Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight loss

When practicing with sports equipment very often use a fitball (ball). Useful tips from fitness trainers will help you to do your exercises with maximum efficiency.

The benefits of exercise with the ball for the abs and buttocks

Exercises with a ball for the abs and buttocks allow you to achieve the following indicators:

  • The formation of proper posture.
  • The appearance of the relief of the abdominal press.
  • You can increase overall muscle strength and endurance.
  • Allow to achieve increased body flexibility.
  • The vestibular apparatus is strengthened.
  • Movements become more coordinated.
  • Decrease in the amount of fat.

Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight lossTraining is shown to people of all age categories. In medicine, the ball has long been used for the rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system in history. The main function of this sports equipment is to unload the joints.

Gymnastics exercises using fitball are indicated for overweight people suffering from varicose veins, arthritis, various diseases of the articular apparatus.

Especially their implementation is recommended for elderly people who have a whole bunch of similar pathologies. Since such exercises with the ball are training not only for the abs and buttocks, but also for the entire vestibular apparatus, they are indicated for persons with neurological disorders. Even in dealing with stressful situations, they are a reliable assistant.

Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight lossBut not only for the purpose of rehabilitation and recovery, you can use the ball. With its help, it is possible to conduct full-fledged physical training. For women, the benefits of such exercises are to model the body. With them, the volume of the hips decreases, the buttocks become elastic, the stomach becomes flat, and the muscles of the legs are tightened.

Exercises with a ball for the abs and buttocks in their execution require the control of the gymnastic ball. This circumstance allows you to use the deep muscles, which are difficult to work on with conventional simulators.

There are complexes that allow you to lose weight or are needed to maintain muscles in a certain tone. But you need to clearly understand for yourself that the diameter of the ball with them is used different in size.

The correct selection of the diameter of the projectile will ensure maximum effect. The number of approaches can also be different and is determined by the level of physical fitness. It is better if 3-5 sets of 10-20 repetitions for each exercise are performed. Gradually increase the load.

What ball is needed for training

The maximum effect will be achieved during exercises with the ball for the abs and buttocks will be achieved only if the ball is selected correctly.

Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight loss

Gym balls are available in 3 diameters (in inch):

  • 55;
  • 65;
  • 75.

The first ones are suitable for small people whose height is 4’9 – 5’4 foot. The second group of balls is designed for people with a height in the range of 5’4 – 5’6 foot. Balls with a diameter of 29’5 inch are suitable for those whose height is 5’9 foot or has large indicators.

It is possible to determine the required diameter in a subjective way. To do this, sit on the shell from above. The ideal projectile size would be one in which the hips with knees form a right angle.

Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight lossFor the first time, fitball was used by Swiss physiotherapists. The first of these was Joseph Pilates. In this regard, it is sometimes called the Swiss ball.

When choosing a ball for exercises with it on the abs and buttocks, it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Weight. When choosing this parameter, the own body weight is taken into account. Do not give preference to cheap accessories. Surely they will be inconvenient for classes. Good elasticity and durability of the ball will provide such a circumstance in which it will easily support your weight. And for training you need just such a gymnastic apparatus. For quality dimensions, the maximum load is 662 pounds.
  • Material. High-quality models are made of materials with high strength characteristics, having a fairly good electrostatic effect. The surface should be smooth and free from wrinkles. If the structure is porous, dust will always be observed on the surface. The best options would be PVC and latex balls.
  • Height. The size of the ball must correspond to the growth characteristics of the athlete. Such a gymnastic apparatus with proper selection will suit both adults and children.
  • Arm length. A professional instructor will always recommend choosing a ball depending on the length of the hand.

The hand must be measured in the extended state and, depending on this, select the desired diameter (dimensions are indicated in inch):

  • up to 55: 45-55;
  • 56-65: 55;
  • 66-75: 65.

Some external data should be considered:

  • shells can have handles or “horns”. They are used for children.
  • options with spikes. The application is complemented by a massage effect.

Simple exercises with the ball for beginners

 Exercises with a ball for the abs and buttocks are not isolated. This means that many other muscles are involved in the work.

They are quite suitable for entry-level athletes. But they can also be used by those whose level has reached certain high indicators.

1. Extension in the lumbar. Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight lossIn addition to the buttocks, many stabilizing muscles are involved. The stomach lies on a ball. Hands are bent behind the head, legs are straightened, the toe rests on the floor. A breath is taken. It is necessary to bend your back and legs in one straight line. When you exhale, you return to the starting position. There are certain difficulties in performing. They consist in maintaining equilibrium. Initially limited to 3 approaches. Repeat 10 times.

2. Squatting along the wall.

The buttocks and the front of the thigh are being worked out. The implementation is simple. You can increase difficulty by crouching on one leg.

They stand with their backs to the wall and press the ball tightly against it. Legs are slightly shoulder-width apart. On inspiration, the press strains. Squat is done. In this case, it is necessary to monitor the balance. Having reached the bottom point, some exposure is maintained. Exhale and return to the starting position.

Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight loss

3. Jumping.  The easiest type of exercise for the buttocks. You just need to sit on the ball and jump, maintaining an intense pace. The location of the feet is characterized by a tight hold to the floor. Jumping, they do not come off the support. The fifth point is firmly pressed to the ball. The rhythm of jumping should be as energetic as possible in nature. The whole body will undergo stress, and the buttocks in particular.

4. The bridge. For gluteal muscles. The execution is complex in nature. Lying on the back, feet are laid on the ball. A breath is taken, and the pelvis is pushed up. In this position, you should linger for a while. When exhaling, they come back. Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight loss

5. The back bridge.

The back is on the floor, and the legs are on the ball. When you inhale, the ball rolls up to itself. A slight delay is being made. When you exhale, you are returned to the starting position.

Effective exercises with a ball for abdominal muscles

It is possible to achieve a decrease in the abdomen and lateral parts of the trunk.

  1. Twisting to train the rectus abdominis muscles. You need to sit on the ball. The press strains, and twisting begins on the ball. This should be done when exhalation is performed. Exercise is performed until the abdominal muscles are completely contracted. By exhaling, the body returns to its original position. If the trainee has enough experience, you can cross your arms behind your head.
  2. The study of the rectus and oblique muscles.  Sitting on the ball, the right hand is placed on the back of the head, and the left hand on the fitball. The gluteal muscles tighten, and the pelvis rises in jerks. Retracting the stomach, lift the body. The left hand elbow reaches for the left lower limb. In the future, everything is repeated, but the other hand is already used. Such actions are an alternative to the gluteal bridge.
  1. Effects on the abdomen and hips.  Lying on your back, the projectile is clamped with the ankles. Hands are wound behind the head. The abdominal muscles tighten, and the knees pull to the chest. It will be nice if you linger a bit at the same time. Slowly returning to the starting position. With the help of such actions, it is possible to achieve a situation in which the hips lose weight significantly. Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight loss
  1. Press and buttocks. The athlete is on his knees. The location of the elbow joints is the gymnastic ball. Fitball rolls forward. This is done until all the muscles of the press come on without tension. In order not to fall, everything must be done slowly.
  2. The anterior abdominal wall in full.  From this exercise, the stomach and sides lose weight. Being on the back, take a straight position of the legs. It is necessary to carry out the tension of the press and move to a sitting position. Fitball is between the legs. In the rating of the complexity of actions of such a plan, this type is in the first place. Beginners should not follow it.

Effective exercises with the ball for the muscles of the buttocks

Buttocks are represented by large, medium and small muscles that perform various functions. To train the gluteal muscles, you can use various simple exercises that can be done at home without visiting the gym.

1. Lunge on the foot. Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight loss

Fitball is located behind the athlete. The leg is retracted and placed on the shell. The other leg bends at the knee joint. In this state, they are delayed for a while. After that, they return to the initial exercise. If there is a desire, the actions can be somewhat complicated by picking up dumbbells.

  1. Raising the pelvis on the ball.

They sit down on a gymnastic ball and slowly move out until only scapulas remain on it. The location of the hands are the hips.

  1. Raising the thigh on the ball. Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight loss

They lie on their backs, and their legs are laid on a shell. The gluteal muscle structures tense. The hips rise slowly. This is done until the feet are on the ball. Repetition is carried out 10-15 times.

  1. Back lunges. Exercise with the ball for fitness and weight loss

The athlete straightens, and puts his foot on a gymnastic ball. The other leg should be slightly bent. Fitball rolls back and squats are performed on one leg. A total of 2-3 runs are required 15-20 times.

  1. Raising legs.

Lying on the floor, legs straighten. Caviar is located on the fitball. The press strains, and the buttocks rise. Alternately, the left or right leg rises. Then the buttocks fall to the floor. The number of sets can reach up to two times 10 repetitions in each of them.

Before performing any actions with the fitball, a warm-up is necessary. Nowhere without it. Otherwise, there is a risk of muscle damage.

Sample training program with a ball for the abs and buttocks

Frequency – 3 times a week.

Exercise Number of run times
Doing squats 12 times
Alternating lunges with legs with dumbbells in hand. 10 sets of alternating legs
Plie squats with dumbbells 12 times
Buttock bridge 12 times
Twisting to the press As many approaches as possible

Before you begin to do a set of exercises with the ball for the abs and buttocks, a warm-up is required.

Useful fitness tips for ball coaches

These recommendations are useful for those who decide to start training with a gymnastic ball. They can be reduced to the following points:

  • Replacing quiet cardio loads with dosed training exercises.
  • The emphasis on the internal muscles.
  • Do not slouch.
  • Gradual increase in the amplitude of movements.
  • The pace of movements is as fast as possible.
  • The predominant use of complex exercises.
  • Periodic change of capture.
  • Experiment by loading only one side.
  • Continue push-ups.
  • Gradual transition to heavier weight. It should be 70% of your maximum capabilities.
  • Exercises with a ball for the abs and buttocks involve the use of the right technique.
  • The use of explosive loads.
  • Lightweight recovery.
  • After training, milk chocolate intake is indicated.

If you’re tired of going to the gym or if you don’t have time for this, a good alternative to such workouts is a fitball class. All this can be done at home, even combining classes with watching your favorite series. This will help to correct the figure, pump up muscles, and the figure of the girl will become worthy of the admiring glance of men.

Video exercises with a ball for the abs and buttocks

Exercises with a ball for the abs and buttocks and hips:

Home workout on the ball:

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