Classes with a trainer in the gym for girls. How much are individual, group, benefits

Girls can attend classes in the gym of 2 types – group and personal. Individual trainings with a trainer are considered the most effective, as they are aimed at achieving the result of a particular person and take into account not only his initial parameters and individual preferences, but also the existing restrictions on playing sports for health reasons.

Goals and objectives of training

Classes with a trainer in the gym, like other types of training, will be effective only if I clearly define the goals and objectives that are ultimately planned to be achieved after a few months (the first results, provided that the lesson plan is correctly drawn up, will be noticeable after 1, 5 – 2 months).

The purpose of visits to the gym girl is usually to achieve the maximum possible qualitative change in the appearance of her body without negatively affecting her health.

Classes with a trainer in the gym for girls. How much are individual, group, benefits

Among the tasks for subsequent personal exercises formulated by the fitness instructor for their clients, the main ones are:

  • Getting rid of fat in problem areas. The female body in most cases requires adjustment of the lower abdomen, sides, waist, arms, buttocks, hips.
  • Muscle building Giving muscle tone is necessary in order to maintain blood circulation, on which the occurrence of cellulite and the subsequent formation of sagging of individual sections of the skin depend.
  • An increase in the strength and endurance of an athlete . Personal training in the gym, thanks to the individual selection of the load and the intensity of the training, improves the general condition of the athlete. The increase in strength and endurance leads to the fact that in everyday life the girl gets rid of excessive overwork, sleeps better and increases her working capacity.
  • Improving health status. During cardio workouts, blood circulation improves and the heart muscle strengthens; Strength training helps to saturate the body cells with enough oxygen.
  • “Tempering” character . Athletes who regularly visit the gym become more disciplined, purposeful, responsible and ready to persistently achieve their goals.
    Classes with a trainer in the gym for girls. How much are individual, group, benefits
  • The expansion of the physical capabilities of man. The body becomes more flexible and flexible. Thanks to regular training with parallel compliance with the recommendations of the instructor on nutrition adjustment, the athlete will be able to strengthen her bones and joints, minimizing the risk of injuries of various origins.

Advantages and disadvantages of training

Classes with a trainer in the gym, like group fitness, have not only advantages, but also a number of significant disadvantages. It is important to analyze the objective pros and cons of both types of training in advance in order to understand before starting classes what method of transformation is suitable for a particular athlete.


The strengths and weaknesses of classes in the gym with a trainer include:

Benefits of Personal Training Disadvantages of Personal Training
  • Safety. A fitness trainer will not only determine the working weight of a sports apparatus for his ward and explain the technique for performing the exercises included in the complex, but will also monitor the correct performance of the loads and, if necessary, hedge the girl during work with great weight.
  • Individual approach to drawing up a lesson plan. Trainers develop complexes for each client individually, taking into account his contraindications, initial parameters and personal preferences in the intensity of the upcoming training.
  • Regularity. Since personal trainers take an advance payment from their clients, it will be extremely rare for a girl to miss classes already paid, at least for reasons of financial savings.
  • Performance. The set of exercises compiled by a professional will be periodically adjusted depending on the results already achieved by the client. Timely change of loads ensures high effectiveness of the training.
  • Lack of guarantees for the professionalism of the instructor. The presence of qualifications, diplomas and experience is not a guarantee that the program drawn up by such a trainer will bring the desired result to the client. The only way to find a competent professional is to use the recommendations of friends who have already been able to achieve transformation by using the services of a specific person.
  • High price. Personal training requires payment not only for visiting the gym, but also for the services of an instructor. Considering that in most cases you have to pay for a subscription consisting of 5-10 workouts (an average of $ 95 – $ 122), not everyone can afford to allocate the final amount from the family budget.


Group fitness in modern sports centers is carried out not only in specially equipped rooms, but also in ordinary gyms. Despite the presence of a large number of sports equipment, the principles of organizing training of this kind are identical to ordinary fitness.

Classes with a trainer in the gym for girls. How much are individual, group, benefits

Among the obvious advantages and disadvantages of group classes are:

Group Training Benefits Disadvantages of group training
The ability to choose the most suitable direction for yourself, corresponding to the goal. Depending on the initial parameters of the athlete and her physical abilities, she can choose for herself both active exercises, for example, for weight loss (body sculpt, ABS, step) and more passive areas of fat burning training – Pilates, stretching, body flex.

No risk of engaging in an incorrectly designed program. All group training schemes are universal and designed for owners of low and medium levels of physical fitness.

Additional motivation arising from the spirit of competition within the group. Being engaged in a team, an athlete unconsciously draws attention to the successes of her classmates, which stimulates her to surpass their result or, at least, achieve a similar one.

A suitable level of exercise for beginners in sports. With the help of trial exercises offered by most fitness centers, a novice athlete will be able to determine for herself the most suitable direction, as well as find out the capabilities of her body, providing him with a minimum load.

The lack of an individual approach. The only thing that is selected for each person in the conditions of group training is the working weight of the sports equipment. During personal training, individuality is preserved in everything, including, the number of approaches, the number of repetitions, the working weight of sports equipment and the frequency of its variation.

High risk of overstrain and injuries of various origins. The average number of athletes in group 1 is at least 15 people. In such circumstances, one coach is physically unable to control each of them every second. Self-representation during sports in
creases the risk of joint injuries or stretching.

Lack of visible progress. Group exercises are a universal type of training that does not imply a periodic correction of intensity and load, depending on the result already achieved by the athlete. This feature reduces the effectiveness of classes, depriving a girl of the ability to visually detect actual changes in her appearance.

The need to adapt to the class schedule of your group. The girl is forced to attend group workouts at the appointed time and days, regardless of her time capabilities.

Who needs a personal trainer

Classes with a trainer in the gym are a necessity, first of all, for those who:

  • She experiences discomfort during group classes with people who are in better physical shape or have already achieved certain results in the chosen fitness direction. The team of group directions is usually completed without taking into account the initial data of the athlete and his physical preparation.
  • He wants to protect himself from possible injury during exercise using free weights or trainers. The instructor is not only obligated to familiarize his ward with safety precautions when working in the gym, but also to monitor its implementation.
    Classes with a trainer in the gym for girls. How much are individual, group, benefits
  • Serious diseases that are a limitation to a number of physical activities. An individually prepared training program in this case will consist of the safest exercises selected by the trainer in accordance with the physical abilities of the girl.
  • Does not know the physical capabilities of his body. It is difficult for a beginner to immediately understand what intensity of classes will be comfortable and most effective for him. The fitness trainer, being close to his client all the time, will be able to adjust the initial training program in time, replacing the exercises that are difficult for the athlete with their lightweight counterparts.
  • Needs to achieve results in the shortest possible time, for example, a girl wants to lose weight for the upcoming vacation. A professional trainer, responsible for the effectiveness of the training, will control the frequency of visits to the gym by an athlete, as well as timely replace exercises that are ineffective for her.
    Classes with a trainer in the gym for girls. How much are individual, group, benefits
    Classes with a trainer in the gym develops self-discipline and endurance in an athlete.
  • Needs constant encouragement and additional motivation from his mentor. Unlike a personal trainer, when training with a large number of people, the fitness instructor does not monitor the individual indicators of each member of his group. An individual approach implies, among other things, the psychological instructions of his ward, which makes personal training the most profitable for dubious girls who are unable to independently reward themselves for the results achieved in working on their own body.

Coach cost for girls

Classes with a trainer in the gym at their cost depend on the, the pricing policy of a particular sports facility and the qualifications of the professional himself.

Individual sessions

The cost of personal training in most cases includes:

  • Drawing up exercise blocks. Complexes of loads are formed by the trainer sequentially for each day of classes. Such a system for organizing the training process is due to the need for the instructor to monitor the state of the ward in the process of taking them a given level of physical activity. After analyzing how the athlete coped with the tasks, the instructor draws up a program on the next day of training, facilitating or, on the contrary, complicating the algorithm for conducting classes, if necessary.
  • Program adjustment with a frequency of at least 1 time in 2 weeks. The human body is prone to lightning-fast adaptation to any physical exertion, especially those that give the trainer beginners in the classroom. To maintain the effectiveness of the training, fitness instructors adjust the training schemes based on the result already achieved under their control by the athlete.
    Classes with a trainer in the gym for girls. How much are individual, group, benefits
  • Formation of a nutrition plan. A personal trainer not only draws up a training program taking into account the goals of his client, but also adjusts her eating habits. Depending on the qualifications, the instructor can give general recommendations, telling the athlete about the basic principles of proper nutrition, or make a menu with a specific indication of the meal time, dishes and portion size.
  • Advice on sports nutrition. Most modern fitness centers offer their customers to purchase sports nutrition. The trainers, having an idea of the goals and lifestyle of their ward, will be able to give practical advice on which product will increase the effectiveness of the training, reducing the time spent on achieving the result set by the athlete.

The cost of a personal training in New York and Los Angeles varies from $ 34 – $ 109. for 1 hour without taking into account payment for visiting the gym itself. In the, the price of a one-time individual lesson will be $ 14 – $ 41. The specific amount is determined by the regalia of the instructor, his workload and the conditions for cooperation with the gym.

Group classes

Group classes, most modern fitness centers offer their customers to purchase by subscription, rather than pay upon visits.

This policy is explained by several facts:

  • Payment of a subscription is a kind of guarantee of the fullness of the group. The chances that during each group training the cost of customer service will pay off are much greater than if you have the opportunity to pay a lesson once.
  • The result of group training can only be achieved with a systematic attendance of classes. The fitness center is interested in ensuring that their clients achieve the set results and are satisfied with the transformation of their own appearance, as in this case they will be a live advertisement of the sports institution they visit.
    Classes with a trainer in the gym for girls. How much are individual, group, benefits
  • Lack of economic benefits. For example, if 2 people come to the lesson, then the expenses of the fitness center for the remuneration of employees and household needs will exceed the income from payment by 2 clients of one-time visits.

The cost of group training includes:

  • Attendance at any fitness area available at the club. The specific amount determined by the subscription).
  • Attending in-clu
    b events.
  • Bonus This can be, for example, 1 free personal training or a discount on sports nutrition sold in the fitness center.

Prices for group training in New York and Los Angeles range from $ 109 – $ 272. for 5 lessons. For residents of the, a similar amount of training will cost from $ 68 – $ 136.

How to choose a personal trainer

Classes with a trainer in a gym, regardless of their focus, will be effective only if sufficient professionalism of the selected specialist.

Understand that a particular person can provide their services qualitatively, according to several criteria:

  • Appearance of a specialist. It should be not only neat, but also have a athletic physique.
  • Practical experience working with clients , present during their classes. Modern fitness trainers often work online, remotely composing training programs.
  • Duration of work in a specific gym. Optimally, a qualified trainer should name the numbers – 2 – 5 years.
  • The presence of education related to medicine, sports, physiology.
  • The presence of personal sports achievements.
  • Type of informal communication. The girl will have to spend several hours a week with a personal trainer, trusting him with his own health. Being with this person should be comfortable, not only because of the awareness of his knowledge of working matters, but also simplicity and openness when discussing secondary issues.
    Classes with a trainer in the gym for girls. How much are individual, group, benefits
  • Service cost. To achieve the result, the athlete will need at least 10 lessons with the coach, which can result in a large amount, which she will not be ready to spend at the moment.

Subject to training with a qualified fitness trainer in the gym, the girl will be able to adjust her figure in 2-3 months of regular training.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of her mentor, the athlete should not only know the basic criteria that testify to the high professionalism of a person, but also understand the principles of personal training and the key moments of the organization of the “working” process.

Video about training with a trainer for girls

How should the first training with the trainer go:

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