Womens haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

An ideal change in appearance is a short haircut. The hair immediately acquires structure and lightness, and the feeling of oneself changes with them. But, before creating a new image, it is necessary to study fashionable options for hairstyles – for what type of appearance and texture of curls they will fit.

Short haircuts are a classic, but still, trends change from season to season.

In 2021, such options will be fashionable:

  • Four of a kind. It never goes out of fashion, but now the lack of graphics and a clear cut line is relevant. Ideal length – the ends touch the shoulders, and styling – light beach curls. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types
  • Bean. A haircut that has gained popularity thanks to stylish Victoria Beckham. Asymmetry and elongated strands to the chin do not lose their position, but now an even cut of length to the middle of the neck is relevant, a little higher or lower – a bob-car or an elongated bob.
  • Pixies. A short haircut, which in 2021, replaced negligence and tousled strands for an orderly styling with bangs on the forehead. Preference should be given to options with elongated locks on the face, which can be stacked in various ways – comb back, hide behind the ear or lay like a bang.

The haircuts themselves can be supplemented with such details:

  • bangs – thick with the designated shape or torn oblique;
  • feminine styling with light waves for Bob haircut and bean, grunge and negligence – for asymmetry and cascade;
  • volume at the crown and the absence of clear lines in the installation.

How to choose a short haircut by face type

Fashionable haircuts for short hair are quite insidious, since such a length opens the face, and does not always play in favor of the girl’s appearance. But there is a way to determine whether it is worth deciding on such changes or is it better to postpone the undertaking. He was invented by the British stylist John Frid and called “5. 2’8 inch.” According to this method, everything decides the angle of the lower jaw.

You need to stand right next to the mirror and put a pencil to the edge of the chin parallel to the floor. The ruler is placed perpendicularly so that the “0” mark is on the tip of the pencil, and the remaining numbers are in the middle of the ear. Then you should look at the length of this gap. If it is more than 5. 2’8 inch, then short haircuts will not work, if less – you can safely go to your master. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

The second step is to choose a haircut according to your face shape. Oval is considered ideal, so it will not work. Almost everything suits her: from a bold pixie to an elongated bean or square.

Short boyish haircuts are not suitable for a triangular face. In order to balance the forehead and narrow chin, haircuts with soft forms are suitable, in which the volume is concentrated in the lower part – near the jaw.

And this:

  • elongated rack with a slanting bang;
  • a bob with strands below the chin;
  • Garcon;
  • cascade (for those with thick hair).

For a square and rectangular face, haircuts with clear lines are not suitable – an even cut with perfect styling, thick straight bangs, parting.

To smooth rough features will help:

  • asymmetric and elongated bean;
  • long slanting bangs;
  • squeaks with strands in the face;
  • haircuts with parting.

Haircuts can visually lengthen a round face and hide cheeks. For this, straight bangs, combed back hair, parting and ultrashort smoothed hairstyles are not suitable.

Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at:

  • asymmetric haircuts;
  • a square with a scythe or ragged bangs;
  • elongated bean.

Haircut selection by age

Short haircuts are a great solution for little girls aged 2 to 5 years. A square on the shoulders with a shortened or long bang that covers the eyebrows looks very nice, but it allows you to remove hair during the game. Also among girls the haircut “page”, “hat” and “sesson” is favorite.

Older girls already want to grow curls, so an elongated square with oblique bangs or asymmetrical front strands is suitable for them. Adolescents fit fashionable Bob haircut with light waves, elongated asymmetric bean and cascade. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

Girls aged 20+ can enjoy a large selection of haircuts, which can be changed as the hair grows . During this period, all hairstyles that are harmoniously combined with the shape of the face and hair structure are suitable.

Now you can afford everything: a feminine quack, strict bean, short pixie, shaved whiskey. Fashionable haircuts for short hair begin to be liked at the age of 30, especially for those who until that time wore long curls.

During this period, the following are relevant:

  • square with and without bangs, with a flat or ragged edge;
  • elongated or asymmetric bean;
  • pixie with a short bang.

At the age of 40, you should not go to extremes and cut your hair under a boy. Such a hairstyle will make facial features coarser and emphasize a “tired” face.

The best solution is:

  • neatly laid square with a sparse bang,
  • short bean;
  • cascade. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

At 50, you can do the same haircuts as at 40. If your hair has lost its density and volume, you can make a neat pixie. It is important to understand that the older the woman, the easier the haircut should be. Of course, the modern world is already getting rid of stereotypes, but nevertheless, preference should be given to simple forms without extreme details.

Very short haircuts

This option is not suitable for everyone. Not everyone is ready to lose almost the entire length of their hair, and besides, this approach is far from universal. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

The “boy” haircuts include:

  • pixies;
  • Garcon;
  • “Hedgehog”;
  • short mohawk;
  • bean with earlobe length.

They can be supplemented with short or long bangs, asymmetric long strands, a torn edge or, conversely, neat ends.

In general, they are suitable for owners:

  • regular head shape;
  • oval face;
  • expressive eyes and lips.

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Short haircuts for thin hair

Thin hair is rather capricious – prone to g
reasy, lacking volume, easy to style, but just as quickly lose shape.

A correctly selected haircut should solve these problems:

  • The most extreme option is pixies. It does not require styling, holds the volume well and gives the image an audacity. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types
  • When choosing a square, preference should be given to a light cascade. But it is important to ensure that the master does not cut the bottom layer of hair too much. If you make a classic square, then laying with light waves is suitable for visually adding volume and density.
  • Bob is great for fine hair, as it is easy to style. Due to the short length, the strands will retain their shape for a long time.

Short haircuts for thick hair

Thick hair allows you to make almost any haircut, from a short hedgehog to an elongated Bob haircut. Owners of such a structure of curls can complement the hair with a straight bang and experiment with asymmetry.

The most successful options:

  • rack on the leg; Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types
  • asymmetric bean;
  • a square with a thick bang below the eyebrows;
  • Garcon;
  • pixies;
  • Session
  • cascade.

The main disadvantage of thick hair is a lot of time spent on styling. Smooth hair will fall as it should after washing your hair, but you have to tinker with wavy hair.

Short haircuts that add volume

Short haircuts immediately create the necessary volume due to the length of the hair. This is especially true for those who have an emphasis on the crown and strands of the face.

Even without styling, splendor is given by such haircut options:

  • a hat; Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types
  • Garcon;
  • cascade;
  • session.

Bob and square will create volume in the event that you independently lay your hair in the of the crown, and twist the ends inside the hairstyle.

Short haircuts for curly (curly) hair

Owners of such a hair structure are not always satisfied with their natural hairstyle, therefore they are forced to do styling every day. But with short hair you can partially solve this problem.

For curly and curly hair is suitable:

  • classic square (curls will become much easier, so they will get the desired shape);
  • a bean with a smooth edge;
  • garzon with elongated strands at the top;
  • pixies with highlighted strands.

Haircuts without bangs

Short haircuts without bangs are relevant at any time. They open the face and make its features more expressive. A hairstyle looks harmonious if it combines a straight edge and neat styling.

It could be:

  • A classic square that can be worn with parting both in the center and on the side. It will fit an oval and round face.
  • Pixie without lengthening on the top of the head will completely open the face, so it will look on girls and women with well-groomed skin and an oval face shape. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types
  • Bob also opens his face well with shortened strands around his temples. With a voluminous top and a smooth transition into long strands on the sides, girls with a round face can also wear it.

Short hair haircuts with bangs

Fashionable haircuts for short hair are overwhelmingly bangs. She completes the hairstyle, adjust the shape of the face (“circle”, “rectangle”, “pear”) and makes large facial features softer and more harmonious.

  • Thick bangs are always a welcome classic. But at the same time, she is also moody, as it is not suitable for thin thin hair. The “circle” shape looks even wider with it, so thick bangs are suitable for an elongated face with subtle features.
  • Oblique fringe fits almost everyone, as it covers one half of the face, softens its contours and adjusts its shape. It can be a rhombus, a circle, a rectangle.
    Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types
    Fashionable haircuts with bangs depending on the type of face for short hair
  • Long bangs add volume to the face, but at the same time reduce its features. Therefore, it is suitable for owners of large eyes, expressive eyebrows and puffy lips.
  • Short bangs, opening eyebrows and not reaching the middle of the forehead, give the face mischief and relieve several years. But it suits only an oval face and smooth hair, since styling curly strands will not bring sense in wet weather.

Short haircuts with shaved temple

Those who prefer short hair will eventually be able to decide on a shaved temple or even two. This is especially true for those who wear boy options.

Shaved whiskey is suitable not only for creative haircuts, but also for classics:

  • shortened square;
  • bean;
  • squeaks;
  • Garcon.

If you shave two temples, it is important to style your hair so that it is noticeable. Short hairs can be lifted perpendicular to the head, long ones can be combed back or laid on the forehead. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

Styling is suitable for one shaved temple, when the bulk of the hair lies in the opposite direction or falls on the face.

For the “circle” and “rectangle” it is important to make an asymmetric haircut with a slanting or bang length.

Short women’s haircuts without styling

Fashionable haircu
ts for short hair, which do not require styling, are the most popular. They are chosen by those who are not ready for the daily routine to create a hairstyle. The master must study the structure of the hair and note the features of their growth in order to choose the right haircut that you can lay with your fingers and a comb.

The easiest way is for those who by nature have straight and thick hair. Almost all the proposed options are suitable for them: from ultra-short pixies to elongated Bob haircut. The exception is a square with elongation, it is important to set the right direction of the front strands with a hairdryer.

Wavy and curly hair is more demanding, but there are haircuts that do not need a perfectly smooth canvas, but, on the contrary, are organic even with curls and naughty strands.

And this:

  • even square without bangs;
  • short bean;
  • Garzon with active face filing;
  • pixies;
  • cascade (but only in the presence of pronounced curls).

“Cascade” for short hair

The main difference of the cascade is the strands of different lengths, due to which the volume appears and the texture of the strands stands out. It is perfectly complemented by any kind of bangs. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

This is a universal haircut that fits any appearance. It is only important to choose the length and number of its levels. The cascade complements any short haircut, even a pixie with an elongated top, to give it softness. A graduated cascade is done only on a short bean, a square with a pronounced crown will look old-fashioned.

Owners of curly and curly hair should refuse the cascade, since on such a structure it will look chaotic, not in the best value. But if you wish, you must be prepared for daily styling with thermal appliances.

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This haircut has been leading the top trends for several years.

Bob has several variations:

  • Classic Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face typeselongated locks to the level of the edge of the chin and short back. This option is suitable not only for the oval, but also for the circle and rectangle. A correctly selected angle of cut of the strands and the volume at the top will balance facial features.
  • At the peak of popularity, a shortened bean of the same length. It is suitable for owners of both smooth and curly hair. The last ones are enough to lightly lay with your fingers so that they lie nicely in the area of the face.
  • An open-necked bob-car is suitable only for owners of thick hair. You also need to be ready for daily styling, and for girls with both curly and obedient straight hair.


This haircut has no age, so it is suitable for both young girls and mature women.

Its characteristic feature is a short and soft, but silhouette-like shape with longer locks on the crown and short at the neck. For this reason, the haircut is classified as masculine, but among these options, the garcon is the most elegant and feminine, even in the absence of styling. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

Haircuts fit:

  • owners of a narrow, slightly elongated face (a haircut can be supplemented with both thick straight bangs and oblique ragged);
  • girls and women with high cheekbones, big eyes;
  • under fragile physique.

Owners of a round, rectangular and triangular face should choose a haircut with an asymmetric or oblique bang.

But for those who have a wide neck and large facial features, it is better to completely abandon the garzon.


Pixie looks like this: short hair at the back of the head and at the temples and longer strands at the top. There are several variations to this haircut. You can shave one or both temples, make a short bang that barely touches your forehead, or leave a long oblique.

Pixie haircut does not apply to universal options:

  • She can depersonalize her appearance and stretch out all the flaws. It is better for girls with inexpressive and small facial features to refuse it, since such a haircut “makes it easier” for the face.
  • This also includes a short massive neck, round cheeks, a heavy chin and a pronounced lower jaw, which will visually look even larger. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

But pixie is perfect for owners of large eyes and puffy lips. And without that, beautiful facial features will become even more expressive.

If it speaks about the shape of the face, then the correct “oval” is suitable for all variations of the haircut, but you can hide the angularity of the “rectangle” with the help of an elongated bang.


Haircuts for short hair, which have reached modern fashion since the beginning of the last century, are diverse. An honorable place among them is the “hat”. It is suitable for owners of an oval, triangular and pear-shaped face. Chubby should choose an option with open temples and a raised top.

There are two main options for implementation:

  • Classical. The hair is cut to the same length, due to which the hairstyle has no transitions. The bangs are straight and thick.
  • Asymmetric. Bangs and strands on the sides have different lengths.
  • Double. There are two layers with different lengths. For example – to the beginning of the ears and to the edge of the urine. With this technique, the hair gently frames the head.
  • Ragged. A modern option that will appeal to girls. Due to the torn ends and thick bangs it allows to achieve softness in styling.


Such a haircut option opens the field for experiments, and also changes the already familiar image with a short length. You can make a slanting bang on one side, leave a long strand near the face, cut the hair in front at different angles and different lengths. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

Asymmetry allows you to hide flaws in the clarity of the oval of the face, make it more proportional and reset for several years.

How to choose the asymmetry for the type of face:

  • For a round face, a slanting bang and a raised nape are suitable.
  • A square and rectangular face with wide cheekbones requires oblique parting a
    nd strands that are trimmed at an angle, due to which they frame the face.
  • For a triangle-shaped face, you need a haircut with a length just above the chin.
  • The oval face allows you to make any asymmetric lines.


The haircut has similarities with the usual cascade, but differs from it in a large volume at the back of the head and pronounced strands in the face. The upper haircut line ends at the chin. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

Its main advantages:

  • suitable for wavy, but not curly hair with pronounced curls;
  • due to its layering, it looks great both on thick hair, giving it airiness, and on fine, adding volume to it;
  • can be combined with bangs and wear a different parting;
  • suitable for any age;
  • easy to fit with a hairdryer.

“Italian” is a fairly versatile haircut, but still there are several options for its execution, depending on the shape of the face:

  • for a round face, an oblique bang and a volume on the back of the head are suitable;
  • rectangular softens due to profiled thin strands in the temple area;
  • The “triangle” can be balanced by a haircut with shoulder length and oblique bangs just below the chin.


The haircut that came from the 70s was rethought by stylists and acquired a modern look. Its main features are a pronounced crown with short locks, the rest of the hair randomly falls to the shoulders. Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

There are two options for performing haircuts:

  • Classic. The crown is formed evenly, the volume of hair is maximally cleaned in the lower part of the nape.
  • Asymmetry. This is characterized by a sharp transition from the crown to the length, complemented by a slanting bangs or shaved temple.

Haircut does not require long styling, it does not “crease” during sleep, and also facilitates the process of drying hair. It is often chosen by owners of thin hair and oily scalp.

Gavrosh fits:

  • only for straight hair;
  • oval face shape;
  • round and rectangular, if the master makes an asymmetry.


It is this haircut that leads the trends in the field of hairdressing. With it, experiments with length and the search for your ideal image begin. Kare is beloved both among girls and girls, and mature women who want to give their appearance freshness and style.

There are several Bob haircut options that suit different face shapes:

  • Classic. It has a smooth and clear cut without transitions. The same applies to the square on the leg, when the maximum length is removed on the back of the head. Such options suit the oval and triangular shape of the face. A high forehead can be hidden with a bang – straight or oblique.
  • Elongated. The front strands can be the same length as the back ones, and elongate at an angle. Due to the lengthening, such a Bob haircut is suitable for all types of faces. But owners of a round shape and pronounced cheeks should not make a haircut with a smooth and thick bang.
  • Graduated. Torn cut and layering visually lengthen the face, so this square is suitable for chubby girls.
  • With a cascade. By adding volume on the top and face of the face, the square is suitable for owners of thin hair. The haircut looks especially impressive with styling “beach curls”.

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This short haircut was offered by a hairdresser in the 60s of the last century. It was named after its creator (by his last name). Women's haircuts for short hair. Trends 2021 autumn-winter, news for different ages and face types

Many people confuse “Sessun” (“Session”) with the popular “hat” and “Page”, but its main difference is a soft semicircular shape all over the head, and the ends of the hair are curled inside the hairstyle.

Haircuts are pretty versatile. Owners of an elongated face can brighten a high forehead due to the thick bangs. The square and rectangular shape can be softened by smooth extension of the bangs into the bulk of the hair. The “triangle” will smooth its corners due to the strands falling on the face.

But “sesun” is a taboo for hair deprived of density. Such a haircut just does not lie on this structure of curls.

Almost all short haircut options are in fashion. Depending on the structure and thickness of the hair, the shape of the face and the time for styling, you can choose the perfect hairstyle that will emphasize the advantages of appearance and create a unique stylish look.

Video about haircuts for short hair

Trendy haircuts 2021 for short hair:

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