EMS (EMC) training – what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation

EMS (EMC) training is a specialized technology for sports training, which was developed with the help of leading world scientists and athletes. Its difference from standard practices is the combination of the traditional approach to physical activity (performing a set of exercises) and additional stimulation of muscle mass with low-power electric discharges.

What is EMS training

Classes of this type are a completely new approach to sports due to the fact that muscles contract forcibly. A much larger number of muscle fibers are involved in the training than when performing conventional approaches in the gym.

According to studies, up to 90% of the muscles of the human body are additionally connected to the exercise. Due to this, the result is achieved in such a short time. Everything happens thanks to a small but constant electrical stimulation, combined with a set of exercises. A person needs to perform cardio exercises and approaches with the use of force in a special suit in which electrodes are built.

Training consists of 3 main stages:

  1. Warm up. Exercises aimed at stimulating the cardio system. Most often, they warm up on the stepper, while performing a simple set of muscle stretching exercises. In duration, this period shall not exceed a value of 7 minutes. EMS (EMC) training - what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation
  2. Power complexes of exercises. The training includes a constant change of approaches and rest, which have a very small interval of execution – 5 seconds each. The duration of the process is about 20 minutes.
  3. General massage and lymphatic drainage procedures performed during 15 minutes after training. Here you only need to relax and have fun.


Training is effective due to additional stimulation of the muscles by small discharges of electricity, which generates a specialized computer program. There is a simultaneous warming of muscle tissue as in a standard workout and their additional reduction due to the systematic receipt of an electrical impulse. EMS (EMC) training - what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation

Thus, the body receives a much more effective load in a relatively short time. A standard workout can reach 20-30 minutes, while the degree of development of muscle and fat mass is comparable to a regular lesson in the gym for 2 hours.

Are EMS training safe

EMS (EMC) training is, in general, a fairly safe sport. Like any other type of exercise, he has a number of contraindications, the failure of which can lead to serious injuries.

In the human body, the enzyme creatine kinase is produced. It is requested in cases where muscle tissue is injured. Myoglobin also exists in the body. This is the protein that makes up all the muscle tissue. For some people, additional stimulation with electricity significantly increases the level of these two elements.

Undesirable effects can lead to kidney failure and intoxication. That is why the holding of such sports events is impossible without the continuous supervision of a coach.

A prerequisite for fulfillment is the constant presence of a personal teacher. In some countries, mandatory medical supervision has been introduced for such training in fitness clubs.

Sensations during and after EMS training

The deep layers of the muscles are involved in the work. For beginners, the sensations gained during the process may seem very strange – as if the muscles would live their own lives. This condition occurs because there is an increase in tissue activity without a direct order from the brain. EMS (EMC) training - what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation

Even after a short workout, a fit occurs, the muscles become very tired.

This happens because during training the tissues were stimulated not only by the method of applying sports approaches, but they did double work, because they received an electrical impulse.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any type of sports activity is selected based on the personal characteristics of the body of each athlete. But at the same time, there is always a base of positive and negative characteristics for a set of exercises.

EMS training is no exception. The main qualities of EMC are:

Advantages disadvantages
Fast achievement of results. EMS technique, thanks to a completely new look at the implementation of exercises, was able to reduce the time to achieve ideal muscle development by several times. High price. The equipment used is designed according to the latest examples of technical art, and its price is appropriate. You also have to fork out for the services of a professional trainer.
The time for such a workout is half as much as it will be necessary for a person in the gym to perform classical strength and cardio exercises. Big time savings are very beneficial for people whose busy work schedule does not allow spending several hours every day on training. Inaccessibility to the outback. Such technologies are just beginning to be introduced into the eastern market and have not yet managed to completely occupy the niche intended for them. In addition, not every fitness center can afford such expensive equipment, so most of them prefer to choose standard services for working on their bodies.
No tracksuit required. All items needed to complete the exercises will be provided on site. Very fast fatigue of the body. Such sports are definitely not for the faint of heart, since the load on the muscles will be in double, and sometimes in triple volume.

Harm and Benefit

There is no physical load that would not have a positive or negative effect on the human body.

In the case of EMS training, the benefits will be as follows:

  • Muscles are strengthened and worked out gallon from the inside out. Thanks to electrical stimulation, this type of exercise allows you to tone about 90% of all muscle tissues of the body.
    EMS (EMC) training - what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation
    EMC training principle
  • During training, only muscles work, but the load on the joints is not carried out. Thanks to
    this, such a sport is perfect for those people who go through a rehabilitation period after injuries.
  • The speed with which you can achieve a result increases gallon several times. At the same time, the time spent in the gym is reduced by more than half.

EMS (EMC) training is, above all, a sport that also has its drawbacks:

  • During menstruation or pregnancy, training is prohibited – electrical impulses can provoke an involuntary contraction of the uterus, which will lead to undesirable complications.
  • If you have any skin rashes or psoriasis, there is a risk of developing epidermal diseases and profuse acne.
  • It will be done in a tight-fitting suit, which can cause some people discomfort. In the process, the human body begins to sweat actively, and to the general inconvenience, the feeling that the suit is wet from secretions will also be added.

General recommendations for trainees

The list of recommendations for EMC classes is small, because training does not entail any harm to health, and also, unlike classical methods, does not exert serious pressure on the skeletal system.

The list of tips is as follows:

  • It is imperative to conduct a preliminary consultation with the attending physician regarding the admissibility of this type of physical activity. You should not resort to such exercises if there are thresholds of the cardiovascular system. Workouts with a prosthesis for the heart are strictly prohibited.
  • During the implementation of approaches, it is necessary to try not to relax the muscles.
  • It is necessary to conduct classes no more than 3 times a week with breaks of two to 3 days – the body is not able to recover from such a heavy load in a shorter time. EMS (EMC) training - what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation
  • It is necessary to adhere to the correct diet, since electrical stimuli, even of low power, in the presence of risk factors can provoke serious disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract.

Training program

Preparation for classes plays a huge role in achieving the desired result.

The general list of recommendations for the preparation of the training program:

  1. It is best to immediately take care of selecting a qualified trainer. If it was decided to stay in training with the use of electrical stimulation, do not spare money for it. The technology is new and an insufficiently skilled approach can lead not only to wasted time and considerable resources, but also to serious health problems.
  2. The schedule is formed, first of all, in addition to the trainee’s life schedule, on the basis of such important factors as weight, height, the amount of physical activity that the body normally receives per day, as well as taking into account general activity and sleep phases.
  3. It is important to immediately accurately determine the recovery period of the body after training, since working with immature muscle tissue threatens with sprains and ruptures of ligaments and tendons. To do this, a personal trainer must conduct at least 3 joint classical training sessions in a period of one to two weeks. Based on these data, he draws up an individual lesson plan.

How is the training

EMS (EMC) training is a set of exercises that has a special algorithm for training and direct execution: EMS (EMC) training - what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation

  • The trainee needs to put on a disposable suit, which serves as a lining for corsets with electrodes. Now you can put on the exoskeleton itself, through which impulses come.
  • Training is underway. The time for its implementation should not exceed 30 minutes. The coach does not have the right to leave his subordinate at this time. The strength of the pulses is calculated previously, in accordance with the individual characteristics of the athlete’s body.
  • A massage is performed to drain the lymph. It is carried out directly using the mode programmed in the suit.


For some people, unfortunately, EMS training is undesirable.

The risk group in this case consists of such people:

  1. Those who use a pacemaker.
  2. Patients with epilepsy.
  3. People suffering from tuberculosis.
  4. Patients with atherosclerosis and those who complain of circulatory disorders of the arterial type.
  5. People with tumors.

Separately, it is worth talking about people with diabetes. Electrical stimulation can provoke a significant acceleration of metabolic processes in the body and, as a result, significantly reduce the permissible level of sugar in the blood.

But many studies have shown that this does not always work. Before starting a workout, a patient with diabetes must be tested for sugar levels, and if he is in the range of minimally critical or normal, you can start playing sports.

It is very important to monitor the functioning of the lymphatic system of the body. Electricity can cause uncontrolled growth in lymph levels. EMS (EMC) training - what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation

At the first signs of the disease – general fatigue, fever, swollen lymph nodes, it is necessary to stop training and choose the most suitable set of exercises for yourself.

In pregnant women, heavy sport is contraindicated in principle. Here, in addition to the obvious large loads on the pelvic bones and back, there is also stimulation through the electrodes, which can harm the fetus even for such a short time as 20 minutes of training. That is why expectant mothers are advised to choose something more sparing – classes on the steppes or fitballs, for example.

Result before and after

EMS (EMC) training is a revolutionary technique for playing sports precisely due to the fact that the time spent on getting relief muscles is reduced by two to 3 times. A standard workout in the fitness center will take about 1.5-2 hours. With EMS tactics – only 30 minutes.

The effect of such approaches is felt the very next day – the muscles will behave as if a person spent the whole previous day performing the approaches. In this case, after the session itself, the athlete will not feel the tension and heaviness of the muscles inherent in standard techniques. EMS (EMC) training - what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation

Visible changes appear within two weeks after the start of regular training. You can bring your body into shape in two months.


Similar fitness services belong to the category of elite sports.

The price consists of the following items:

  • Services of a qualified trainer. It is better not to rush to the selection of a personal teacher, since such training combines both the use of force and a scientific approach. Not every specialist will be able to correctly develop and conduct a comprehensive training.
  • Much depends on the place. Some fitness centers simply prefer not to include such innovations in their servic
    es. Therefore, the mere presence in the price list of a paragraph on electrical stimulation during training indicates the elite status of the salon, and, therefore, high prices.
  • Use of equipment. Simulators for EMS training have been developed by a German large company manufacturing prostheses and equipment for the disabled. Such a technology will cost a lot, in fact, as well as its use for customers of the fitness room.

Pricing may vary depending on the of the country. For the capital, the average cost of 10 classes varies from 20000 to 30000.

Do you need EMS training or can you do without them

In general, the method of such classes is very progressive and effective. But still not required. It is highly recommended that people with malformations or injuries be paid attention to just such a method of working with their body.

EMS has its undeniable advantages, thanks to which many athletes choose this training. Primarily this time. For busy businessmen, this kind of activity will be a great alternative to long, exhausting workouts. EMS (EMC) training - what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation

Many people find a calming effect in their stay at the gym. So a person can deal with stress, relieve the severity of everyday life. Therefore, you can do without this method of playing sports. The decision depends only on personal preferences, characteristics of the body and the size of the wallet.

Doctors reviews

Despite the fact that innovative sports require a more comprehensive and in-depth study, many wired doctors have already given their assessment of these workouts. Many of them appreciated the fact that the load on the skeletal system of the body is practically not.

Some even recognized EMS as one of the most promising methods for the rehabilitation of victims of road accidents and elderly people.

This sport is the fastest way to tone your body. Often, newly minted mothers are advised to do just such training – they do not take much time and allow you to quickly restore its former shape after childbirth.

Doctors also advise that people with irregular schedules and work related to stressful situations be approached with great care. EMS (EMC) training - what is it, benefits and harms, results, photos, reviews of doctors about myostimulation

The heavy load that every workout has to endure leads to rapid moral and physical exhaustion.

In this case, there are several ways out – to change the style of training, the frequency and intensity of training, or to reconsider your lifestyle and daily routine.

Trainee reviews

The general opinion on the Internet is reduced to rave reviews of those who have already tested all the delights of tomorrow’s fitness. Modern busy people are very pleased with the fact that now there is no need to spend so much time in the gym, and you can do more useful things. Training helps to achieve results where neither diet nor regular exhausting approaches on simulators helped.

There is also a caste of people who prefer traditional methods of working on their own body. One of them does not fit the fact that the EMS method involves a very large and intense load, while others simply enjoy the process of staying in the fitness center and the classes themselves.

Such activities do not leave a person exhausted until the end of the day, give freshness and activate the production of hormones of happiness. Of course, this type of sport is not suitable for those who expect effortlessly to get relief muscles. Here, only a very intense and heavy load is permissible.

Only in this case will the result of training. You need to be responsible for choosing a fitness center, trainer, carefully check the equipment and work hard during classes. And then the result will not be long in coming.

EMS training (EMC) has created a real breakthrough in the field of modern fitness culture. This is not just work on oneself, but also a collaboration of science and heavy physical strength. People who are focused on beauty and a slim body of the body should invest a little more in their dream to achieve a guaranteed result.

EMC Training Video

Who needs and for whom EMC training is contraindicated:

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