Coral face peeling. What is it, before and after photos, results

Every day, coral peeling is becoming more popular among women. Fashionable cosmetic procedure shows a good result. Its action is based on mechanical cleaning of the skin. In order to get a positive effect, it is important to know the intricacies of the conduct and the rules of care during the recovery period.

The essence of peeling

Coral peeling is considered one of the effective procedures for getting rid of scars, acne and age spots. Cleaning your face in this way does not cause side effects. It can be carried out regularly for a long period.

It can not be compared with any chemical peeling. After treatment, the stratum corneum continues to exfoliate for a week. After 6 sessions, significant changes in skin condition are observed. Coral face peeling. What is it, before and after photos, results

Beauty salons in most cases use chemical-based peels. They corrode the stratum corneum of the epidermis. This leads to the activation of processes of renewal and restoration of the skin.

This aggressive effect is not suitable for everyone. In this case, the use of coral composition comes to the rescue. After the death and exfoliation of the old layer, the skin becomes renewed, velvety and tender.

Directions for use of coral formulations

Peeling with corals is used not only for medicinal purposes, but also for prevention.

The procedure is designed to solve such problems:

  • Traces of acne. You can fight scars and scars during the period of remission of the disease. As a result, small flaws are completely removed, and pronounced become less noticeable.
  • Increased pigmentation. Stains on the skin appear for various reasons. Deep exposure helps to make them less visible or get rid of completely. It is enough to conduct one peeling course to achieve a noticeable result.
  • Decrease or loss of tone. Exposure to the deeper layers of the skin trigger restoration processes in the cells. Injury to the surface causes the muscles of the face to tone. Thanks to this, a lifting effect is achieved.
  • Stretch marks and enlarged pores. Defects are removed if the coral scrub contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin supplements. In advanced cases, additional procedures may be required.
  • Acne Improvement of the skin occurs due to the antiseptic effect that the composition has. Coral face peeling. What is it, before and after photos, results
  • Age-related changes. At the first signs of aging, the skin can be completely sanded. In advanced cases, it is only possible to make wrinkles and wrinkles less pronounced.
  • Vascular damage. The unique composition of coral powder strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Thanks to the procedure, there is an improvement in blood circulation.

Peeling, like any other procedure, may not bring the expected effect. In addition, in some cases, cleaning can be harmful.

Situations when cleaning should be abandoned:

  • The active form of acne. With inflammation with suppuration in a latent form, it is impossible to perform the procedure. During cleaning, a rash localized in one place spreads over the entire surface. Sensitive skin after scrubbing is vulnerable to infections. You can get severe irritation, which will lead to the formation of scars and scars.
  • Demodecosis As in the case of a rash, peeling will distribute the tick throughout the skin. Even in an inactive form of the disease, the procedure is not recommended.
  • The acute form of herpes. It is impossible to violate the integrity of the formation, otherwise the pus contained inside will spread over the skin. This will lead to a worsening of the course of the disease.
  • Summer time. High solar activity leads to the formation of age spots. Therefore, even in the cold season after the procedure, application of sunscreen is required, the SPF filter of which has a value of more than 50. Coral face peeling. What is it, before and after photos, results

It is recommended to refuse peeling during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Infectious and colds are also a contraindication.


Coral facial peeling can be of various types. They differ from each other in the concentration of the active component and the proportions of the ingredients.

Types of peeling:

  • Soft. Contains a large number of herbal extracts. They soften the effect of the composition on the skin. The method is used for surface cleaning. In one procedure it helps to improve complexion, give the skin velvety and elasticity. Peeling is applied with gentle movements and left for 5-10 minutes. During this time, the epidermis is saturated with useful substances and soft exfoliation of dead cells. Coral face peeling. What is it, before and after photos, results
  • Classic or median. It is characterized by prolonged exposure. The composition contains a large number of coral crumbs. The product is applied to the skin with light massage movements, gently rubbing. This allows the components to penetrate much deeper and cause more active peeling of the skin. The procedure affects the middle layers, due to which the processes of tissue repair and renewal are accelerated.

Composition and effect on the skin

Cosmetology clinics and beauty salons use the Israeli high-quality Rose de Mer for the procedure. The composition of coral peeling is unique. It is natural.

Components included in the drug:

  • Coral baby. Used as a base peeling.
  • Sea salt of the Dead Sea. It has an antiseptic effect.
  • Essential oils. Heals, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • Plant extracts and herbs. Promote rapid restoration of the cover. Reduce the risk of inflammation.
  • Acids of plant origin. They are added in low concentration and not to all formulations.

Due to the natural components of the product and the absence of chemical additives, the procedure is suitable for cleaning thin and sensitive skin.

Facial peeling with coral chips is delicate. It differs from other compositions by the presence of abrasive particles. It contains acid in a minimal concentration. This feature changes the way the components act on the skin. Mechanical cleaning occurs, so the rehabilitation period differs from the usual recovery after cleaning. Coral face peeling. What is it, before and after photos, results

The procedure qualitatively cleans pores from dirt, sweat and fat. This prevents the occurrence of inflammatory processes and skin diseases. In addition, peeling with the addition of coral chips is useful for medical purposes. It strengthens blood vessels and capillaries. As a result, bruises and bruises go away, the skin color becomes smooth and healthy.

Other useful properties include:

  • soft grinding;
  • loosening of the epidermis; < /li>
  • removal of purulent inflammation;
  • normalization of the functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • antiseptic effect.


Facial cleansing involves several stages. Coral scrub does not require preparatory measures. At the same time, in order to achieve a better result, cosmetologists recommend that a month before the procedure, yellow peeling of the surface effect is performed.

Order of execution:

  1. Inspection and selection of tactics. The specialist assesses the condition of the skin and determines the duration of exposure to the composition. The intensity depends on the problems and the degree of their neglect.
  2. Cleansing. Remove the remnants of cosmetics, sebaceous secretions and other contaminants.
  3. Processing means for opening pores. This will make the process of removing greasy plugs and comedones easier. The composition is not kept on the face for a short time, then the traces are cleaned with a napkin.
  4. Application of peeling. The coral composition is evenly distributed over the surface. Perform facial massage for 2-10 minutes. In this case, the patient feels a slight tingling sensation, which becomes stronger every minute. Coral face peeling. What is it, before and after photos, results
  5. Removing scrubbing agent.
  6. Applying a cold dressing. Relieves discomfort after the procedure and relieves skin irritation.
  7. Apply a moisturizer. Perform in 10-15 minutes.

How often can i do

After the first procedure, the cosmetologist determines how many sessions are needed to get rid of flaws on the skin. In this case, its individual peculiarity, reaction to the coral composition and effectiveness of application are taken into account. Based on these parameters, a personal program is formed.

Coral face peeling is carried out for 10 minutes. The average duration of the course is 3-4 procedures. It is not recommended to clean more often than 1 time per month. Before proceeding with the re-conduct, it is necessary to wait until the redness and peeling pass.


The result directly depends on the dosage of the product and on the time it was on the skin. Active rubbing of the scrub leads to severe peeling. Sometimes the procedure leads to complete exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis.

After the recovery period, the skin becomes velvety and soft. Its pores are noticeably narrowed, black dots pass completely or become barely noticeable. If you follow all the rules of procedure, then the rehabilitation period is reduced to a minimum.

Coral face peeling. What is it, before and after photos, results
Stages of facial skin recovery after coral peeling

In some cases, patients do not experience discomfort and return to their normal lives immediately after the procedure. Scrub with coral chips is suitable for people who often have an allergic reaction. After all, its composition is hypoallergenic.

Subsequent skin care

Coral facial peeling does not end in the beauty parlor. For another 7 days after it, active skin repair will take place. The coral powder that has entered the epidermis layer irritates the cells and activates the regeneration process in them. During this period, the body needs to help by organizing proper facial treatment.

During the recovery period, it is recommended to abandon intense physical exertion. Baths, saunas, a swimming pool, a gym and a solarium contribute to the development of complications and increase the redness of the cover. During classes, you can bring an infection.

In order not to spoil the result, do not peel off the crusts that form after the procedure. They must fall away on their own. Particular attention should be paid to hygiene. Bed sheets and towels must be carefully treated with hot steam.

For a while, you will have to abandon the use of decorative cosmetics. Emulsions and oily creams are also contraindicated. You can return to the usual care products immediately, as redness and peeling pass.

During the rehabilitation period, it is allowed to use natural serums and water-based ampoule concentrates. Soft gels are good for washing. Also, the skin can be treated with a tonic for sensitive skin.

Coral face peeling. What is it, before and after photos, results
It is forbidden to sunbathe in the sun after peeling

It is necessary to reduce the time spent in the sun to a minimum. When going out, it is important to use sunscreen. It is better to choose the peeling season when the sun is less active. Autumn and winter are well suited.

An example of daily care for 6 days is presented in the table:

Day Recommendations
1 A few hours after exposure to the skin with corals, redness intensifies, the surface looks inflamed. Therefore, on the first day it is important to protect any influence on the cover from the outside. Contact with water should be avoided.
2 To remove the side effects of peeling, it is recommended to wipe the skin with a weak solution of apple cider vinegar. 1 large tablespoons of the substance should account for a glass of boiled water.

The agent is applied twice a day. After drying, the skin is lubricated with a light moisturizer.

3 There is a pronounced peeling of the cover. This symptom suggests that the washing with a solution of vinegar must be completed. Now they use baby soap instead. And then apply the cream again.
4 With the correct recovery process, at this stage you can see how the skin is upd
ated. Itching may occur. It is important not to scratch the surface, otherwise it will cause severe irritation. Care is carried out on the principle of 3 days.
5 The use of a special helium product, which is aimed at updating the skin, is added to the care of 4 days. It should be recommended by a cosmetologist after peeling.
6 The skin has been completely renewed. You can return to the usual care. In parallel, it is recommended to use a renewal gel for a few more days.

Regular coral peeling helps fight wrinkles, tightens the oval of the face and makes the tone fresh. The natural composition is suitable for use on any type of skin. Patient reviews note the simplicity of the procedure, an easy recovery period and an amazing effect.

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