Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

Photos of hair for which creative fashionable dyeing was done is truly mesmerizing, because in every season of 2021, curls of an extraordinary color will be in fashion. In the new season, stylists emphasized naturalness, creativity and new colors, such as rose quartz and soft turquoise.

How to choose the color depending on the length

Depending on the length of the hair, creative coloring can be chosen so that it can precisely emphasize the beauty of the strands, regardless of whether they are short or long.

The trending selection of painting methods is relevant here:

  • On short . A great option may be “rainbow coloring.” It is not necessary to combine several flashy colors on the head. New permanent paints exist in pearlescent, soft pink, blue and lavender shades. Also suitable for a short haircut coloring is “salt and pepper”, frosty blond, honey balayazh, Marsala and delicate caramel shades.
  • Medium . Lovers of creative experiments may be interested in pixel dyeing techniques, as well as color highlighting. Popular colors in 2021: berry, pastel purple, pink and turquoise. The average hair length is suitable for creating the technique of balayazh, copper rod, colored ombre. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo
  • Long . For long locks, the actual colors will be ash and metal, pink gold, rainbow coloring, copper highlighting, as well as a black crow.

The choice of color depending on the shape of the face

Individual hairstyles are suitable for each type of face, but in order to correctly emphasize the oval and hide the flaws, you need to take into account the coloring technique, which will individually suit the type:

  • Round . Chubby girls should avoid shades that can expand the contour of the face. The best option may be oblique bangs with colorization. A soft hut or ombre will help to stretch the oval. Plain staining should be avoided.
  • Oval . All staining techniques are suitable for this type of face, since the oval is considered a proportional and harmonious figure. Women with an oval face are recommended highlighting, ombre and extravagant options for modern coloring, for example, pixel or rainbow. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo
  • Triangular . With these forms, the main thing is to make the right accents, for example, to paint several strands in the face in a light shade. Girls with a triangular face will ideally fit an ombre with highlighted tips.
  • Narrow . If the face is narrow, then it can be visually expanded by dyeing the hair in a light shade. To look fashionable, stylists recommend making a trendy coloring, which will help expand the boundaries of the face, as well as shorten the chin or forehead too long. Suitable colorings: ashen ombre, shatush in warm shades, balayazh.
  • Square . To lengthen this type of face, it is worthwhile to correctly place accents, for example, in the upper part of the head and on the back of the head to lighten the strands, and make the darkened locks near the cheekbones. Recommended colorizing techniques: balayazh, ombre, California or partial highlighting.

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Hair coloring

Successful creative hair coloring photos and videos, as a good example will help in choosing the perfect option for painting. In the new season, hairdressers and fashion designers offer to color the blonde shades in cold ashy and metallic colors. Owners of long hair are advised to pay attention to coloring individual lower strands in creative colors. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

Toning in dark and wine shades or “salt and pepper” coloring is welcomed, the main thing is that a light shade dominates in the hairstyle. Bright dyes and new colorization techniques, such as pixel, screen, futuage, will help to become more original.

Highlighting bangs with color

Creative coloring of the bangs will help to stand out from the crowd, show the beauty of the hair and the originality of painting, in addition, examples from the photos on our website will help determine the color. Highlighting the bangs with a bright dye will help to make the image individual and even extravagant. In 2021, contrasts are in fashion – staining Salt and pepper, pixel, futuage. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

It is recommended to make an explicit accent between several colors, as well as smooth transitions between pastel shades.

A strict haircut can be diversified by coloring, which will look spectacular on dark hair. Fashionable screen highlighting is suitable only for straight bangs, and two-tone coloring will add shine and volume even to naughty hair.

Rainbow coloring

This technique implies a complete bleaching of hair in the first stage. The master colorist etches the natural or artificial pigment from the hair with the help of lightening powder. The iridescent shades themselves are not persistent and do not stay in the hair cuticle, so they can become faded after the third shampoo wash. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

But for those who are not stopped by the difficulty of dyeing and scrupulous hair care – rainbow coloring will be an appropriate option. Such coloring will help to bring creativity and bright colors into the image. For lovers of muted shades in professional paint brands there is also a pastel gamut.

Hair coloring in 2 colors

Two-tone painting is a new trend in 2021-2018, which is provided in a wide variety of variations. The advantage of this coloring is to add volume to the hairstyle by creating a color transition. Two-color staining is considered universal and can suit any age. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

If you choose the most natural shades, then there is a chance to reduce the visit to the salon to mask the root zone of the hair.

One of the options for staining by this technique is bronding. This color looks natural, suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women. Ombre is considered a two-tone painting, combining the transition from dark to light. Dyeing in two colors can be both classic and bright.

Metallic color

Metallic staining is famous for its unusualness and play of color depending on lighting. Metallic hair color can suit young girls regardless of skin color type. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

Such coloring is recommended to be done only by an experienced colorist master who can competently perform a certain number of clarification steps before applying a metallic dye to the hair.

It is important to leave the hair as healthy as possible after painting so that the color shines and plays. If the painting fails, the curls will look gray and lifeless. The metallic color can be varied: from the color of wet asphalt, graphite to dusted blue and smoky gray.

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Fashionable hair coloring “Rose Gold”

Such a shade is suitable for almost any type of appearance, since pink is considered a cool color, and gold is warm. In the mix, these two colors will complement each color type in their own way. Before coloring the lock in pink gold, the colorist makes the hair bleach if it is darker than level 8. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

For brunettes, highlighting with this shade may be a good option, so as not to expose all hair to lighten. An experienced master combines 2-4 shades and mixtones to produce pink gold. Also, the color can be done with a slope in peach or lavender. Having dyed hair in this color, it is recommended to use a special tint shampoo to maintain the shade.

Screen painting

The technology of screen staining appeared recently, but has already managed to win love among fashionistas in 2021. To create patterns on the hair, special stencils are used. For those who are not sure that they want a lasting artistic effect on their hair, you can apply temporary dyes. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

A feature of screen staining is the uniqueness of each pattern.

The paint lays down on a different hair structure individually, so it will be impossible to repeat the same pattern on another person. This technique is not recommended for girls with curly or wavy hair – the pattern on them will be poorly visible.

Dark roots

Such coloring is considered two-tone and looks like a smooth transition between two shades – dark and light. Dark roots are suitable for those who do not want strong changes when staining, but still want to refresh the image. Ombre will be an ideal option for those who want to maximize the quality of their hair, give them a visual volume and visually lengthen the oval of the face. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

Two-tone painting is considered a classic painting, but creative options are also possible. For example, a fashionable lavender, wine shade and rose gold will ideally combine with dark roots. Regrowth roots will not create inconvenience, and their painting can be delayed for several months.

Marsala staining

Creative and elegant coloring, which will emphasize the beauty of hair and give it a fashionable shade – photos of the new Marsala trend in this article will help determine the new color. A rich burgundy or wine is a bold decision, so you should figure out who it is suitable for. For brunettes by nature, this shade is ideal for appearance and will be able to add a twist to dark hair. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

Eggplant, burgundy and wine colors are combined with dark brown eyes and fair skin. In burgundy, it is easy to dye yourself if the hair is initially unpainted and has a dark shade. Fair-haired young ladies are advised to turn to a colorist who will help to competently go into the shade of “Marsala”.

Block staining

Suitable for those who want to paint in several favorite shades, provided that they are combined with each other. On each woman, staining will be unique, because there are many options for block staining. Such a painting will look spectacular on short asymmetric haircuts with slanting bangs or shaved temples. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

Using various shades, you can add visual volume to the hair and hide the gray hair. Correctly selected color solutions will help to adjust the shape of the face and hide the flaws of the oval. For the implementation of this staining, it is recommended to contact an experienced colorist, since painstaking work and block painting alone is almost impossible to complete.

Hair elution

This is a novelty in beauty salons that helps to change hair color through the use of highly effective paint that does not contain harmful substances. Now you can give your hair not only a fashionable and shiny shade, but also protect them at the time of dyeing, as well as fill the cortex with useful components. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

The illuminating dye does not spoil the hair structure, as it does not contain alkali.

This coloration nourishes the hair with useful components, thickens them and gives volume. This service takes a couple of hours in time, as well as conventional staining. The result is shiny, strong hair. The effect of hair elution lasts for two months. During this time, the paint does not change its color and is not washed out.

Futuage technique

Not so long ago, in the field of hairdressing, a creative new hair coloring appeared called futuage – fresh photos of this technique can be seen in this article. With this coloring, the master uses a stencil to transfer the pattern to the hair. On the strands, the effect of a tattoo is created, which can be long or temporary. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

The fashion for animal print, geometric shapes and artistic elements has now moved into the spher
e of hairdressing, and is called futuage. Such bold coloring can only be done by an experienced craftsman who uses professional quality dyes.

On clean hair, a strand stands out under which a sheet of foil is laid, and a stencil is placed on top of the hair. Further, staining occurs according to the standard scheme.

Complex color dyeing

Staining in bright colors is considered complex staining, which only an experienced colorist can do. There are many options for mixing different colors to create an image that is truly original and unique. There are some restrictions for dark-haired women, since not all bright shades can correctly lie on chestnut strands. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

To achieve a clean bright shade, you will need to lighten your hair to level 10 or have a natural light base. Bright shades look spectacularly both individually and among themselves, so this is a matter of taste, but in 2021, the most relevant colors are violet, orange, indigo. As an experiment, fashionistas make complex stains of ombre or shatushi.

Ash Ombre

Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo
Creative hair coloring in ash shades in 2021 at the peak of popularity. Photos of new products offer different variations of color combination.

Coloring for dark-haired women and cold skin type. Ash ombre is suitable for those who have a bluish tint of skin, light blue, gray eyes or black-brown. It is worth being careful with this shade for those who have a warm color type of appearance. The ideal length for a silver ombre is considered to be hair below the shoulders.

Coloring the hair in gray makes an explicit emphasis on the face, so it is worth considering that the skin should be smooth without flaws and traces of fatigue.

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Colored hut

French technology, which for the last couple of years has been at the peak of popularity among women. Improved balayazh – color, when you can create a unique image using a large range of bright and pastel shades. Blondes are suitable for pink, burgundy, black or chocolate hut. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

The main advantage of the technique is the smooth transitions between colors , so you should not be afraid to combine a black or brown shade with a blond. Dark-haired ladies should pay attention to copper, caramel, golden tones.

Copper shuttle

Smooth stretching of color across the hair canvas looks stylish and elegant. In the new season, copper shuttle is relevant, when the master colorist paints the strands in a spontaneous order in red shades. When performing the technique, two or 3 dyes are used to create a flashing and multifaceted effect. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

This painting technique will appeal to red-haired ladies who want to refresh their natural hair color. Brunettes should pay a rich copper, caramel roast. Tender blondes are suitable combination of honey, golden-red colors.

Black raven

The image of Snow White in 2021 will be one of the most relevant. In fashion, not just the black color of the strands, but a brilliant hue with a blue glow. This black color is not suitable for everyone, but for women of a cold winter color type. Black raven will look beautiful with light porcelain skin with a pink blush without flaws and traces of fatigue. Creative hair coloring. New to medium, short and long hair. Photo

Modern creative coloring can help renew the image and stand out among the crowd, maintain the quality of the hair due to innovative useful formulations of colors, you can see this from the photo. Among the variety of modern dyeing techniques, every woman will be able to find a suitable option for herself, whether it is a classic balayazh, coloring or complex color painting.

The novelties of 2021 in hair coloring have a strong impression of how much hairdressing has developed. Creative coloring can be an ideal option for those who are not afraid of changes and want to change their image, and the details of different techniques can help you choose the right style and not be mistaken.

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