Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work

Classic makeup is the application of decorative cosmetics on the skin to emphasize or correct facial features. Permanent differs from the classical one in that the coloring substances are injected subcutaneously to a depth of not more than 1/32 inch, which allows you to maintain an ideal appearance immediately after awakening.

The procedure on the face is performed on the eyes (eyeliner) lips and eyebrows. The disadvantages of this type of makeup include the feature of skin care and the need for correction.

What factors affect the result of eyebrow tattooing

Correction of permanent eyebrow make-up is a mandatory procedure, even when performing the procedure in a qualified salon.

The following factors affect the distortion of a tattoo result:

  • specialist qualification . With the introduction of the composition, you need to correctly calculate the depth of the needle and the frequency of punctures. Otherwise, the paint will be unevenly distributed;
  • type of skin . In the presence of oily skin, the introduced composition will gradually erode, as a result, several corrections may be required. In case of dry skin, the coloring pigment is evenly distributed, therefore, minimal adjustment is required;
    Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work
  • skin color . On a dark epidermis, the coloring composition lasts longer due to the enhanced production of melanin (a coloring pigment responsible for the color of hair, epidermis and eyes);
  • reaction to the composition . The skin of each person is individual, but the same reaction develops subcutaneously (the disposal of a foreign body). From the sensitivity of the epidermis depends on what period of time the coloring composition will last in the skin;
  • depth of introduction of paint . The deeper the puncture will be (there are acceptable limits), the longer the composition will be displayed;
  • the intensity of the coloring matter . The brighter and richer the color, the longer it lasts;
  • paint quality . Means of poor quality are more quickly excreted from the body and change color;
  • hormonal background . It can provoke a change in the shade of the coloring composition, as a result, the final result will be violated;
  • age parameter . Up to 25-30 years, renewal of skin cells is more active, therefore, tattoo correction is required more often than in adulthood;
  • state of health . The stronger the immunity, the more active will be the fight against foreign matter and the paint will be more quickly removed from the skin;
  • lifestyle . Frequent water procedures, prolonged exposure to the sun or frequent visits to the solarium contribute to leaching / burning of the composition from the skin;
  • compliance with skin care rules . In the absence of the necessary care, the skin can dry out and crack, forming crusts, which leads to the development of tattoo defects.

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work

The number of correction procedures depends on the combination of these factors.

When is permanent makeup correction necessary

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup is always required. Since the individual characteristics of the body can not be taken into account even by an experienced master.

Most often, the procedure is carried out in the following cases:

Reason for correction Characteristic
Low qualification
  • uneven contour of the eyebrows (non-compliance with the bend, eyebrow width);
  • uneven color distribution;
  • the paint was not distributed over the entire area of the eyebrow;
  • getting an undesirable shade;
  • asymmetric arrangement of eyebrows.
Distorted or blurred outline It can develop due to a violation of the distribution of pigment due to individual characteristics of the body or as a result of non-compliance with the rules during the recovery period.
Uneven distribution of composition Most often occurs with oily skin, with uneven tissue repair or with self-removal of the crust (it should go away on its own).
The appearance of an unwanted shade It depends on individual characteristics (skin type, hormonal background, diet) and on the quality of the coloring composition used.
Paint fading Pigment with prolonged exposure to the sun can fade, and also washed out with frequent visits to the pool.

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work

Most clearly, these defects are noticeable after complete tissue repair. It is during this period that makeup correction is allowed. If adjustment is required through the fault of the master, then it is recommended to perform the procedure in another salon.

How long does the first correction take

Correction of permanent eyebrow make-up is necessary, since during the main procedure, due to a puncture of the skin with a needle, microtraumas occur, which are accompanied by swelling. On average, tissue repair takes about 4 weeks.

During this period, the wounds heal (and slightly tighten the skin), swelling of the tissues subsides, as a result, the shape of the eyebrow and the color of the coloring pigment may change.

Importantly, due to the individual characteristics of the body, the healing process can take from 2 to 4 weeks. Correction is allowed only after complete tissue repair. On average, the procedure is carried out a month after the tattoo, but no later than 3 months. During this time, the pigment can completely lighten, as a result, it will be necessary to re-tattoo the eyebrows.

In salons, a discount is usually provided for adjustment if permanent makeup was performed in the same salon. After the adjustment, the shape and color of the eyebrows look natural.

How often do the procedure

Eyebrow tattoo correction can be carried out from 1 to 5 times. The frequency of permanent makeup depends mainly on age (up to 30 years old, the procedure is more common) and on the type of skin (if oily, correction is also required more often). As well as compliance with eyebrow skin care rules.

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work
Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup is carried out from 1 to 5 times. But the frequency of the conduct may depend on compliance with the rules of care.

The interval between corrections can be from 6 months to 3 years. On average, up to 30 years the procedure is required to be performed once a year. After 30 years, an adjustment is scheduled after 2-3 years. After 45 years, adjustment may not be necessary.

What will happen if
you do not make a correction

Ignoring tattoo correction may result in:

  • to quickly lighten the coloring composition;
  • blurring the shape of the eyebrows;
  • shade change;
  • a repeat of the tattoo, which is longer and more painful than the adjustment. And also more expensive for the price.

In rare cases, no more than 1%, makeup adjustment is not required and the eyebrows retain their desired shape and color for up to 5 years.

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Correction methods, improving permanent eyebrow makeup

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup is performed in 3 directions, which are discussed below.


Immediately after tattooing, the color of the eyebrows can be unnaturally bright. This is due to the fact that some masters specifically introduce more coloring matter, taking into account future fading. If the tone of the eyebrow after permanent makeup has the desired color, then after recovery it becomes pale and requires additional introduction of pigment under the skin.

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work

The procedure takes a little time, and the eyebrows acquire the desired color.

It is more difficult to correct the appearance of an undesired shade, which can appear as a result of using low-quality paint, the influence of hormonal levels or due to the color type of the skin. When applying paint with black pigment, the appearance of a blue tint is most often noted, and with a brown tint, a pink tint can occur.

Therefore, these pigments are not recommended for use with eyebrow tattooing. To eliminate the unnecessary shade, the complete removal of the pigment from under the skin using a laser is required. The number of sessions depends on the type of shade. Cold colors appear faster than warm, as the pigment is located closer to the epidermis.

If you need to quickly eliminate the unwanted shade, you can use the procedure using a remover (composition neutralizing coloring pigment). The procedure is dangerous for tissue damage, followed by the development of puffiness, scars and impaired hair growth. Therefore, it is used extremely rarely.

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work

Overlapping an undesired shade with the use of other coloring pigments is undesirable, since most often the procedure ends with the appearance of a different, also undesired shade. But to remove the pigment, in this case, using a laser will be almost impossible.

It is important that the master must use a specialized coloring composition to perform permanent makeup. The use of paint for tattoos is unacceptable.

Coating evenness

Due to the uneven density of the skin, the uneven distribution of fatty tissue, as well as the formation of crusts, the coloring pigment may be unevenly distributed on the eyebrows. During the correction, the master fills the formed defects with paint.

The procedure is faster, because according to the result obtained, the specialist can determine the skin reaction to the pigment and the desired depth of punctures (therefore, it is recommended that tattooing and correction be performed by one specialist).

Eyebrow shape

Eyebrow shape correction is possible in 4 ways:

  • if the eyebrows are less narrow or short (when compared with the desired result), then the size is increased by the additional introduction of the dye subcutaneously;
  • if the eyebrows on the contrary turned out to be wider or longer, then with the use of a laser, pigment is removed to the desired contour;
  • in case of non-compliance with the desired bend or with asymmetry, the introduction of a coloring pigment and the use of a laser may be required at the same time;
  • if you want to give the eyebrows a natural shape, without sharply defined boundaries, the shading method is used.

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work

Therefore, when you re-visit the salon for the purpose of correction, you need to decide in advance what kind of eyebrow correction is required.

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What you need to know about the procedure, how painful is it

The adjustment procedure consists of 2 main steps:

Stages of the procedure Rules for Notes
Training The result of the correction depends on the observance of the rules during the preparation period:
  • for 14 days, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin is prohibited (visiting a solarium, sunbathing). In the presence of bright sunlight, use sunscreen and wear wide-brimmed hats;
  • 1.5 weeks to stop the use of drugs to thin the blood. They can provoke the appearance of hematomas and distortion of the result from the procedure;
  • 7 days before the correction, it is required to cancel taking antibiotics and drugs that increase the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light. Otherwise, an undesirable shade is likely;
  • alcohol and caffeine-containing drinks should not be consumed per day;
  • Do not use makeup and creams on the day of the correction.

It is not recommended to carry out the procedure during menstruation, since due to a change in the hormonal background, an undesirable shade may appear, and also during this period there is an increased pain sensitivity.

The master can discuss additional conditions, depending on the pigment used for adjustment and health status.
Correction The correction procedure is similar to the basic procedure for applying permanent makeup:
  1. The client is laid on the couch.
  2. The wizard clarifies what adjustments are required at the request of the client, and also determines the uniform distribution of the coating and the presence of an undesirable shade.
  3. Eyebrow degreasing and disinfection are performed.
  4. If necessary, a sketch is applied with a special pencil.
  5. Anesthesia is performed using anesthetic creams / gels or using sub
    cutaneous injections.
  6. The master makes a correction of the tattoo.
  7. After the procedure is completed, re-treatment with a disinfectant is carried out and a restorative and soothing cream is applied.
It is important to correctly explain to the master what does not suit eyebrow tattooing. And also follow the rules (negotiated by a specialist after the procedure) during the recovery period.

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work

Correction is considered a less painful procedure than tattooing, since a smaller area of the skin is injured and takes less time (no more than 40 minutes, the tattoo can last up to 3 hours).

Post-Correction Healing and Skin Care

Correction of permanent eyebrow make-up is made (mainly) by the introduction of a coloring pigment subcutaneously using needles. As a result, punctures form on the epidermis and tissues become inflamed. This is a natural reaction of the body to damage and the introduction of a foreign substance for it.

In order for the correction result not to be distorted, and the skin to recover faster, the following rules should be followed:

  • for 3 days to treat the skin with disinfectants (appointed by the master);
  • in the first 2 days to wet the eyebrows;
  • avoid overdrying the epidermis. This requires the use of moisturizing and regenerating creams;
  • do not use aggressive products and scrubs for washing, and you also need to wipe your face with napkins or a soft towel so as not to tear off the crusts and cause more skin irritation;
  • Do not use makeup until the skin is completely restored;
  • when entering the sun, apply sunscreen on the eyebrows;
  • do not tear off the crusts with your hands, they should fall off on their own. And do not comb the skin in the presence of itching;
  • to maintain the shape, it is necessary to pluck out the grown hairs (next to the treated area) no earlier than after 14 days;
  • for 7-10 days you can’t visit the solarium, baths and saunas, and increased physical activity is prohibited.

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work

If the skin is restored slowly or an unnatural reaction of the body is detected, an urgent appeal to a cosmetologist is required to correct the error.

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average price

When performing a correction in the salon, the average cost will be from 50 to 60% of the tattoo (provided that it is performed in the same salon). The approximate price range is from $ 27 – $ 95. Depends on the quantity and quality of the paint used. The price also includes the qualifications of the master and the cost of additional funds used in the procedure.

When performing a correction at home, the price will be higher by $ 27 – $ 41. This also increases the likelihood of infection. Therefore, the procedure is recommended to be carried out only in specialized salons.

The choice of a specialist in the correction of permanent makeup

When choosing a specialist should pay attention to the following points:

  • availability of a certificate for the procedure and portfolio (photo with the results before and after);
  • experience in this field;
  • the master’s ability to communicate and understand the client and his desires;
  • price. A quality procedure cannot be cheap;
  • Check for feedback on the quality of the procedures (on the site or from friends).

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup. How does healing work

Correction from the same master who did the tattoo, as he is already familiar with the features of the skin and conduct the procedure better. Correction in an inexperienced master can result in the need to completely remove permanent makeup using a laser. To conduct a new basic procedure (tattoo), you will need to wait time to restore the skin.

How to fix the lowering of the tattoo together with facial tissues

Lowering the tattoo often occurs as a result of aging tissues. To prevent the development of this defect, it is recommended to use specialized anti-aging creams in a timely manner. If aging is started and permanent tattooing has lowered, then laser correction is required for correction.

The choice of a specialist is recommended for the above items.

Permanent makeup allows you to adjust the desired shape and color of the eyebrows for a long time, without the need for daily cosmetics.

When choosing this procedure, it is important to choose the right specialist, as well as follow the rules of skin care during the recovery period. This will avoid the development of defects and keep the result up to 5 years. For long-term preservation of the result, it is important to timely correct the tattoo.

Author: Kotlyachkova Svetlana

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