Erbium laser in cosmetology. Before and after photos, application results, reviews

Reviews about the effect of the erbium laser in cosmetology are positive, both from doctors and patients. Unlike other medical equipment, it acts very carefully and accurately, stimulating the natural regenerative processes of cells.

Erbium laser: device and principle of operation of the apparatus

The laser mechanically heats a small selected area. Water inside the cells boils in a split second, passes into a vaporous state. The pressure in the upper part of the epidermis rises, due to which the dead particles are quickly discarded.

Also, thermal exposure destroys and displaces pollution of any kind. Without clogged pores, the skin is able to cleanse itself and recover on its own, and the renewal process is accelerated. After the procedure, rehabilitation takes about 1-2 weeks. Recovery processes last about 4 months. Efficiency is evaluated at the end of regeneration.

Tool design:

  • work tool made of quartz glass mixed with erbium;
  • transmitter for generating radiation;
  • amplifiers for the efficiency of a light beam;
  • hook-shaped insulators, so as not to lose the power of the light flux at the outlet of the device;
  • body.

Erbium laser in cosmetology. Before and after photos, application results, reviews

The tool is reliable, can work for decades without maintenance and repair. The advantages of using an erbium laser are that it acts only on the upper layers of the skin. This ensures no injuries and quick rehabilitation after the procedure.

Also, the tool can be called universal, because it exfoliates not only dead cells, but also eliminates pollution, clogging in the pores.

What kind of procedures is it intended for

Erbium laser in cosmetology, reviews of which are mostly positive, is designed to work with the upper part of the skin. Thanks to the gentle and shallow effect, the surface of the epidermis is rejuvenated.

The device helps to combat the following:

  • complete removal or smoothing of scars, scars;
  • upper cell renewal. If the skin starts, it is often exposed to such negative effects as wind, dust, high humidity or dryness, masks will not help to quickly fix the problem. The same is observed with natural aging processes. Exposure to a laser exfoliates dead skin cells, removes dirt from pores, cleanses areas with hair follicles;
  • normalization of blood circulation. Due to this, bruises and swelling under the eyes go away;
  • restoration of collagen – a substance that cell tissue together, making the skin supple and youthful. Over time, it ceases to be produced in the right amount, because of which wrinkles appear;
  • the fight against pigmentation (hereditary and age).
Erbium laser in cosmetology. Before and after photos, application results, reviews
Erbium laser in cosmetology is indicated in the presence of pigmentation.

Laser exposure is to deliver a beam of light in a short period of time. Because of this, the body begins to develop immunity to damaging factors – ultraviolet, high humidity, winds.

Advantages and disadvantages

Erbium laser in cosmetology (reviews of doctors prove this fact) acts very carefully.

Its advantages:

  • impact only on the selected site. The laser diameter is 2 microns, which allows you not to touch neighboring healthy tissue;
  • shallow penetration at 5 microns promotes surface renewal, but the launch of one’s own regenerative properties of a person;
  • almost no contraindications;
  • easy portability. Only for some particularly sensitive patients is local anesthesia given;
  • the effect is on the upper tissues, which have no nerve endings. Therefore, you can work with thin skin, including the area around the eyes.

The disadvantage of the procedure is only 1. Like any interference with the stable functioning of the body, the laser can cause complications. In 1% of 100 it is impossible to predict them.

To whom are laser sessions shown

Laser cosmetology sessions are used in the following cases:

  • the presence of superficial wrinkles;
    Erbium laser in cosmetology. Before and after photos, application results, reviews
  • loose skin. Such changes always come with age (affect not only the face, but also the neck, decollete);
  • skin stretch marks (appear with rapid weight loss);
  • an area where there were acne before, but now they have turned into scars;
  • birthmarks or age spots;
  • small and shallow tattoos;
  • body fat in different areas (mainly under the eyelids, because other means can not get rid of them).

The duration of each procedure is assigned separately after studies and definitions of the individual characteristics of the skin. It is 30-90 minutes. The number of procedures is also determined by the properties of the epidermis and the complexity of the problem areas.


Despite the delicacy of the procedure, an erbium laser is not always shown.

First, a medical examination is carried out, as a result of which it turns out whether the patient has contraindications:

  • cancerous diseases;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • dark skin (including a temporary effect after tanning);
  • skin diseases in the active stage (herpes, ulcers or acne with abscesses);
  • varicose veins (when you need to work with the legs);
  • diabetes;
  • clotting problems;
  • mental illness, unstable behavior;
  • hyperthyroidism;
    Erbium laser in cosmetology. Before and after photos, application results, reviews
  • predisposition to slow wound healing and stop bleeding;
  • at the time of the procedure, an active stage of bacterial or viral diseases is observed.

Also, the laser cannot be used within 6 months after the use of drugs with retinoids (Roaccutane, retinol solution, Locacid). Such drugs are aimed at treating and restoring the skin. Retinoic acid destroys the upper cells, and additional destruction by the laser can ruin the skin without the possibility of restoration.

Carrying out cosmetic procedures with an erbium laser

The purpose and execution of the operation is divided into several stages, discussed in the table:

Procedure What do in the process What is required from the patient
Training They collect analyzes, find out the presence of indications and contraindications. Time
depends on the speed of the laboratories.
Present a medical book to check for chronic diseases, the frequency of entry into the active phase.
Consultations with a dermatologist and cosmetologist Doctors are required to talk about the risks and possible complications. One consultation is enough (30-40 minutes). Give (in some clinics – sign) permission to perform the procedure. Also prove the fact of familiarization with the complications, sometimes sign a waiver of claims to the clinic or to a specific doctor, if they appear.
Computer modelling The laser exposure points are selected first on a computer, then they are marked on the patient’s skin. In the presence of modern equipment is carried out in a few minutes. Follow the recommendations of specialists.
Procedure execution Sometimes one exposure is enough, but most often several procedures are prescribed by cosmetologists. Their frequency and quantity are selected depending on the individual characteristics of the patient (30 minutes – 1.5 hours). Listen to the sensations in order to stop the operation if signs of complications appear.

Erbium laser in cosmetology. Before and after photos, application results, reviews

Regardless of the number of operations scheduled, a rehabilitation period passes after each.


A neatly performed operation is half the battle. It is necessary that patients also perform appointments during the rehabilitation period. It is 4-5 days.

Immediately after the procedure:

  • a day to be under the constant supervision of relatives or doctors;
  • 2 days bed rest with two pillows (so that inflammation subsides faster);
  • cold compresses;
  • taking drugs or using external products prescribed by a cosmetologist.

Other tips:

  • twice a day take a warm shower without a washcloth so that the exfoliated skin drains without mechanical stress;
  • for shampooing use baby shampoos. When contacted with the skin, they do not have an aggressive effect, do not harm;
  • yellowness around the eyes is normal after the procedure. You can’t try to wipe it off;
  • when peeling begins on 3-4 days, it is impossible to tear off pieces of skin, otherwise scars will remain. The body must cope with the process on its own.

Erbium laser in cosmetology. Before and after photos, application results, reviews

During and after rehabilitation, Cetaphil moisturizers are used. You can consult a dermatologist to choose a budget drug. You can use decorative cosmetics only after 7-14 days. The exact date is set by a specialist.

Possible complications

Complications appear only in 2 cases: neglect of contraindications and refusal of safety measures during the procedure and during the rehabilitation period.

Can appear:

  • swelling
  • redness
    Erbium laser in cosmetology. Before and after photos, application results, reviews
  • burns;
  • scarring;
  • dark spots;
  • skin rash;
  • itching and burning.

Such complications appear almost always after the procedure, but they are poorly expressed, and pass during the rehabilitation period. But sometimes they remain forever, if you do not follow the rules. It is necessary to use masks and creams that accelerate the restoration of cells. Also, you can not go out without applying protective equipment from the wind and ultraviolet radiation.

Duration of the course of procedures

To begin, preparation is carried out in 2 stages:

  1. For a month they begin to use creams with photoprotection.
  2. Surface peeling is performed in 2 weeks.

Before the procedure itself, preparatory actions are not required. Exceptions are cases of excessive dryness of the skin – then it is moisturized (if it is too oily, then it is treated with antiseptics).

For normal tolerance, the procedure is done with local anesthesia. If you need to work with a large area, sometimes act under general anesthesia. Eyes are closed with special glasses. The exact number of procedures is prescribed after examinations and examination of the skin surface. Usually, the doctor prescribes 4-6 sessions. The break between them is 3-4 weeks.

When is the effect visible

Erbium laser in cosmetology, reviews of which may mislead patients, is aimed at stimulating the body’s natural processes. Its impact is minimal. It makes the body think that skin cells are damaged. Therefore, he begins to update them faster and repair damaged tissue.

Erbium laser in cosmetology. Before and after photos, application results, reviews

Since the body needs time to start recovery processes, it will take 3-4 days after the procedure before the patient notices the effect. First, the skin is covered with a solid film, there is a burning sensation and itching. But you need to endure and not try to get rid of the crust mechanically.

You can use tools that help the body engage in the regeneration of new cells. These are Vaseline recovery creams. They soften the crust, contribute to its accelerated elimination.

The peeling process itself is accompanied by itching. When all dead cells subside, it will stop. After complete exfoliation, stop using Vaseline creams so that the skin is not too oily and the pores are not clogged. Regardless of how many procedures are assigned, the effect is visible after the first. With each new operation, he improves.

What is the interval for repeated laser courses

Reviews about the erbium laser in cosmetology are so good that patients want to perform this procedure often. They plan to achieve the perfect result. But the intervals are not set by the desires of women, but by specialists. Grinding within one course is carried out with an interval of 3-5 weeks.

It all depends on how quickly the patient recovers, how long his rehabilitation period is. The second course is carried out with an interval of at least 10 months after the end of the rehabilitation period after the last procedure. To take a second course, you will need to again pass all the tests and consult with a specialist.

Service cost

Erbium laser in cosmetology (reviews depend on the qualifications of the specialist who performed the procedure) is not an expensive procedure.

Erbium laser in cosmetology. Before and after photos, application results, reviews

The final cost is formed based on the parameters:

  • level of grinding;
  • total number of procedures;
  • general anesthesia or local anesthesia;
  • neglect of the problem;
  • patient age (the older, the more difficult it is to start natural recovery);
  • policy of the clinic where the procedure is performed.

You can find the average prices in the table:

Procedure Cost
Facial rejuvenation From $ 95.
Rejuvenation of the neck and decollete From $ 204.
Surface resurfacing From $ 272.
Midline resurfacing From $ 340.
Removal of scars and scars (spot) From $ 41.
Superficial grinding of the neck and decollete From $ 408.
Medium resurfacing of the neck and decollete From $ 476.
Laser resurfacing of the selected area (for example, when removing tattoos) From $ 82.

Reviews about the procedure

Many say that the use of an erbium laser in cosmetology can be considered a major breakthrough in science. Reviews about the procedure are positive. But some say that you should carefully select the clinic where the operation will be performed.

When a specialist irresponsibly approaches patients, does not conduct an in-depth analysis and diagnosis to identify possible contraindications, the likelihood of complications is high.

Erbium laser video in cosmetology

Feedback on laser resurfacing of the face:

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