Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, womens abs

Elastic band for fitness – a versatile and affordable equipment for sports. It allows you to create the necessary progressive load when training at home without the use of additional equipment.

The essence and basic principles

In the sports industry, there are 4 main types of elastic bands for fitness. Depending on the type of equipment, the basic principles of its use are formed.

Elastic ribbons

The most common are rubber bands. They are a piece of elastic material up to 6’6 – 8’2 foot long. The ends of such a tape are not connected to each other. From here, the main features of the use of this fitness equipment are summarized. When performing exercises with ribbons, they have to be fixed by winding onto the loaded part of the athlete’s body.

With prolonged use, this method can cause discomfort. The limbs pulled by an elastic band swell and do not allow performing exercises with a long period of tension in the target muscle group.

Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs

However, this equipment has undoubted advantages. When working with tapes, the student is able to quickly and easily change the load during one approach. Also, the tape is easy to fix on the support. Changes in their own position relative to the auxiliary projectile is carried out without loss of developed effort.

Loops or elastic rubber rings

This type of equipment is a rubber tape, the ends of which are interconnected. The diameter of the loop in most cases ranges from 19’7 – 27’6 inch. And the width of the composite strip depends on the elasticity of the material and is 2 – 3’9 inch.

Exercise with an elastic band for fitness of such a pattern does not cause injuries to arms and legs, since there is no need to wind the ends of the product on the athlete’s limbs for fixation. The equipment is held securely on the target body area due to the features of its own design. But the technical characteristics of the product create a disadvantage when using rubber loops in the training process.

Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs

Elastic rings are perfectly adapted to perform the positive phases of exercises, but are not able to create a load when moving in negative amplitude. In addition, working with a closed rubber band does not allow reliable and efficient fixation on many types of supports, and a small radius significantly reduces the list of available exercises.

Extended hinges

Elastic rubber rings for sports are a compromise. Their length is 6’6 – 8’2 foot. This is comparable to the distance from one edge to the other at the tapes. But long loops are looped. Due to which they do not adversely affect the athlete’s arms and legs during fixation.

The combination of these characteristics allows the use of elongated rubber rings in most sports complexes. The large diameter allows reliable fixation of equipment on most supports. The load in the long elastic rings is regulated by increasing the number of turns around the body of the student.

Elongated hinges are made from 0’4 – 3’9 inch thick. The higher this value, the greater the elasticity of the inventory.

Tubular expander with handles

This device looks like a jump rope. The hollow working body of a sports apparatus is made of composite materials of high strength. At the ends of the rubber tube mounted handles. Thanks to the latest athlete, it is convenient to hold the expander in bunches. When fixing the device does not cause pain.

Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs

Plastic handles allow you to further focus on changing the position of the brushes in space. This provides the opportunity to choose the most suitable angle at which muscle contractions will occur.

A tubular expander is used for training without additional equipment. It is convenient to fix it behind your back. Due to the shape of the working part, rubbing does not occur with repeated repetition of exercises.

The magnitude of the load is determined by:

  1. The number of hollow tubes.
  2. Their diameter.
  3. The thickness of the wall of the working fluid.

Despite the obvious advantages of this equipment, care must be taken when exercising with it. The weak point of the structure is the connection between the stretch part and the handles. The integrity of the product in this zone is often violated. As a result, there is a risk of damage.

The choice of gum for sports

In most cases, elastic equipment for sports is made of latex. This is a durable material that allows you to intensively use this equipment for 2-3 years. But latex is a strong allergen. If the student is exposed to the harmful effects of this material, then you should carefully approach the choice of a sports product.

Do not buy frankly cheap gum. They are made in violation of the process. In this case, the components used may contain prohibited and hazardous substances. When using such products, the athlete is able to receive damage as a result of violation of the integrity of the equipment.

When choosing an elastic tape and a circle, you should pay attention to products made using non-slip materials. This will prevent irritation on the skin as a result of prolonged friction. For the same reason, it’s better to wear clothes that work with rubber rings to cover all parts of the athlete’s body.

When choosing an elastic inventory, do not overestimate your own strengths. The load on the muscles should be comparable with the level of physical readiness of the student.

Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs

For the convenience of choice, an elastic band for fitness with a different degree of elasticity is performed in the same colors:

  1. Green color is a standard marking of rubber bands for beginners. The tensile force in such models does not exceed 11 pounds.
  2. Blue ribbons and rings – the load reaches 18 pounds. Experienced athletes use them to warm up before training.
  3. Yellow is comparable to 26 pounds. Such expanders use advanced athletes in their classes.
  4. Red ribbons and elastic circles can provide a high level of power load. The tensile force in these models reaches 40 pounds.
  5. Professional athletes use rubber straps and black loops. They are very elastic and to work with them it is necessary to apply a force of the order of 51 pounds.

Indications for use

Exercise with an elastic band for fitness for girls and women is a great way to restore muscle tone and bring the parameters of the figure to the desired values. You can practice this type of training for people who are not able to attend a gym or fitness club.


Exercise with an elastic band for fitness does not have contraindications associated with the features of the projectile. Elastic tapes do not have a detrimental effect and do not create harmful loads for the mu
sculoskeletal system. Rubber circles, loops and expanders are contraindicated only to people who are forbidden certain types of physical activity.

Useful Tips

Before starting classes with rubber bands, you should get comfortable clothes. She should not constrain movement.

Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs
A lesson with an elastic band for fitness needs to be carried out in convenient clothes.

It will also be useful to purchase yoga mats. Many of the exercises are performed with support on the back or lying on the stomach. Therefore, care should be taken to prepare a comfortable place for training.

Main complex

Complexes of exercises with elastic rings, loops and expanders includes a series of exercises that can be performed by those engaged in the gym. This is due to structural features of the musculoskeletal system of a person.

The fastening of muscle fibers and the specifics of their work are such that the athlete, regardless of gender and equipment used, has to perform similar movements. An exception are features due to the design of the equipment used.

Upper body exercises

During the performance of these exercises, the dynamic load affects:

  • pectoral muscles;
  • shoulders
  • back
  • hands;
  • press.

The muscles of the lower half of the body are also statically loaded.

Stretching the gum in a vertical plane

To perform the exercise, you must take a stable position and select the necessary equipment. Use is a short loop with a suitable load.

Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs

The starting position is as follows:

  1. The housing is fixed.
  2. Both arms are straight and parallel to the floor. Brushes are compressed
  3. An elastic ring is placed around the wrists.

From the starting position, it is necessary to perform alternate elevations of the limbs in a vertical plane. In this exercise, dentate, deltoid muscle and biceps are involved. The biceps have a static load.

Horizontal stretch or cut

The movement can be performed with a rubber ring of small diameter, a tubular expander or a long loop. Depending on the choice of equipment, the type of exercise may vary. When raising hands, the main work is performed by the deltas and back muscles. When mixing – chest and biceps.

The position before the start of the lesson is similar to the previous exercise. The athlete must be in a stable vertical position. The ring is located on the wrists of both hands. After taking the necessary posture, simultaneous breeding of the limbs through the sides should begin. It is important not to change the plane of movement.

When using the expander, the hands are in line with the shoulder girdle (slightly bent so that the elbows do not go into the plane of the back). Tubular gum lies at the top of the shoulder blades. In this case, the student will perform bringing the palms to the middle of the chest.

Triceps extension

Exercise with an elastic band for fitness during arm training can provide a better result than exercises with free weights. This is due to the nature of the load to which the target muscle group is exposed during the movement. Elastic ribbons provide maximum load during the peak contraction of biceps and triceps.

Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs

Triceps extension is necessary from a standing position. It can be used as a rubber ring of small diameter, a long loop or an expander.

Depending on the equipment available, inventory is fixed as follows:

  1. With your free hand in the shoulder area . Applicable in classes with small rubber circles. The movement is concentrated with one hand.
  2. On a stationary support . The method is used when working with a tubular expander and loops. In this case, it is possible to use both hands at once during the exercise. It is a priority in studies aimed at reducing body weight.

Biceps flexion

Exercise is performed from a standing position. You can bend your arms with any type of elastic equipment. When using a short rubber circle as a support for fixing the edge of the inventory at the lower point, place the foot of the same name on the support and pass the elastic under the patella.

Using long loops or an expander, just stand with both feet on the shell. After that, bending with both hands should be performed. The elbows must be locked in one position when raising arms. The hands at the top point of the amplitude are slightly rotated so that the thumbs “look” at each other.

Craving for the lower abdomen Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs

Exercise is completely identical to the draft in a slope with a barbell. Before performing the movement, it is important to take the correct starting position and follow the technique during the session.

Stages Actions to be taken
1 The legs are slightly wider than the shoulders.
2 Feet parallel to each other.
3 Knees slightly bent.
4 The pelvis is laid back.
5 The body is tilted forward so that the main load is evenly distributed over the entire plane of the foot (the heel should not come off the floor during movement).

After that, you can start the exercise. The rubber band should be located under the forefoot. The loop or ring is tightly fixed with the han
ds. Traction should be made to the lower abdomen. At the top of the amplitude, it is important to reduce the shoulder blades.

Lower body exercises

This set of exercises with elastic equipment made of composite materials is completely unique. Since the elastic bands do not allow performing classical jerking movements, provided that there is no additional equipment, the necessary effort is achieved through a combination of static exercises with elements of concentrated training.

These workouts contribute to significant progress by incorporating more muscle into the work. In other words, each exercise of the complex can be called basic.

Leg spreading from a horizontal position

During the exercise, the buttocks and muscles of the inner thigh are involved. The starting position for starting a workout is similar to the position in the previous exercise. The elastic is located on the lower leg.

Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs

Keeping static tension in the muscles of the middle part of the body, it is necessary to lift each leg in turn and maximize it to the side. In this case, the toe participating in the movement of the leg should be torn off the floor just enough so that the supporting surface does not impede the movement.

Horizontal run

The starting position is identical to the plank exercise. The support is carried out on the palms of straight arms and fingers of the feet. Stop at right angles in the ankle. The rubber ring is fixed to the toe. Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs

The exercise itself is a sequential pulling of the knee to the belt. It is important to maintain tension in the lower leg. Otherwise, the elastic circle will slip off and it will not be possible to get the proper result from the training.


Identical to the classic alternate reduction of legs to the belt from a prone position. Thanks to the use of rubber bands, it is possible to achieve greater tension in the abdominal muscles.

Raising straight legs from a prone position

This exercise is performed while lying on your stomach and on your back. In the first case, the main load is shifted to the gluteal muscles. And in the second – the quadriceps femoris and abs.

To perform the movement, it is necessary to settle down on a flat horizontal surface. Legs should be straight. A small diameter rubber ring is located in the lower leg. The legs should be lifted alternately.


Performed like classic barbell squats. An elastic sports equipment is located on the hips slightly above the knee. At the bottom of the trajectory, the trainee’s pelvis should fall slightly below the conditional horizontal line drawn through the knees.

Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs

There is also the option of squats, in which the rubber circle is fixed under the feet. In this case, there is a wider setting of the legs. The athlete’s hands stretch the tape in the area between the right and left hips.

The list of possible options for exercising with elastic bands has no boundaries. However, the movements considered will help in the initial stages of training to load the muscles of the whole body.

You can perform exercises either independently or combine them into complexes according to one of the following methods:

  1. Circular training . All exercises are performed sequentially one after another according to one approach. Such circles can be from 2 to 5 or 6.
  2. Tabata system . The duration of classes is determined not by the number of repetitions, but by time. For example, the exercise is performed not for 15 repetitions, but for 45 seconds.
    Classes with an elastic band for fitness. Exercises for the whole body, legs, buttocks, women's abs
  3. By split system or full body . Exercises are divided into muscle groups or are performed immediately on all large parts of the body.

Result fixing

It is possible to consolidate the result obtained from training using a balanced diet. The main principle of forming a daily diet should be the selection of the required number of calories consumed with food.

When to expect an effect

The first noticeable results from regular workouts with elastic circles can be noticeable after 1 month. Although this period of time depends entirely on the initial level of physical readiness and regularity of classes.

Gum for sports training in the initial stages are able to provide the proper level of load to obtain a result. The list of available exercises is very large, and the cost of the equipment itself is affordable. The combination of these two factors makes elastic rings and loops very popular among girls and women.

Fitness video with a rubber band

Examples of exercises with elastic for legs and buttocks:

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