Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gym

Triceps is a triceps muscle, it provides flexion and extension of the arm. In women, this area is problematic. There is a huge list of exercises that remove the problem area and tone the triceps.

When implementing them, one must not forget about safety in order to reduce the likelihood of injury. Additionally, sports equipment is used, for example, dumbbells, balls, benches, barbells.

General recommendations

A set of exercises is designed to deal with problem areas on the inside of the arm. You can get the maximum result when using simulators, all kinds of tools, your own weight or other additional devices.

The group of the best exercises includes those that act as isolated as possible on the triceps muscle. Before performing any manipulations, you need to consider general recommendations, they can not only bring closer to the desired goal, but also guarantee safety and minimize injuries.

The main tips include the following aspects:

  1. Before starting a workout, you need to thoroughly warm up the muscle tissue in your hands. An intensive 5-minute warm-up is best suited for this purpose. Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gym
  2. After each approach, it is necessary to stretch the muscle tissue. Stretching does not increase muscles for a long time, but can increase their strength. Stretching can increase the effectiveness of triceps and reduce sagging skin, which is very important if you do not perform exercises in the future.
  3. There is no need to rush during training; all manipulations are performed deliberately and slowly. The use of light weighting and fast movements are not able to fully load the working area of the muscle. Slowed amplitude increases resistance, so muscles work more and more efficiently.
  4. You can not stop there. When exercises are given too easily, you need to increase the load. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it; it is necessary to achieve a comfortable level so as not to feel heaviness and pain.
  5. If the training program contains too many repetitions, then you need to reduce them to the most suitable value. In the case of the reverse situation, the number of repetitions increases. It must be understood that any training program is designed for the average person, while its preparation does not take into account individual characteristics.
  6. Rest between sets is 30 seconds, while between exercises – 60-120 seconds.

The above recommendations must be observed without fail, because they regulate the effectiveness of training and minimize the likelihood of injury.

Push ups

This is one of the best exercises for pumping triceps. Many girls have a negative attitude to such manipulations, since they have difficulties with their implementation. Triceps is responsible for the movement of the arm in the elbow joint, and this is the basis for training this muscle tissue.

Knee push ups

One of the ideal variations for the fair sex, especially for beginners and for those who cannot perform many repetitions in the classic variety. The muscle tissue of the shoulder girdle in girls is minimally developed, so it is best to start push-ups from the knees.

To implement them, you must adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. Starting position: lying down. You need to lean your hands on the floor, you need to keep them straight, not spreading wide. At a small distance from the floor, the legs are held, the knees serve as a support for the body.
  2. Further, the arms are bent, the chest touches the floor, you can’t lie down completely, in other words, you need to distribute the mass of your body evenly between the triceps and the chest. Then the body returns to its original position, you need to do this as smoothly as possible. Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gym

After a few workouts, the number of repetitions will be more than 20. At this stage, you can go to a complicated variation – a classic variety of push-ups.

Classic push ups

Again, you need to take an initial position, legs need to be straightened and rested on socks. In this case, the tension on the triceps increases, the muscles of the abdominal are additionally connected. After reaching 20 repetitions, they move to wide push-ups.

Shoulder width push-ups

The starting position does not change. With palms you need to rest against the surface of the floor, you should place them directly under the shoulders. During the bending of the arms, the shoulders are sure to touch the body, the elbows cannot be spread apart on the sides, the arms need not be extended more than the width of the shoulders.

Few girls reach this stage, but those who did this noticeably disappear the “problem” part of the body in the near future. The best result can only be achieved by increasing the load.

Narrow grip push-ups

The palms must be placed a short distance from each other, in an ideal position, the left hand covers the right, and vice versa . When performing exercises, elbows on the sides may diverge, this is a normal phenomenon for a beginner, in this case, you should try to move them to the body as much as possible. Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gym

When these rules are followed, you can achieve the maximum effect, in the near future the triceps will come in tone.

Exercises must be performed systematically, otherwise a positive result will not be achieved. When analyzing various forums and web resources, it can be noted that many girls do not like this approach, because push-ups are boring and hard. However, their effectiveness for triceps is difficult to overestimate.

Push ups between chairs

This exercise perfectly imitates exercises on the uneven bars, shows excellent performance, but at the same time difficult. For ease of implementation, it should be adapted for the female body.

You must perform the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Prepare 2 identical chairs or stools of the same height.
  2. Put them half a foot apart.
  3. Take an initial position in the middle of the chairs. Straighten the lower limbs, with heels focus on the floor surface. At the elbows the hands should be straight, the mass is distributed on the palms.
  4. Lower the body down, bending the arms at a right angle. If this result cannot be achieved, then it is necessary to act as far as possible, it is very important to do it as smoothly as possible.
  5. The body returns to its initial position.

Such manipulations are useful for triceps, and in their effectiveness they are not inferior to the bars.

Chair push ups

One of the options for an isolated action is push-ups from a support, for example, from a chair. Keep in mind that the stop surface should be 19’7 – 23’6 inch above the floor. Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gym

To perform push-ups from the chair, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Position – sitting on the edge of the support, arms at the width of the shoulder joints.
  2. It is completely necessary to transfer your own weight to your arms and legs, the pelvis moves forward, it should be above the floor.
  3. The body sinks slowly to the floor, slightly touches the buttocks of the floor, after which the body goes into its original position.

Hands need to be bent straight, that is, you can not
allow them to move apart. Some of the weight falls on the heels, legs in the knees should be kept straight. This exercise is basic when training triceps, with its help you can remove the problem area in a short time.

Horizontal push ups

Such push-ups are one of the most difficult, not only for girls, but also for the stronger sex. To implement the exercise, you will again need a support, for example, a chair, it must be placed close to the wall to ensure reliable fixation. It is necessary to take an initial position in an emphasis lying, hands to put on an edge of a support.

It is necessary to bend the arms in the elbow joint with smooth movements. From the side it looks like a dive under a chair. Exercise is suitable only for girls with good physical fitness, so if you have a feeling that the body is falling down, then you need to insure your knees. If you focus not on socks, but on your knees, then the movements will become much easier, but the effectiveness will be less.

Home Triceps Dumbbell Exercise Set

Exercises for triceps with dumbbells are performed after push-ups, as a final measure before stretching. Strong triceps opens up new possibilities for push-ups, pull-ups and a number of other useful exercises. The flabbiness of the skin on the inside of the hand forms complexes in girls and deprives them of self-confidence.

Dumbbells – a sports equipment that is used for the physical development of almost all muscle tissues of the body. The effectiveness of the manipulations is directly affected by the weight of the dumbbells, to strengthen the triceps and increase its tone, you need to perform 20-25 repetitions, based on this, the mass of sports equipment is selected.

Seated dumbbell bench press

To implement the exercise, you need to sit on a chair or bench, straighten up and bend in the lower back. Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gymThe dumbbell must be taken with both hands, the elbows directed to the ceiling. On exhalation, the dumbbell rises vertically. In this position, the hands are held for a couple of seconds, after which the dumbbell lowers.

Standing dumbbell bench press

Exercises for the triceps should maximize triceps; for this, dumbbells, dead weight, various supports, weights and other additional devices are used. It is carried out similarly to the previous option.

It should be borne in mind that the bench press in isolation acts on the triceps muscle, while the bench press involves the muscles of the back.

To perform the manipulation, you need to take a straight position of the body, spread the legs to the width of the shoulder joints, take a dumbbell with both hands and place it behind your head. Next, the above actions are carried out, movements are carried out exclusively in the joint of the elbow, hands rise up on the exhale.

One-handed dumbbell bench press

When performing this exercise, the load is distributed not only to the triceps muscle, but also to other muscle groups, so it is much more effective to carry out the event with the left or right hand. Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gym

However, it is much more complicated, so for some time you can press the dumbbell with both hands. During the exercise, you can choose a grip neutral, grasp the body with the other limb or simply lower it. Manipulations are performed while standing or sitting.

At first, it will not be possible to keep the shoulder joint stationary, then during movements you can hold it with your free hand.

Extension of the arm in an inclination

It is necessary to take the initial position near some support, for this they rest against it with the knee and hand. In the second hand you need to take a dumbbell and lift it, while the elbow should bend 90 degrees.

The forearm is directed parallel to the floor surface, and it is this position that is considered the starting position. On exhalation, the arm straightens in the elbow joint, the upper part always remains stationary. For a few seconds, the hands are fixed at the top point and return to the starting position.

Exercise is easily implemented without a chair or bench, the dumbbell is lifted simultaneously with both hands.

French dumbbell bench press

Triceps exercises with dumbbells have an excellent effect on the triceps. It is necessary to occupy a supine position, the back and butt fit tightly to the surface of the support.

Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gym
Exercise french bench press shakes triceps. Dumbbells can be replaced with a barbell.

The dumbbell must be taken with the usual grip, arms are extended vertically. Then they fall down on the exhale, for a few seconds you need to linger and go into the starting position. These triceps exercises with dumbbells are highly effective.

Gym triceps training program

A gym is a place where you can put your body in order as efficiently and quickly as possible. However, when choosing the wrong training program, the desired result will not be achieved, and there is still a high probability of serious injury.

Extension of arms on the lower block

This is an effective exercise because it acts on the triceps in isolation, but beginners have a large number of questions regarding the implementation of the extension of the arms.

That is why you need to consider the algorithm for performing the exercise:

  1. First of all, the handle is attached to the lower block, the necessary weight is set. You need to grab the handle and turn your back to the simulator.
  2. Hands bend behind the head, elbows turn around. To increase stability during the manipulation, you can put one leg forward, while the body is slightly tilted. This provision is considered starting.
  3. Further, the arms above the head are straightened, triceps should be included in the work, the shoulders and back remain relaxed.

Exercise shows a high level of effectiveness, but the first time it turns out only in units. It is advisable to consult a trainer in the gym so that he shows the whole algorithm of actions clearly.

French bench press

Experts recommend performing the exercise with a W-bar, it provides the correct load on the nece
ssary muscle tissue
and protects the wrists from injuries.

The bar must be held with a pronounced grip (on top), take a lying position on a horizontal bench, the head is located on the very edge. Hands are straightened above themselves, the bar gradually lowers along the arc axis behind the head. Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gym

On inspiration, arms and neck drop, shoulders should remain stationary, and the forearm is directed parallel to the floor surface. To increase the effectiveness of the above movements are carried out with the neck of the EZ-type.

Reverse Grip Bench Press

It is necessary to take a lying position on a horizontal surface (bench), the bar is taken supinated grip (bottom). The bar drops smoothly, the elbows should be near the body, so the triceps will be loaded as much as possible.

In this position, you need to linger for a while and return to the starting position. The position must be fixed and when reducing, then the bar drops.

Keep in mind that you need to raise the bar 2 times faster than lower it.

If the bench is being run for the first time, then there should be a person nearby to insure. You can carry out manipulations with dumbbells and an EZ-bar.

Complex for beginners

Beginner exercises should be simple and easy to gradually increase the load and protect yourself from injuries. You can do it both in the gym and at home, just allocate 1 hour per day for this. The frequency can be any, but you can not overload the body and give it the opportunity to recover.

Beginner exercises are as follows:

  • Warm up 5 minutes.
  • Classic push ups.
  • Narrow Grip Pushups.
  • Push-ups with focus.
  • Dumbbell bench press from behind the head. Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gym

Exercises for triceps with dumbbells go well with other varieties of training, such as push-ups. Beginners are suitable for training with their own weight, they allow you to optimally compose a set of exercises. Push-ups are the best option, they can be performed in a classic way, as well as increase efficiency using a bench or ball.

Complex for overweight girls

To achieve the desired result, exercise alone will not be enough, it is important to properly build your own nutrition. First you need to calculate the daily calorie content, which is an important aspect for weight loss.

You can use the formula or special calculators, taking into account the training, and subtract 15% from the indicator. The resulting value will be the daily calorie intake.

To get rid of hunger, you should limit the use of harmful products – sweets, fast food, sweet soda and convenience foods. It is important to saturate the diet with natural, wholesome foods – vegetables, cereals, meat dishes, fish, fruits and nuts. Dumbbell triceps exercises for women. Starter complex at home and in the gym

A set of exercises may look like this:

  • Warm up.
  • Push-ups from the knees.
  • Dumbbell bench press from behind the head with two hands sitting.
  • Extension of arms in the lower block.
  • French bench press.

Overweight girls should not be limited to triceps exercises, it is necessary to adhere to a full workout, designed for all muscle groups.

A set of exercises for the “advanced”

Girls with good physical development should more effectively approach their workouts in order to continue to develop their body. It is advisable not to limit yourself to home workouts, you must regularly visit the gym. Advanced students do at least 3 times a week.

Professionals recommend combining classic push-ups, barbell work and wiring to isolate the triceps.

You need to give this muscle group at least one workout per week, it can look like this:

  • Warm up
  • Classic push-ups 20 times 3-4 sets.
  • Push-ups with an emphasis 20 times 3-4 approaches.
  • Wiring in the upper block 15 times 3-4 approaches.
  • French bench press 15 times 3-4 sets.
  • Stretching.

Triceps exercises at first may cause difficulties in implementation, but over time, the necessary skills appear. The speed of the result depends on various factors, so you should be patient and take a responsible approach to training. It is necessary to eat right, to train other muscle groups, to use additional devices: balls, barbells and dumbbells.

Best triceps exercises:

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