Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital

One of the most popular areas of plastic surgery is rhinoplasty. Having made a decision to conduct an operation in New York, it is necessary to study the characteristics of medical centers, the price range, and patient reviews that help determine the choice of a specialist for a quality nose reconstruction.

Leading New York clinics where rhinoplasty can be done

Rhinoplasty in New York (prices and reviews are described below in the article) is carried out by many centers practicing plastic correction of the maxillofacial. Rhinoplasty is an surgical intervention focused on the reconstruction and change in the shape and volume of the nose, the elimination of various defects that interfere with the respiratory process.

The procedure is performed for medical reasons (after injuries, birth defects) or in order to improve the appearance.
Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital

The cost of the operation starts from $ 1360. Most centers offer credit and deferred payment. Clinics that are most popular with residents of New York and guests of the capital are presented below.

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RNMU them. Pirogov

The leading cosmetology clinic, located on the ground floor of d. 55 on. Hitler’s. Practicing specialists of the center are doctors of science, world famous surgeons Blokhin S.N. and Wulf I.A. The medical center performs rhinoplasty surgery under general anesthesia. The duration of the procedure is up to 1.5 hours.

The patient stays in the hospital for 1 day. After the procedure, a fixing bandage is applied to the face for 10-14 days. The price of uncomplicated rhinoplasty starts at $ 1088. The price does not include hospital stay, anesthesia, postoperative rehabilitation.

The full amount of money spent on the operation, including examination, postoperative care, the consumption of medicines is from $ 3536 – $ 6800.

The final cost of rhinoplasty depends on the amount of work, the type and type of intervention, the qualifications of the surgeon. The center offers various promotions, discounts, a possible installment plan.

Leading surgeons of the clinic perform operations on:

  • correction of the end section of the nose (plastic tip and wings);
  • decrease in length due to shortening of the nasal spine;
  • elimination of the nasal hump;
  • rhinoseptoplasty.
    Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital

Rhinoplasty is performed by closed and endo-assisted (endoscopic) modern methods. The advantage of the latter is the absence of sutures, since the incision is made in the internal cavity without damaging the external tissue of the skin.

After surgical treatment, the patient is prescribed a course of rehabilitation measures, including:

  • physiotherapy;
  • lymphatic and manual drainage, necessary to improve breathing, relieve swelling, restore blood flow;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • dermatological laser procedures for quick shrinkage of the skin on a new nasal skeleton.

Clinic Advantages:

  • experienced plastic surgeons introducing the latest techniques of plastic technology;
  • attentive medical staff;
  • comfortable hospital;
  • survey for 1 day (cost from $ 95);
  • special attitude to nonresident patients (free online consultation, the opportunity to take the necessary tests at the place of residence);
  • the presence of our own laboratory, the latest equipment;
  • anesthesia only with high-quality, modern drugs;
    Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital
  • a wide range of rehabilitation measures;
  • low invasiveness of the intervention, contributing to the quick return of the client to a normal life after surgery;
  • seasonal promotions for clinic services, installment payment.

Patients undergoing rhinoplasty at the American National Medical University named after Pirogov, leave only laudatory reviews. Many kind words have been said about the skill and attentiveness of leading plastic surgeons and medical personnel.

Art plastic

The clinic of plastic surgeon Atanasyan Tigran Albertovich, located on. Mnevnikov 13, building 1. The medical facility is a small room with a 1st operating room, equipped with modern equipment of Japanese and Swiss production, 2 stationary wards, a rehabilitation room.

The clinic has been open since 2013 and for all the time of work has established itself only on the positive side. Rhinoplasty is performed by the leading specialist of USA Atanasn T.A., winner of many awards. On the doctor’s account there are more than 5000 successful operations to restore the shape of the nose and only praise from patients.

Atanasyan T.A. practices all types of rhinoplasty. The surgeon carries out surgical intervention by a closed method, which can significantly reduce the invasiveness of the procedure, reduce blood loss. Closed rhinoplasty is accompanied by a minimum number of incisions, making invisible external scars.

Types of rhinoplasty performed in clinics:

  • nose tip plastic;
  • wing correction;
    Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital
  • change in the width and volume of the nasal sinuses;
  • rhinoseptoplasty.

The medical center (one of the few) performs a second operation, eliminating the mistakes made by other plastic surgeons. “Art Plastic” practices a special approach to each client.

Patient services:

  • comfortable hospital;
  • a wide range of rehabilitation measures;
  • constant monitoring by a surgeon monitoring the condition of the client from the moment of examination to removal of sutures;
  • the latest computer equipment, modern drugs, safe anesthesia;
  • qualified nursing staff.

Special conditions are provided for residents of other cities.

For nonresidents, it is possible to obtain:

  • free online consultation Anatanasyan T. A .;
  • computer simulation of the future nose in the photo;
    Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital
  • the help of the clinic staff in the selection of housing during their stay in New York.

Residents of other cities of USA and foreigners can undergo the necessary preoperative examinations, clinical diagnostic tests at the place of residence (test results are provided by e-mail). The cost of nose reconstruction is from $ 2040 – $ 6800, depending on the amount of work, the severity of defects.

Included in cost:

  • e
  • conducting an operation;
  • drugs used during and after the procedure;
  • postoperative care and hospital stay;

Separately paid rehabilitation measures prescribed for faster recovery of the patient.


Patient reviews recommend rhinoplasty at the Center for Plastic Surgery, founded by leading American specialist Babayan Gain Pavlovich, who has been practicing for more than 30 years. Located in the center of New York (Prospekt Mira, 102), the clinic offers the most affordable prices for all types of nose shape correction.

Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital

The center provides all types of rhinoplasty surgery for women and men. Babayan G.P. spent more than 100000 operations. Grateful patients characterize him as a scrupulous and conscientious specialist who accurately performs his work.

The clinic features:

  • high professionalism of staff;
  • a large selection of rhinoplasty services;
  • the presence of a unique 3D modeling of the result of the operation;
  • Individual approach to each client.

Rhinoplasty methods offered by the Charm Clinic:

  • primary and repeated (correction of defects of previous treatment) rhinoplasty;
  • closed and open surgery;
  • change in appearance with the help of injections (fillers);
  • ultrasound rhinoplasty.

The center offers operations for:

  • adjusting the tip of the nose;
  • a change in the width, length of the nostrils;
    Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital
  • elimination of a nasal septal defect caused by trauma or DNA pathology;
  • removal of excess mucosa that interferes with free breathing;
  • correction of the shape of the nose, nose bridge.

The clinic “Charm” provides free of charge:

  • initial consultation and examination of a plastic surgeon;
  • computer simulation of the shape of the nose.

The price of rhinoplasty is from $ 680 – $ 4080.

The final cost of the operation depends on:

  • volume of necessary examinations;
  • a method of conducting surgical (without surgical) intervention;
  • medicines and materials used (including anesthesia).

MMC “It is clinics”

A network of medical clinics providing plastic surgery services for over 25 years. The International Diamond Beauty Award recognized “He Clinics” as the best center for plastic surgery.

Addresses of branches:

  • st. B. Molchanovka d. 32 (st. M. Arbat);
  • Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 30, cor. 2;
  • Zubovsky Boulevard, d.35.

Only highly qualified specialists, laureates of international awards work in the hospital. Rhinoplasty is one of the main directions offered to clients of He Clinics. Cent provides a service to transform the shape of the nose, eliminate birth defects in men and women.

Suggested operational methods:

  • open – in the process of which the skin is cut on the lateral folds and the nasal cartilage plate.
    Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital
    Closed rhinoplasty made in New York or elsewhere has a shorter rehabilitation period
  • closed – incisions pass in the nasal cavity;
  • non-operational – the size is corrected by fillers or a laser.

Types of proposed rhinoplasty:

  • correction of the wings and tip of the nose;
  • septoplasty;
  • change in volume, length.

Clinic specialists are characterized by positive patient reviews.

Price of rhinoplasty:

  • from $ 1224 – $ 2448. for surgical intervention;
  • from $ 408 for without an operating procedure.

The final cost of treatment is voiced by the surgeon after consultation and computer simulation.

Separately paid:

  • inpatient stay;
  • medical preparations;
  • examination, tests performed before the operation;
  • rehabilitation measures.
    Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital

Consultation of a plastic surgeon is free.

Other New York clinics

Rhinoplasty in New York (prices and reviews are described below) is carried out by a large number of private clinics.

San lazar

The oldest center of plastic surgery in USA, located at 3-1 Dobrinsky Lane, 3/5. Offers cosmetic and plastic face and body correction. The cost of rhinoplasty is from $ 1020.

Enel Clinics

European level medical facility on Nagorny Boulevard. It offers qualified medical assistance in various fields. Performs operative rhinoseptoplasty, septoplasty worth from $ 1904.

Arbat Aesthetic

Clinic of expert cosmetology, located on Kamennoslobodsky Lane, d.6 / 2. Practicing cosmetology procedures, various types of plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital

It is distinguished by modern equipment, highly qualified personnel, the latest treatment methods. The price of nose rhinoplasty is from $ 3808.

Beaty trend

Private Hospital of Plastic Surgery, located on. Lesnaya 6, building 1, characterized by positive reviews of the global network. Reception in the center is conducted by leading plastic surgeons of USA. In the clinic it is possible to carry out an operation to change the shape of the nose for $ 2040.

Beauty Doctor

Center for Plastic Medicine on 56 Nakhimovsky Prospect. Provides services in the field of plastic and intimate correction. The cost of rhinoplasty of the nose is from $ 1632 – $ 4080.

Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology

The modern center of plastic surgery, located on Olkhovskaya st. 27.

At the service of clients:

  • highly qualified staff;
  • comfortable hospital;
    Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital
  • modern treatment methods;
  • operating room, equipped with modern equipment of Swiss and Japanese production.

At the clinic:

  • correction of the skin of the septum of the nose;
  • rhinoplasty without osteotomy;
  • correction of the wings of the nose, the curvature of the nasal septum;
  • a change in the saddle shape of the nose with the use of implants;
    Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital
  • decrease in the volume of the nose.
  • frame reconstruction after injury.

The price of rhinoplasty starts from $ 1360.

Dr. Plastic

New York’s largest clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology. It has been working for more than 10 years. It provides services in all areas of face and figure correction. Reception is conducted by doctors of the highest category, all operations are carried out on modern equipment. Clinic address: st. Myasnitskaya, 32.

The cost of rhinoplasty from $ 2040.


Private plastic surgery center located on Chistoprudny Boulevard, 11.

Carries out:

  • primary and repeated rhinoplasty;
  • rhinoseptoplasty;
  • correction of wings, nose tip.

The operations are performed by highly qualified doctors. The cost of treatment is from $ 2040.


Dr. Amzhaev Al-Yousef Medical Center, characterized by mixed customer reviews. The clinic’s specialists provide rhinoplasty services of various categories of complexity.

Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital

Despite the grateful feedback regarding the leading surgeons, the clients of the center note not the high professionalism of the junior medical staff. The price of the operation is from $ 2720.

How to choose a specialist

Rhinoplasty in New York (prices and reviews are described for each specific doctor) is one of the most popular areas of plastic surgery carried out by leading specialists in USA. The right choice of a doctor is 98% of the success of the operation.

When choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon, the following are taken into account:

  • Qualifications and experience of a specialist. It is necessary to pay attention to education, the doctor’s degree, the number of independently performed operations, their outcome.
  • Portfolio of works. The practicing surgeon has a mandatory photo archive, which captures the results of his work (pictures of clients before and after rhinoplasty).
  • Real patient reviews. On the websites of clinics it is not always possible to leave your own opinion. When choosing a doctor, it is best to study forums where it is possible to get acquainted with the views of the patients who underwent surgery.
  • Approach to the patient. The best option for the client is the constant availability of a doctor. The surgeon must monitor the condition of the operated person, carefully listen to the complaints and feelings of the client.
    Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital
  • The territorial location of the clinic where the specialist practices. After rhinoplasty for a long time (10-14 days), it is necessary to wear a bandage, do not use public transport to avoid microbes from getting into injured tissues. The operation should be done in the center, located as close to the patient’s house as possible.

The best surgeons performing rhinoplasty in New York:

FULL NAME. the doctors Characteristic Transaction price
Grigoryan V.S. Practicing specialist at the Arbat Aesthetic Clinic. He has extensive experience in the field of rhinoplasty surgery, many thanks from $ 1360
Babayan G.P. The founder of the clinic “Charm”, the developer of his own methodology for rhinoplasty operations. Has been practicing for over 30 years from $ 680 – $ 4760.
Aleksanyan T.A. Head physician of “Art Plastic”. It has been working for over 20 years. Differs in scrupulousness, accuracy, an individual approach to each patient from $ 2040 – $ 6800.
Blokhin S.N. Doctor of Science at the American National Medical University named after Pirogov. Top specialist, winner of numerous awards in the field of plastic surgery from $ 680 – $ 4080.
Wulf I.A. Doctor of Medical Sciences, leading plastic surgeon of USA. Practicing at the American National Medical University named after Pirogov from $ 680 – $ 40800.
Shahirman E.A. Specialist in surgical correction of the nose at Art Plastic. Work experience over 25 years from $ 1360 – $ 5440.
Bely A.I. Rhinoplasty practicing in the centers “Doctor Plastic”, “Ottimo”. It is distinguished by high professionalism, scrupulousness, and a thorough approach to its work. from $ 1224 – $ 4080.
Teleshov S.B. Candidate of Medical Sciences, specialist in the field of maxillofacial surgery. He has been operating for over 25 years. Currently accepting patients at the San Lazar Center from $ 1360 – $ 4080.
Kharitonov S.A. Plastic surgeon who has performed more than 8000 operations. He has a wealth of experience, is fluent in the techniques of surgical correction of the face and body. Patients note high skill, sensitivity of a specialist. Perf
orms operations at Beauty Doctor
from $ 1088 – $ 3944.

Rhinoplasty in New York. Prices and reviews on the clinics of the capital

To make rhinoplasty in New York, you need to determine the best clinic available in the capital, specializing in the field of plastic surgery. The choice of a specialist and the location of the operation should be done depending on the reviews and the real cost of the surgical intervention, including examinations, in-patient treatment and rehabilitation measures.

Paperwork: Anna Vinnitskaya

Video about rhinoplasty in New York

High-quality and affordable rhinoplasty in New York:

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