Electric treadmills for the home. Rating of the best, prices and reviews

Modern treadmill has a simple design. It consists of a platform, a handrail and a belt that rotates between two shafts. Non-electric treadmill training involves running or walking on a tape, the speed of which is regulated independently by the athlete.

How electric treadmills work

The electric treadmill is driven by a special motor. It makes it possible to set the required speed and adjust the tilt of the deck. Such a simulator allows the athlete not only to choose the program suitable for training, but also to create individual settings.

The electric treadmill has much more functions, which simplifies the control of the simulator and allows you to take indicators.

An important element of this simulator can be called its motor. It is he who sets the canvas in motion and affects the performance and functionality of the structure. At the same time, the higher the power indicators of the motor, the better the treadmill.

Electric treadmills for the home. Rating of the best, prices and reviews

The quality of the design also depends on the material of which its frame is made. The simulator with an aluminum frame will weigh less. In addition, this metal is less susceptible to corrosion and provides good cushioning. An excellent cushioning system will help reduce stress on the spine and legs. This is possible due to smoothing the blows.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric treadmills

The electric treadmill moves thanks to the operation of the electric motor, which predetermines many advantages.

Positive characteristics of the electric simulator:

  • the presence of a large number of functions;
  • low load on the spine and legs;
  • the opportunity to train with comfort, for a long time;
  • muscle strain.

Negative characteristics of the electric simulator:

  • cost;
  • big weight and dimensions;
  • it is important to properly care for the canvas;
  • the need to connect to the mains;
  • the volume of the motor.

Cons of simulators of this category do not stop the buyer from choosing a sports equipment, since the advantages prevail over the disadvantages.

Home Treadmill Selection Criteria

With the right approach to choosing a treadmill for the home, you can find an effective method of getting rid of extra pounds and maintaining the body in excellent physical shape.

Armed with user advice and having studied the main functional characteristics of treadmills, you can buy a good quality model that will last a long time and provide the desired result.

Dimensions and portability

To make the right choice, you must first select the location of the track, measure its area. When purchasing a folding trainer, the height, length and width of the place where it will be stored should be taken into account.

Electric treadmills for the home. Rating of the best, prices and reviews
The electric treadmill should be compact but practical.

The total area of the treadmill depends on the size of the working belt. The best option for its width: 21’7 inch for running and 19’7 inch for walking.

The recommended length of the working space for running and walking is 4’6 – 4’1 foot, respectively. For people whose height exceeds 5’9 foot, the optimal canvas length is 5’2 foot or more. The standard size of the treadmills is considered to be 35’4 inch wide, 6’9 foot long. In this case, you can choose the model according to your preference – a more compact size or larger, stationary or folding.

It is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the handrails of the track, which affect such important points as convenience during training and the reliable stability of the simulator. Handrails should be located at such a height and width that their bearing surfaces do not hamper movement, could protect against injuries and falls during training.


When choosing the power of the treadmill motor, it is necessary to take into account the individual intensity and complexity of the training. Thanks to the motor, the web of the simulator moves. Units of measurement of its power are horsepower (HP); continuous horsepower (LNS).

A more productive second indicator, it allows you to determine the power achieved during prolonged operation of the motor, in contrast to the first indicator, which determines the power at the highest point of work. The average power rating of most track models is 2.25-4.25 continuous horsepower.

Recommended power for people with normal weight (up to 198 pounds):

Type of occupation Power
Run from 3 NLS
Jogging from 2.5 NLS
Walking from 2 NLS

To calculate the power for people weighing more than 198 pounds, it is necessary to add 0.5 NLS to the above indicators. It should be noted that a motor operating with standby power will operate longer than the motor at maximum power.


Electric treadmill belongs to the class of simulators designed for aerobic training. In appearance, they are similar to the track, which makes it possible to engage in walking and running indoors in any weather.

Electric treadmills for the home. Rating of the best, prices and reviews

The simulator helps to improve health and improve physical fitness:

  • Due to the cardio load exerted, the design improves the functioning of the heart, lungs, and vessels.
  • The simulator allows you to get rid of excess kcal (up to 800 per hour), burn fat, contributing to intense weight loss.
  • Helps relieve fatigue and relieve stress.
  • Increases muscle tone and strengthens them.
  • Accelerates the metabolism.

For those who want to get rid of excess weight and body fat in problem areas, you need to know the muscle groups that are involved in the treadmill.


  • gluteal;
  • dorsal;
  • calf;
  • femoral.

To use the press when practicing on the track, it must be installed at an angle. In order to work out the muscles of the forearm, it is necessary to add active hand movements during training.

The best models of electric treadmills, their overview and prices

The ranking of the best treadmills includes models with the o
ptimal ratio of quality and price. And also, when choosing them, the reviews of professional athletes and home users were taken into account.

Treadmill DFC T-1000

The DFC T-1000 stella sports equipment has 4 built-in programs and cardio sensors on the handles. The simulator is positioned by the manufacturer as home, and the user’s weight should not exceed 243 pounds. Thanks to an electric motor with a power of 1.25 horsepower, the canvas can move at a speed of up to 7 mph. There is no adjustment of the blade tilt in this model. Average price: $ 285.

Treadmill NordicTrack T7.0

The electric track is designed for people weighing up to 298 pounds and has a folding structure.

Electric treadmills for the home. Rating of the best, prices and reviews

The running belt is equipped with the patented FlexResponse cushioning system.

The angle of inclination can be changed, focusing on your needs.

Engine power is 2.25 horsepower, which allows you to reach a maximum speed of 12 mph.

The latter can be changed with the click of a button.

All indications necessary for control are displayed.

The simulator has 20 built-in training programs, and thanks to its unique design it does not take up much space.

Average price: $ 867.

Treadmill Bowflex treadclimber tc10

The model has convenient transportation wheels, so moving the sports equipment does not cause trouble. The ergonomic simulator does not take up much space and combines immediately 3 sports equipment – a stepper, an orbitrek (ellipsoid) and a track for running.

On 4 displays all the necessary information to control your workout is displayed:

  • speed;
  • time;
  • distance;
  • calories

The simulator is equipped with a Quick Start button, so that you can instantly start a warm-up and quickly prepare for strength or cardio exercises. In this model, it is possible to change the angle of the blade, which allows under its maximum value to increase calorie consumption by 3.5 times. The simulator is designed for people weighing up to 300 pounds. Average price: $ 404.

Treadmill Torneo Smarta T-205

The electric simulator has a folding structure and is equipped with a gas closer, so that when unfolding, the track sheet falls to the floor on its own. The user only needs to remove the locking mechanism. On convenient handles of a sports apparatus are cardio sensors, information from which is transmitted to the screen.

In addition to the pulse, indicators such as calories burned, speed and distance traveled are displayed here. One of the main advantages of this simulator is the safety key, due to which the web stops moving in the event of a user fall. This happens due to the fact that the red magnetic key in any emergency situation pops out of the lock.

For it to work, before starting the workout, you need to attach the key on one side to your clothes, and on the other to a special lock on the front of the treadmill. For the comfort of users, the simulator is equipped with transport wheels that facilitate its movement, and a convenient stand for water. You can drink without stopping training.

The sports equipment is designed for people weighing up to 220 pounds and has 12 built-in training programs. The running belt has a speed of up to 8 mph. Average price: $ 284.

Unixfit ST600X Treadmill

The model is an excellent option not expensive, but high-quality home cardio simulator. Sports equipment allows you to reach speeds of up to 12 mph. With the help of this simulator, users can easily say goodbye to extra pounds, strengthen their health and increase their overall stamina. With systematic training, the result is noticeable after a week of training.

Electric treadmills for the home. Rating of the best, prices and reviews

The simulator is designed for users weighing up to 265 pounds and has a standard shock-absorbing system. It is possible to manually change the angle of inclination of the running belt – 3 positions. The maximum track rises by 10 °.

The display shows the standard data:

  • distance;
  • movement speed;
  • time;
  • calories burned;
  • the name of the program;
  • heart rate.

Cardio sensors are located on the handles. The simulator has 15 built-in programs, and 3 of them can be configured independently. The model is equipped with 2 speakers, connectors for a player or a flash drive, so the lessons are pleasing to the user. AUX cable supplied. Average price: $ 447.

Treadmill DFC Rekord t190

A sports projectile with a 1.5 horsepower engine accelerates the running belt to 7 mph. The model has 5 built-in training programs and is designed for people weighing up to 265 pounds. The angle of the canvas can be changed. On the handrails of the simulator are cardio sensors for measuring the pulse, the value of which is displayed.

The screen displays:

  • time;
  • distance;
  • calories burned;
  • speed of movement.

On each side there are convenient pockets in which you can store your phone or water. Thanks to the folding design, after training, the simulator can be lifted, freeing up space. Average price: $ 360.

FamilyTM 300M Treadmill

Sports equipment is great for home workouts. Thanks to the powerful motor, students can set a maximum speed of 9 mph. The width of the canvas allows people with large equipment to engage with maximum comfort and safety. The simulator is designed for people weighing up to 265 pounds, while it itself weighs only 88 pounds.

Electric treadmills for the home. Rating of the best, prices and reviews

The sports equipment has 12 built-in training programs and 3 positions for changing the angle of inclination of the running belt. Thanks to the presence of shortcut keys, the simulator is great for beginners.

The display shows all the necessary indicators to control your workout:

  • time;
  • distance;
  • pulse;
  • calories
  • speed.

Cardio sensors are located on the handles. Average price: $ 421.

Treadmill Yamaguchi Runway

The simulator is noticeably different from all the above. There are no handrails or console. That is, the sports equipment looks like a regular flat rectangle, consisting only of a running belt about 63/32 inch thick. Thanks to such compactness, it can be simply cleaned under a bed or a table.

It is also convenient to store the simulator in an upright position – special mounts are i
ncluded for this. They are installed in the wall.

The electric treadmill weighs only 55 pounds. The speed of movement of the canvas here is controlled by a laser sensor. The advantage of this technology is that the simulator adapts to the user’s speed. In classic electric tracks, this process is the opposite. Despite the fact that there is no console, the manufacturer found a place for the display in the canvas itself.

The screen displays:

  • movement time;
  • distance traveled;
  • number of steps taken.

Average price: 50 $ 0 – $ 748.

Treadmill DFC AGILA T99

The simulator model with a power of the motor 1 HP is the best option for novice users. So that the training is not monotonous, it is equipped with 3 types of programs. Thanks to the convenient folding design, the track takes up little space, allowing you to save the usable area in the room. The heart rate sensor on the handrails is missing in this design. Price: $ 272.

Treadmill ProForm Performance 350i

This simulator is designed for intensive training, providing a full cardio load, without leaving home.

Electric treadmills for the home. Rating of the best, prices and reviews

The user can independently set the speed and intensity of the session.

The simulator engine is powerful enough – 2 HP, the parts are durable and wear-resistant, which gives it reliability during prolonged and intensive use.

Thanks to a convenient display, you can evaluate the results obtained from training, tracking all the necessary parameters:

  • distance;
  • speed;
  • class time;
  • heart rate
  • calories burned.

A fairly spacious work surface ( 18’1 x 50 inch) makes the lesson on the Performance 350i as comfortable as possible. An important function is the ability to change the angle of the treadmill.

Adjusting this parameter helps to achieve the maximum effect from the workout – a greater number of muscle groups are involved, the load is correctly distributed.

The presence of 16 built-in programs allow you to diversify your runs. The handles of the simulator are equipped with contact sensors, which allow avoiding too large loads, thanks to the control of the heart rate.

A nice addition to the Performance 350i treadmill is the stand for the tablet mounted on the console. Thanks to the folding design with Space Saver and EasyLift technologies, the simulator easily folds upright and is convenient for storage. Price: $ 721.

Treadmill Unixfit ST-510T

The Unixfit ST-510T is the best option for users with average height. It withstands loads up to 243 pounds, is equipped with a basic depreciation system, consisting of 6 elastomers, designed to reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system while running. The maximum speed that can be developed on a track of 6 mph.

The simulator monitor informs about:

  • speed
  • varieties of the program;
  • heart rate
  • class time;
  • distance
  • calories burned.

The user has 12 different programs. Sensors for measuring heart rate are located on the handrail. The presence of a connector for an audio player allows you to play sports to your favorite music. Price: $ 325.

Treadmill DFC T-420 Lega

The stylish appearance of the track and high performance properties are achieved through the use of high-quality aluminum alloy for its manufacture. The simulator is able to withstand heavy loads, has high wear resistance, stability and reliability. It is convenient in storage due to the folding design.

Electric treadmills for the home. Rating of the best, prices and reviews

The track is adjustable at different angles, equipped with a high-strength running belt, due to which it can be used by people with different weight categories.

Due to the ability to change the angle of inclination, you can change the height, which allows you to create the feeling of running on hilly terrain, increasing the intensity of the workout. Additional comfort and stress relief from joints and ligaments provides a cushioning system.

Programs on the DFC T-420 Lega are displayed graphically. Handles are equipped with touch manual sensors. A connector for connecting an MP3 player and two speakers on a treadmill make it possible to listen to any tracks while jogging. Price: $ 503.

Treadmill DFC T460 SURA

This is a great simulator for home jogging. An electric motor with a power of 2.5 HP allows you to exercise with intense load. Heart rate is monitored using touch sensors integrated in the handles.

A variety of workouts make 12 built-in programs. An additional equipment of the simulator is a giro analyzer and built-in speakers with a connector for an MP3 player. Price: $ 666.

Treadmill Energetics PR 4900P EZ

The Energetics PR 4900P EZ model is one of the latest developments in the field of physical education and sports. It is distinguished by its compactness and innovative folding design, which saves space in the room. When folded, the thickness of the simulator is 9’4 inch.

A powerful 2.0 HP motor reaching a speed of 7 mph, a wide running belt 47’2 x 15’7 inch, a comfortable patented shock absorption system that provides a high degree of safety, make it possible to carry out intensive training at a professional level.

25 running programs add variety and effectiveness to jogging. The design of the treadmill frame made of high-strength metal alloys allows users with a weight category of up to 265 pounds to train intensively. Price: $ 473.

Treadmill DFC CAMRY T-105O

A low power electric motor can accelerate the DFC CAMRY T-105O treadmill to 6 mph, provided that the user’s weight does not exceed 220 pounds.

Electric treadmills for the home. Rating of the best, prices and reviews

The model is well suited for children, adolescents and people with average height, due to the small working area ( 13’8 x 39’4 inch).

The low price of the simulator is due to the absence of any adjustments, including the angle of inclination of the running belt.

And also in the design there are no training programs.

Shortcut keys for convenience are located on the handrails.

Due to its compact size and folding design, the simulator takes up little space during use and storage.

Price: $ 285.

Due to the effective burning of calories, treadmills contribute to weight loss and healthy body.

Modern electric models with a variety of training programs are equipped with a display that displays and allows you to control the intensity of training, avoiding overload, as well as monitor ongoing changes in the body.

Electric Treadmill Video

How to choose a treadmill What to look for:

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