Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

In a well-equipped gym, there is a large selection of  fitness equipment of various shapes and modifications, the purpose of which may not be clear to a beginner, especially girls and women.

The main types of female gym equipment

The division of sports equipment into exercise machines designed for men and women is the main mistake of any novice athlete. There is a number of equipment, the exercise with which is given with varying degrees of severity for representatives of 2 sexes.

In this case, the anatomical features of the structure of the human body and physical form play a more significant role than gender. All sports simulators in fitness clubs are equally applicable for both women and men. However, not all models and not all manufacturers can be recommended to students to perform exercises.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

In general, all gym equipment is divided into 3 groups:

Name Description Scroll
Cardio machines They are used to perform aerobic exercises. That is, this type of load, in which the main energy exchange occurs with the participation of oxygen. Treadmills, ellipsoids, exercise bikes.
Free weights This is the most effective group. Classes with free weights require training experience or the help of a qualified specialist. These are barbells, dumbbells and related complexes.
Simulators Used for anaerobic training – a type of load, energy exchange in which occurs without the participation of oxygen. Block, articulated, lever and other equipment.

Features of simulators for girls, women

Trainers in the gym, the purpose of which is to help students diversify the training process, takes into account the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the body of the average man and woman. The equipment of fitness clubs is not divided by gender. Exceptions are Wellness clubs.

These sports complexes are equipped with specialized equipment designed for women and girls.

The equipment of these beauty studios is divided into 2 parts:

  • Active fitness equipment. Provide for the execution of movements and activation of target muscle groups.
    Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls
  • Passive exercise machines. Designed for relaxation and body shaping.

The first group of Wellness equipment includes:

  • Tone tables
  • vibration platforms;
  • platform balance;
  • hippo exercise machines.

The task of this type of simulators is to redistribute the load on the selected muscle group and relieve harmful stress from the joints and ligaments.

Passive Wellness equipment includes:

  • pressure therapy;
  • massagers and chairs;
  • infrared clothes.

Classes on this equipment does not require any participation from girls, except for the presence. Despite the large selection of simulators and assurances from the Wellness industry, it’s difficult to call these workouts effective. In the initial stages of classes, the result may be noticeable. But in the long run it is not worth the wait.

Such training can be useful for women with physical disabilities.

Exercise machines in the gym, the purpose of which depends on the target muscle group, are monotonous. Standard fitness club has a number of required equipment. It allows you to work out the muscles throughout the body. The most common and popular are the following sports equipment.

Power frame

Power frame is a multifunctional complex. There are a lot of options for its execution. The standard set of equipment includes 4 vertical racks interconnected by crossbars from above and at the base (these structural elements form the product frame). In the vertical guides, through holes are made from the front side.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

They serve for fastening the supporting hooks on which the rod rests. Holes are made in one plane at equal intervals of distance. Pins for athletic pancakes are often mounted on the sides of the frame. The upper horizontal crossbar is equipped with a crossbar for pull-ups. Often the complex is supplied with 2 restrictive poles.

They provide the ability to perform failed retries without an assistant. The main exercise performed in the strength of the frame are squats. Thanks to this movement, girls and women can strengthen: pectoral muscles, back, abs and legs.

Also in this complex you can perform:

  • Pullups
  • Traction.
  • Bench presses.

Thanks to the frame, athletes can work with large weights and an increased number of approaches. Equipment racks reduce the risk of personal injury due to a breakdown or loss of balance. Training with free weights in the power frame helps to reduce body weight. The workload in the complex is selected similarly to the load in squats using racks.

Bench presses and traction are performed both inside the frame itself and in front of it (if there are hooks for the bar)

Bench for bench press

The equipment consists of 2 vertically located racks for fixing the rod and a bench fixed motionless between them. Inventory is designed to strengthen the chest. Also, during the exercise, the muscles of the arms, shoulders, and back are involved. According to most girls involved, this particular shell is intended exclusively for men.

However, according to research by British scientists, developed pectoral muscles reduce the risk of cataracts by 25%. The deltoid muscles involved in the performance of the press have a positive effect on the formation of proper posture. Therefore, women are not advised to ignore the bench bench while lying in the gym.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

When doing the bench press on the bench, it is important for the girls to focus on the correct technique for performing the movement.

To do this, position yourself on the projectile as follows:

  • The bar is at eye level.
  • The shoulder blades are reduced.
  • The shoulders are deployed and pressed.
  • The grip is average closed.
  • The pelvis is pressed.
  • Feet on the floor.

The load is selected in accordance with the level of physical readiness. The weight of a standard Olympic barbell is 44 pounds without locks.

Inclined bench
for bench press

The purpose of this simulator in the gym is often questioned. The load on the deltas when doing bench presses on an inclined bench increases. But its value depends on the angle of inclination. Thanks to this equipment, it is possible to work out the upper bundles of the pectoral muscles. Due to their fastening, they are practically not involved in the horizontal position of the bench.

Structurally, this type of equipment differs little from the previous version. The support for the athlete consists of 2 parts. The upper one, located closer to the uprights, is fixed on the frame by means of a hinge. That allows her to move in a vertical plane. The choice of the angle of inclination occurs due to the installation of the leg-support in the groove of the beam or by mounting the crossbar in the corresponding connectors on the racks.

Lever trainer Hammer

Hammer type fitness equipment is a lever machine. The load in them is transmitted through an articulated lever. At the same time, classic models of this equipment provide the transfer of independent effort to each athlete’s hand.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

Depending on the target muscle group, these simulators are aimed at the development of:

  • Thoracic.
  • Deltoid.
  • Muscle of the hands.

The most widespread in fitness clubs was the Hummer simulator with a vertically located support for the back. In this embodiment, exercises on the projectile contribute to the development of the pectoral and deltoid muscles. Hammer is most popular when it is necessary to develop explosive power.

Horizontal bar for pulling up

The bar for pull-ups is a universal apparatus in the gym. The main target muscle group for this exercise is the back. Depending on the type and width of the grip, as well as on the method of performing the exercise, lifting the body up can shift the stress of the load from the external to the internal, from the upper to the lower back.

On the horizontal bar, it is possible to practice the exercises of functional training:

  • The exit of power.
  • Horizontal bar.
  • Raises the legs in the hang.
  • Push-ups from the crossbar.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

The complex for pull-ups provides for the possibility of performing exercises: with weight, own weight, with auxiliary devices.

Top block

The upper body block exercise machine is a multi-functional projectile. The upper block is a complete training tool. It is suitable for girls who find it difficult to perform full pull-ups. The set of exercises available on this projectile is completely identical to the horizontal bar for pull-ups. Except for the elements of functional training.

Leg curl simulator

Leg bending in the simulator is an isolated exercise aimed at a detailed study of the muscles of the back of the thigh. The machine is a block structure with a horizontally located bench. Cushions for legs transmit through the cable effort from weight to the athlete.

When performing the movement, the selection of the load is selected depending on the individual characteristics of the student. It is advisable to include a leg bending simulator in the training program as an additional element.


The simulators in the gym, the purpose of which is to develop the muscles of the shoulder girdle, are largely inferior to such a simple projectile as the bars. This is a universal simulator on which it is possible to develop deltoid muscles, arms, abs, chest. Training on bars involves working with your own body weight.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls
Exercise machines in the gym are very diverse. But one of the universal simulators are the bars.

However, with a high level of physical readiness, you can resort to additional burdening.

Smith Trainer

Smith’s machine is a vertically oriented frame with a barbell. The bar neck is strictly fixed in the horizontal plane. And in the vertical – it moves along steel rails.

In the Smith simulator, they perform development exercises:

  • Legs. To do this, perform squats, lunges, bending the legs with different staging of the feet relative to the plane of the simulator.
  • Chest and arms. Benches with different body positions on a horizontal and inclined bench.
  • Back. Partial and full amplitude rods.

Scott’s bench for biceps

The projectile is an inclined platform, a bench for practicing and hooks under the bar in the front of the structure. The Cattle Bench is designed for an isolated load of the 2nd head of the shoulder muscle. In the process of performing bends on the simulator, it is important not to lower the bar to the end at the bottom of the trajectory.

This will create an additional burden on the elbow joint. The use of Larry Scott’s shop is advisable in combination with the basic exercise for biceps.

Abdominal simulator

The simulator for the press is a hinged structure consisting of 2 blocks. Both elements are connected in a movable support. The axis passing through it is the axis of the simulator. An increase in the load in the projectile is achieved by adding athletic pancakes to special equipment brackets.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

Performing exercises on this machine produces twisting of the body relative to the pelvis. That is, the process of movement is carried out due to the simultaneous approximation of the chest and knees of the athlete. The simulator helps to effectively develop the abdominal muscles. Due to the oncoming movement of the upper and lower half of the body, it is possible to equally load all parts of the abdomen.

During the exercise, the practitioner is rigidly fixed in the simulator. The trajectory of movement is determined by the equipment. To minimize the possibility of damage, bending should be performed without jerking.

Leg Press Platform

The platform is a structure inclined to the floor plane, with a bench for the athlete and limiters of the extreme position. The projectile is designed to develop leg muscles. It is an analogue of classic squats. Due to the rigid fixation of the upper half of the body, the platform for leg press is suitable for girls and women who are not suitable for exercising with free weights.

While working in the simulator, it is important not to tear the pelvis from the support bench. When setting the legs on the platform, you
should monitor the position of the heel and toe. At the bottom of the trajectory, the heel should not be torn off the surface. This type of equipment is used for detailed study of the thigh muscles. To do this, perform one leg presses.

Trained athletes use the platform to shock the deltoid muscles. They push the shell overhead.

Exercise machine for GACK squats

GACK-machine is a type of trainers for leg presses. The projectile is a vertically oriented frame, the movable, loaded part of which moves along the guides. In the lower zone of the simulator there is a platform for support.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

Equipment for HACK squats is used to train the front and back of the hips and is considered an alternative to squats with a barbell on the shoulders. During movement, it is important to prevent the heels from tearing off the support. This will greatly increase the load on the spine.

Calf simulator

Depending on the position dealing with equipment for the development of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, there are 2 types:

  • From a standing position.
  • Sitting.

Both methods include lifting on toes. In the first there is no load on the spine. Therefore, it is preferable. During the exercise, you must monitor the amplitude of movement. The calf muscles are under a lot of stress throughout the day. Therefore, it is important to shock them in training.

The simulator for mixing and breeding legs

Universal machine for the development of adductor muscles of the inner thigh. Very important for girls and women. The simulator is a block design with a chair. To it, by means of cables and rollers, a load was brought. Depending on the type of exercise, the rollers are located on the external or internal surface of the thigh.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

The load when mixing and breeding legs is selected individually. The simulator fully controls the trajectory of movement. The practitioner is required to perform repetitions smoothly.

Pectoralis butterfly

The reduction of arms in the simulator in front of the chest is an isolated movement aimed at a detailed study of the muscles. The simulator is blocky. The transmission of force is carried out through 2 hinges fixed on hinges. Perform the movement should be smooth. In this case, pay special attention to the position of the back. It should not be rounded at the time of peak muscle contraction.

Rowing machine

The thrust of the lower block or rowing machine is aimed at working out the muscles of the back. Depending on the selected crossbar, the load may shift from the outer to the inner. During repetitions on the simulator, it is important to pay attention to the position of the lumbar spine. Rounding is not allowed.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

The rowing machine is a block design. The transmission of force is carried out by means of cables and rollers. Weights move along the guides inside the metal frame. The athlete is sitting on a bench in the front of the equipment.

Cardio Cross Station Arc Trainer

The station is a variety of elliptical trainers.

Due to the combination of 3 types of rectilinear movement in the simulator, the load of all parts of the body occurs:

  • Slip. It takes 1/3 of the total trajectory. Actively involves muscles stabilizing the body, legs and adductors.
  • Step. Lasts for 1/3 of the entire amplitude. During this phase, the muscles of the anterior thigh and cortex are actively included.
  • Climb. The most energy-consuming part in training. The work includes stabilizers of the back and press, the back and front of the thigh, calf and soleus muscles.

The cross-station belongs to the simulators of the cardiological zone.


Exercise machines in the gym, the purpose of which is to help novice athletes in the development of strength indicators, are called the gravitron. The equipment is a frame with a crossbeam and bars, equipped with a block platform. The latter serves to compensate for pull-ups and push-ups. Gravitron is an analog of bars and horizontal bar for pull-ups.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

Thanks to the introduction of auxiliary blocks, it is suitable for girls and women as an alternative to the pulls of the upper block to the chest.


Orbitron is an elliptical cardio simulator. In its functionality, it is similar to the cross-train Ark-Trainer. Suitable for performing aerobic exercises for girls and women with problems of the musculoskeletal system.


A simulator designed for aerobic training. Depending on the goals of the student, the treadmill can be included in the training split as a final exercise. It is recommended to use this equipment at the beginning of a workout to warm up before working with weights.

The track is often used as an independent projectile to improve BMD (maximum oxygen consumption).

This indicator is important for athletes. Also, this equipment is widely used when it is necessary to reduce body weight. When working on a track, the basic rules of running should be followed. Setting the foot at each step must be carried out with the toe and performed in the plane of the body. This will reduce shock loads on the joints and ligaments, as well as reduce the risk of damage.

Exercise bike

Exercise bikes belong to the aerobic zone of sports halls. The main objective of this equipment is to warm up before training. Conducting individual exercises on this projectile is advisable for people who are overweight. Weight training and the use of specialized simulators in the gym are equally necessary for both men and women.

Trainers in the gym. Purpose, names, how to use girls

Fitness club equipment is designed for harmonious muscle development and normalization of body weight. Ignoring the main projectiles during the construction of the training process will slow down the process of obtaining the result.

Video about the types of simulators

Types of simulators and their functions:

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