Drying the body for women to lose weight. Diet menu for the week, exercises at home

A sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition in modern women lead to overweight and poor health. Drying your body for weight loss will help get rid of these problems.

What is the drying of the body

Drying the body for women to lose weight is a set of measures and actions aimed at reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat (in percentage terms) and improving physical fitness. It should be noted that the first is impossible without the second.

Therefore, the drying process of the body can conditionally be divided into 2 stages:

  • Selection of the optimal nutrition system (diet).
  • The choice of a training program in accordance with the functional readiness of the student.

The main task of drying the body for weight loss is not weight loss, but the normalization of subcutaneous fat. This is the main difference between drying and regular weight loss.

Drying the body for women to lose weight. Diet menu for the week, exercises at home

The difference between these two methods of achieving ideal figure proportions is easy to understand by considering the principles that are inherent in both methods.

Drying the body for weight loss for women is based on physical activity. In this case, the most optimal result will be a decrease in volumes in the waist, hips or other parts of the body without a significant decrease in total body weight.

Physical activity, with the help of a properly selected diet, contribute to the burning of fat cells. But at the same time, the volume of muscle fibers is growing, and, consequently, the total muscle mass in the body.

Normal weight loss is based on diet in the process of achieving results. The main thesis of this method is to eat less. As a result of a lack of nutrients, with classical weight loss, not only fat, but also muscles are burned. This adversely affects the functioning of the musculoskeletal and circulatory systems.

From the point of view of indicators on the scales, weight loss has an advantage over drying. With the proper level of self-discipline, the first option is guaranteed to bring results. But regular adherence to a strict diet sooner or later will lead either to breakdowns and kickback (weight gain than before losing weight), or to health problems. This method does not know any other way to achieve the result.

Drying the body for women to lose weight does not guarantee significant weight loss. But with the help of a correctly selected training program and a well-composed diet, one can easily achieve a reduction in volumes in “problem areas” in an integrated way.

And also increase skin elasticity, and tone muscles. This will positively affect the well-being and self-esteem of any woman.

Drying the body for girls at home

Drying the body at home should begin with an assessment of physical condition. Since the basis of the technique is high-volume intensive training, it is very important to have physical training above the average level before drying. An untrained person is not recommended to start the training process in compliance with all nutritional restrictions.

Drying the body for women to lose weight. Diet menu for the week, exercises at home

Women and girls who did not have sports practice need preliminary training. Before starting the drying process, attention must be paid to weight training. This will help to solve 2 tasks at once: to set up the student mentally for the upcoming work and to prepare the nervous system for physical activity.

The period of preparation for drying the body for weight loss should not be less than 30 days. During preparation, it is not recommended to impose restrictions on the diet. An increase in the total calorie intake of food is allowed. The result of monthly training should be improved muscle tone and adaptation to prolonged physical activity.

It is very important to master the correct technique for doing the exercises.

If you ignore the preparation period and begin to dry the body immediately after making such a decision, then the final result will not be achieved. Against the background of relatively large loads and lack of nutrients, the body will quickly exhaust all its reserves. The person who is engaged will decrease overall performance.

There will not be enough energy to perform duties at work and at home. If we continue the drying process under such conditions, then a person will have an extreme degree of overwork. This can lead to injuries of the nervous system. Women with sports experience can start drying the body at home without prior preparation.

Drying the body for women to lose weight. Diet menu for the week, exercises at home

After the preparation phase, you can begin the drying process. The exercises performed at the first stage do not require significant refinement and adjustment. Changes in diet. It is very important during this period to avoid great stresses for the body. Therefore, sharply refuse the usual products is not worth it. Even if they are listed in the “STOP list”.

Within a few weeks, such products should be smoothly removed from the diet. This will be the first stage of drying the body for weight loss. After a painless transition to a healthy diet, you should begin to gradually lower the amount of carbohydrates in the food you eat.

In this case, the total number of calories should not fall below 300-400 units from the norm of consumption (what it is, will be discussed below). Otherwise, along with the burning of fat cells in the body, global catabolic processes will begin. The transition to a low-carb diet should be accompanied by an increase in the intensity of training.

Drying the body for weight loss for women at home should not be carried out in a forced mode. This is especially true for people who have not been involved in sports in the past. In the event of the first symptoms of overwork or pain in the joints and muscles, you should stop exercising and consult a physiotherapist.

It is advisable to select a diet together with a professional dietitian. If a girl or woman does not have experience in sports, then before starting drying, you should undergo a medical examination for contraindications.

Drying the body for women to lose weight. Diet menu for the week, exercises at home
Drying the body for weight loss can be carried out after examination by a doctor.

In the case of a positive doctor’s opinion, drying at home can be done no more than 1 time per year. The optimal result when drying the body without negative consequences for women’s health and well-being can be achieved with a duration of the process from 1 to 2.5 months.

Nutrition rules

A decrease in body fat during drying occu
rs due to a rational decrease in the total calorie content of the food basket. This can be achieved by withdrawing from the daily menu products with a high content of carbohydrates.

Since such food makes up more than half of the total amount of food eaten, simply removing food will lead to a catastrophic lack of energy. In addition, stronger muscles require more building and nutrients.

Therefore, together with the exclusion from the diet of foods high in carbohydrates, it is necessary to introduce an equal amount of protein food into it. At the final stage of drying the body for weight loss for women, the proportion of high-protein food can be more than 85%.

Replacing some products with others should be smooth. In the first half of the drying process (the period when there is still a lot of carbohydrate food in the diet), you should eat high-calorie food in the first half of the day. In the evening (after 13 hours) you need to eat foods high in protein.

Drying the body for women to lose weight. Diet menu for the week, exercises at home

When drying the body for weight loss, the correct organization of meals is extremely important. The best option would be crushing the diet into 5-6 small portions. They should be consumed at regular intervals. The last meal should not be made later than 4 hours before bedtime (19 hours).

At the initial stage of losing weight, it is important to drink plenty of water. It will help remove toxins from the body and disperse the metabolism. The norm for an adult woman is 3 – 5 pint per day. Closer to completion of the course, this amount should be reduced. The use of fried foods during the drying process is extremely undesirable.

Food must be steamed or boiled. A serious mistake is the conclusion of fats from the diet. The female body requires an average of up to 30 g of fat every day for normal functioning. Preference should be given to polyunsaturated fats of the Omega group. It is permissible to reduce their number, but it is extremely important to comply with the intake rate.

With the intense rhythm of everyday life and high business activity, it is possible to resort to nutritional supplements and sports nutrition to achieve a balance of micro and macro elements in food. Using these components, you should remember about their nutritional value and take it into account when calculating the diet.

Prohibited and allowed food

After completing the first stage of drying the body, you should more carefully approach the process of choosing the consumed products. A gradual decrease in the total calorie content of the diet requires the conscious removal of certain items from the menu containing a large amount of carbohydrates.

First of all, it is necessary to completely exclude foods from the diet that include fast carbohydrates (glycemic index above 50).

Drying the body for women to lose weight. Diet menu for the week, exercises at home

These include the following product groups:

Sugar and sugar products Greasy sour cream Mayonnaise
Sparkling Sweet and Mineral Water Shop juices Flour
High Fat Vegetable Products

With the breakdown of carbohydrates contained in these products, the glucose level in the human body rises sharply. This is pure energy that cannot be turned into work, even with the highest physical activity. Excess glucose, which the body did not have time to burn for several hours, is deposited in the form of fat cells.

Therefore, when drying the body for weight loss, it is extremely important from the first days to completely exclude all products that are listed in the table. To replace harmful and high-calorie foods should come products with a low glucose content.

These include:

  • Dietary meats (chicken, turkey and beef).
  • Fresh vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers). You can use them in large quantities. Vegetables practically do not contain calories and are rich in vitamins A, B1-B3, PP and C.
  • Sour-milk products (unsweetened yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese).
  • Fruits (apples, oranges, kiwi). It is better to use them in the morning and in small quantities. Fruits contain fructose. It is a carbohydrate that is easily transformed into glucose.
  • Fish (low-fat varieties).
  • Dried fruits.
  • The eggs. They are the source of the most complete protein (absorbed by 99%). At the beginning of drying, you should not limit the use of eggs only to proteins. Egg yolks contain fats necessary for the body.

Sample menu for drying for a week

Drying the body for weight loss for women will end successfully only in the case of a properly composed diet. In order not to make a mistake with the number of calories burned during the day, you should calculate them using the Harris-Benedict or Mifflin-San Giorgi formulas.

Drying the body for women to lose weight. Diet menu for the week, exercises at home

These formulas were obtained experimentally, and there is no doubt in their correctness. The result obtained in the calculations will be a fairly accurate indicator of the energy consumption of the female body at rest. In order to adapt the value to the individual rhythm of life of each woman, physical activity coefficients are actively used.

It is very important to objectively choose the conversion factor. The resulting final result is the calorie intake rate for one day.

From the resulting number, it is necessary to subtract 300-400 kcal and calculate the diet based on the total figure.

As a basis, you can use the following menu:

Eating Products Notes
Breakfast (7:00 h). Oatmeal porridge in milk, green tea without sugar. Buckwheat porridge is suitable for tomorrow.
Lunch (10: 30-11: 00 h) Any fruit or protein shake
Lunch (13:00 h) Baked or boiled turkey / chicken meat, a garnish of porridge. You can additionally eat
Lunch (15: 00-15: 30 h) Dairy product and cottage cheese. It is possible to add some dried fruit to the curd
Dinner (18:00 h) Boiled fish, vegetables on the side dish.

Spot for drying at home

The main role in the process of drying the body for women is played by sports exercises. Optimal results can be achieved by alternating 2 types of load: aerobic (running or intensive walking) and anaerobic (strength training).

Perform exercises with weights or body weight should be at least 3 times a week. It should be understood that the purpose of such training is to burn the maximum amount of energy. So, classes should be intense and voluminous. This can be achieved by including in the training split all the major muscle groups.

For women, these are:

  • legs;
  • buttocks;
  • chest.

Drying the body for women to lose weight. Diet menu for the week, exercises at home

Exercises for these 3 muscle groups should be performed every training day. For this, the program for classes is better to build on the FullBody system. This principle of forming a set of exercises for training involves performing basic movements to all muscle groups 3 times a week.

Aerobic exercise should be performed before the start of strength training for 20-30 minutes and after it (40-60 minutes). On days free from strength training, it is imperative to jog or walk (before the appearance of perspiration).

An approximate training program for drying the body at home for women can be represented as follows:

Training day Exercises The number of repetitions, times
Day 1 Classic Squats 5 * 20-25
Elastic tourniquet pull 4 * 15-20
Romanian lifting with dumbbells or bar 5 * 15-20
Knee push ups 4 * 10-15
Leg raises 5 * 25-30
Day 2 Pushups 4 * 8-10
Hyperextension on bent legs 5 * 20-25
Wide-leg squats 4 * 20-25
Twisting on the press 6 * 25-30
Dumbbell Lunges 6 * 20-25
Day 3 Leading back one by one 5 * 25-30
Deep squat 4 * 15-20
Knee push ups 5 * 10-15
Thrust to the top of the chest 5 * 15-20
Lifting the casing to the press 5 * 20-25

Contraindications to drying

Drying for weight loss is a great stress for the female body. Therefore, in some cases it is not worth embarking on this cardinal way of bringing the body into perfect shape.

Drying the body for weight loss is contraindicated in women who suffer from diabetes. For people suffering from this disease, it is important to get the necessary amount of complex carbohydrates with food. Their exclusion from the diet adversely affects the production of insulin in the body. This can lead to problems with the cardiovascular system.

Drying the body for women to lose weight. Diet menu for the week, exercises at home

Drying the body is contraindicated in pregnant women and nursing mothers. In this period of the formation of a new life, it is important to get a complete list of the necessary vitamins and minerals with food.

Also, weight loss using a non-carbohydrate diet is not allowed with:

  • digestive problems;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • high mental stress.

Exit drying mode

When leaving a low-carb diet, it must be remembered that not only restricting their intake will shock the body. Therefore, a return to the usual diet must be carried out smoothly. It should take the same amount of time that drying took.

In order to preserve the results of weight loss, after drying, you should finally abandon the use of products from the “STOP list”.

Drying the body can give women results in a short period of time. Losing weight with the correct organization of the process will be expressed in a de
crease in volume and an improvement in muscle tone. In order for drying to be successful, it is necessary to correctly compose a diet and choose the right training program.

Video about drying the body for weight loss

Proper drying for girls:

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