Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo

There are at least 200 subspecies of tea tree. But the most useful properties are possessed by an evergreen plant – Melaleuca alternifolia, Australia is considered its native country. It belongs to the family of shrubs of the myrtle family. The oil made from its leaves has a lot of valuable qualities useful for hair, nails and skin.

Oil composition

The chemical and biological composition of the oil is a complex component of plant origin, containing about 100 substances.

The amount of alcohols, esters, and other constituents may vary depending on the characteristics of the climate, soil, and environment. The percentage of basic elements is determined by the collection of leaves in different seasons. Differences in chemical composition are explained by the characteristics of the plant itself.

In the process of oil processing, nothing is added to or extracted from it. The initial chemical structure remains unchanged. Varieties of oils derived from a single plant are called chemotypes.

The following chemotypes are distinguished:

  • terpinen-4-ol;
  • terpinolene;
  • 4 chemotypes of 1,8-cineol.

The first of these chemotypes contains about 30-40% of termin-4-ol. This variety is most often used for the manufacture of oil. The element determines the antiseptic and antibacterial activity of the product. According to international standards, the percentage of this component should be at least 30%. Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo

Another substance – 1,8-cineole threatens with irritation of the mucous membranes and skin. However, this occurs with an excessive concentration of the component in the product. According to international standards, a good oil should not contain more than 15% of this substance.

The optimal percentage of these substances should be as follows: terpinen-4-ol – 40%, cineole – about 5%. With this content, the oil is quite effective, but does not cause allergic reactions.

Table of components in the composition of Australian tea tree oil:

Tea Tree Oil Ingredients ISO (International Standard), acceptable level (%) Average concentration (%)
terpinen-4-ol ?30 40.1
? -terpinene 10 – 28 23
? -terpinene 5 – 13 10,4
1,8-cineole ?15 5.1
terpinolene 1,5 – 5 3,1
? -cimen 0.5 – 12 2.9
? -pinen 16 2.6
? -terpineol 1,5 – 8 2,4
aromadendren traces – 7 1,5
? -kadinen traces – 8 1.3
limonene 0.5 – 4 1
sabinen tracks – 3.5 0.2
globulol traces – 3 0.2
viridiflorol tracks – 1.5 0.1
viridifloren ?1 0.1
alligexanoate footprints 0.01
L-terpineol footprints 0.01

The composition of components in essential oils may vary depending on storage conditions. The quality of the product is affected by light, temperature, humidity level.

Ideal conditions for storing oil: a dark, sheltered from sunlight, cool place in a dense clogged container without air.

Do not store the product in plastic containers.

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Tea tree oil for hair is different from other cosmetic and medicinal products designed to care for strands.

It has an effect:

  • antibacteria
  • fungicidal;
  • antiseptic;
  • antimicrobial;
  • tonic.

It is effective in eliminating and preventing dandruff:

  1. Cleans the skin surface from a layer of dead particles that impede hair growth.
  2. Eliminates pollution, cleans pores blocked due to the use of products containing polymer compounds and fillers.
  3. Biologically active components allow nutrients to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.
  4. It has good regenerative properties, heals small wounds, abrasions and damage to the skin surface.
  5. Saturates follicles, accelerating the growth of curls. Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo
  6. Removes excess fat, but does not dry out the strands. Regulates the secretion of sebaceous glands.
  7. Eliminates dryness and itching.
  8. Restores blood circulation, contributing to the appearance of a healthy glow and accelerate the growth of curls.

Can oil damage my curls

Tea tree oil for hair, as for other cosmetic purposes, is safe in most cases, but expert advice and the right dosage should be considered. When applying various masks, shampoos and balms with the addition of an essential extract, other substances should be used to soften the strong effect of tea oil.

It is not recommended to apply the concentrated product directly to the skin, as this can cause:

  • redness
  • dryness;
  • itching
  • burning.

Some people are prone to hypersensitivity to certain components contained in the product. Sometimes oil causes allergies and the opposite effect. However, this rarely happens. Most people normally tolerate natural remedies.

There are certain prescriptions and contraindications:

  • contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, since during this period the sensitivity to certain substances of the oil may be increased;
  • Do not use the drug in a large dosage for a long period of time;
  • in case of eye damage – rinse with water, and if burning sensation and redness do not pass, consult a doctor;
  • read the instructions before use;
  • tea tree extract is for external use only.

Usage Methods

The tool prepared from the leaves of the plant is widely used in medicine (both traditional and folk), pharmacology and cosmetology. Oil is a versatile product with a lot of useful qualities.

Most often it is used as follows:

  1. For adding to face and body cream. Saturates cells with oxygen, enhances blood circulation, removes dead cells, activates the rejuvenation process, slows down aging, kills many bacteria and viruses, penetrates deep into the skin.
  2. For acne and acne. Cleanses from pus and kills the microflora, which contributes to the appearance of damage to the skin. Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo
  3. For bathtubs. Just a few drops. The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.
  4. Aromatherapy gives a tonic and invigorating effect. Increases concentration, mindfulness and improves mood. It also activates mental activity, restores the normal functioning of nerve cells and enhances immunity.
  5. Inhalation for colds, runny nose, flu.
  6. For sore throat, sore throat.
  7. Elimination of fungal diseases of the nails.
  8. Oral care Helps to cure bleeding gums, stomatitis.
  9. Teeth whitening.
  10. To relieve swelling.
  11. Improves skin tone.
  12. With insect bites.
  13. From papillomas.
  14. For hair: making masks from natural ingredients, wrapping, aroma combing, adding to washing and rinsing agents.

Adding to Shampoo

You can buy a product that already contains tea tree extract in the desired percentage. The concentration of plant oil should be at least 5%. However, such a shampoo can be made independently. The amount of oil is 40 drops for every 1,01 fluid ounce of the base product.

Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo
Tea tree oil for hair can be added to shampoo and wash your hair as usual.

Wash your hair as usual, but to enhance the effectiveness, it is recommended to hold the product for washing on the head for 3-4 minutes, then rinse.

To achieve the desired effect, washing should be carried out regularly, optimally – 3 times a week.

The first results will be visible after a few procedures. Hair becomes silky and pleasant to the touch. With prolonged use, hair growth is enhanced. Thanks to the awakening of sleeping onions, the strands become thicker and more magnificent.


For the procedure, you need to add another base oil. The choice determines the condition of the hair and the goals set. In case of excessive dryness, preference should be given to burdock or castor product. For damaged hair, olive oil is best.

For fatty strands, it is better to use jojoba oil.

You will need tea tree oil (3 drops) per 0,51 fluid ounce of the base product. Owners of long hair will need to cook a few spoons of a healing potion. Before use, the product needs to be slightly warmed up over a pot of boiling water. Australian Tea Tree Extract is added after warming up.

Then apply a small amount to the scalp and hair. After wrapping a bag and a warm towel. It is best to take a cling film. Apply oil to washed hair for 20 minutes. Repeat sessions should be every 3 days. Course duration – 2 months. After a short break, you can resume wrapping procedures.


Tea tree oil for hair is also used for rinsing. It is better to take herbal decoction as the main means. For these purposes, nettle, burdock is suitable. Owners of blond hair can add chamomile. Alternatively, purified, boiled or mineral water. No more than 3-4 drops of oil are added per gallon of water. Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo

You can carry out the procedure after washing with an ordinary shampoo. The rinsing efficiency will be higher if the finished product is poured into a container and the hair is lowered for a while. Then pour water with essential oil on the head, as with a normal wash.

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Aroma combing

This procedure combines aromatherapy and applying a useful product directly to the hairline. A small fraction of the essential oil is applied to the wooden comb or comb and neatly distributed along the length of the hair. The constant daily carrying out of this pleasant procedure will help to make your hair more healthy, shiny and strong.

From lice

The following mixture will help get rid of lice with the help of essential oil:

  • 2,03 fluid ounce of mineral water (non-carbonated);
  • tea tree oil – 20 drops;
  • clove oil – 5 drops.

The finished composition should be used in the morning and in the evening, making a light massage and leaving the product for 15 minutes.

Against hair loss

For hair loss, the usual procedures with oil help well:

  • adding to shampoo or balm;
  • the preparation of various firming masks with additional useful ingredients;
  • wraps.

The basic rule is the regular conduct of necessary procedures. Masks need to be selected taking into account the type of hair.

For dandruff

Tea tree oil for hair is used quite often. One common problem is dandruff. Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo

The recipe is as follows:

  • liquid yogurt (without additional impurities, such as flavors, thickeners or colorants) – 8,45 fluid ounce;
  • base oil – 1 tablespoon;
  • tea oil – 5-7 cap.

As the main component, choose olive, almond or jojoba oil. All components mix well. Apply to scalp. Wrap with a film and a towel. Or take a special hat. Wash hair after 20 minutes.

Oily hair loss treatment

To prepare this product you will need 1 bag of henna (it is sold in special cosmetic stores or pharmacies) and 3 drops of oil. Henna is poured into a ceramic or enamel container, and diluted with boiling water until a creamy mass is obtained. Then add 5 drops of the ether extract.

The product should be applied in a warm form. You need to wrap your head in a bag and a thick towel. Leave for an hour. After that, wash your hair with shampoo in the usual way.

For dry strands

It will take 4,06 fluid ounce of fat-free kefir and 3 drops of essential oil. Kefir is slightly heated over a container filled with boiling water, then oil is added. Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo

Carry out the procedure as usual:

  1. Apply to the skin and evenly distribute to the very tips.
  2. Wrap with cellophane cling film and a terry towel.
  3. Leave on for 20 minutes.
  4. Wash hair thoroughly.

Frequency – every 3 days.

To nourish and strengthen curls

In addition to the classic recipes, including dairy products and other oils, fruit and honey masks are very effective.

The recipe for one of them is as follows:

  • avocado – 1 pc.;
  • honey (mainly May) – 2 tablespoon .;
  • essential oil – 3 drops.

Combine all the ingredients, kneading the pulp of the fruit and supplementing with the rest of the ingredients (until pulp is obtained). For this recipe, it is advisable to choose ripe avocado fruits. Apply to the skin with massage movements. Wrap your head and leave for 20 minutes.

Rinse with clean cool water without adding shampoo. In addition to the firming effect, the mask provides a pleasant light fruity aroma.

For weak curls

The mask is prepared from ordinary products:

  • chicken yolk – 1;
  • burdock oil (olive is suitable as an alternative) – 1 teaspoons;
  • ether – 4 drops. Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo

Mix all components and apply as other masks. Duration of the procedure can be from 30 minutes to an hour. The tool acts very gently, gradually restoring the structure of damaged curls, stimulating growth, awakening sleeping follicles. Positive changes will be noticeable after 3 weeks.

From split ends

Oil will not help renew damaged hair ends, as this is not possible. Cut strands need to be cut off (it is enough to cut a few inch). But to prevent damage, you need to constantly do procedures that stimulate growth and strengthen hair. Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo

As a prevention, any masks and balms with the addition of essentials (including tea tree) are suitable. They make curls elastic and less brittle.

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Mask with kefir

The classic method of preparing a mask involves a combination of 4,06 fluid ounce of kefir and 3 drops of essential essence. To enrich the elixir, it is allowed to use burdock or almond oil, egg yolk, honey. This remedy remarkably nourishes the skin and has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair.

With burdock oil

Tea tree oil for hair is often used in combination with burdock extract. The classic recipe involves the addition of 3-5 drops of an essential agent per teaspoon of the main ingredient. The resulting product helps to strengthen the hair and give it a healthy shine.

With egg

This mask is versatile because it is suitable for all types of hair.

The following ingredients will be required:

  • ripe banana – half;
  • fat free sour cream – 1 teaspoons;
  • almond oil – 2 teaspoons;
  • egg – 1 pc.;
  • essential oil – 5 cap.

Mix sour cream with butter, add a beaten egg and pulp of ripe fruit. Apply to skin for 30 minutes. Apply the mask to washed hair. Then rinse with clean water.

The results of the use of oil: photos and reviews

Numerous reviews by specialists in the field of cosmetology and ordinary people who are convinced of the effectiveness of tea tree oil confirm the feasibility of using this tool. According to the results of scientific research and the experience of those who underwent treatment and procedures for hair restoration, tea tree oil is a very effective remedy. Tea tree oil for hair from dandruff, loss, lice. Benefits of using shampoo

Regular use helps get rid of dandruff, dry skin, split ends, fat, hair loss. Tea tree oil is considered one of the most versatile and effective products for skin and hair. But do not overzealous. To achieve positive results, moderation and regularity in its use is important.

Video about using tea tree oil for hair

About the benefits and uses of tea tree oil for hair:

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