Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing

Root volume on thin or very heavy hair is often absent. To create it, it is recommended to use a corrugation curler.

What is a corrugation curler

The corrugation curler is a device for treating hair with a ribbed or wavy surface. The first electric tool of this type was released in the 60s of the last century and soon became very popular.

The corrugation curler can be used:

  1. To create a basal volume on thin or very heavy hair.
  2. To create soft and ribbed waves on hair of various lengths.
  3. To create lush bunches and tails.
  4. To create unusual hairstyles with creases and partial corrugation of strands.

Using a corrugation curler is an excellent alternative to perming hair. The device allows you to create hairstyles at home without special skills in a fairly quick time.

Types of corrugations

Corrugation curling iron for basal volume is represented by 3 types of device:

  1. Curling on small curls (small corrugation). It is used to give root hair volume, can be used to create curls on thin hair.
  2. The curling iron on average ringlets (average corrugation). Universal corrugation, can be used along the entire length of the hair and to create volume on thin and heavy hair.
    Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing
    Corrugation curling irons for root volume of hair have several nozzles.
  3. Curling on large curls (large corrugation). Not suitable for giving root volume. It can be used to create large “Hollywood” curls with characteristic creases.

There are stylers with several corrugation tips and a hair straightener.

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Pros and cons of ploes

Pros of using a corrugation curler:

  • You can create volume both for thin hair, and for thick, heavy. The effect lasts better and longer than when using a hair dryer;
  • It’s easy to learn how to create your own hair style;
  • allows you to create a styling in a short time;
  • the corrugation is convenient to use: just put a lock of hair inside and squeeze it for a few seconds; Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing
  • most of these plates have nozzles for creating curls of various volumes and a hair straightener.

Cons corrugation curling iron:

  • quickly spoils hair, especially if the working surface is made of low-quality material;
  • not recommended for use on very dry, brittle and damaged hair;
  • not recommended for daily use;
  • It is not recommended to use without thermal protection for hair.

Criteria for choosing a curling iron

When choosing a curling iron, it is recommended to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The presence of a thermostat button. The advantage of a corrugation curler is the ability to set the temperature. For damaged hair, it is better to choose less heat, but for heavy and thick hair 292 – 32°F. The best are curling irons with a range from 122 – 428°F.
  2. The length of the device. For short hair, the small size of the curling iron is suitable, but with long hair it is better to choose the widest working surface.
  3. The number of nozzles. Ideally, if there are 3, with different volume and shape of curls. If there is one nozzle, it is better to choose the average corrugation.
  4. Burn protection. Most branded pads have stands made of heat-resistant material and a special glove for working with hair.
  5. Hook for hanging. Such an accessory is not necessary, but very convenient for storing the curling iron.
  6. The wire. The length of the wire should not be shorter than 6’6 foot and exceed 9’8 foot. In the first case, this will not be enough for manipulation, in the second – the wire will be tangled and twisted.
  7. The presence of a timer. Such a device have only professional models. The timer helps to solve two problems: it does not allow strands to overheat (you can set the time for creating a curl), it reminds you of the need to turn off the curling iron with prolonged inactivity.
  8. Availability of additional features. Modern models are equipped with a function of hair ionization. This protects the hair structure from moisture loss, makes it shiny and silky.
  9. The quality of the coating. There are several types of working curling irons that differ in quality, durability and cost.

Types of coverage:

  • tourmaline – provides maximum protection to the hair, slowly deteriorates, but a corrugation with such a coating has a rather high cost;
  • ceramic – safe for hair, ceramics can “solder” even split ends of hair and give them extra shine. But such a coating can quickly deteriorate and requires careful care.
  • Teflon – protects hair from overdrying, but is quickly erased. Used for budget models;
  • metal – stylists do not recommend the use of metal-coated curling irons. It electrifies and burns hair. Metal is used to make cheap plows.

Rules for using a curling iron

Curling iron for hair accelerates hair styling and helps to create a beautiful hairstyle, create a basal volume. But, at the same time, its effect on curls cannot be called positive.

Frequent and improper use of the corrugation leads to the fact that the hair becomes dry, breaks, loses shine and begins to fall out strongly.

There are rules for using a corrugation curler that minimize the negative effect of the device on the hair:

  1. Do not use corrugation every day. In addition, several times a month, the hair should “rest” from the curling iron, hair dryer and styling products.
  2. Do not use the curler on wet hair. Firstly, immediately after washing, the hair is thinner and more prone to damage. Secondly, water boils quickly, steam can burn scalp or face, damage the curling iron.
  3. Before using the corrugation, you need to not only dry your hair, but also comb it well. Entangled areas do not fit well, can cling to the curling iron. Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing
  4. A lock is not recommended to be kept on the surface of the corrugation for more than half a minute.
  5. The less
    hair in the curl that curls the corrugation at a time, the longer it will last. Thin hair curls faster.
  6. The use of thermal protection is mandatory for any coating of the curling iron. Most styling products already contain substances to protect hair from the effects of high temperature. But hairdressers advise using it additionally in its pure form.

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How to increase the basal volume of hair with a curling corrugation

When creating a basal volume, it is important to observe safety and accuracy. Violation of this can lead to damage to hair roots and scalp burns.

Root volume is created only on clean and dried hair.


  1. The upper strands can not be processed with a curling iron. This will hide the rest and create a smooth hairstyle.
  2. Before using the corrugation, a remedy with protection against burns and damage must be applied to the hair roots. Do not use it too much – it makes the curls heavier, the hair may look dirty.
  3. Hair is pulled up and attached with a hairpin to the crown of the head. Start creating volume should be from the lowest strands, dividing them into small curls. Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing
  4. To corrugate to give a basal volume you need the smallest curling iron.
  5. For better fixation, the roots must be sprayed with varnish.

Hairstyles with a corrugation for short and long hair

Hairstyle for short hair with oblique bangs:

  1. Hair is thoroughly combed, laid on its side with a bang.
  2. The bangs are processed with medium corrugation and fixed with varnish.
  3. If the hair is thin and devoid of volume, using the small corrugation, you can create an additional basal volume.

A lush bun for medium hair. For such a hairstyle you will need not only corrugation, but also a curling iron with a smooth surface.


  1. The hair must be combed and distributed into small, even strands.
  2. About 2 inch from the roots of the hair, the strands are processed with corrugation.
  3. Hair is pulled together in a tight bun high at the crown, they should be smoothed. The tail itself can be fluffed even more with a small fleece.
  4. One of the tail strands needs to be pulled out and straightened with a smooth curling iron.
  5. The strand is wrapped around the base of the tail in the manner of an elastic band for hair, its tip is fixed by invisibility.

Medium length corrugated hair bun. To create a hairstyle you will need a tight elastic and several hairpins.

Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironingCreation Technology:

  1. Hair is processed with a curling iron along the entire length, the smallest corrugation is used.
  2. The hair is tied at the crown in a tight ponytail.
  3. Using a knitting needle or comb, the hair at the forehead and temples is stretched 0. 2 – 0’4 inch to create additional volume.
  4. The hair of the tail must be divided into 6-10 equal strands.
  5. Each of the strands is wrapped in a loop in the manner of a petal and attached to the base of the tail with hairpins.
  6. The strands need to be distributed so that they completely cover the base of the tail.

Scythe corrugation on long hair. The hairstyle can be made for a special occasion or used in everyday life. To create, you need a set of invisibles.


  1. The upper level of hair must be divided into small strands and treated with a curling iron corrugation.
  2. Braiding begins on the left side of the head. For this, 2 identical small strands are taken. The first of them starts under the second, a hole is formed between the fingers.
  3. The first strand is launched into the hole and tightened.
  4. The hanging strand is fixed with the help of invisibility under the resulting node.
  5. Separates a new lock, the same size as the previous one. A new knot is formed from the previous one, into which a new strand is threaded.
  6. Thus, the entire braid is intertwined to the right temple. The ends of the strands are tucked under the braid and are fixed by invisibility.

The braid can be decorated with hairpins, artificial flowers, the free ends of the strands can be curled.

A braid with elastic bands on long hair. The hairstyle is suitable for thin hair – it perfectly creates volume. For the braid you will need about a dozen small silicone rubber bands.


  1. Hair must be treated with conditioner and spray to protect against high temperature.
  2. The hair is divided into small curls and processed corrugation along the entire length.
  3. At the back of the head, hair is pulled together in a high ponytail.
  4. A second tail is formed from the upper part of the hair of the tail and is pulled together with an elastic band at a distance of several inch from the base. Loose locks of the tail are mixed with the bulk of the hair. The resulting section is stretched
  5. From the bottom, two strands are separated and again tied in a tail.
  6. Weaving continues until the end of the hair.

Firm Babyliss

Corrugation curling iron for root volume Babyliss – for more than half a century has been present on the market of hairdressing tools and devices and is the creator of the first curling iron.
Even budget Babyliss curling irons have a protective coating – titanium-tourmaline. It not only protects the hair from burns, but also does not stick to them when using styling products. Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing

The curling irons are quite light, and the wire is equipped with anti-twist protection.

The size of the working surface is large – 76/32 – 113/32 inch. Babyliss is equipped with 5 temperature settings.

Manufacturer Erika

There are 4 models of Erika curling iron, which differ in the coating of plates, price and size of curls:

  1. Erika F 601 BP. Allows you to create small curls, coating – ceramic, heating – up to 215 degrees.
  2. Mini curling iron. A convenient device for those who are often forced to move or travel.
  3. Erica Deep Wave. Used to create deep and large waves. It can be switched on to low (160) and high (220) temperatures.
  4. Erika also produces a curling iron that combines a classic model and a corrugation curling iron.

German company Dewal

There are 6 models of the Dewal brand, including the
option of a mini-corrugation, which is convenient to take with you on a trip. The coating, unlike the model, is ceramic or titanium-tourmaline.

Dewal corrugation curling irons are able to heat from 60 to 230 degrees, create small and large waves.

Tongs from Harizma

The device is a American brand, but is made in China. There are several options for the model: to create a basal volume and use on long hair. Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing

Corrugation air crimper has a unique device ventilation technology.

This allows you to crimp even wet hair. The plating of the plates protects the hair from heat and tangling.


Valera curling iron differs in very fast heating – several seconds. For comparison, most other brands will need at least a minute to do this. Therefore, the cost of the product is $ 61 – $ 68. Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing

Titanium-tourmaline curling iron coating. Heating range: from 80 to 210.

Bosch and Rowenta

Corrugation curling irons of these firms are equipped with various levels of temperature heating. Setting different temperatures allows you to use the device on damaged and thick hair. Devices are multifunctional. They can be used not only as a corrugation, but also as curling irons and an iron for straightening hair.


The corrugation curling iron for the basal volume is represented by several types: from a tool for creating deep waves to a small corrugation. The coating on the plates is ceramic-tourmaline, heating – up to 210 degrees.

Depending on the type of model, the price category ranges from $ 20400 – $ 50320.


  1. Erica Deep Wave. Refers to professional devices. Helps create deep waves.
  2. Mini corrugation ERIKA. It can be used to create a basal volume on short hair.
  3. F 601 BP Suitable for creating small curls.


The Haidi Corrugation is one of the smallest flat corrugations among other models. Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironingWeighing 200 grams and a small length (up to 7’5 inch), the device is convenient not only to store and take with you on trips, but also to use on short hair.

Gamma (GA.MA)

Italian brand of flat pleats. The cost of the device varies from $ 35 – $ 68, depending on the model. The manufacturer offers two models: with a wide and ultra-narrow corrugation. Heating – 100 -220.


Corrugation curling iron for root volume Scarlett – is a 3 in 1 styler. It has interchangeable nozzles for deep and shallow corrugation, for straightening hair.

Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing

It is a budget device: the average cost is $ 6,8. Heating – up to 180 degrees, no adjustment.

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Compact model with a narrow work surface. It is recommended for use for corrugating and creating a basal volume on thin and short hair. The sizes of the curling iron allow you to process the strands as close to the roots as possible.

It is not used on long and very thick hair.

Moser maxstyle

A distinctive feature of this device are spring-loaded plates. During operation, they “swim” and allow you to speed up the process of creating curls. The ceramic coating of the device is suitable for any type of hair.

Mark shmidt

The model is a representative of the German brand. Budget tools have a price of $ 24. All corrugation plates have ceramic-tourmaline coating. A distinctive feature of the model is the ability to use the tool on wet hair.


A well-known brand of pads, which are produced in Poland, USA and Korea. Recommended for use by professionals. Biyuny do not belong to budget curling irons. The price tag is from $ 54 – $ 122, but there are budget mini-tools worth $ 24. Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing

The Dream Team iron-curling iron is the model’s distinctive tool. With it, you can simultaneously curl, straighten and crimp hair without changing the plate.

Tico volume

Refers to professional hairdressing tools. Tico volume has a display and temperature adjustment buttons. It has a small work surface, which allows you to use the device on short hair.


Budget model of crimper tongs. They have an aluminum coating, so it is better not to use them for thin, fragile hair. They have a wide working surface, excellent for creating volumetric curls and light waves.


The Japanese model is flat. It has an anodized coating that protects the work surface from scratches, chips and chemical damage by styling products. Corrugation curling iron for basal hair volume. Rating of the best, types of hairstyles with ironing

It does not harm the hair and allows you to create more defined curls and waves.

For ease of use, Suntachi is equipped with a touch control system.

Rating of the best manufacturers and models of pans

The rating is based on the feedback of professionals and ordinary users.

1. Valera Volumissima They warm up very quickly, allow you to create a basal volume without creases and outlined waves
2. Remington S8670 Quick heat, convenient handle for use and storage. Wide possibilities of use: from straightening to large curls.
3. DEWAL 03-870 Pro-Z Slim It has several heating stages. The hairstyle is created very quickly and can be stored for several days.
4. BaByliss PRO BAB-2310 Helps create volume at the very roots. Zinc plates do not tangle or tear out hair. There is a display with a temperature setting.
5. Mirta HS-5125V Narrow curling iron to create volume on short and sparse hair. Does not electrify hair. It has a durable coating. Budget model

Corrugation curlers of modern manufacturers are developed with the possibility of not only creating a basal volume, but also for hair care. The latest models are equipped with ultraviolet emitters, the ability to use air conditioning, moisturizers and vitamins.

Video about corrugation curling irrigation for root volume of hair

Instrument overview, instructions for use:

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