Salicylic peeling for the face – what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes

Salicylic acid is a product that is used for cosmetic purposes to prevent skin aging. The use of such a substance is possible not only in the salon, but also at home, which favorably affects the popularity of the product. Using salicylic acid, a facial peeling procedure is performed.

Salicylic peeling what is it

Salicylic acid peeling is a simplified chemical burn of the face. However, doctors claim that this tool allows the skin to quickly acquire a fresh and updated look.

Such a procedure is practically harmless, since a burn resulting from the use of the drug does not damage the deep layers of tissues, which means that recovery from the procedure is either not required at all, or will not take much time. Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes

There are options for deep acid peeling if skin problems are serious. In this case, it is better not to endanger yourself and conduct such a procedure under the supervision of a beauty parlor. The specialist will correctly conduct the procedure itself and will observe its result during rehabilitation, which can last up to 1 month.

The main feature of the salicylic peeling procedure is that the smallest particles of dead cells on the skin do not scrape off, as is the case with some other peels, but dissolve.

According to cosmetologists, surface cleansing of the skin with salicylic acid can be carried out at home, but in this case it is important to choose less concentrated formulations.

The effectiveness of salicylic peeling

Salicylic peeling for the face (what it is above) prevents pore contamination, therefore it is included as an additional component in various creams and masks that help cope with acne and age spots.

The exfoliating and even annoying effect of the use of acid allows you to use it on uneven, flaky areas of the skin, in order to even out the relief of the skin, making it more smooth and silky.

Peeling using this acid has the following effects on the skin:

  • deeply cleanses and disinfects the skin;
  • evens complexion, saturating the skin with useful elements;
  • tightens skin relief;
  • acts as a prophylactic against various skin rashes;
  • serves as an effective tool to remove traces of deep acne and scars;
  • regulates the appearance of subcutaneous fat and the work of the sebaceous glands; Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes
  • creates a stable anti-aging effect, which over time manifests itself more and more.

Types of Salicylic Peeling

The salicylic peeling procedure is divided into types depending on the concentration of the substance and the intensity of its effect.

There are two main types of peeling:

  • Surface.  It is used to treat acne, normalize the sebaceous glands, and smooth skin. For this type of peeling, a 15-20% salicylic acid solution is usually used. The whole procedure usually takes about 15-20 minutes. Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes
  • Mid-surface.  This species has a deeper effect on the layers of the skin. This type of peeling is able to give the skin greater elasticity, refresh the complexion, tighten and smooth wrinkles. This procedure should not be carried out for more than 10 minutes, and a solution of 25% is chosen for it.

Indications for salicylic peeling

There is a myth that salicylic peeling is a face remedy that can only be used in adulthood. But most doctors and cosmetologists agree that the average age when this procedure is indicated for use is 20 years. Sometimes, given the condition of the skin at the time of puberty, the procedure can be carried out earlier than the designated age.

General indications for this procedure are:

  • lethargy, sagging skin;
  • gray, unnatural complexion;
  • the presence of age spots; Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes
  • very oily skin with enlarged pores;
  • acne caused by hormonal problems;
  • excessively dry skin;
  • wide pores, black spots on the skin;
  • aging skin.


One of the common contraindications for any serious interventions in the body is pregnancy and lactation. Salicylic peeling is no exception. You should not do salicylic peeling if there are any viral diseases, including acute respiratory viral infections, as well as during an exacerbation of a chronic disease.

If there is damage to the skin, it is better to wait for the period when the wounds heal, and postpone the procedure for this time. If cold sores are found, the procedure will have to be postponed for a long time to avoid further problems and complications.

The most important thing to remember when registering for a peeling in a salon or planning to make it at home is an allergy to salicylic acid.

Performing in the cabin

The procedure requires experience and knowledge of the possible consequences of a poorly executed procedure. That is why cosmetologists strongly recommend that such a peeling be carried out only by a trusted specialist, especially if we are talking about its second option – the mid-surface form.

The peeling procedure in the clinic or salon is represented by the following steps:

  • Makeup removal and skin cleansing.
  • Application of special protective composition to lips and areas with especially sensitive skin to avoid exposure to acid.
  • Treatment of all facial skin with a pre-peeling preparation that allows you to prepare your skin for the procedure and reduce the risk of acid peeling complications
  • Next, the prepared salicylic acid composition of a certain concentration is applied to the skin, depending on the problems.
  • The time for peeling is strictly individual and depends on the type of skin and the concentration of the drug. The minimum session time is 10 minutes.
  • Neutralization of the drug – performed by a special cosmetic product. Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes

In the event that the master cosmetologist performing the procedure omits one or several stages of the peeling procedure, its quality decreases, and the likelihood of complications on the skin increases.

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Session Duration and Number of Procedures

The standard course of procedures for the average woman is 10 sessions. But this figure is conditional, since the initial condition of the woman’s skin is taken into account: if there are several problems and you need to achieve the best effect, the cosmetologist has the right to prescribe 2-3 courses of procedures.

On average, the entire acid peeling session, along with the preparation of the skin and the neutralization of the product applied to the face, lasts about 40 minutes. Rehabilitation after such sessions is not needed, but proper care is needed to consolidate the result obtained from the procedure.

How often can I spend

Peeling can be done once every 2 weeks. The same applies to home peeling using salicylic acid.

When should salicylic peeling be done

Salicylic peeling is not recommended on a hot sunny day, so that direct sunlight does not damage the skin. Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes

It is best to plan a procedure closer to sleep, so that you can give your skin a rest and recover.

Side effects

Despite the fact that salicylic peeling is a relatively gentle procedure for the skin, sometimes after it is carried out, profuse redness appears on the skin, accompanied by peeling. In no case can you mechanically act on the resulting wounds so that after a complete renewal of the skin there are no scars.

Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes

In addition, some tightness and dryness of the skin, swelling and crusting may occur. If you properly organize care after the procedure, then all these unpleasant effects will disappear within a week.

After a home procedure, side effects can be more serious. If salon peeling is a controlled burn, then a home procedure can lead to uncontrolled consequences. In some cases, lengthy rehabilitation will be required.


Within 10 days after the session, special care is required, since the acid still continues to act, and the further condition of the skin largely depends on proper care.


  • abundantly use moisturizers, face sprays and foams or gels for washing, so you can maximally revitalize the skin and avoid dryness; Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes
  • in no case do not visit baths, saunas, as well as swimming pools, in order to avoid infection and irritation of the skin;
  • cancel all other cosmetic procedures until the skin returns to its normal state;
  • avoid hypothermia and in case of severe frost try to stay at home.

Rehabilitation period

The peeling procedure cannot be considered completed immediately after a session with a cosmetologist, skin renewal will begin to occur only a couple of days after the main procedure. In no case can accelerate the recovery process, the skin must recover in vivo.

One of the disadvantages of the rehabilitation period is that for all this time you will have to abandon the use of decorative cosmetics.

Some women who have already tried this cosmetic service claim that after the procedure, contrary to all expectations, the skin condition does not improve, but worsens, a huge amount of acne and acne appears.

This is possible, since during the rehabilitation period all existing skin problems worsen, and after a week, if the peeling is done correctly, the skin condition will noticeably improve.

Professional peeling preparations

In the American market, peeling preparations are presented in a large assortment. They differ, as a rule, in the concentration of the main substance and price. For example, the drug from MediDerma (Spain) is a solution of 25% concentration, and Medic Control Peel also produces pre-peeling preparations in addition to the main drug at a concentration of 15% and 35%.

The EGIA brand represents in USA a whole line of cosmetic peeling products. These are the most gentle skin products with a concentration of not more than 20%. Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes

Enerpeel peeling is considered one of the shallow, simple and safe peels in use. From the reviews of those who used Salipil peeling, it becomes clear that this remedy is inferior in quality to others, moreover, its use is very painful, and the rehabilitation period after the procedure is long.

Martinex has launched a range of skin care products, including doping, peeling and post-peeling treatments. The line of products of this company is suitable for any type of skin.

How to carry out the procedure at home

You can use cosmetics, which include salicylic acid, at home, without fear of getting a severe facial burn. Salicylic peeling can be done at home, all the components for such a procedure are inexpensive. Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes

But it is important to adhere to the procedure:

  • Before starting the session, you need to check if there are any contraindications to this cosmetic procedure.
  • Before the peeling, you need to steam the skin, thereby allowing the pores to open as much as possible.
  • Gently apply salicylic acid to the skin of the face, avoiding tender areas.
  • After surviving the peeling agent on the face for 10 minutes, wash it off with warm water, avoiding contact with the eyes.

It is important to remember that the concentration of the drug for home peeling should not exceed 15%. If a burning sensation is felt when applying the substance to the skin, it is necessary to immediately wash with warm water, without waiting for the end of the procedure.

Homemade Salicylic Peeling Recipes

As good options for home-made salicylic peeling, recipes using aspirin tablets can be used. To get such a mixture, you need to grind one tablet of aspirin and mix with a small amount of fat cream. The resulting mixture should be applied to the face and not washed off for an hour.

Salicylic peeling for the face - what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. Home remedies recipes
Salicylic pe
eling for the face – what is it, effectiveness, how is it done. A recipe with aspirin and oily cream will not damage too much skin

According to another recipe, an aspirin tablet must be dissolved in a small amount of water, adding a pinch of soda and teaspoon of honey. The mixture is applied to the face and washed off after exactly 5 minutes.

Almost every woman can try what it is – salicylic peeling for the face, because there are enough options for both salon and home methods – for every taste and budget.

Salicylic Peeling Video

Salicylic peeling at home:

Salicylic chemical peeling before and after result:

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