Eyelash curls for extensions. Photos in front of what are, thickness, most popular

Eyelash extensions are a popular cosmetic procedure that many girls resort to in order to remain irresistible at any time of the day. Depending on the curvature of eyelashes for extension in the photo, in life, the eyes look completely different. Thanks to this method, you can play with your appearance, creating new images.

Options for bending extension eyelashes and their description, features

Curving eyelashes helps adjust the shape and shape of the eyes. His choice is an individual process, since each of them looks different.

J – inconspicuous

Curving eyelashes for extensions of type J is suitable for almost everyone, which can clearly be seen in the photo of the eyes of girls who decided to do this procedure. This look is a practical, straight, straight hair that only curls slightly at the ends.

Eyelash curls for extensions. Photos in front of what are, thickness, most popular

Most often, with this bend, lower eyelashes or upper ones are increased to create a natural effect. Lashmakers also advise type J to girls with long but sparse eyelashes.

B – insignificant

Curves of eyelashes for extension, photos on the eyes of which show the naturalness of their appearance, are weakly expressed when using material marked “B”.

It is ideal for owners of almond-shaped eyes, since the hairs will fit perfectly to the natural eyelashes, emphasizing the natural shape and shape of the eyes, and also enhance the natural curvature. The B-type differs from J in that the ends of the hair are more twisted.

C – medium

Curve C is a smooth curl of eyelash hairs, which is somewhat stronger than the previous types, but still not so pronounced to speak of an unnatural look. Masters say that type C is the golden mean, so it is often used both separately and in combination with others. Curving eyelashes is obtained as if they were curled with forceps.

D (SS) – significant

Type D – a bend that suits girls and women who are actively using mascara, eye shadow and other products of decorative cosmetics. Such a curl of eyelashes is strong enough, makes the look bright and expressive, and from the outside creates the impression of makeup.

Eyelash curls for extensions. Photos in front of what are, thickness, most popular

Many people prefer type D because it saves time in the morning, which was previously spent on eye makeup.

M – significant

Bending option M is suitable for those who prefer a mysterious, playful and eye-catching look. Hair smoothly, but strongly curled up. This type of master is used to create the effect of wide eyes. It is especially suitable for ceremonies, birthdays, weddings, photo shoots. M-bend well adjusts the bending angle of natural eyelashes.

U – strong

A bend of type U refers to those species that differ in a sufficiently strong curl of hairs. This option is chosen by lovers of extraordinary and bright daily makeup. U-bend creates a puppet look. Lashmakers are not advised to use it for women over 35, because the look in this case will be difficult, ridiculous and inappropriate.

L and L + – very strong

L and L + are the most non-standard and interesting of all the bends presented. The base of the eyelashes with such a bend is even, and the tip itself is very curled.

Eyelash curls for extensions. Photos in front of what are, thickness, most popular

Masters advise this look to girls with an Asian cut, as well as to those with deep-set eyes. Girls who wear glasses also often resort to this type of bend.

Mounting Methods

Curves of eyelashes for extension, photos on the eyes of which are proof of a different effect from each type of curls, is far from the only difference between the ciliary material. The method of attaching the hairs also affects what the result will be, the timing of wear.


Natural, or classic extensions – a way of attaching hairs, which as a result gives a natural effect. The master glues hairs of different lengths along the line of eyelash growth, supplementing the volume of his own hairs. Short ones are glued to the inner corner of the eye, medium long to the middle of the eye, long ones to the outer corner.

Eyelash curls for extensions. Photos in front of what are, thickness, most popular

Thus, materials of different lengths are necessary for the procedure. The girl’s look becomes more expressive, brighter, but does not lose its naturalness, so many do not even guess that she visited a beauty salon.


The fox effect is rightfully considered one of the most bewitching and sexual. Girls with such eyelashes quickly attract the attention of others.

The master with the help of hairs lengthens the outer corner of the upper eyelid, thus making the look languid. This method of eyelash attachment gives an eyeliner effect on the eyes, which further emphasizes the mystery.

The arrangement of the hairs in this technique is special, which even visually corrects some minor imperfections in the face. It uses 3 types of eyelashes of different lengths: short, medium and long. They are attached using the ciliary method.


The squirrel extension method is similar to the limis in execution technique and in shape, but the elongation of the hairs in this case does not occur at the end of the ciliary row, but in its middle. The master glues the pads in the outer corner of the eyelid, gradually lengthens and reaches a maximum at the location of the brow. Then the length decreases and already in the inner corner of the eyelashes make again short.

Eyelash curls for extensions. Photos in front of what are, thickness, most popular

This method is suitable for girls with narrow eyes and those who have omitted the outer corner of the eye. Masters do not recommend using this method for those who have large, convex, and wide-set eyes, because the extended eyelashes will make them hypertrophied.


The puppet method is used when they want to attract attention and create the perfect image for a celebration, party or photo shoot. Such eyelashes look impressive, but not very natural. During the procedure, the master glues hairs of approximately the same length in the inner and outer corners, and a little longer in the middle.


Eyelash extensions using the rarefied method or “beams” is a common way of fixing eyelashes, because the result from it is almost as natural as from natural. Its basis is the addition of artificial hairs at certain intervals. Thus, additional density is created, while the naturalness of the look does not disappear.


There are 3 ways to achieve the effect of lush long eyelashes:

  • ciliary;
  • beam;
  • tape.

Eyelash curls for extensions. Photos in front of what are, thickness, most popular

In any case, the eyelashes increase in volume and length. They look more or less natural, but it all depends on the number of hairs used and their difference from the natural length of the eyelashes.

How to choose eyelash curves for the shape of the eyes

Curves of eyelashes for extension, the photos in the eyes of which clearly show the result, create different effects. You need to choose the right type to emphasize the natural virtues and hide minor flaws. This is especially true for the shape and incision of the eyes.

Drooping eyelid

A drooping eyelid is a difficulty in creating many types of makeup. Due to the structure of the eye, the face looks tired and drooping. Proper eyelash extensions can help visually fix this. The wizard selects the type of bend based on the shape of the eye, as well as the desires of the client. It is very important that the accumulated material does not create discomfort to the eyes.

It is recommended to combine type C and D: the middle and the inner corner should be formed with a C-bend, and the outer corner – D. When carrying out the procedure, it is important to take into account the direction of hair growth, as well as the material used.

When changing the wizard, it is necessary to clarify the hairs of which company he uses, since the level of bending varies from company to company.

Deep landing

With a deep landing, the superciliary arches fall over the eyes, so the extended eyelashes with too much bending will rest against the eyelid and fall off quickly. If you make the eyelashes straight, they will not be visible, and they can also cast a shadow, which further enhance the effect of deep planting.

Eyelash curls for extensions. Photos in front of what are, thickness, most popular
Curves of eyelashes for extension correct the shape of the eyes and give the look a mystery

Masters recommend using combinations of C + D or D + L bends. You can also adjust the fit of the eyes using colored rather than black hairs.


In order to visually increase the distance between closely set eyes, it is necessary to choose the right eyelash extension technique. First of all, this problem can be solved by increasing the volume from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

Outside, you need to use less curled eyelashes than in the middle and at the beginning. So, the shape of the eye will stretch, the impression is that the eyes are located further apart. Fox and squirrel effects are what girls with close-set eyes need.

Eyes wide apart

For owners of wide-set eyes, eyelash extensions can slightly narrow the space between them, thereby correcting the face. Masters recommend taking a closer look at the puppet extension technique when eyelashes are slightly shortened to the outer corner of the eye. Fox and squirrel effects are contraindicated. The most suitable bend in this case is CC.

Round, slightly bulging

Girls with round, slightly bulging eyes, most often resort to the extension procedure to slightly stretch the shape of the eyes and emphasize the look. Lashmakers are advised in this case to choose bends of type J and B, and the fastening technique is fox or squirrel effects.

The outer corner of the eye is omitted.

The omitted outer corner is a feature of the structure of the eyes of some girls, which not everyone likes. Therefore, many resort to the build-up procedure with the aim of correcting it.

Masters advise using strong bends at the outer corner, such as D, M, U, to visually lift it and eliminate the expression of sadness and fatigue from the face.

Strongly raised outer corner in Asian style

If the girl’s outer corner is raised too much, and the eye itself is extended, then eyelashes that have been extended with the correct technique and with the necessary curvature will help make it more rounded. Lashmakers use L and L +, which expand the eye, visually opening it and making the look more open.

The most popular types of eyelash extensions

Materials for building – a separate component of a successful procedure. Many companies produce eyelashes themselves and other components: glue, antiseptic, tools. The choice depends on the quality, raw materials used, price, as well as the effect on the eyes.

To determine the products and the company, you need to consider the following points:

  • the material should be on a tape or in a jar, and also presented in different lengths and thicknesses;
  • the choice of glue depending on the sensitivity, drying speed and features of the sock;
  • a choice of tweezers of various shapes and sizes;
  • high-quality degreaser, remover.

Eyelash curls for extensions. Photos in front of what are, thickness, most popular

You also need to pay attention to the features of each individual product and its characteristics. The choice depends solely on the master and his preferences, as well as on the client and his expected results from the procedure.

Firm Eyelash material Thickness Price
Lovely Synthetic fiber with satin, matte and glossy finish From 0/32 – 0/32 inch. About $ 12,24. for 20 lines
Barbara Synthetic fiber From 0/32 – 0/32 inch. $ 11 – $ 12. for 16 tapes
Enigma Elastic artificial fibers From 0.05 to 0/32 – 19/32 inch. $ 5 – $ 7. for 6 tapes

$ 11 – $ 14. for 16 tapes

Irisk professional Thin, flexible synthetic fibers 0/32 – 0/32 inch. $ 0,6
8 for the can

$ 4 – $ 4. per box of beams

Building is widely used today by girls and women to become even more beautiful. The bends, length, thickness of eyelashes for extension affect what effect on the photo and in life will create the look of female eyes.

Eyelash Modeling Video

Eyelash attachment schemes:

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