Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects

Laennec is a Japanese patented placental drug. Doctors’ reviews about him are both negative and positive, but the effectiveness and safety of the composition has been proven by many clinical trials. The scope is wide enough, Laenneck injections are used in cosmetologists, medicine.

Before deciding on placental injection therapy, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the features of the procedures, the possible effect, a number of indications, contraindications to their implementation.

Features of the composition

Laennec (negative and positive reviews of doctors can be seen below) – a biologically prophylactic agent, which is a human placenta hydrolyzate, is a natural blocker of aging processes, an optimizer of the malfunctioning of internal organs.

According to the international classification, Laennec is included in the category of hepatoprotective drugs and immunomodulating agents.

Biomaterial is taken for the manufacture of Laenneck’s solution in accordance with a number of specific criteria:

  1. Placental tissue is taken only in conditions of natural birth, which passed without serious complications.
  2. Prior to sampling the biomaterial, written voluntary consent of the donor must be obtained.
  3. A preliminary series of clinical and laboratory studies are carried out.
  4. The donor must be healthy, the list of diseases is approved individually.
  5. After comprehensive testing and technological cleaning of the material, it is sterilized by ultraviolet filtration of the raw material through 0.1 micron membrane filters.

The mechanism of a wide positive effect on the body and the main internal processes is due to the natural component composition containing a rich biocomplex of elements, enzymes, growth factors, and other valuable components obtained by the patented pharmacological technology for the production of placental hydrolyzate. Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects

The components of the solution are presented in the table:

Substance name Directional action
Growth factors


Natural compounds for stimulating fibroblast growth, proliferation or differentiation of living cells. Function as signaling molecules for cellular interaction. Activate collagen synthesis, promote tissue renewal and restoration
Water Soluble Cytokines Protein signaling molecules involved in chemo-and bio-immunoregulation of inflammatory reactions. Provide high-quality cellular interaction, contributing to the normalization of metabolic processes
Complex of amino acids and low molecular weight proteins Provides protein synthesis, promotes cell division and healthy cell growth and nutrition
Vitamin Complex (PP, C, B 1, B 2 , B 3 , D) Helps strengthen immunity, normalize the course of internal processes of life support and regeneration, has an antioxidant effect
Enzymes Substances necessary to improve the protective properties of the body from the negative effects of free radicals
Complex of minerals, nucleosides They have the property of immunomodulatory activity, promote stimulation and acceleration of metabolic processes, improve blood microcirculation, make up for nucleic acid deficiency

Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects

Based on the features of the natural component composition obtained by the patented Japanese technology, Laennec is able to provide a superficial and deep multidirectional positive simulation, improving the level of compensatory capabilities.

Release form

Laennec comes in the form of a yellowish or amber-brown liquid, sealed in 0,07 fluid ounce ampoules of dark glass. One unit of ampoule solution contains 112 mg of placental hydrolyzate.

Additionally, the composition is enriched with substances that bring the product to the desired consistency – water for injection, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid to regulate the pH level. In one package with membranes are 10 ampoules with a volume of 0,07 fluid ounce.

pharmachologic effect

Laennec is an effective product of modern pharmaceuticals, although doctors’ reviews about it were divided into both positive and negative.

Means with natural placental composition:

  • It has immunomodulating properties, stimulating effect on the state of humoral immunity, improves phagocytosis activity.
    Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects
    According to reviews, Laennec strengthens skin immunity
  • Helps to increase the bactericidal resistance of leukocytes, which is manifested in the destruction of the pathogen.

A complex of natural growth factors, water-soluble cytokines improves the metabolic, supervisory function of skin cells. Bioactive elements included in the composition of the placental hydrolyzate improve the synthesis, regenerative stimulation of hepatocytes, qualitatively increasing the level of detoxification properties.

Laennec is effective in reducing lipid and cholesterol deposits in cells and liver tissues . It is used to enhance the activity of tissue respiration, accelerate metabolic processes in the liver, and reduce the proliferation of connective tissue.


No confirmed information on the pharmacokinetics of Laennec has been received. This fact is due to the fact that the use of standard pharmacokinetic methods is not possible to study the pharmacokinetic parameters of the placental product, since the composition is represented solely by physiological components present in the human body.

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For the use of injections and drip of Laennec therapy, there are a number of basic indications.

The course of placental treatment or prevention is used:

  • in the presence of acute herpes infection in the active stage;
  • with liver diseases (hepatitis, cholangitis) of any etiology, including alcoholic, metabolic cirrhosis;
  • with systemic diseases of the skin, moderate to severe dermatitis, psoriasis, acne;
  • with the goal of general external rejuvenation in aesthetic cosmetology;
    Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects
  • to improve the skin structure, its color, elasticity, pH, eliminate hyperpigmentation;
  • removal of alcohol intoxication;
  • to normalize men’s health, prevent sexual dysfunction, increase sexual activity;
  • to relieve menopausal syndrome;
  • restoration of reproductive function, treatment of gynecological diseases (endometritis, miscarriage for various reasons, chronic inflammation);
  • increase tone, restore energy reserves of the body, improve performance;
  • normalization of the hormonal background, strengthening the immune system;
  • in a complex of anti-cellulite programs, with the aim of losing weight;
  • for hair restoration, treatment of alopecia.

Placental Laennec therapy is used as a preparatory stage before plastic surgery, during the rehabilitation period.

General application features

Laennec (reviews of doctors are negative and positive can be read below) – an effective immunostimulant synthesized by special pharmacological technology from human placenta. Before undergoing placental therapy, the patient will be advised to undergo a series of medical studies, including an ultrasound of the internal organs.

It is necessary to pass a number of laboratory tests on the level of hormones, the presence of infections, undergo fluorography, and do a glucose tolerance test. The drug is universal, based on patient feedback, tolerated without complications, can be combined with many drugs, but under the supervision of a specialist.

Laennec therapy is carried out in several ways:

  • intramuscularly by injection;
    Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects
  • in cosmetology, the method of pharmacopuncture points;
  • mesotherapy with nano-needles is invasive;
  • drip intravenously.

The most effective method of administration for the prevention and treatment of various diseases, as well as to increase stress resistance, performance, improve the emotional background, is recognized as a drip method with the introduction of intravenous.

Thus, the solution penetrates directly into the blood, allowing you to effectively affect the body as a whole at the cellular level, awaken reserves, accelerate the process of renewal, synthesis, and regeneration. Enter Laennec by this method is exclusively authorized by a qualified specialist in specialized medical facilities.

Pregnancy and lactation

Absolute contraindications for carrying out a course of placental Laennec therapy include pregnancy at all times, the lactation period.

Use in children

Despite the lack of confirmed clinical studies on the safety of using Laennec’s solution for newborn babies, including premature babies, as well as adolescents, the use of placental agents is not recommended.

Use in elderly patients

The solution is allowed for administration to elderly patients, but all manipulations should be performed with increased caution, only if there are strict indications.

Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects

Due to the fact that many processes are slowed down, in addition to the standard preparatory stage with clinical and laboratory studies, a specialist can prescribe additional methods for diagnosing the functioning of the body.

Application in cosmetology

Laennec (reviews of doctors negative and positive can be seen below) are widely used in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

Using placental therapy, you can:

  • to strengthen the protective properties of the skin;
  • increase tone, elasticity;
  • improve color and structure, eliminate hyperpigmentation;
  • eliminate facial and age wrinkles;
  • cure alopecia;
  • smooth turgor, removing traces of acne, scars and scars;
  • carry out a lifting of the skin with ptosis of varying degrees;
  • restore the hydro balance of dry atopic skin with thinned hypodermis;
  • normalize the lipid barrier of the epidermis.

The drug with natural active ingredients is used in complex rejuvenation programs.

Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects

Acting at the cellular level, Laennec allows you to:

  • increase lymph flow and blood circulation;
  • improve antioxidant protection;
  • provide nutrition to the hair follicles;
  • reduce melanin production;
  • normalize the sebaceous glands.

The doctor develops the anti-age program after collecting an anamnesis and evaluating the cosmetological problem that needs to be solved by injection or Laennek’s pharmaceutical mesotherapy.

In order to improve regeneration and recovery, the drug is also prescribed for preparation or after surgery on contour plastic surgery or soft lifting, aggressive chemical or mechanical peels, deep dermabrasion, laser resurfacing.

Weight loss application

One of the areas of placental Laennec therapy is weight loss programs.

The main principles of this complex:

  1. A hydrolyzate is introduced for weight loss and elimination of cellulite of varying degrees of flow in a pharmacopuncture way at biologically active points.
  2. Acting on the body at the cellular level, the active components contribute to the breakdown of fats, enhance and normalize lymph flow, restore hydrobalance and the natural removal of toxins from the body.
  3. Reduction of body fat occurs naturally after detoxification and normalization of the hormonal profile.
    Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects

The action is aimed at eliminating puffiness and activating metabolic processes. Placental therapy for weight loss is more effective in combination with physical activity, adjusting eating habits and lifestyle.

special instructions

Before introducin
g the solution, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of special instructions:

  1. Age is not an obstacle for invasions, mesotherapy, or hydrolyzate droppers. But, in connection with the natural age-related slowdown in many processes taking place in the body, the solution is administered strictly according to the indications and under the strict supervision of a doctor.
  2. In pediatrics, Laennec is not used due to the lack of confirmed data on the safety and effectiveness of the drug for children, newborns.
  3. No accurate data were found on the effect of the drug on the ability to drive vehicles.
  4. Dosage for the treatment of chronic recurrent herpes, atopic dermatitis, liver dysfunction – 0,34 fluid ounce. A solution is injected dropwise, intramuscularly, a course of treatment or prevention – 10 sessions.
  5. In the field of aesthetic cosmetology, the method of mesotherapy is applied, the solution is administered nano-needles in a pharmaco-punctual manner pointwise. The course of rejuvenation is from 5 to 12 procedures no more often than 1 time in 6-7 months.
    Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects

It is not recommended to use therapy to treat or solve cosmetic problems under the age of 18 years. Before applying the hydrolyzate, a series of studies are mandatory for a possible allergic reaction or hypersensitivity to individual components of the placental product.


There were no data on overdose situations with a placental hydrolyzate of Laennec. In order to avoid such cases, it is necessary to entrust the invasion of the solution only to a qualified doctor.


The tool passed all the necessary clinical studies, during which its safety for the human body was confirmed. But before the introduction, you should familiarize yourself with a number of contraindications.

Laennec therapy is not carried out:

  • during lactation and pregnancy at any time;
    Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects
  • with increased sensitivity, the presence of a polyvalent allergy to individual components;
  • under the age of 18;
  • if autoimmune events occur in the body;
  • in the presence of malignant neoplasms.

All contraindications are absolute, therefore the use of Laennec in this period is strictly not recommended.

Side effects

Laennec (reviews of doctors are negative and positive are presented below) – safe and pyrogen-free, tested and clinical trials, a drug with a stable component composition. Given the invasive method of introducing the product, as well as the peculiarity of obtaining the hydrolyzate, in some cases, negative side effects may occur.

It could be:

  • the development of a negative reaction such as skin itching, erythema, caused by the expansion of capillaries;
  • the development of anaphylactic shock due to a strong allergic reaction;
  • pain, the appearance of hematomas, numbness of tissues at the site of invasion;
  • gynecomastia, but its relationship with the action of the solution has not been proven.
    Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects

As a negative effect, after applying Laennec therapy in men, breasts may increase. In general, the tool is safe, subsequently there is no psychological or biological addiction. This is due to the nature of the drug, which is not a drug, but is a biologically prophylactic agent.

Drug interaction

A combination of Laennec with other drugs is acceptable, but under the strict supervision of a specialist conducting the therapy. The hydrolyzate enhances their positive effects, neutralizes negative effects.

When combined with agents with a pH level above pH 8.5, the effectiveness of the hydrolyzate may decrease.

Clinically confirmed interaction of Laennec with any drugs has not been identified. In order to enhance the effect in cosmetology, placental therapy can be combined with other procedures.

Terms and conditions of storage

One of the requirements for the use of a placental agent is compliance with the terms and conditions of its storage:

  • the solution is stored in a place inaccessible to children and protected from direct sunlight;
    Laenneck. Reviews of doctors, negative from forums, cosmetologists. How to use for weight loss, side effects
  • allowable temperature range – from 18 to 25C;
  • shelf life – 3 years from the date of production of this batch.

Pharmacy Vacation Terms

Laennec belongs to the category of prescription drugs. The solution is dispensed only by prescription. The average cost of packing Laennec (10 ampoules of 0,07 fluid ounce) is $ 181.

Laennec is a certified multifunctional product.

Positive reviews of doctors, as well as patients who underwent Laennec therapy, are much more common than negative ones. The effectiveness and safety of the drug is confirmed, but all the manipulations are performed strictly in a clinical setting under the supervision of a specialist.

Video about Laennec

The advantages of the drug laennec:

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