addition to push-ups, there are no load elements in the exercise. It consists of a set of dissimilar elements, which does not allow to focus the load on the necessary zones.

For the exercise to work, it needs to be done in a more complex version:

  • sit down;
  • lean on the palm of your hand (better – on your fingertips);
  • jump to the “Plank” position;
  • push up and simultaneously stretch one leg up and to the side;
  • return to the bar;
  • repeat the movement, pulling up the second leg;
  • jump back into the squat;
  • bounce with a clap with your hands above your head and at the same time spread your legs to the sides (after landing, the feet should be parallel and wider than the shoulders).

Exercises for the thin waist, flat stomach, abs, sides. Home workout program

The number of repetitions is 15.

“Bicycle” with twisting

The prototype of the exercise is one of the techniques of gymnastics recommended by neonatologists for carrying out with babies:

  • Starting position – lying on your back, hands on the back of the head, legs bent at the knees.
  • Lifting the body with the elbow rotated towards the opposite knee.
  • Pull elbow towards elbow.

It is carried out in 3 approaches, each with 10 repetitions (5 in each direction).


  • the work of a large number of muscles;
  • due to the pulsed contraction of muscle tissue does not increase in volume;
  • the lumbosacral spine is almost unloaded.


  • cervical overload provoked by hands;
  • the rectus muscles are overloaded;
  • due to bent legs, the transverse muscle is not involved.

Vertical hips

Exercises for a thin waist at home include both tried and tested techniques, and far-fetched, and not effective. A striking example is this exercise. As in the case of burpee, in the classic version it is general developmental and ineffective when training to work out the waist.

In a complicated version, it has a beneficial effect on the rapid redistribution of subcutaneous fat, the general tone of the muscles of the abdomen, back a
nd hips, and also allows you to form the correct shape of the hips and buttocks, smoothly turning into a narrow waist.

Performance Techniques:

  • In the initial position, lying on your back, stretch your arms along the body with your palms to the bottom.
  • Slowly raise straight legs with extended toes upright.
  • Push the pelvis up with the simultaneous pull of the legs in the vertical direction.
  • Exit to the rack position on the shoulder blades.
    Exercises for the thin waist, flat stomach, abs, sides. Home workout program
    Exercises for a thin waist will help burn fat and form a flat stomach.
  • Place arms bent at the elbows with palms and fingers on the upper part of the buttocks, and the thumbs should clasp the pelvic bone.
  • In the rack position, bend your back and lock for 1 – 3 seconds.
  • Slowly return to IP.

The number of repetitions in 3 approaches is differentiated from 5 to 10 depending on the level of training.

Airy twist

This is a simple and affordable exercise. It is recommended to alternate it as an unloading with heavy exercises (for example, lifting the hips). It allows you to smoothly redistribute the load between individual sections of the muscles of the back, abdomen and hips.

Features of the exercise:

  1. The exercise is performed while standing, arms bent at the elbows, as when running.
  2. It is necessary to make jumps while twisting the body in the waist, alternately in different directions.
  3. When landing, the feet should be fixed on the floor with a turn in the direction of the twisting.

During the lesson, it is important to observe the only condition: only the middle and lower part of the waist, pelvis and hips are involved in body turns. The shoulder girdle, arms and head are not involved in twisting.

Performed for the approach of 15 – 10 jumps. The number of approaches to determine independently. You can simply alternate the reception with each exercise. From this, the effectiveness of the training will only increase.

Widespread and popular exercise. In the descriptions of the technique, it is not mentioned that not every girl can immediately keep her body weight on one arm. To facilitate the implementation of the exercise, it is proposed to rely on the forearm bent at the elbow.

This postulate is a methodological error:

  • The effectiveness of the reception is sharply reduced.
  • Unbalanced load on the muscles of the hands, back and abdomen.
  • It does not allow you to master the technique of standing on an outstretched arm.
  • It does not contribute to training in balancing and orienting the body in space.

Exercises for the thin waist, flat stomach, abs, sides. Home workout program

Therefore, it is recommended that beginners use fitball as a starting support when performing a reception.

Engineering techniques:

  1. Lie on the lateral surface of the chest on a fitball (the ball is under the arm).
  2. Put the supporting arm in a vertical position, resting on the palm of your hand, fingers extended forward.
  3. The body is straight, the straight legs are slightly crossed and rest on the floor (lower – the outer side of the foot, upper – the inner).
  4. The free hand is on the back of the head.
  5. Try your body weight by slightly bending your support arm.
  6. With your free hand, push the ball out and try to hold the bar without it.
  7. Repeat the bar on the other hand.

The number of repetitions is determined independently, depending on physical readiness. Ideally, bring the holding time of the bar to 10 seconds.


In the vast majority of sources, the exercise is positioned as indispensable for the formation and training of abdominal muscles, reducing the waist in volume. It was borrowed from the exercises of Indian yogis. Moreover, the latter used it as a respiratory, and not as a training abdomen. The most important thing – in yoga it is permissible to perform this technique, starting from the fifth year of classes.

However, the real benefit of the exercise exists if it is performed correctly:

  1. It is best to do the exercise while lying on your back, bending your legs at the knees.
  2. On a slow and full exhale, pull the stomach under the ribs.
  3. Hold for 10 seconds. breath.
  4. Inhale only by expanding the chest, and draw in the stomach even more.
  5. Repeat breath hold.
  6. Take another breath at the expense of the chest without relaxing the abdomen.
  7. Exhale and make some free breaths, relax.

Exercises for the thin waist, flat stomach, abs, sides. Home workout program

After the reception is mastered, you can perform it while sitting. Important: the abdominal retraction is not due to the muscles, but due to the pressure drop in the chest and abdomen. There are no miracles with muscle pumping here. Blood circulation inside the abdominal cavity and pelvis is simply improving.

In addition, the exercise has a significant number of contraindications:

  • acute diseases of the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • pregnancy and the postpartum period (at least 3 months);
  • peptic ulcer;
  • critical days;
  • pulmonary pathology;
  • varicose veins.


It is a good old exercise, borrowed from the numerous complexes of morning physical exercise and physiotherapy exercises. The technique is simple and very effective.

Proper technical and efficient execution:

  1. Standing, spread your arms to the sides parallel to the floor, palms forward, and slightly clench your fists.
  2. In this position, by turning the upper part of the body at the waist, 4 half-turns are made in different directions
  3. At the next revolutions, gently lower the housing forward to a position parallel to the floor.
  4. Make as many movements and start returning the case to its original position without stopping twisting.
  5. Repeat 10-15 times.

“Snow angel”

An effective exercise that combines elements of both statics and dynamics. Despite the external simplicity and gentle name, the exercise gives a significant load. When trying to initially perform it, many girls encounter difficulties due to poor general physical training.


  1. Lie on your stomach, hands laid down along the body, palms up.
  2. Legs together, toes out.
  3. As far as possible, raise your head and chest from the floor, try to do the same with your legs.
    Exercises for the thin waist, flat stomach, abs, sides. Home workout program
  4. Gently move your hands forward while turning the brushes towards the floor; when making a movement to the hands, legs spread as far as possible to the sides.
  5. They will also smoothly return to their original position.
  6. The number of repetitions of 5 – 10 per sensations.

Pelvic lift

As a separate exercise, it is ineffective, since it is most often technically incorrectly executed. Above, this element is included in the exercise “Vertical hips” with a detailed technical description.


This exercise is basically a variation of the side bar combined with side twisting. In addition, a roller is placed under the support legs, and the forearm and the bent elbow are support. Thus, the angle of inclination of the body and, accordingly, the load are reduced.


  1. Lying on its side with straight legs.
  2. The feet are on the roller.
  3. Lean on an arm bent at the elbow, raise the second vertically.
  4. From the front, touch the floor with your straight hand without turning the entire body.
  5. To do in each direction 10 – 15 times.

Leg raising

Side leg swings are a popular training technique, which is performed as follows:

  1. Lie on your side, straight extended legs brought together.
  2. Lean on your elbow.
  3. Slowly raise the straight leg and also, slowly, lower it.
  4. Perform 15-10 times with each limb.

Back and side skating

At its core, exercise is a type of self-massage. In this case, you should not focus on acquiring a special scooter. For starters, any cylinder of suitable diameter is suitable. You should not strive to increase the diameter of the cylinder, because with an awkward movement you can get a spinal injury.

Using a roller, you can roll any part of the body at any angle. If you are interested in such an exercise, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations of Dr. Bubnovsky: such a shell is present in his author’s techniques.

Exercises for the thin waist, flat stomach, abs, sides. Home workout program

The projectile is placed under the shoulder girdle and the body begins to move upward, pushing off with its legs. The side surface is rolled in the same way. When working, try to keep the body straight and arms behind your head.

Fitball Exercises

Today is one of the most popular shells for girls. Classes with a fitball allow you to learn how to control your body without the presence of the usual rigid supports.

Therefore, the majority of exercises that are traditionally done on the floor are available on fitball:

  • strap;
  • side bar;
  • twisting;
  • leg lift
  • vertical scissors;
  • horizontal scissors;
  • sit-up;
  • oblique twisting.

Exercises for a thin waist at home can be diversified precisely with the help of this projectile. Since the load on the ball of each exercise is slightly less, you can include the complex on the fitball in the lesson plan every other day.

Gymnastics Disc Spins

This is a popular but ineffective exercise. It can be recommended as unloading at the end of the main training. The sources describe various options for techniques (even sitting on a disk).

The best effect will be achieved by standing workout, straight arms raised above the head. The rotation of the legs goes in one direction, shoulders and arms – in the other. The most difficult thing in this position is to maintain balance.

Hoop rotation

Modern models of hoops with significant weighting and spikes for training are not suitable. The projectile should be smooth, preferably braided and weighing no more than 2 pounds. Using heavy hoops with spikes there is always a risk of injury to the spine and internal organs. In addition, hematomas, present in many during the rotation of heavy shells, are extremely undesirable.

Exercises for the thin waist, flat stomach, abs, sides. Home workout program

They create the conditions for the penetration of fatty tissue into deeper layers of tissues. The elimination of such fat formations causes great difficulties. To achieve any results, at least half an hour a day is necessary.

Monthly training program for lateral and abdominal tightening

A training program for a month should always be based on a variety of exercises and taking into account critical days. Therefore, 3-week planning should be applied. So it’s easier to adjust the program to your individual cycle.

In the case of training to tighten the waist and sides, the program can be presented in this form:

Day of the week Week 1 Week 1 3 week
01 Jump rope up to 1000 times Jumping rope up to 1500 times Jumping rope up to 1000 times
01 Fitball complex Fitball Fitball Exercises
03 Exercise exercises Exercise training Loading complex
04 Repeat day 01 Repeat 1st day Workout Day 01
05 Rope jumping Skipping rope training Jump rope
06 Gymnastic part Gymnastic exercise group Gymnastics
07 Bathhouse Water treatments Sauna

In order to work out a thin waist, it is not at all necessary to attend gyms: it is quite realistic to choose effective and simple exercises for performing at home.

Slim Waist Exercise Video

Thin waist in 7 minutes, exercises:

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