Biorevitalization for the face. Methods, stages of the course, features of the procedure

Biorevitalization is a new word in cosmetology. This is a modern effective technique aimed at the safe rejuvenation of the human skin.

The effect of the procedure is achieved by delivering hyaluronic acid molecules to the skin cells, as a result of which the elasticity and tone of the epidermis are returned. This is how injections restore the structure of tissues, contribute to the elimination of toxins, than contribute to natural rejuvenation.

Biorevitalization for the face. Methods, stages of the course, features of the procedure
Facial biorevitalization course

The course of biorevitalization for the face is shown not only as an anti-aging agent, but also as a healing procedure , with which you can get rid of various defects (pigmentation or rosacea veins), as well as cope with dryness and dullness.

The technique is divided into several types:

  • Injection form involves the introduction of special very thin medical needles;
  • Non-injection – the same tool is introduced much deeper and already through a special cosmetic laser.

The procedure is not surgical, which means it does not cause serious injuries, after which a long recovery is necessary.

Stages of the biorevitalization procedure and indications for it

The procedure has several important steps:

  • First, the face is disinfected with an antiseptic, then anesthetic cream is applied for a while.
  • Then the anesthetic is removed, the skin is again degreased and the administration of the drug with hyaluronic acid begins according to a certain scheme using various techniques. The procedure lasts no longer than 50 minutes.
  • Then the epidermis is again disinfected and a cream with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect is applied to it. Some places on the face after the procedure may be slightly raised in comparison with the rest of the cover, but these marks themselves will disappear in a few days.

Biorevitalization for the face. Methods, stages of the course, features of the procedureThe technique of the procedure is chosen by the doctor depending on the brand of the drug, the type of course, location of the procedure, the type of patient’s skin and the nature of its damage.

Biorevitalization for the face. Methods, stages of the course, features of the procedureAllocate 2 groups of methods – injection of small and large amounts of funds.

Title Essence
Papular technique Papule formation by administering the drug at an angle of 45 degrees.

Areas of use: forehead, eye area, cheeks, cheekbones, lower jaw.

“Point by point” The drug is administered at the same angle, but without large gaps. The technique is used to correct small wrinkles around the eyes and lips.
Linear retrograde The introduction of a large amount of funds along the skin. There are 2 subspecies:
“Fan” Injection lines that go from one point. Used to correct corners of the mouth and nasolabial folds.
“Grid” Injections perpendicular lines. The technique is used to raise tone on the cheeks, near the lips.

The rules of facial care after the procedure are very simple: you must follow basic hygiene rules, if possible, refuse to visit the gym and bath and refrain from carrying out various cosmetic effects associated with injuries of the skin.

The effect of biorevitalization depends on the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid in the product used – the larger it is, the longer the molecule, which means that the result will last much longer.

Biorevitalization for the face. Methods, stages of the course, features of the procedureThe longest lasting effect of such funds takes place in 2 stages:

  • At the first stage, the action of the molecules of hyaluronic acid takes place: the water balance is restored, the structure and color of the skin visually improves, wrinkles are smoothed out;
  • At the second stage, the effect of splitting the chain is seen – increasing elasticity and elasticity, consolidating the results of the first stage.

Indications for this method of rejuvenation are any flaws. For instance:

  • dry skin, decreased elasticity;
  • wrinkles;
  • injured skin;
  • problematic skin type.

Duration of biorevitalization

The duration of the course and the timing of its repetition are determined individually for each patient, since all this depends on many factors: lifestyle, presence or absence of other cosmetic procedures, used skin care products.

There are several basic courses:

  1. The course of prevention: up to 3 sessions and rare supportive sessions;
  2. Recovery course: 4 sessions and fairly frequent supportive sessions;
  3. Course “Quick Recovery”: two sessions with a difference of two weeks;
  4. Course “Protection from the sun”: a session before and after exposure to the sun.

Biorevitalization for the face. Methods, stages of the course, features of the procedureLaser biorevitalization for the face is carried out up to 6 sessions at weekly intervals.

The effect lasts the longest – almost 6 months, after which the course is repeated. The non-injection type of the method has practically no side effects and does not need a recovery period.

Preparations used in biorevitalization

Efficiency is not the only criterion for dividing funds for this procedure, they also differ in their readiness (packaging in ampoules with pre-measured doses for the procedure or simple packaging), in terms of validity and in the age group for which they were made.

The following brands are considered leaders in biorevitalization:

  • IAL-SYSTEM . A drug with a sufficient dense concentration of unstabilized hyaluronic acid (18 mg / g). A universal tool that is distinguished by its effectiveness and safety. Suitable for any skin.
    Main result: moisturizing.
  • IAL-SYSTEM ACP . The drug is a denser concentration with a partially stabilized substance (20 mg / g). It lasts longer than the previous view, and is more often used as a means of fixing the effect. Traces of injections after application of IAL-SYSTEM ACP are faster than after other drugs.
    The main result: removal of edema, moisturizing, normalization of the sebaceous glands.
  • Teosyal Meso . Medium-concentrated drug (up to 15 mg / g). Suitable for thin and dehydrated skin.
    Main result: moisturizing, aging prevention.
  • Very concentrated hyaluronic acid (up to 2%) . The drug can be used in various age categories, you only need to choose the right percentage. But the tool is introduced using a special technique, so it is not suitable for every patient and skin type. The main result: preventing and stopping aging.
  • Meso-Wharton P199 . A very powerful drug of medium density (15 mg / g) with the addition of a vitamin complex and a polypeptide that increases the number of stem cells. After the procedure, some redness and swelling are possible, but the result is visible after the second procedure.
    The main result: smooth wrinkles, the fight against age-related changes, cell renewal.
  • The drug with the addition of amino acids . Suitable for any skin.
    The main result: tightening and strengthening the skin, smoothed wrinkles.

The cost of biorevitalization for the face depends on the chosen drug, the size of the skin area on the duration of the procedure.

Prices for the tool itself range from $ 95 – $ 163.

Prices for courses, depending on various clinics, are in the same range – from $ 95 – $ 204.

Results of a biorevitalization course

Biorevitalization for the face. Methods, stages of the course, features of the procedure Biorevitalization for the face. Methods, stages of the course, features of the procedure Biorevitalization for the face. Methods, stages of the course, features of the procedure

Biorevitalization for the face. Methods, stages of the course, features of the procedure

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Contraindications to the procedure and possible complications

Biorevitalization is associated with subcutaneous injections, therefore, has its contraindications. You can not conduct a course for those areas where there are inflammatory processes, otherwise you can spread the infection from the face throughout the body.

It is also forbidden to administer the drug through various skin neoplasms, only next to them. There are general contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Individual intolerance to synthetic hyaluronic acid;
  • Malignant tumors;
  • Keloid scars – a disease characterized by the transformation of a scar into a tumor;
  • Colds and any other diseases that are accompanied by fever;
  • Autoimmune diseases, when the body begins to produce antibodies to its cells – the injected acid can even provoke immune cells.

Possible side effects and complications

Side effects most often occur in people with very sensitive skin in case of improper actions by a cosmetologist.

Complications can be mild – small bruises and wounds in places of skin punctures, but can be much more serious – from skin necrosis to ischemia.

The basic course of biorevitalization for the face is very popular, because it is the most inexpensive, and the procedure itself is safe and effective.

Other benefits of the standard course are:

  • quick result – the skin looks healthy and rested;
  • elimination of pigmentation, smoothing complexion;

skin resistance with environmental factors. The skin reacts to stressful situations, remaining fresh even after bad weather or lack of sleep.

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