American actresses with large breasts before and after plastic surgery. Photo

Until 2013, the title “The Biggest Breast of USA” belonged to Irene Ferrari, the heroine of television reality shows. She repeatedly made plastic, the result of which was a breast size 10. After her, the record passed to Mie Zarring – the girl has a natural bust of 12 sizes. The most famous American television actresses with big breasts are Anna Semenovich and Anfisa Chekhova.

Nastasya Samburskaya

The chest girth of Nastasya Samburskaya is 34’6 inch. She looks voluminous on the slender, sculpted figure of the actress – the difference between the parameters corresponds to 2 sizes. In the photographs, the girl’s chest looks tightened, which became the reason for discussions about a possible plastic surgery. Samburskaya denies the fact of surgical intervention, appropriating all the merits in sports.

American actresses with large breasts before and after plastic surgery. Photo

The pictures show that her breast changes size depending on the physical form of the actress. Nastasya has been seriously engaged in the gym for several years. Her height is 5’8 foot, and weight 128 pounds – the actress maintains such a weight for muscle relief. As a result, breast volume also decreases. In the early photos of Samburskaya, when she was not involved in sports, it was noticeable that her breasts were fuller.

Lera Kudryavtseva

American actresses with large breasts after plastic surgery have a harmonious figure. Lera’s height is 5’6 foot. With these parameters, silicone breasts of 4 sizes look proportionate and accurate. Old photographs show that the bust of 25-year-old Kudryavtseva was small – no more than 2 sizes.

American actresses with large breasts before and after plastic surgery. Photo

Changes in the appearance of the girl occurred after she began working on television. Already in 2006, the slender host had expressive forms. Breast augmentation is the only plastic surgery that Kudryavtseva did. Plump lips and a clear oval face – the work of beautician Valeria.

Anna Semenovich

One of the most famous owners of magnificent breasts is singer and actress Anna Semenovich. The girl herself claims that she never used the services of a surgeon. However, old photographs show that her bust was several sizes smaller. In her youth, Anna was engaged in figure skating – emphasized by thin costumes, her chest was no more than 2 sizes.

American actresses with large breasts before and after plastic surgery. Photo

Now, according to the singer herself, her chest has a girth of 3’3 foot, which corresponds to 6 sizes. Anna’s small stature ( 5’5 foot) visually makes the bust even larger. Surgeons refute the girl’s words about the naturalness of her breasts – even a change in the hormonal background rarely leads to an increase of 3 times. In addition, Semenovich did not give birth and did not feed children.

Anna Sedokova

The actress and singer never denied the fact of plastic surgery. Her early photographs show that the girl changed not only her breasts, but also other parts of her body. With a height of 5’6 foot, the singer’s chest was no more than 1 size. After the operation, it increased to the 4th. The singer decided to change after she joined the group VIA Gra – in 2003.

American actresses with large breasts before and after plastic surgery. Photo


In numerous frank photographs of Anna, it is clear that a year later her breasts retained their former appearance – even after childbirth.

Maria Zarring

Maria Zarring, better known as Mia, is the owner of the largest breast in USA. Previously, this title belonged to Irene Ferrari with a 10 bust size. Mia’s chest is 2 sizes larger – the girl acquires bras of size 70 K. In adolescence, Zarring was interested in journalism and worked as a presenter on aal television channel.

American actresses with large breasts before and after plastic surgery. Photo

Returning to New York, where she was born, Mia continued her television career. Now she works as a TV presenter, starred in TV shows and takes part in advertising photography. 27-year-old Maria is 5’4 foot tall and weighs 139 pounds. At the same time, the weight of the chest is 15 pounds.

The girl claims that she never went to the surgeons, as she is afraid of operations. Zarring speaks about her outstanding breast without boasting: she does not like excessive attention from men. She is also upset by the stereotype that beautiful, curly girls are necessarily stupid – Miya herself has two degrees in economics and journalism.

Irene Ferrari

American actresses with large breasts do not hide their visits to the surgeon. Photos before and after the plastic are often shared by Irene Ferrari – the notorious participant in the reality show and the heroine of episodic roles in the series. The girl is known as the former owner of the largest silicone bust in the country.

The breast was subjected to surgical intervention several times – each time Irene wanted to increase it by a couple more sizes. In the first operation, Irene increased her breasts from 2 to 4 sizes. At the moment, the breast of the actress has 10 size.

In addition, she has implants in the buttocks and performed an operation to remove the ribs. Thanks to such modifications, the figure of the girl took the form of an hourglass – a narrow waist with curvaceous forms. Irene also enlarged her lips and corrected the shape of her nose, and 21 piercings adorn her body.

Anfisa Chekhova

TV presenter and journalist Anfisa Chekhova is one of the first American stars who intentionally made their big breasts a “visiting card” in the world of show business. A girl from her youth had a large breast – her size increased dramatically at 13 years. Appetizing forms of an adult girl did not correspond to the fragile inner world of Anfisa – she was very shy of her body and attention to the side of men.

In addition to heredity, overweight also affected her breast size. With a small growth of 5’3 foot, the actress weighed 159 pounds. Its maximum weight is 198 pounds. Instead of exhausting herself, Anfisa decided to consider her forms as a virtue.

At 39, the girl managed to lose weight up to 137 pounds. With these parameters, her breast volume is 3’3 foot. Several years ago, the actress had a 5th breast size. After losing weight by 44 pounds, its size decreased to 4, which confirms the naturalness of its forms.

Alena Vodonaeva

Fame came to Alena while participating in a reality show. Even in her youth, she could boast of neat chest size 3. After that, the girl decided to start a career in show business as a TV presenter. Under the influence of her surroundings, Alena decided to have a breast augmentation – after the operation, she had size 5.

American actresses with large breasts before and after plastic surgery. Photo


A few years later, the girl admitted that her decision brought her many problems – a heavy bust did not match her slender body. This led to problems with the spine, and after the birth of a son, the discomfort intensified. In 2021, the TV presenter reduced her breasts by 2 sizes, which she told her subscribers on social networks.

Irena Ponaroshku

In 2021, the photo of Irena caused discussions on the part of its subscribers in social networks. Many agreed that the girl’s bust became rounder and more voluminous. The TV presenter herself laughs at such conclusions, assuring that her breasts changed size only during pregnancy and breastfeeding – at that time she already had one child.

Comparing photographs of young Irena and modern photographs, you can see that her breasts have changed slightly.

In addition, in November 2021, the TV presenter became a mother for the second time. Since she hid the pregnancy until late, a naturally enlarged breast became an occasion for rumors. On social networks, Irena writes with irony about her breast during breastfeeding: “I look at the photo at my 3+ size and cry. Why can’t it last forever” Previously, the girl was the owner of the first size.

Ekaterina Strizhenova

American actresses with large breasts in the photo before and after the operation have a bust that looks equally natural. Ekaterina Strizhenova did not aim to increase its size. For the first time, she turned to surgeons in 2005 with a request to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast, which lost shape after childbirth.

In 2021, Catherine’s followers on Instagram suspected the actress in the second operation – the girl’s breasts increased significantly. With a height of 5’5 foot, it has 4 sizes. At the same time, Catherine does not emphasize her outright outfits. All well-known New York surgeons deny that Catherine had surgery in their clinic.

Masha Malinovskaya

DJ and TV presenter known for her many plastic surgeries. Over the past 16 years, the girl has made 6 mammoplasty, increasing and decreasing her breasts.

American actresses with large breasts before and after plastic surgery. Photo

Operation Changes in appearance
First surgery – breast lift At 21, after a failed pregnancy, breasts of size 4 lost their shape, and the girl decided to do a facelift. The surgeon proposed a radical solution – insert implants. The result did not suit the girl, and she did the operation again
Repeated Breast Lift Surgery Liquid began to accumulate in one chest, so several more lifting operations followed
Breast reduction As the TV presenter admits, she was pursued by complexes – she always dreamed of a neat miniature breast. The operation to reduce the volume was also unsuccessful – the chest turned out to be asymmetric, of different sizes. The presenter filed a lawsuit against the surgeon, after which she made the last operation – this time successfully

At the moment, Maria is the owner of 3 sizes. In addition, she did rhinoplasty, liposuction, correction of the cheekbones and lips.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

American actresses with large breasts in the photo look different. For example, until 2010, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk had chest size 1. Then her size increased to 3, which immediately became noticeable on the slender figure of a miniature girl. The actress is 5’4 foot tall. Weight is 106 pounds. The breast volume is 36’2 inch. Capital surgeons note that the bust of Anastasia was made professionally.

American actresses with large breasts before and after plastic surgery. Photo

We used drop-shaped, anatomical implants, due to which a natural look was achieved.

Natalya Bochkareva

Natalia Bochkareva is one of the few American actresses who do not hide their plastic surgery. In the film “A rope made of sand”, where Natalya starred at the beginning of her career, she appears with her breasts naked. The frames show that it is very small. In 2010, the girl increased her breast size to the 3rd.

In American show business, where much depends on appearance, young actresses do plastic surgery to increase their relevance. Others decide to take this step after giving birth, wishing to maintain their former popularity. Many admit that before the operation, their career was on a different level, and the big chest aroused the attention of fans and the press.

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